You will be bound with satin sashes, ties, ropes and cuffs. These blindfolds and masks will keep you in supreme suspense while wax drips down your body. I will ask you to use Ben Wa balls to stimulate you from the inside out. I will heighten your senses, and leave you teetering on the precipice of ecstasy...

Sweetheart BenWa Balls 1 Inch Diameter



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Give your lover a sweet surprise- two steel Kegel balls, nestled in a fitted burgundy case, topped with a delicate bow. This small burgundy box contains everything your lady needs to tone, tighten, and enhance sexual pleasure. The small balls slip easily inside, and the weight of the steel provides the resistance needed to obtain all the benefits this ancient and time-tested practice has to offer.

Measurements: Ball measures 1 inches in diameter

Material: Steel

Color: Silver

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Le Boheme Satin Blindfold



On sale for: $5.95

"...Once I place this over your eyes, you will be unable to see. You will have to rely on all your other senses as they will be heightened....Sir whispered. Intrigued, I nod in agreement....Say yes...he said....Yes....I muster. Everything in this scene was hot, including my body. He slipped on the blindfold and all went dark. I welcomed the coolness of the satin against my eyelids, the sexiness of this blindfold...Are you ready to begin?...Sir asked. With a bold curiosity for our encounter tonight, I reply simply....please....

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