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Spank Me Softly Bronze Paddle


Has your lover stepped out of line and needs a spanking?  This faux leather paddle is quilted on one side and smooth on the other.  There is a loop for display or to hang from your wrist or belt.

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Puppy Paw Leather Paddle


Strict Leather

Bad dog! Teach your pup a lesson they will not forget, with a discipline paddle that leaves a lasting impression! Made of beautiful leather in an alligator skin pattern, with a sturdy wooden handle, this impact tool offers complete control as soon as it is in your grasp. Give your canine plaything some much-needed training so that they will better obey their owner. Watch as the paw print is imprinted on their bright red bum or thighs, branding them as your bitch! A leather loop provides extra security during each swing and allows for hanging storage.

Measurements: 12.75 inches in total length. Handle is 4.5 inches in length, 2.3 inches in width. Paddle is 4.5 inches in width.

Material: Leather, wood

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Kink The Enforcer Silicone Handle Paddle



On sale for: $43.46

Discipline is key. The Enforcer’s strong shatterproof material is impact-tested to deliver the hardest hits every time it lands. This paddle’s visually stimulating clear impact surface leaves nothing to the imagination as it connects with vulnerable flesh with an incredible “thwack!” sound and delicious sting. A body-safe premium silicone handle offers a firm grip and doubles as an insertable toy for an altogether different kind of ass mastery.

• Heavy-Duty Shatterproof Material
• Clear Impact Surface Lets User See the Action
• Insertable Health-Grade Silicone Handle
• 100% Body-Safe

Total Length: 18 in.
Width/Diameter: 1.5 in.
Circumference: 5.5 in.

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Sex In The Shower Silicone Slapper Paddle


“We already love having shower sex, but it’s getting boring.”

Switch up your routine!
Take turns giving each other “love taps” with the Silicone Slapper to really heat things up. All the stimulation will release oxytocin and kick your brain into excitement mode!

- Waterproof spanking at your fingertips.
-Two sides for different sensations depending on your mood…

One 100% Silicone Slapper
Handle length 3.75 inches width 1inch
Paddle length 8.25 inches width 1.75 inches
Total length 12 inches

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Edge The Classic Leather Slapper 17.75 Inch


- 17.5 inches long leather slapper
- Ball chain strap
- Long handle for easy hand grip
- Handcrafted in the USA
- Cowhide Leather, Aluminum, RBS, Glass Batten, Nickel Free Hardware

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Saffron Ping Pong Paddle


This sophisticated classic is a must-have in your arsenal.

Have you got a wild one on your hands? Deliver a sensual swat to correct their behavior. This handy crimson paddle offers sadists and Doms a beautifully-crafted tool with which to discipline their plaything. A soft vegan leather exterior means that the lead up to each impact can be delicate and demure, soft upon the flesh. Incite the perfect contrasting sensation with every stinging smack. Its convenient size means it can be wielded with speed and agility by any experience level.

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Saffron Loop Paddle Black/Red


This unique paddle leaves a striking impression...

Your masochist may end up being naughty on purpose to feel the wrath and rapture of this instrument. Somewhere between the tip of a crop and a folded over belt lays this wicked Loop Paddle. Make them wince in anticipation as you send a satisfying smack through the air to warn them of the painful pleasure that awaits. The crimson loop gives you creative leeway to taunt, tantalize, and tempt your plaything in a way that is all your own!

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Saffron Layer Paddle


Layers of leather add a satisfying smack to every impact...

Which is worse, its bark or its bite? Three layers of vegan leather create a dramatic sound upon impact, with each slap arousing a red hue upon your plaything's flesh. Encourage them towards "subspace" as you take control of their pain and pleasure with this impressive impact play tool. Romance them deeper into an appreciation of their powerful and merciful sadist. Your partner will be reminded by every resonating smack that you can always do worse to them...

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Saffron Square Paddle


A sturdy, sophisticated, and sensual addition to your armory...

This instrument of pleasure and pain will be a friend and foe to your masochist's backside. Can you match the exquisite color? This rigid, red square paddle is an elegant addition to your boudoir arsenal, putting the power of punishment into your hands. Bound in soft, smooth vegan leather that soothes with every caress, it also serves to slap and smack with just enough intensity to make the mercury rise in your bedroom scene.

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Faux Glossy Leather Paddle



On sale for: $19.95

Faux Patent (Glossy) Leather Paddle. One Side of the Paddle Has Raised Studs for Extra Pleasure.

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Faux Leather Paddle



On sale for: $19.95

Faux Leather Paddle with Stone Print. One Side of the Paddle Has Raised Studs for Extra Pleasure.

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Faux Leather Paddle Crocodile Print



On sale for: $11.96

Faux Leather Paddle with Crocodile Print. One Side of the Paddle Has Raised Studs for Extra Pleasure.

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Baby Paddle


Black vinyl paddle with BABY design. 12 inch handle allows for more power behind the spanking. Wrist strap keeps paddle in place. BABY text is backwards for proper display on your skin. Leaves a great impression on your partner. Black on red.

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XOXO Paddle: Black


This black vinyl paddle features a red cheeky XOXO design that leaves a sexy impression on your partner!

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Shadow Paddle


• The Shadow Paddle's, paten leather look half-spheres create dual impact points for maximum effect
• Use it's second, smooth side for caressing or spanking

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Shadow Paddle'. Please check back later.

Shadow Slapper


• This vegan leather Shadow Paddle’s splithead is great for sound and smack
• The handle is flexible which gives you extra swing during play time
• Don't lose your grip with the stylish chain wrist loop

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Enchanted Heart Paddle


• Want to be sweet yet sassy?
• The Enchanted Heart Paddle has two sides, vegan burgundy fur and a flat velvety feel
• Start by tickling and stroking with the sweet vegan fur then leave a sassy sting with the flat soft side

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Floral Print Paddle



On sale for: $12.71

Brown Floral Print PU Paddle with Stones.

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Wood Paddle With 4 Holes



On sale for: $9.95

ALL Natural Wood Paddle Made of High Quality Natural Pine Wood is Durable and Lightweight, Allows you to Use as Long as You Want. 4 Airflow holes cut out on air resistance allowing maximum velocity. Please Note that Wood Grains Vary, Making Each Item Truly Unique. No two will Look and Be the Same. 
15" X 2 3/4" X 1/2" (L x W x H)

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Wood Paddle With Word "BITCH" Imprint



On sale for: $7.46

Give Your Partner a Discipline By Spanking with This Wooden Paddle. The Paddle Offers a Harder Hit That Leaves the Bottom Stinging which Enhances Their Pleasure. Don't Let the Size Fool You, This Paddle Can be Thuddy or Stingy Depending on You. lightweight Enough to Play with for as Long as you Want. Whether You're a Beginner or Experienced Player in BDSM lifestyle This Paddle is For You. 
You Can leave an impression "BITCH" on Your Partner, but whether or not it does is all up to you! 
12 1/2" X 2 1/8" x 1/2" (L x W x H) 

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Wood Paddle With 2 Cutout Hearts



On sale for: $7.46

This Wood Paddle Made of High Quality Natural Pine Wood is Durable and Lightweight. Designed to Be Used Effortlessly and Consistently. Heart Shape Airflow Holes Cuts Out on Air Resistance Allowing Maximum Velocity. The Wood Grains Vary Making Each Item Truly Unique. 
14" X 2 3/4" X 1/2" (L x W x L) 

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Wood Paddle Heart Shape



On sale for: $7.46

Say "I Love You" in the Way That Only You Can With This Heart Shape Paddle. Designed to Show Your True Love When Words Simply Aren't Enough! Heart Shape Airflow Hole Cuts Out on Air Resistance Allowing Maximum Velocity. 
11" X 5" X 0.5" (L x W x H)

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Loving Slave Wood Heart Paddle



On sale for: $13.46

Is Your Sub Not Listening to Your Command, Then Punish With Love with Heart Shaped "SLAVE" Paddle. ALL Natural Wood Paddle Made of High Quality Natural Pine Wood is Durable and Lightweight. Please Note that Wood Grains Vary, Making Each Item Truly Unique. No two will be the same! 
11 3/4" X 5" X 3/8" (L x W x H)

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Bamboo Paddle - Short & Wide



On sale for: $6.71

This Spanking Paddle is Made of Pure High Quality Bamboo. Light Weight and Thin design Allows for Effortless and Consistent Use. Airflow Holes Allows Maximum Velocity by Cutting Down the Air Resistance. Bamboo Spanking Paddles are Fully Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly. 
10 1/2" X 3 1/2" X 1/4" (L x W x H)

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