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Edge Extreme Under The Bed Restraints



On sale for: $54.95

This Extreme Under the Bed Restraint System is easy to set up, in fact, sets up in mere minutes. Fits any size mattress or door and travels anywhere well. Use at home or on your vacations. Includes six points of restraint. Welded O-Rings for added strength and durability. Cuffs not included. Use with EDGE wrist, ankle and arm cuffs.

- O-Ring to O-Ring: 132 (335.3cm).
- Center Strap: 66 (167.6cm).
- Webbing Width: 1.5 (3.8cm).

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Edge Tawse Whip Leather


The 21.5 inch (54.61cm) Tawse Whip offers more serious BDSM players lots of length, a sturdy handle and multiple points of contact. Sturdy, long handle ensures you never lose grip during intense play.

Sex And Mischief Romantic Sting Crop


Ignite passion and leave an impression with this classic flat crop!

Under The Bed Restraint System



On sale for: $42.95

Scary monsters aren't the only things lurking under the bed. Your bondage playground awaits! If you have no bedposts, this is for you. Simply slide the black restraint straps under any mattress, and position the straps around the bed for setting up bondage positions. Here's what you get: 4-60 inch nylon restraint straps with an adjustable center strap and 4 adjustable neoprene wrist/ankle cuffs with velcro closures. The black cuffs are comfortable and easy to put on and remove. They can also be linked together end to end and worn as a collar or thigh cuff. Each cuff features a nickel-free O-ring as a point of attachment, and a small snap hook is also attached to one of the cuffs for clipping the cuffs together. Let the fun begin!

Door Jam Sex Sling



On sale for: $59.95

Spice things up with this exciting Sex Sling! Whether you and your partner are looking to expand your toy collection with something unique, or you are specifically looking for something to aid in sex positioning, this convenient sling is sure to satisfy. Small bars secure the straps over any door-just slip over and then close-and the strap locks allow you to quickly and easily adjust seat height. Position yourself in the padded seat and utilize the foot straps and hand grips for amazing leverage. Your partner can grab the seat to angle your hips for the ultimate penetration and g-spot stimulation! Since you can use this Sex Sling in any door jamb, it is also a great toy for travel!

Note: Supports up to 325 pounds. Adjustable straps.

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Sexperiments Adjustable Nipple Clips


Adjustable metal nipple clamps with rubber tips. 2 fully adjustable multi-use basic clamps for him or her. Soft pads for added comfort and can be removed. Tension adjustments make them perfect for nipple stimulation as well as many other sensitive areas.

Pinch her to see if she's dreaming - then pinch her again.

Red Lace Corsette Strap-On


Slip into this gorgeous, lace up corsetstyle, strapon, made of plush red lace fabric. Fourway adjustable straps for up to 60 inch hips. Perfectly placed pocket that could hold a bullet vibrator (Not included) for clitoral stimulation. Accommodates dildos with flared base; includes 3 interchangeable rubber O-rings (1.5 inch, 1.75 inch, and 2 inch). Machine washable; Dildo sold separately.

- Includes: 1 lace up CorsetStyle back, 4way adjustable straps fit up to 60 inch (152 cm) hips, 3 interchangeable rubber O-rings: 1.5 inch (3.8 cm), 1.75 inch (4.5 cm), and 2 inch (5 cm).

Sportsheet Bondage Bedsheet


Sport Sheets are an innovative bondage product. It allows couples curious about bondage to explore endless possibilities of restraint. We classify this product as a "Light" bondage application because the restraints are clip on style and can be removed quickly. Again awesome for those a little wary of being completely helpless. Yet, by adding our padlocks below you can get the security for total key holder control.

Everlaster Stud Hollow Dong With Strap On Harness


This 4-way adjustable harness keeps your man's comfort in mind and it comes with a 2 O-ring and has snaps that will accommodate other sized O-rings. Introductory level dildo can be switched out. This superior harness comes with two straps that won't pinch the ball sac. Caresses skin, softer, does not cut into skin. Cinch down and stay put. Fits hips up to 69 and comes with a hollow 6.5 dildo.

Sex In The Shower Vibrating Mesh Sponge



On sale for: $12.95

With a discreet design, this Vibrating Mesh Sponge can be left hanging in the shower or bath. Included is a single speed push button bullet that is housed in a sleeve in the middle of the sponge. Because of its location, the vibrations are delivered and felt all throughout the sponge, making it great for masturbation or a sensual massage.

Impression Paddle - Slut


Leave a naughty mark on your lover's body with this split leather paddle. Handcrafted from quality leather, this paddle comes in a patent black color with a single red strip interior. This red strip highlights the cut-out "slut" pattern on the paddle, offering a stunning visual element to an already wonderful piece. The paddle features finely stitched detailing along the edges with a single metal eyelet that holds the nylon wrist cord. This cord as well as the handle ensures superior control and mobility during use. The split construction elevates the pleasure, as it ensures powerful slapping action that resounds with an ear pleasing smack.

Ostrich Ticklers


Tickle Device This feather is an awesome tickling device. Great for feet, under the arms and private areas. Hear them roar. The feather is 12 inches in length and the handle is another 15 inches. Available in colors black or purple.

Sex and Mischief Mahogany Flogger


Vinyl fabric, nickel free metal, lacquer painted wood. Length: 30 inch (76.2 cm.)

Naughty Night Out Pin The Cock On The Jock


A hilarious "Pin The Tail On The Donkey" style game! Use the fun game pieces to pin a new cock on each of these jocks.

Includes: 24 inch x 36 inch 2-sided color poster of The Jocks
15 fun precut game pieces to match any personality

Sex And Mischief Small Rubber Whip 10 Inch


The "little giant" of play-whips proves that, when it comes to love games, size isn't everything! Available in colors black, red or purple.

Sex In The Shower Single Locking Suction Foot Rest


Great accessory for those looking to expand or improve their sex in the shower. Once locked in, the Single Locking Suction Foot Rest works great to provide optimal angle or entry for vaginal or anal penetration.

Note: Handle shown is sold separately.

Sex And Mischief The Motivator Crop


Even if you already own a crop, you? This wellcrafted accessory features a brief shaft, extra firm grip and long slim leather impact zone for ultimate control.
Includes: 1 crop measuring 20 inches (50.8 cm) in length.

Midnight Lace Strap On Harness



On sale for: $19.95

The velvety, fine lace fabric of this strap-on is part of the pleasure process as it comfortably hugs your contours while keeping your toy securely in place.

Available for Purchase

Edge Leather Hog Tie


Nickel free heavy duty clips. Nickel free 2 inches metal O-ring. Can be used with Edge Wrist, Ankle Cuffs and other attachments. Includes 1 four point cowhide leather hog tie. Please note connector only, cuffs sold separately.

Edge Leather Ankle Restraints


- Cowhide leather.
- Adjusts from 11.5 inch to 19 inch.
- Removable metal tether.
- Nickel free hardware.
- Buckle closure.
- Handcrafted in the USA.

Sportsheets Bikini Strap on Harness


Strap on Play is so much fun you can have a party of three with just the two of you or you can have a party of three all of you, just slide into this sleek Bikini Harness & Silicone Dong, this Sexy Bikini style harness leaves little to the imagination.... and everything to your fantasy. You can fill her dirty mouth with your Strap On Dildo, let her suck on it, like a big cock, make it wet, show you what she would do to a big dick, then have her suck over and over your lover's dick, or just the two of you play cock and pussy, It feels so good, strap on fun, this Bikini Harness comes with a extremely comfortable harness, 3 way adjustable nylon sturdy strap that fits up to a 52 inch strap. This Silicone dildo has gentle ridges along the shaft so it will make your lover feel great while you thrust in and out, the head has a bump on the top so it will slide in easily and also feel great while you tease your lover with in and out. Enjoy this Bikini Harness from Sportsheets for Strap On Fun.

Fits up to 60 inch hips.

Available for Purchase

Sex and Mischief Beginners Silky Sash Restraints



On sale for: $9.95

Entice your lover into erotic BDSM with the Beginners Silky Sash Restraints by Sex and Mischief. Have a sexy and sensual bondage session with these luxurious silk sashes. Made to be comfortable and easy to use, these silk sashes definitely get the job done. Each sash measures 4 feet in length and 4 inches in width, giving you plenty of length for just about any use.

Sportsheet SportsCuffs



On sale for: $19.95

These bondage cuffs are made of a heavy-duty nylon strap with a neoprene backing and a velcro closure. They are very adjustable and comfortable, easy to put on and remove. They can also be linked together end-to-end and worn as a collar or thigh cuff. Each cuff features an O-ring as a point of attachment, and a small snap hook is also attached to one of the cuffs for clipping the cuffs together. These cuffs are part of the SportSheets collection, but sold separately for use with or without SportSheets. One size fits all.

Thigh and Wrist Cuffs Set



On sale for: $39.95

Make your lovers bondage fantasy become a reality with the SportSheets thigh and wrist cuffs. Shackle their arms with a pair of black Sports Cuffs to their thighs with a pair of thigh cuffs. Let your imagination do the rest. These restraints all have a velcro closure with snap hooks that allow for multiple configurations. This restraint set is great for a beginner exploring their beds fantasies.