Quilted Collar and Leash



On sale for: $24.95

This is the perfect soft collar for your favorite pet. The black faux leather quilted choker has an adjustable buckling closure.The short leash will keep them by your side and has a swivel clip to attach to the collar.

The collar is 16 inches long with a 2.5 inch width. The leash is 22 inches long with a width of 1 inch. One size fits most.

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Classic Black Crop



On sale for: $14.95

This delightful, flexible riding crop makes a great impact in both sound and sensation.

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Elegant Almost Nude Mesh Dress - Small



On sale for: $39.95

This chique and risque black mesh dress is divine.  The triangle bralette is lined in almost nude elegance. The high waisted skirt is attached by thick midriff baring bands to a skinny knee length skirt.  Wear as is to be deliciously decadent or wear over a skinny satin slip to create mystery. Available in small, medium and large.

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Strict Leather Deluxe Red and Black Locking Collar



On sale for: $66.95


This stylish red and black leather collar is made with function, appearance, design and the end user in mind. Unlike some collars, the leather completely covers the collar, giving you full comfort and durability. It has three individual D-rings for attachment to leashes or other gear. The collar features a lockable buckle so can also use a padlock to make sure that it does not come off until you are ready

Measurements: Adjustable from 14 to 20.5 inches in circumference, 2 inches in width

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Red

Note: Locks sold separately"

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C&B Gear Stainless Steel 1.5 inch Cock Ring



On sale for: $10.95

You can use your cock ring for masturbation, to delay orgasms and to maintain longer, harder erections. This silver steel cock ring can be worn around the penis at the base, or around the penis and testicles.

The Stainless Steel Cock Ring has a 1.5 inch diameter.

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X-Play Paddle



On sale for: $19.95

"The X-Play Paddle is a quality BDSM accessory made of premium PVC. The paddle's surface has a quilted pattern, giving it a unique and trendy twist. The design features a loop attached to the handle for extra comfort and agility during use."

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Real Supple Poseable Dildo With Balls 8.25in



On sale for: $44.95

Poseable, pliable and super soft and squishy, this mid-sized 'real supple silicone' dildo feels just like the real thing and stays where you put it!
You'll be amazed by the extraordinary quality of this material as it yields and bends to your touch, as the inner armature allows you to flex and fix the arc of the shaft however you like it!
Enjoy the realistically crafted head, vein textures and balls - all hands-free with the powerful suction cup base.
Clean-up easily with Evolved Toy Cleaner and a warm water rinse.

  • Realistic super-squishy poseable dildo
  • Made from 'Real Supple' liquid silicone
  • Extraordinary soft & pliable feel
  • Sculpted life-like head
  • Realistic veins, textures & balls
  • Poseable with inner armature
  • Flexible, bendable & yielding to the touch
  • Powerful suction cup base for hands-free play
  • Phthalate & latex free
  • Waterproof & submersible

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The Macho Ultimate Ring Double Power Cock And Ball Ring Clitoral And Testicular Stimulator



On sale for: $15.95

5 Amazing flesh-like masturbator. Snug pleasing sensation. Powerful 4 bullet vibe. RoHS compliant. Materials: Masturbator - TPE. Bullet - ABS with PU coating. Waterproof and Phthalates free. Requires 1 AAA battery (included).

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Lace and Wet Look Garter Tights



On sale for: $28.95

These totally sexy and form fitting black Lace and Wet Look Garter Tights will turn you into a sultry siren. The G-string is included, but they will compliment all your seductive panties. Features four-way stretch fabric for a perfect fit. One size fits most.

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Stay Hard Beef Ball Stretcher X Long



On sale for: $7.95

Looking for pleasure and control? Stretch that sack with a soft, yet strong and pliable Beef Ball Stretcher. Elongate your scrotum as you feel your balls pulled during partner play or solo play. For more extreme play, stack two Beef Ball Stretchers together! Made of body safe, phthalate-free TPE. Wash with gentle soap and water. Air-dry before storing

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Comfort Ride Strap On Harness with Purple Dildo



On sale for: $42.95

This all-in-one strap on set includes a sexy harness and an ample dildo. The harness features a T-back design that shows off your assets, and double D-ring buckles to adjust the straps at three different points to the perfect size for comfort and security. A sturdy base plate on the dildo ensures maximum control, allowing it to feel like an extension of your body. The dong itself is smooth and sleek, with a curved, bulbous head and subtle swells along the shaft. At seven inches in length, and nearly an inch and a three-quarters in girth, this dildo is not necessarily ideal for penetration beginners, but the simple design does favor those who are new to pegging or female-female strap-on play. This material is compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants and can be cleaned after use with mild soap or toy cleaner

Measurement: Dildo measures 7 inches in length, 1.7 inches in diameter. Harness fits waists up to 46 inches in circumference.

Material: PVC, nylon, metal.


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Creature Cocks Horny Devil Demon Silicone Dildo



On sale for: $59.95

Are you ready to be ravaged by one of the underworld's own devils? This red and black demonic dong has a terrifying shape that is not of this mortal realm! The tapered tip helps make insertion easier, but then you have to handle the thick rod, the popping veins, the shield on one side that has a lined tread. At the base of the shield is a row of teeth that are bared as you get deeper! Once you plunge the entire thing inside, you can feel the tickle of the two curved horns and bounce on the big, round balls! Made out of premium, flexible, phthalate-free silicone, this dong is body-safe and best used with water-based lubricants only. Enjoy hands free rides due to the strong suction cup base! Invite a partner to indulge in kinky cosplay or fantasy roleplay and use their favorite harness to transform this dong into a strapon! Afterward, make sure to wash it with warm water and mild soap, then spray it with a toy cleaner and air-dry. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.

"Oh good, you're here. It's time for your___punishment!" A creature with three heads spoke and I didn't know which mouth was speaking. I heard it in my head and felt the words crawl over my skin. Their body was sculpted from muscles and covered in bones but I could not tell exactly which pieces were supposed to be where. Something about it was wrong. "What do you mean?" I cried, helplessly being dragged to the dungeon. The walls gave off steam and smoke and the room was hot. "Well you've been very, very bad. So now you have to pay. Look around, don't you know where you are?" Now that I looked, it was more of a cave. Everything glowed red, just like this creature. I tried to calm my breath but the air was so stifling that I struggled to relax. Then the creature grabbed my wrists and shackled them to a table in the center of the room. With glowing, red-gold eyes they looked me up and down, and then with one knife-like claw they tore the clothes from my body in one, long, stroke. A trickle of blood highlighted where their claw had barely cut my skin. Then I saw something twitching, and to my horror, I realized what was between his thighs was not muscle or bone, but something far more devious! The demon stood naked before me and as they smiled, their sharp teeth glinting in the dim light, they spoke one last thing to me. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun___ for me!" Then they plunged their rod inside me! The rod was so hot I immediately began to sweat, my body convulsed in pain and pleasure, and my back arched. I wanted to claw my way free, and I also wanted to grab hold of this body. Suddenly, without warning, the demon stepped away, my sweat dripping off the tip of his dong. "No! Please don't stop!" I cried out, to my own horror, begging for more. They simply replied, "Oh the true pain isn't being hurt, it's not getting what you want. You will learn soon enough how much you don't know about desire. I will make you crave things you never knew existed___ and then deny you, again and again."


  • Overall length: 7.5 Inches.
  • Insertable length: 5.2 inches.
  • Narrowest insertable diameter: 1.4 inches.
  • Widest insertable diameter: 2 inches.

    Materials: Silicone

    Note: use only with water-based lubricants.

    Key Features:

  • Fantasy Dildo: This red and black Devil dildo has a fat shaft, tapered tip, popping veins, a shield like plate on one side to add texture and end in a row of teeth, and two little horns that sit on either side of a pair of big, round balls.
  • Suction Cup Base: Enjoy the wide, suction cup base of this dildo. Simply press firmly on any flat surface and enjoy riding it hands-free!
  • Harness Compatible: The wide, flanged base is compatible with most strap-on harnesses so you or a partner can wear the dildo and bring the fantasy fully to life!
  • Premium Silicone: Made of body-safe, phthalate-free, premium silicone.
  • Available for Purchase

    Lashie 4 Foot Chain Leash With Leather Handle



    On sale for: $13.95

    Keep your pet close to you and on a leash. Even your human pets need to be controlled. The Lashie leather leash does just that. This 4 foot double chain leash will keep your submissive pets safe and under your control. A must have for all your bondage fantasy roleplaying games. Note: Collar sold separately.

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    Pleasure Pointer Two Finger Wand Attachment



    On sale for: $24.95

    This two finger design allows you to zero in on your pleasure center! The life size, realistic design is made of firm, slick rubber, which transmits vibration from the base to the tip. Phthalate-free, it is rigid yet designed to bend with the body. Perfect for G-spot stimulation! Now you can have the sensation of being fingered, coupled with thrilling vibration, for the ultimate in enhanced pleasure. 7 inches in total length, 4.5 insertable, 1.5 inches in width.

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    Fan Dang Oh Black Leather Bra - 32



    On sale for: $35.95

    The Fan Dang Oh Black Leather Bra is for bad girls only. The bra has three quarter underwire cups and laces up the front. The straps are adjustable and the back has a hook and eye closure. Available in sizes 32, 34, 36 and 38.

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    Teaser Jaw Clamp and Jewel Chain



    On sale for: $14.95

    Endurance nipple clamps with tiny gnatbite style tips. Choose a simple link chain or elegant jewel chain.

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    Locking Rubber Wrist Cuffs - Spartacus Bondage Restraints



    On sale for: $49.95

    Make your submissive helpless by locking them into the locking rubber wrist cuffs from Spartacus Leather. These bondage restraints with an optional locking attachment will make BDSM sex play exciting. These wrist cuffs fit on a 4.5 inch to a 7.5 inch wrist.

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    Prelude Silicone Enema Bulb Kit



    On sale for: $23.95

    ANEROS, the first name in award-winning sexual health and wellness products, presents PRELUDE, the ultimate internal cleansing system.
    PRELUDE'S all medical-grade silicone design features a special slow-flow, one-way nozzle that introduces liquid gradually and comfortably, avoiding cramping and unhygienic backflow.
    PRELUDE'S unique nozzle backstop guides precise depth of insertion and allows easy disassembly for cleaning.
    When it comes to anal and prostate play, confidence begins with a PRELUDE.

    Available for Purchase

    Dual Delight Double Penetration Adapter



    On sale for: $99.95

    Add more variety to your fucking machine experience with the Double Penetration Adapter from LoveBotz! This piece comes complete with a bendable dildo attachment and an adapter for use with other industry compatible pieces. Use the included dildo alone, or add on for double the penetration. The included 7 inch dildo is realistically textured and very durable, making it ideal for a prolonged pounding! This adapter piece works with LoveBotz Fucking Machines and other industry machines. Hang on, you are in for a doubly thrilling joy ride!

    Measurements: 8.25 inches in total length, dildo is 7 inches in length and 1.9 inches in diameter

    Material: SexFlesh (TPE) and ABS plastic

    Color: Natural

    Note: Anal dildo not included

    Available for Purchase

    Vac-U-Lock Fucking Machine Adapter



    On sale for: $99.95

    "Great upgrade for Rear Penetration, Probe Plus and Black Magic Fucking machines! Allows you to use a wider range of Vac-U-Lock dildos with these machines."

    Available for Purchase