Devi Glass Plug


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Double Glass Anal Plug


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Hamsa Glass Dildo - Smoky Jade


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Asvini Glass Penis Anal Plug


Asvini, a semi realistic anal plug, begins at a gently rounded tip, widening outwards before tapering down again at the neck. A flared circular base is flat-bottomed, allowing the toy to stand up on its own for solo play. Made entirely of borosilicate glass for durability, the Asvini is non-porous and easily cleaned with soap and water. Due to the high quality of the plug, you can also adventure into temperature by heating or cooling the glass in water for a wide range of sensations. Ideal for those with allergies and sensitivities, and compatible with all lubes.

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Chi Glass P-Spot Massager


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Rasa Glass Probing Wand


The Rasa is made of fine borosilicate clear glass and has 4 protruding ridges towards the top for extra stimulation. The top is crowned with a royal blue orb. Those who want a smoother feel can use the other end of the wand. 7 inches of insertable length and 4.5 inches on the smooth end. This handcrafted piece looks like a work of art. As with all glass wands, with proper care it should last a lifetime. It can be chilled or warmed for additional possibilities. Use any lubricant and cleaning method you desire.

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Dual Glass Wand and Anal Plug


With an arrow shaped tip and beautiful sapphire blue swirls, the Dual Wand makes an exquisite addition to any collection. Over 7 inches long, this product features an arrow shaped 2.5 inch plug on one end, and a 5 inch blue swirled wand on the other. The arrow shaped tip can be used as a handle for easy twirling, or as an anal plug for hot anal play. Made of durable tempered Borosilicate glass, it can be easily warmed or chilled. It is Non-porous, hypoallergenic and safe to use with any lube.

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Sunset Glass Plug


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Nirvana Cobalt Glass Anal Probe



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Nyasa Glass Thrusting Wand


Nyasa is a clear glass thrusting wand with blue coiling ridges. The elegant thruster featuring a tulip shaped tip that glides in smoothly during insertion. This artistic pleasure object is 10.13 inches long. The insertable end is 5.25 inches long with a diameter of 1.46 inches. Try it warmed or chilled for new stimulations. Uniquely handcrafted by Prisms, this glass creation is an erotic piece of art you'll want to add to your collection.

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Soma Twisted Glass Dildo


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Sukra Glass Dildo


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Vishnu Radiant Bloom Glass Dildo Wand


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Double Sided Petite Crystal Dildo



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The Ram



On sale for: $119.95

The name pretty much says it all. This behemoth is a staggering 12 inches in length and approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. For those who feel that size does matter, we have the wand for you. Massive pleasure can be derived from this gigantic 2 lb clear nubby wand. This is a true collectors item and a great conversation piece. Measurements: 12 inches in length, 2.5 inches in diameter Material: Borosilicate glass Color: Clear

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The G-Spot Glass Dildo



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The Heart Throb Glass Dildo



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Smooth Curves Dildo



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Molten Wide Glass Butt Plug


There is nothing quite like plugging your ass up with a huge glass toy! Stretch yourself open with this smooth, slippery anal plug to stuff yourself with pure pleasure. The shatter-resistant glass is hard and heavy, creating a unique sensation of fullness. Heat the Molten up in warm water or cool it down in cold water to experiment with temperature play. This huge plug will deliver one-of-a-kind sensations that you won t be able to get enough of! The hypoallergenic material is non-porous, cleaning and sterilizing easily with soap and water. Compatible with all lubricant types. Includes a complementary velvet storage satchel. Measurements: 4.75 inches in total length, 4.25 inches insertable. 2.5 inches in diameter at widest point.

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The Twister Glass Dildo


Take a wild ride on the Twister Glass Dildo. The 5 ribbed blue swirls going up the shaft gives additional pleasure. The head is shaped like a penis for greater realism.

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