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Lovers Kits Whip, Tickle & Paddle


Nasstoys Lovers Kit is great for a naughty night in of exploring sensations with your partner! The firm paddle leaves an "OXOX" imprint upon impact for hard spanks while the whip is a bit more playful for lighter swats. The dual ended tickler can be used to tickle erogenous zones on the body or to deliver short quick taps with crop end. Vegan leather and faux fur makes this kit cruelty free and also easy to clean and care for! Spritz whip, crop, and paddle as needed with toy cleaner, rinse, and pat dry before storing.

  • Faux leather whip, love paddle & feathered tickle spanker
  • Phthalates free
  • Materials: PU / Glass Fiber / Feather / ABS
  • Size: Faux leather Whip & Feathered Tickle Spanker Whip length - 15 in., Tickle Spanker length - 11 in.

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Temptasia Safe Word Bondage Kit



On sale for: $195.71

This incredible Temptasia kit comes with everything you need to indulge in your BDSM temptations. The durable vegan leather case with handle has working metal combination locks to ensure your privacy, making it perfect for travel and at-home storage. Inside, you will find a blindfold, breathable silicone ball gag, slapper, wrist restraints, ankle restraints, collar with leash, and a one-speed bullet vibrator. The sophisticated bow tie restraint design brings beauty to the bedroom and it's perfect for beginners and intermediate players alike. The case and items inside are made with phthalate-free vegan leather and nickle-free metal. What’s your Safe Word?

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Stung Silicone Tawse


Master Series

Punish your lover with a Silicone Tawse or split strap that gives them a stinging bite with each blow to their backside! Made out of premium silicone, it is a bit heavier than a lather or faux leather strap and much easier to clean! With this split end strap, you can deliver stingy blows that may leave a mark unless you're careful! The handle itself can also be used as an implement for impact play, as well! The handle has a reinforced metal rod in the center so it's durable and strong; beat them with the handle for a bit more thuddy impact! The handle also has subtle rings along it that add a little more grip and texture. They may enjoy the round ball end or the entire length of the shaft-like handle. Made of phthalate-free, plush, silky smooth silicone, it can be exposed to all kinds of bodily fluids and still be cleaned easily. Do not use silicone lube and stick with water-based lubricants only for best results. After play, wash with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and wipe dry.

Warm up your partner with playful slaps, spankings and focused attention. After they've consented to using the tawse, give them a few whacks on their backside across their buttocks or thighs. Slowly warm up to harder or more frequent blows and enjoy touching them and feeling the heat rise where you land the blows. Mix it up and use the handle end on their bottom, back or feet! Want to get devious? Use the handle to penetrate their holes and mix pleasure with pain!

Measurements: Overall length: 15 inches. Paddle width: 1.75 inches.

Materials: Silicone, metal

Color: Red

Note: Do not use with silicone lubricants and store separately from silicone toys.

Key Features:

  • Split Ends: The "tawse" was a popular tool for punishment in Scottish schools and in corporal punishment. By splitting the ends, it adds a little extra bite to it as two separate straps land across your partner's backside.
  • Long Straps: The longer straps allow for long, broad strokes along the bottom, back or thighs. Be careful if they whip around to the front!
  • Grippy, Reinforced Handle: The thick, grippy handle has subtle textured lines that help you hold on even when it's been exposed to lubricants. The round ball at the end has a hole through it so you can thread a rope or string through it to hand it up. Enjoy using this as a heavy impact play tool or even a dildo! It has been reinforced with a metal rod in the handle for extra durability.
  • Premium Silicone: The silicone can be both thuddy (due to the weight) and stingy when made into a strap or tawse. It also allows it to be easily cleaned if you use it in messy play that results in exposure to bodily fluids!
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    Hook Up 10 Piece Plush Bondage Set


    Master Series

    Level up your kinky play with this 10 Piece Plush Bondage set! It has everything you need for a kinky scene plus a few things youլl want to add for an enhanced experience! The restraint system includes two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs, and a collar and leash all of which are vegan-friendly, PU leather. Each of the restraints fastens closed with buckle closures that adjust for comfort, plus each cuff and collar is lined with soft, faux fur! To keep their hands and wrists together, simply use the nickel-free, metal chains that attach to the D-rings on each cuff!

    Once they are restrained, enjoy adding sensation play into the mix. The faux leather blindfold is also lined with soft fur so you can keep them from seeing what youղe about to do next. Add the breathable ball gag, designed in a way to make sure they can breathe even when they have a blocked nasal passage and canմ breathe through their nose, and keep them from speaking as you enjoy watching them drool! Play with the edge of their pleasure and pain as you place the adjustable, rubber-tipped nipple clamps on their nipples, right above the areola! The screw allows you to adjust for the perfect amount of pressure as the rubber tips protect the skin from abrasion.

    Make them show you their bottom and flog them with the flogger, spank them with the paddle, or tickle them with the feather tickler! If youղe feeling like restraining them in a different way, the synthetic rope can be used to tie them up so they are even more securely bound. Remember to communicate with your sub and give them ways to communicate with you, even if theyղe bound and gagged. Check-in often and allow each other short breaks when you first start playing with each other and trying new things. After play, make sure to clean all the equipment with a damp cloth, with warm water or soap, or with a toy cleaner.

    Measurements: BLINDFOLD: Length: 7.75 inches, Width: 3 inches.BALL GAG: Length: 25 inches, adjusts from 16 inches to 23 inches; 1.8 inch ball diameter.COLLAR: Length: 19.5 inches, Width: 2 inches, adjusts from 13.5 inches to 16.5 inches circumference.LEASH: Length: 45 inchesWRIST CUFFS: Length: 12.5 inches, Width: 2 inches, adjusts from 5.5 inches to 9 inches circumference.ANKLE CUFFS: Length: 14 inches, Width: 2 inches, adjusts from 7 inches to 10 inches circumference.NIPPLE CLAMPS: Length: 3 inches, clamps open to 0.5 inches wide.ROPE: Length: 17.5 feet.PADDLE: Length: 13.5 inches, Width: 2 inches.FLOGGER: 19.25 inches overall length; 13-inch tassel length.TICKLER: Length: 9.5 inches.

    Materials: PU leather, metal, ABS plastic, synthetic fibers, feathers

    Note: All leather is vegan-friendly PU leather. All metal is nickel-free. The shibari rope included is not suitable for rigging or suspension. Be aware that when restraining someone it can cause blood restriction and numbness if done without supervision or experience. Play safely and communicate well!

    Key Features:

  • Fur Lined Restraints: This kit includes two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs, a collar, and a blindfold which all have soft, fluffy, faux fur as the lining for each and a leash to attach to the collar.
  • Kinky Toys to Play With: Spice up the scene with adjustable nipple clamps with rubber tips, a breathable ball gag, a feather tickler, a paddle, and a flogger.
  • Faux Leather and Reinforced Paddle: All of the leather items are vegan-friendly faux leather. The paddle is reinforced with a metal spine for more durability.
  • Rope for Shibari: The rope is made of synthetic fibers and is perfect for beginner shibari or rope bondage!
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    Vondage Slapper Paddle


    Sometimes handing out discipline calls for the unique texture and force of leather — or something very close to it. The beauty of our Vondage collection is that the vegetable microfiber we use gives you the special feeling of real leather without any animal products. There’s no better way to put that to the test than to heft this double-belted slapper in one hand and bring it down on a tender, willing bottom that’s just begging for some punishment.

    At 2.5 in. wide, the Vondage Slapper’s strap will not only be felt, but heard by all when you bring it down. It takes very little effort for the two layers of material make a resounding CRACK that reinforces your authority — and care — for your sub, no matter how naughty they’ve been.

    Product Details:
    • Total length: 17in (43.18cm)
    • Slapper width: 2.5in (6.35cm)

    Safety, Care & Usage: With a damp washcloth and hand soap, rub-down the vegan microfiber material and dry completely. Do not expose material to excessive heat.

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    Sincerely Bow Tie Acrylic Paddle


    Some parties have strict rules. Use the onyx black Bow Tie Paddle to remind your date that if they break the rules, they will be punished. Sleek and sultry, this paddle is deceiving. One small slap will deliver quite the sting. We promise, this paddle with leave your date begging to be invited back. Aren't you the host with the most? 

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    Master Series Master of Kink PU Leather Deluxe Bondage Set (7 piece)



    On sale for: $74.96

    Take your relationship to the next level with this 10 Piece Bondage Set! The set includes wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and a collar. Enjoy attaching the nickel-free, metal chains to each of the cuffs to bind them, and then attach the metal chain leash to their collar to lead them around! The straps on all of the cuffs and the collar are made of vegan-friendly, comfortable PU leather and are easy to adjust using the buckle closure. Add some more fun into your evening with more goodies included! This kit also introduces you to sensation play and light impact play! Enjoy trying out the flogger or paddle on their backside or lightly against their chest while they are blindfolded and gagged. Use the blindfold to enhance their sensitivity and awareness to touch. Use mouth gag has holes in it to improve breathability and can also enhance your sexual experience!

    Surprise your partner with a kinky evening! Take them into your room and let them see the gorgeous set. Talk about what they are interested in, and let them touch and feel each item. If they agree to play, let them try on the cuffs, then the collar. If you are both feeling comfortable, get them blindfolded and gagged and see how they enjoy the sensation of tickling floggers and slapping paddles! Let this be the introduction to more sensual scenes and heightened arousal!

    After play, simply spray things down with a toy cleaner and wipe dry.

    Measurements: Wrist cuffs adjust from 4.75 inches to 9.75 inches circumference. Ankle cuffs adjust from 6 inches to 11.75 inches circumference. Collar adjusts from 13 inches to 16 inches circumference. Gag adjusts from 13.5 inches to 20.5 inches circumference. Leash: 38.5 inches length Flogger: 14.75 inches length Paddle: 12.75 inches length Blindfold: 7.5 inches Length x 3 inches Height

    Materials: PU leather, metal, silicone

    Key Features:

  • Complete Bondage Set: Everything you need for basic bondage. Set includes wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, collar with leash, breathable ball gag, plus a few kinky items including a flogger paddle and blindfold.
  • Leash, Chains and Straps: There are two nickel-free adjustable chains that connect to the wrist and ankle cuffs, plus a leash that connects to the collar. All cuff and collar straps are adjustable using a buckle. The 5 D-rings make it easy to attach and detach the chains.
  • Vegan Friendly Faux Leather: The PU leather is soft, plush and comfortable against the skin making it perfect for long, kinky sessions!
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    Strict PU Leather Paddle


    This long, strong paddle has a backbone! Built with a long, metal spine inside, it will deliver powerful and biting pain upon impact! Make your partner squeal as you rub the smooth, flat surface of the PU leather against their tender skin in between paddling. Enjoy the look, feel and use of this classing slapper paddle as you use it against sensitive areas such as the thighs or buttocks!

    The PU leather is easy to clean and vegan-friendly. The metal is solid and encased inside. After use, simply clean with antibacterial spray or soap and water, wipe clean and dry.

    Measurements: Overall length: 19 inches, Overall width: 2 inches

    Materials: PU Leather and Metal

    Key Features:

  • Durable and Strong: Built with a metal spine that extends the length of the paddle to keep it firm and strong even after heavy use.
  • PU Leather: Vegan-friendly and easy to clean, the smooth, flat surface is pleasant against tender and sensitive skin.
  • Stingy Sensation: The slapper delivers a stinging sensation upon impact and can bite into sensitive areas such as the thighs or buttocks.
  • Available for Purchase

    WhipSmart Glow in the Dark Deluxe Impact Play Set (3 piece set)


    Enhance your intimate play with an introduction to the pleasurable sensations of impact. This Glow in the Dark set will illuminate your path to kinky stimulation with a trio of accessories to whip and spank a partner with. Included with the set is a blindfold that adds excitement to the action as the wearers feels the distinct feel of each item

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    Ouch! Leather Paddle "Lips"


    Why blow them kisses when actions speak louder than words. Show them with a nice hard whack. Three lips adorn one side of this firm but flexible stitched leather paddle.

    Available for Purchase

    Ouch! Leather Paddle "Spank"


    Spell it out for them and leave a lasting impression on your sub. The word SPANK is reversed so it will show up on their skin. Made of firm but flexible stitched leather.

    Available for Purchase

    Ouch! Leather Paddle "Slave"


    Leave a lasting impression on your sub so they don't forget who they are. The word SLAVE is reversed so it will show up on their skin. Made of firm but flexible stitched leather.

    Available for Purchase

    Ouch! Leather Paddle "XOXO"


    Give them hugs and kisses while leaving a lasting impression on your sub. The word XOXO is reversed so it will show up on their skin. Made of firm but flexible stitched leather.

    Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Ouch! Leather Paddle "XOXO"'. Please check back later.

    Ouch! Leather Paddle "Bitch"


    Leave a lasting impression on your sub so they don't forget who they are.The word BITCH is reversed so it will show up on their skin. Made of firm but flexible stitched leather.

    Available for Purchase

    Ouch! Leather Paddle "Love"


    Show how much you truly love them. The word LOVE is reversed so it will show up on their skin. Made of firm but flexible stitched leather.

    Available for Purchase

    Ouch! Leather Paddle "Slut"


    Leave a lasting impression on your sub. The word SLUT is reversed so it will show up on their skin. Made of firm but flexible stitched leather.

    Available for Purchase

    Ouch! Leather Paddle


    Take your kinky play to a higher level and discover your dominant or submissive side with this high quality leather paddle by Ouch! You can please, take control and master your love with this kinky paddle, which is made of fine leather. The grip is made of excellent quality metal. The grip has a length of 12,5 cm and has a total length of 35 cm.

    Available for Purchase

    Rouge Leather Padded Range Extender


    This item is designed to add a little extra space by making the padded cuffs or padded collar extandable 5 inches

    Available for Purchase

    Rouge Mini Leather Spade Paddle


    Mini Leather Spade Paddle

    Available for Purchase

    Rouge Mini Leather Oval Paddle


    Mini Leather Oval Paddle

    Available for Purchase

    Electra Play Things PU Leather Paddle


    Wrap it, tie it, make it look so sexy. With Electra Play Things from NS Novelties, looking good and feeling amazing goes hand in hand. Our Electra collection is made of synthetic materials, is easy to clean and neoprene lined for comfortable experience.

    Available for Purchase

    Bondage Couture Paddle


    Indulge your innermost desires with Bondage Couture from NS Novelties. Meticulously crafted from superior materials and featuring exquisite details, Bondage Couture is your ultimate accessory for the runway and the bedroom. All synthetic material and nickel free hardware.

    Available for Purchase

    GLO Bondage Glow In The Dark Paddle


    A new twist for your fetish adventures with GLO in the dark restraints gear. BDSM essentials that are easy to clean, made of synthetic materials, and deliver a new stimulation for your fetish desires. Tie, spank, and GLO from NS Novelties.

    Available for Purchase