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Sincerely Bow Tie Acrylic Paddle


Some parties have strict rules. Use the onyx black Bow Tie Paddle to remind your date that if they break the rules, they will be punished. Sleek and sultry, this paddle is deceiving. One small slap will deliver quite the sting. We promise, this paddle with leave your date begging to be invited back. Aren't you the host with the most? 

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Electra Play Things PU Leather Paddle


Wrap it, tie it, make it look so sexy. With Electra Play Things from NS Novelties, looking good and feeling amazing goes hand in hand. Our Electra collection is made of synthetic materials, is easy to clean and neoprene lined for comfortable experience.

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GLO Bondage Glow In The Dark Paddle


A new twist for your fetish adventures with GLO in the dark restraints gear. BDSM essentials that are easy to clean, made of synthetic materials, and deliver a new stimulation for your fetish desires. Tie, spank, and GLO from NS Novelties.

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Saffron Studded Spanker


This spanker’s slim faux leather impact surface—part studded, part smooth— gives players the choice to dial down the intensity and only slap and tap with the smooth end, or take it to new highs and strike including the studded area.

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Saffron Acrylic Paddle


The Saffron Acrylic Paddle’s strong 4mm-thick impact surface delivers an intense sting and a slapping sound like no other. Formed in clear acrylic for a unique visual experience, players wielding this paddle can see the moment its surface meets and marks the skin.

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Saffron Acrylic Spanker


The Saffron Acrylic Spanker features an impact surface with 13 die-cut holes that reduce air resistance for a faster swing and harder hits. The holes also make a unique impression on the skin, leaving behind a delicious polka dot pattern.

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Sportsheets Love Me Gentle Kit


Begin your gentle journey into BDSM with the Love Me Gentle Kit. Use the blindfold, silk restraints and paddle to discover the delicious delights of sensory play. The blindfold and silk restraints oer soft submission for beginners and experts alike while the acrylic heart paddle strikes with a sensual sting that will leave your partner begging for more

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Masters Wooden Paddle


Master Series

Master's Paddle features an authoritative design, built to help Doms dominate the mind and body their playthings. Made with sturdy and attractive Beech Wood for a genuine aesthetic that is at home in any dungeon.

Shaped with hard corners and a curved handle to satisfy your eyes and your hands when in use, as well as aerodynamic slots to assist you with each swing when punishing your sub. This reliable tool suits all skill levels, perfect for beginners to enter the world of BDSM or experts looking to expand their collection!

Measurements: 14.6 inches total length, width 4 inches, height 1 inch

Materials: Beech wood

Key Features:

  • Slap and Paddle With Authority: Featuring alluring curves and corners for a tempting appearance, begging to be held and swung to punish your sub for their bad behavior.
  • Large Surface Area: Designed with a wide surface area for a satisfying slap; the built in slots make this paddle aerodynamic so it can slip through the air with each swing.
  • Made With Quality Beech Wood: Dark brown, lightweight, and built for durability for a long lasting addition to your collection of toys; provides a genuine feel in your hands.
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    Master Series Kink in the Dark Glowing Bondage Set


    Add a kinky glow to your bedroom bondage fun! This Glowing Bondage Kit makes it easy to tie up your sub and enjoy the world of bondage in the dark. The included cuffs, paddle, and blindfold are an attractive white and gold in the light, but transform into glowing tools of kink so you can play in dimly lit scenes with ease.

    The cuffs adjust to fit, and come included with D-Rings so you can attach additional straps, chains, and other restraints. The glowing blindfold and paddle open the doors to light BDSM and sensation play for all!

    Wrist Cuff Measurements: 12.5 inches x 1.75 inches, adjust from 5.5 inches to 9.5 inches

    Ankle Cuff Measurements: 15 inches x 1.75 inches, adjust from 7.25 inches to 12 inches

    Blindfold Measurements: 7.4 x 2.75 inches

    Paddle Measurements: 12.25 x 2.25 inches

    Materials: PU Leather, Metal

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    Whip Smart Diamond Paddle


    Diamonds are a submissive’s best friends as the delectable sensation of this paddle hits them on their backside. Indulge in the delightful pleasure of this diamond-textured paddle. Lightly padded, this paddle features a diamond pattern that not only stunningly shines, but also delivers a unique sensation with every smack. Featuring an attached sturdy ribbon that wraps around the wrist, this gorgeous paddle puts you in control of the fun.

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    The Realistic Rabbit Deluxe S&M Bondage Set



    On sale for: $315.71

    The Deluxe S&M Bondage Set features an expansive selection of items to explore the many ways to get kinky in the bedroom. Experiment with sensation play with the included nipple clips and spanker while your partner is bound with one of the three included restraint items that are also perfect for sexual positioning. With the included Realistic Rabbit and silicone butt plug, you'll enjoy all the pleasures of penetration. With the Deluxe S&M Bondage Set you can mix and match items to find the perfect combination of sexy stimulation for you and your lover.

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    Ouch! Pain Poly Cricket Leather Paddle


    Tease and please your partner's buttocks and thighs with this single-sided, upholstered, POLY CRICKET PADDLE! Take your BDSM play to a whole new level of satisfaction with this compact and ergonomic paddle. This real leather paddle is perfect for progressive sensory play, as smooth caresses and satisfying slaps are both very easy to achieve. The POLY CRICKET PADDLE is slightly flexible for maximum impact and boasts a wrist loop for ultimate control. It has a total length of 36.8cm (14.5 in.) and a width of 7cm (2.75 in.). The handle measures 15cm (5.9 in.) and this toy has a weight of 160 grams (5.65oz).

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    Ouch! Kits Introductory Bondage Kit #5 4pc


    Have you fantasized about a sexy game of submission and dominance? Then this will be the perfect start for you! Make sure your love slave listens to your every instruction while you tease and seduce them. Tie them up so you have free reign to do anything you want. If you are the submissive type and you want to be the one who's tied up, then this will be the perfect gift for your master! Comes with breathable ball gag, 10 meter silk Japanese rope, satin mask and jeweled butt plug for the more adventurous type.

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    Ouch! Kits Introductory Bondage Kit 5pc


    Have you fantasized about a sexy game of submission and dominance? Then this will be the perfect start for you! Make sure your love slave listens to your every instruction while you tease and seduce them. Handcuff them so you have free reign to do anything you want. If you are the submissive type and you want to be the one who's handcuffed, then this will be the perfect gift for your master! Comes with handcuffs, breathable ball gag, 12 inch leather paddle, 11 inch feather tickler and satin mask.

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    Ouch! Kits Introductory Bondage Kit #3 3pc


    Have you fantasized about a sexy game of submission and dominance? Then this will be the perfect start for you! Make sure your love slave listens to your every instruction while you tease and seduce them. Handcuff them so you have free reign to do anything you want. If you are the submissive type and you want to be the one who's handcuffed, then this will be the perfect gift for your master! Comes with sexy lace mask, 12 inch leather paddle and furry metal cuffs.

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    Ouch! Luxury Paddle


    When you want to be strict, yet highly fashionable at the same time, this paddle should be your tool of choice! In any sophisticated BDSM play the OUCH! paddle will stand out with its diamond pattern design. Made from vinyl and faux-leather this correction master stands 31.5 cm (12.2 in.) tall and has a 6 cm ( 2.4 in.) width with 0.5 cm (0.2 in.) of flexible thickness for some extra “convincing” if necessary.

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    Ouch! Skulls And Bones Leather Paddle With Skulls


    Take your spanking up a notch with this Skull enhanced Paddle. The skull shaped designs on the paddle are not only attractive but also give a harsher feel for spanking. The high quality faux-leather paddle offers sublime blows with the lightly rough texture for a sumptuous combination of pleasure and pain.

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    Take Control Domination Adult Novelty Surprise Bag


    For an experience you'll never forget, remove the tag and offer this surprise bag to your master or mistress!

    Submissive Spinner Game
    G-spot Vibe

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    Sex & Mischief Fishnet Paddle 12in


    The Fishnet Paddle revamps the classic paddle design with a fetish fantasy twist. Feel the paddle’s plush design against your partner's skin and watch their eyes grow upon impact. Delight all the senses when you hear the perfect smack sound when skin to paddle contact is made. Arouse the entire body with playful soft taps or strengthen your swats to heighten your sensation play with the Fishnet Paddle. Tie your partner in a compromising position with the Under The Bed Restraint System, see how many smacks they can handle with the Fishnet Paddle.

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    Sex & Mischief Shadow Heart Paddle 11.5in


    Heighten impact play and leave a mark of your heart with the Shadow Heart Paddle. You won’t have to worry about losing your grip with the sturdy handle and wrist strap making this paddle is easy to wear and ready to use when your partner needs to be dominated. Leave soft love swats all over your sub’s body, warming them up for you to show them the full force of what this heart-shaped paddle can do.

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    Lux Fetish Bondage In A Box 20pc Bedspreader Set Deluxe


    The Everything You Need Bondage-In-A-Box Bedspreaders kit is the ultimate set for kinky play. Along with the signature bondage bedspreader, this kit includes everything from traditional sex toys like anal beads, a butt plug and a vibrator to edgier items like nipple clips, a clit clip and a collar and leash. The set also includes items for restraint play and impact play with included bondage ropes, a paddle, feather tickler whip, and a silicone flogger. Other types of sensation play is possible with nipple suckers, a feather teaser and clothespins. The included nipple pasties are perfect for completing a kinky look, and when you’re all done, simply toss it in the included storage bag.

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    Lux Fetish Everything You Need Bondage In-A-Box Bedspreader (12 Piece Set)


    The Everything You Need Bondage In-A-Box 12PC Set has everything you need to make all of your BDSM fantasies come true! Featuring an easy-to-set-up bedspreader with detachable cuffs, this set also includes a door restraint for standing bondage play, as well as bondage tape to try out all forms of restraint play. Explore pegging with the included strap-on harness and dildo, or feel the different sensations of the faux leather flogger and paddle. Pet play fantasies come to life with the included collar and leash and Cat’s Eye Domination Mask. Other accessories include a satin blindfold, X nipple pasties and more!

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    Lux Fetish Fuzzy Lovers Bedspreader 4 Piece Set


    Introduce your lovers to the soft side of bondage with the plushy Fuzzy Lovers 4-PC Bedspreaders Set. This set includes a bedspreader with faux-fur lined cuffs to securely and comfortably restrain your lucky submissive. The fuzzy eye mask gently covers their eyes while you experiment with the delightful tickling of the fuzzy spanking paddle and the cool feel of the nipple clamps. When you’re done playing, simply store your naughty goodies in the included storage bag.

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    Rouge Leather Three Flap Paddle


    This Spank paddle will implement’s a print on the buttocks of the receiver. Perfect device for an erotic purpose or hazing ritual.


    Made of hide of cow leather on both sides
    Comes with leather strap handle to go around the wrist

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