Brass Padlock



On sale for: $4.46

Keep your prisoner of love under lock and key. The .75 inch brass padlock comes with 2 keys. Never be caught without the hardware that makes sure your special someone stays put.

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7/16 inch Quicklink



On sale for: $2.21

3/16 inch Quicklink is something that will change your night into something special

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Swivel Clip



On sale for: $4.95

Get the right piece of hardware for the job your doing. These metal clips with a swivel base are great for rope bondage. Just slide the rope through tie a knot and you got inescapable rope bondage. The best part is you can use multiple hooks on one piece of rope to make your bondage more restrictive. Your mind is your only limitation when doing rope bdsm play. Packaged as a pair.

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Heart Shaped Nickle Polished Padlock



On sale for: $6.95

Show your lover your love with this cute padlock to add a little bit of nice to your naughty bondage adventures! Shaped like a heart, this secure padlock comes with two keys.

Measurements: Approx. 1.5 inches in length, 1 inch wide, and .25 inches thick.

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Vibrating Clone-A-Willy



On sale for: $37.46

Make a vibrating silicone replica of any penis.

Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions and includes everything necessary to produce an exact silicone copy of any penis. The top quality materials used in Hollywood to create amazing props and special effects are used to create your copy of a penis right in your own home. 

In order to keep that erection to it's fullest, this kit also has vibrating power. It contains no latex, so use with any lube.   

Amazing detail.  Fun to do.  A perfect gift!  Your choice of light, brown, black, pink or purple.

Takes 1-AA battery (not included).

How Does it work?
#1 Mix molding powder with water.
#2 Pour mixture into tube and insert erect penis.
#3 Easily remove penis and pour in the silicone.
#4 Simply slide out your permanent replica.

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Monika's Tight Pussy Stroker


Let this pair of sexy pussy lips get you off properly! Made of signature SexFlesh material and internally texturized with orgasm inducing pleasure ridges throughout her tight hole. Monika will surround your cock with tight, textured pleasure. Her hot hole is open ended, making clean up easy!

Measurements: 4 inches in total length, 2.5 inches at widest point

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Doc Johnson Batteries AAA


Don't let the power fade just at that critical moment! Keep a supply of Doc Johnsons powerful AAA batteries on hand. These long-lasting 1.5 volt energy sources come two to a pack. For a wide range of accessories.

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Doc Johnson Alkaline Batteries


Experience no frustration when you load up your toy with Doc Johnsons long lasting Alkaline batteries. Extra power and extra life, these batteries pack a punch. Get the batteries that will go as long as you will, and be ready for round two, three or four. Available in AA, AAA, C and N size. Let the good times roll and never be left hanging with dead batteries again!

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Goodhead Tingle Drops


This set of oral sex enhancers intensify blow jobs by tingling, teasing, and sweetening the entire package. Our GoodHead Tingle Drops come packaged in easy-to-use 1 oz. drip bottles and three mouthwatering flavors: Strawberry, Green Apple, and Watermelon. You'll love the user-friendly package and delicious fruit flavors that effectively provide the perfect blend of great taste and delightful sensations. A couple drops are all you need! Proudly made in America.

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Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles



On sale for: $9.95

Candles set the mood for a romantic evening. But, they are more fun for pleasure and pain BDSM sex play. Our low temperature Japanese Drip Candles will set the stage for your BDSM sex play. Our Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles are a favorite for those who dare to explore hot wax play.. These low-temperature Japanese drip candles come in a set of 3 mystical colors-black, red and purple!

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Penis Pencil Tops


Why bite on the end of your pencil, when you can nibble on these cute peckers? Available in colors brown or flesh.

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Duzzy Duck Mini Inflatable 14 Inch


This little ducky has the cutest face you won't be able to resist, its small size makes handling a breeze, a cute hole with a cute warning! It's great for adult parties and a good laugh!

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Boobie Pencil Tops


Why bite on the end of your pencil, when you can nibble on these cute boobs?

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Ben Wa Balls In Plastic Case


These 2 marble sized metal balls provide intense sensations as they roll around inside the vagina. The hollow balls contain small weights to cause constant sensation with even the slightest moment. You have your choice of gold or silver. They arrive in a clear hard plastic case for storage.

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Black Velvet Plush Kegel Trainer Kit


Try the Velvet Plush Ultimate Kegel Trainer Kit from Icon Brands. The ideal Kegal trainer kit for beginners to advanced. Three levels of weights allow you to customize your training experience, achieving a total of six graduated steps. Two silicone sleeves are included for single or double ball use. Use the lighter for beginners and the heavier for advanced. Duotone Kegel balls can also be used alone for an entirely different experience. Try them out while rocking in a chair and master your own orgasm! Available in colors black or purple.

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Lip Fetish Sweet


Kama Sutra is giving a new meaning to the words pucker up. Introducing Lip Fetish, a deliciously new addition to oral enhancement. Apply Wild Raspberry or Strawberry Lip Fetish to your lips and indulge your lover in a torrent of oral pleasures. Rich berry in color adds a sexy pout just ready for wild kisses.. and more!

Icicles Glass Ben Wa Balls



On sale for: $16.95

Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, these luxurious glass Ben-Wa balls are made from borosilicate glass and designed to last a lifetime. Their size and weight make them perfect for vaginal stimulation and exercise use, and the nonporous glass is hypoallergenic and body safe. With regular use, you'll enjoy improved muscle control and stronger, more frequent orgasms.

Run them under warm water or place them in the microwave to heat things up. Chill them under cold water or put them in the freezer for a cool sensation. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream toy cleaner and warm water.

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Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Mini Sex Ball


Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Mini Sex Ball Blow it up, sit on it, and enjoy the wild ride! The Vibrating Mini Sex Ball is no ordinary s an inflatable cushion made for pushin that lets you control the fun. Choose a setting on the multi-speed dial and enjoy the powerful vibrations delivered by the firm vibrating dong. The Sex Ball is covered in soft flocked vinyl, and the two handles allow you to get closer and deeper than ever before. Best of all, the inflatable Sex Ball is made to play hard-it holds up to 300 lbs and won t let you down when the action heats up. Experience the thrills and explore your deepest fetish fantasies!

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Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Pink Hot Seat



On sale for: $33.95

Nobody ever likes being on the hot seat; at least until, now. Take a wild ride on the firm, 5 inch pink jelly dildo. The dong is 1.50 inches in diameter. Its multi-speed vibrations are controlled by a dial that turns the intensity from low to high. The air-seal valve makes inflation easy. Once inflated, place the hot seat on a level surface and savor every stroke. The soft vinyl cushion is sturdy enough to support 300 pounds. After the fun is over, squeeze the valve to release the air and tuck it away until your next encounter. Takes 2-AA batteries (not included).

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Battery Carded


Replacement battery for some sex toys and vibrators

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Battery Carded'. Please check back later.