iSex USB Bullet Vibrator



On sale for: $8.95

Give "plug-n-play" a whole new meaning with this incredible collection of portable USB-powered pleasure devices. All iSex travel accessories are easy-to-use, perfect for beginners, TSA-approved, and eco-friendly. There's no need for batteries - just plug an iSex device into the USB port in your computer, car, or cell phone plug and you're ready for fun! The super strong vibrations will tease and please, and best of all, no one will know your little secret. They're great for college students, long distance video chats, solo stroking sessions, office rendezvous, road trips, and any other time you need plug-n-play satisfaction!

- Great for pin-point external stimulation;
- Can be used alone or with a partner;
- Discreet and super powerful vibrations;
- No batteries required, just plug and play;
- Works in any USB port;
- The ultimate online accessory;
- Perfect for first-timers.

Length: 2.25 inch (5.5 cm);
Width: 1.2 inch (3 cm.)

Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Teaser Warming Vibe



On sale for: $21.95

Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massagers are sophisticated, powerful, and lightweight. The massagers are designed for the ultimate, sensual satisfaction. The high intensity motor with 2-speed push button control allows a slow build up to sensation, with a vibration so quiet you won’t disturb anyone - unless you want to.

This sexy massager features a high quality aluminum body, while the cap is ABS with metallic paint, and the control button is pure silicone. You’ll be as safe as you are stimulated.

Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massagers warm to 124?F/51?C as they vibrate, bringing your sensual experience to a climax. This sleek aluminum massager is classically shaped to provide the ultimate stimulation. You’ll find perfect satiation with this massager’s warmth and beautiful shape. Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massagers are primed to reach all the right pleasure receptors.

Petite and easily manageable, Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massagers will awaken all your pleasure sensations with smooth, sophisticated style.

6.25 inch x 1 inch/16 cm x 2.5 cm.

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing



On sale for: $139.95

Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted…Now, any couple can perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined—and reap the benefits and pleasures they arouse!

Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest fantasies with this incredible Spinning Fantasy Swing. Perfect for lovers of different sizes, the Spinning Fantasy Swing easily adjusts to any height or angle, saving you from contorting your body in uncomfortable positions that interfere with each other’s arousal.

Unlike ordinary stationary swings, the Spinning Fantasy Swing rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to spin freely while you swing with increased range of motion. Twist, twirl, and try new positions you never thought were possible. The unique swivel clip connects to the torsion spring and swing frame, turning the fantasy swing into the ultimate bondage accessory. It’s perfect for beginners and fun for everyone!

Try new sexual positions that would normally require tremendous exertion and skill, and execute them with ease! You and your lover will be amazed how easy it really is to find the optimum angle to achieve deep penetration with minimal exertion. Sex in these challenging positions has never felt so good—and never been so effortless! For the ultimate comfort and enjoyment, swing into action and let your imagination run wild!

Set Includes:
1 Heavy Duty Steel Eyelet Bolt
1 Heavy Duty Link Chain
1 Torsion Spring
1 Metal Support Bar
2 Large Padded Supports for Butt and Back
2 Small Padded Stirrups for Legs
2 EZ-Open Connecting Hooks
1 Swivel Clip
Instruction Sheet
Free Satin Love Mask

Available for Purchase

Classic Black Paddle



On sale for: $14.95

Get back to basics with this sturdy black paddle that gets the job done every time.

Available for Purchase

Anal Lube



On sale for: $6.95

Experience mind-blowing ecstasy with the Anal Lube Original Formula. The water-based lubricant is silky soft and easily slicks on for superior coverage and long-lasting results. The easy to use lube is perfect for spontaneous erotic intimacy that involves unlimited anal play. To enjoy prolonged arousal and stimulation pleasure apply the lube directly on your tush and experience the ride of your life. The water-based formula delivers superior lubricity and is ideal for first-time and experienced users. The unscented, greaseless formula is supplied in a generous 6 Fl Oz/177 ml size transparent bottle with flip cap and is recommended for intimate contact use. The quality lube can be directly applied to your love passage and is also suitable for application on exotic adult toys. Use the lube for tantalizing anal probing and penetration. Lube up, and take your hard and fast love action to superior heights of intensified orgasmic pleasure. Increase your sensual satisfaction during every up close and personal encounter, with this original formula. The non-sticky formula produces the perfect sliding and gliding action for easy and comfortable penetration and insertion. Apply the correct amount of lube to your super sensitive, sweet spot, and prepare for anexplosive climax. The lube can also be directly applied to toys, for precision stimulation. Reapply as and when required. After ultimate climax, wash the lube off with mild soap and warm water.

SexFlesh Girthy George Nine Inch Suction Cup Dildo



On sale for: $34.95

Girthy George has the perfect cock to fulfill all of your big-dick fantasies. There is no going back to your old boring toys again after you experience the incredibly lifelike SexFlesh material that makes George feel just like the real thing. He has a firm, dense core that presents a contrasting sensation to his squeezable fleshy surface layer, and the detailed shaft and balls make him impossible not to pick up and play with. Mount his suction cup base to almost any smooth, flat surface and you are hands-free to take on his full girth in any position that you can dream up!

Measurements: 9 inch overall length, 6.75 inch insertable length, 2.12 inch max insertable diameter

Material: SexFlesh (TPR)

Available for Purchase

Red 4.25 inch Ultra Douche



On sale for: $18.95

The CalExotics Ultra Douche offers the user exceptional value without compromising quality. You can ensure complete cleanliness, without the cost, with this fantastic product. Don’t be caught-short on cleanliness ever again, with this easy to use anal douche at your disposal.

The douche is comprised of a standard PVC bulb for ultimate water retention, up to 6.5 fl. Oz/190 ml, whilethe PP nozzle allows easy entry and application from the water reservoir. It is easy to disassemble, meaning the user can enjoy and clean the product with ease.Simply fill the flexible bulb with water, insert the applicator, and look forward to feeling clean as a whistle. There’s also the added bonus of pleasure that users feel when playing withthis analdouche. Enjoy extreme pleasure with this thrilling water toy. 

Gone are the days of worrying about being unclean when the fun begins, simply sneak yourself off to a bathroom, use your Ultra Douche, and you’re good to go – completely clean and 100% mess free. 

Kinklab Neoprene Cock Ring



On sale for: $14.95

The Neoprene Cock Ring is soft, lightweight, and washable. This stretchy ring is made of synthetic rubber and works well with oil based lube which is safe for those with latex allergies.

  • Lightweight 
  • Washable
  • Thin width: .3in (.76cm) 
  •  Thick width: .5in (1.27cm) 


  • Small Diameter: 1.5in (3.8cm)
  • Medium Diameter: 1.75in (4.5cm)
  • Large Diameter: 2in (5cm)

Available for Purchase

Fetish Fantasy Little Heart Flapper



On sale for: $8.95

Explore your dominant or submissive side with the Fetish Fantasy Series Little Heart Flapper. One crack of the flapper and your lover will know who is in charge. It hurts so good! Give your heart to your lover with this S and M riding crop. Leave your mark on them.

Available for Purchase

Fetish Fantasy Beginners Open Mouth Gag



On sale for: $9.95

Open wide and "Say Ahhh!" with the Beginner's Open Mouth Gag!  This sexy o-ring gag is made for first-timers and features a 1.75"(4.4 cm) inside diameter. With the sturdy ring gag held securely between their jaw, your subject won't be able to say a word, while their mouth is propped wide open and easily accessible!

The metal ring gag is wrapped in vinyl and secured in place with an adjustable vinyl head strap and metal buckle. Pull the straps tight and your subjects mouth will magically stay open for you to do as you please!

What happens next is up to you!

  • Adjustable Vinyl Headstrap with Vinyl Covered O-Ring
  • Keeps Mouth Open Wide
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Free Satin Love Mask

Available for Purchase

Padded Thigh Sling Position Aid



On sale for: $39.95

Explore the depths of your lover! This attractive PU leather sling was designed so that you can go deeper for more pleasure between you and your partner! Padded behind the neck and at the thighs for comfort, this positioning aid pulls your play things legs back with ease to allow you greater access than ever before. Each side adjusts so that you can customize the experience to your sexual desires. The neck support will also allow your lover to have a more comfortable scope of the show as they watch you do your thing! Two D-rings located behind the neck area give you the option of attaching your own cuffs to turn your love-making into a naughty bondage experience!

- 86 inches in total length;
- Thigh cuffs adjust from 21 to 28 inches in circumference.

Wet Look Zipper Leggings



On sale for: $32.95

A great pair of wet look leggings is even more seductive when you add zippers. Who can resist? Front zipper runs to the back of leggings.

Silicone Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $20.95

Alter the atmosphere within your bedroom with just one toy! This 2-in-1 BDSM contraption will have your lover acting like the good submissive that you crave. Stuff their mouth with a silicone ball gag, taking away their ability to speak and leaving them feeling helplessly sexy. Your slave will love knowing that you are entirely in control when you adjust the back to their perfect size and trap them with the locking buckle. The nipple clamps that dangle from the gag are also adjustable, giving you the option to tease your play thing with a light pressure, or satisfy their masochism with a tight pinch! Savor the muffled sounds of their pleasure and pain through this unique gag.

- Strap adjusts from 16 to 22.5 inches in circumference;
- Ball diameter is 1.65 inches;
- Each chain measures 14 inches in length.

Zeus Palm Powerbox



On sale for: $21.95

Electrosex works by running a gentle current through the body, exciting nerves and muscles along the way, essentially making your body pulse and vibrate. The Palm Power Box is a great way to get started, with 6 modes and multiple levels of intensity. It is compatible with all Zeus Electrosex accessories and the included pads are great for experimenting with Electrosex.

Controller is 3 inches long and 2.38 inches wide, Pads are 1.88 inches wide, Lead wires are 55 inches long

Material: ABS, Silicone

Color: Silver

Note: Requires 2 AA batteries, not included

Riveted Collar Riveted Collar



On sale for: $19.95

Take a walk on the wild side with this sexy black studded choker with rivets and a D-ring. Great clothing accessories for any fetish outfit.

Leather Executioner's Hood



On sale for: $99.95

Look the part in your private dungeon. This black leather hood has adjustable laces on the back. One size fits most.

Dittle Dilator/Sound Kit



On sale for: $59.95

What makes this sounds kit different? The Dittle Sounds are made out of stainless steel not chrome plated like many other kits. These babies are also very long. Measuring 11" in length. One end is flat making it a great connector for electrical play! 8 sounds in total make up the set, ranging in graduating sizes from 3mm to 8mm. The sounds are protected in a velvet-lined zipper case.

Supercharged Wand Masturbation Kit



On sale for: $79.95

Harness the incredible power of our strongest wand massager to create a breathtaking masturbation experience! The firm TPR masturbator is internally textured with exciting sensation nodes and ribbing, for an amazing stroking session. The open ended design makes it easy for men of all sizes to harness the incredible vibration, regardless of size. The plug in wand vibrates up to 6800 RPMs, the most powerful wand in its class, and the front speed control lets you decide how fast or slow you want it. Just lube up, slip the masturbation sleeve over the top of your Thunderstick, and get ready to experience orgasmic vibration like nothing you have ever felt before!

Masturbator sleeve: Approx. 3.25 inches by 1.25 inches;
Wand: 13 in total length, 2.4 in diameter.

Black and Blue Bondage Ankle and Wrist Cuffs



On sale for: $34.95

Many of our power exchange bondage sex toys are now available in all new color schemes. The Spartacus Leather Black and Blue bondage wrist and ankle cuffs add a little color into the BDSM play. Our royal blue leather contrasts with accents of classic black for a look that is compelling, provocative, and distinctive. These black and blue leather bondage restraints are made especially for bulkier, more athletic wrists and ankles.

The wrist cuffs fit 7 inches -10 inches, and the ankle cuffs fit 10 inches-13 inches.

Prostate Plug with Cock Ring and Vibe Kit



On sale for: $39.95

Our best-selling Prostate Plug with Cock Ring now comes bundled with everything you need to turn this penetration toy into a vibrating pleasure object! Bundled with our mighty peanut vibe plus bullet, and ergonomically curved to hit every hot spot, this all-in-one prostate plug is pure ecstasy. Just slip the thick, rigid ring behind your cock and balls, place the vibrating bullet into the vibrating stimulator, and insert the curved prostate wand inside you. This is an excellent piece for solo play, however it really shines as a couples toy. The vibration travels from the perineum stimulator up through the shaft, which is designed to stimulate internally and externally with each thrust. The cock ring will keep you rock hard and ready for a long night of incredible sensation, as the prostate arm takes you to the edge of ecstasy and beyond.

Measurements: Prostate stimulator: 4.5 inches in length, 1.35 inches in diameter at widest point; Perineum stimulator: 1 inch in length and 0.95 inches in length; Cock ring: 1.65 inches in diameter unstretched

Note: Vibrating bullet requires (3) tab batteries, included

KinkLab Bondage Basics Leather Wrist Cuffs



On sale for: $29.95 is thrilled to introduce the KinkLab line, a place where you can test the limits of pleasure with aid from high-quality, appealing, and functional products. KinkLab products are designed to help you realize your own visions of how passionate, creative, and positively charged your own private erotic life can be. These products and packaging are designed in the USA. The unique packaging displays these products clearly and honestly. In many cases the packaging is also reusable and provides a functional and attractive way for you to store your toys for future use.
self-keeping design can be used with or without padlocks
Fits 5.5-7" (14-18cm)

Buck Hammer



On sale for: $15.95

Standard Buck Neurological Hammer manufactured with 410 stainless steel. Not intended for invasive medical procedures. Poker unscrews from top. Brush unscrews from bottom. Metal cylinder covers brush to preserve bristles when returning it into handle.

Spanish Fly Sex Drops



On sale for: $5.95

Slip a little into your lovers drink and make her incredibly horny. Spanish Fly has been the number 1 sex stimulant for ages.This secret formula can be mixed in coffee, tea, soft drinks or with food. It comes in strawberry, hot cherry, stimulated coffee or zesty cola.

Clitoral Excitement Cylinder



On sale for: $21.95

Clitoral Excitement Cylinders prove that pumping is not just for men anymore. Their a great reason to break out the pump and have some fun. Like traditional vacuum cylinders, they apply a vacuum to a focused area, immediately enlarging the clit, increasing blood flow and sensitivity. For those interested in clit enlargement, the pump can be removed, but the cylinder will stay vacuum sealed on the clit, allowing prolonged wear in comfort. Those just looking for a good time will find that their clit is immediately more sensitive, and that the whole experience is erotic.

There are three sizes available:
Small (Opening is 1" in diameter)
Medium (Opening is 1.25" in diameter) (preferred by most women to start)