Rimba Electrosex 5 Ball Dildo


This lightweight, aluminum dildo has 5 balls for a textured sensation like no other.  The top most ball of this bipolar dildo has an opposite polarity allowing deep penetrating electro-massage.  It has a 2.5 mm male plug.  It can be used vaginally or anally.  The electrosex dildo is 6.5 inches long with a diameter of 1 inch.  Avoid use of this product if you are pregnant or have a heart condition.

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Electro Zinger Rippled E-stim Silicone Plug



On sale for: $37.46

"Get ready for some shocking anal pleasure! This E-stim anal accessory is shaped to stimulate all your sweet spots, with ripples and curves that take you to the edge. Just plug the included leads into your compatible Zeus Powerbox to send tingles and zaps into your ass, or your partners! The silky-smooth silicone is phthalate-free and, of course, conductive so that your hole is filled with electricity! Do not use silicone lubricants with this product to preserve this premium material, and sanitize with mild-soap or toy cleaner after use. Measurements: 4.9 inches in total length, 3.95 inches insertable length, 1.5 inches in diameter Material: Silicone Color: Black Note: Powerbox not included"

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7 Piece Twilight Wand Accessory Kit



On sale for: $84.71

Expand your Violet Wand play with 7 electrically erotic accessories! Light up your love life with a sensual and stimulating light show as you hover and glide the glowing attachments over the most sensitive areas of the body. Each of the seven pieces of this kit plug into your Zeus Twilight Violet Wand, sold separately, to send sizzling sensation onto your sensitive skin in exciting new ways. The massage roller provides a light and seductive massage, while the condenser comb and the wand offer more intense stimulation. The curved Y contours curved areas such as breasts, buttocks, legs, or throat. Also included are the traditional ball tip probe, tongue, and mushroom attachments for pin-pointed pleasure. Experience the subtle shock of electrosex that these accessories have to offer! Measurements: Massage roller is 6 inches in length, curved Y is 5.8 inches in length, ball tip probe is 5.75 inches in length, mushroom is 6.1 inches in length, comb is 6.3 inches in length, tongue is 5.5 inches in length, and wand is 5.9 inches in length. Voltage: 110-220 V Material: Glass, ABS plastic, metal Note: Zeus Twilight Violet Wand sold separately

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Kink The Stinger Electro Play Wand


"Motivation comes in many forms. This ABS cattle prod-style electroplay wand creates different sensations specific to the area it s applied with a light zap perfect for training or teasing. Tickling, tingling, and a moderate sting are all within the realm of possibility with The Stinger.  It produces a loud crackling sound and visible spark.   The Stinger s handle features a non-slip, non-conductive rubber grip, and a safe but powerful current runs between two prongs at end of the contrasting red shaft.  It iks operatated with a simple, push button control.   The Stinger is 15 inches long with a 1.5 inch diameter.   Takes 2-AA batteries (not included)."

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Bum Shock E-Stim Silicone Anal Plug



On sale for: $37.46

"Send a zap through your ass! Get ready for some shocking anal pleasure with this electro-conductive silicone butt plug. Enjoy a classic tapered shape, which makes it easy to insert and comfortable to wear for long play sessions. The lead wires are included to connect it to your Zeus Power Box, sold separately, allowing you to experience tingles and jolts in your hole! How much can you handle? This silky-smooth material is phthalate-free and non-porous, but not compatible with silicone lubricants. Clean after use with a mild soap or toy cleaner. Measurements: 4.7 inches in total length, 4.3 inches insertable length, 1.4 inches at widest diameter, .5 inches at narrowest diameter Material: Silicone Note: Zeus Power Box not included"

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Electro Sex Stimulation Power Box Set Manual Tens Unit


E-Stim, Electrical Stimulation, Electro Power Box Set Tens Unit. This power box set includes 2 channels, battery-powered, with control of pulse intensity & pulse frequency. 2 wire leads come with the unit to attach to the stimulator pads which adhear to the skin for fantastic contact. All of our electo toys work with this Rimba Powerbox Tens Unit! Includes: 1 Tens Unit, 1 9-volt battery, 2 sets if wires to plug into the powerbox, 4 adhesive contacts.

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Electro Stimulation Bondage Hook


New to the line of Rimba Electro Sex accessories! This bi-polar electro stimulation aluminum hook can be used vaginally or anally. The two conductive parts are divided by the black ring under the 30mm ball. Full length of hook is 28cm. Designed for use with bondage ropes – add to the fun!

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Electro Stimulation The Intruder Wand


This aluminum bi-polar electro sex shock intruder has an insertable length of 14 cm and a diameter of 3.5mm. In addition to its deep penetrating capabilities, this tool can also be used on the body as well. (As long as both conductive parts touch the naked skin) Let your master or mistress be in charge! Total length is 28cm.

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Electro Intruder Wand (Long)


This aluminum bi-polar electro sex shock intruder is ready to stimulate the deepest of places. The ball has diameter of 3mm, and the wand has a total length of 43cm (17in). In addition to its deep penetrating capabilities, this tool can also be used on the body as well. (As long as both conductive parts touch the naked skin) Let your master or mistress be in charge!

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Unipolar Electro Sticks


Electro sex stimulation, aluminum unipolar shocking sticks – each 23 cm. long. These sticks have an insulated handle so that only contact can be made with the metal parts. These sticks can be used in different ways, both in-and outside. Please note that the sticks may not touch each other, that causes a short circuit and could damage your power box. Both silver conductive parts should make contact with the body to make the shock therapy work. Use our contact gel (item #3000) to create an optimal conduction.

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Electro Sex Bar Clamps Unipolar


Electro Play. This item fits directly to all 3 Rimba power boxes.Each individual clamp is uni-polar but together in use these clamps are bi-polar.

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Electro Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs



On sale for: $46.46

When you want to take your BDSM play that little bit further, these Electro Shock Wrist Cuffs should not be lacking in your toy collection! The included control box will enable you to switch on the electro-stimulation with shocking results that vary from a small tingling sensation to a more robust impact at the push of a button. Just make sure the cuffs make good contact with the body for the best results.  The black, faux leather cuffs come with a quality clasp and 7 holes for a perfect fit. Do not use E-Stim with a heart defect or pacemaker without prior medical consultation. Do not use E-stim during pregnancy. Do not use E-stim in conjunction with flammable objects/liquids. Measurements: Adjust from 6 to 10 inches in circumference and are 2.4 inches wide. Note: Includes leads and E-stim box.   Takes 2-AAA batteries (included).

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Electrify It Kit


For a long time Electrosex play has been limited to those items mass produced specifically for electrosex play. In a world with thousands of sex toys are available, that has always been a bit limiting. We believe in a world where you should be able to electrify a sex toy as easily as you can bacon a fast food product. With the invention of the "Electrify I!" Kit, we've made it almost that easy. The secret is our ground breaking conductive tape. While lesser metallic tapes would only be applicable to smooth flat surfaces, and would still be prone to rough edges and burrs. The conductive tape can be applied to curved rounded surfaces and smoothed out to a nearly seamless feel. This makes it applicable to such previously unelectrified favorites like the Aneros and Nexus prostate massagers, pyrex dildos, and premium vibrators. Suddenly all of those shapes and sizes of toys can be added to your electrosex arsenal.

First you must understand how electrosex works. The current is going to flow from one lead on your power box to the other. If you hold the two aligator clips in your hand you will feel the current flow through your hand from one to the other. Whatever you put between the two leads, the current is going to try to take path of least resistance from one lead to the other. If you hook the leads to the conductive tape, it is going to flow through that conductive tape. To get a really nice finish that wrinkle, tear, or peel off easily, you're going to need to select a rigid toy. It will stick to silicone, rubber, and other soft products, but it will not smooth flat and may peel off. That can mean rough edges, discomfort, and a short lifespan for the product. Hard plastic, pyrex, and stone are good options. Conductive toys, meaning metal or plastic with a metallic finish, can be used, but only as unipolar electrosex toys.

To create a bipolar electrosex toy follow these steps:

  • Decide where you want to feel the electricity. If you were going to hold the toy tightly against your clit, you might want to place two strips of tape side by side. If you wanted the currents to stimulate muscles deep inside you, you might want to place the strips on either side of the toy.
  • Measure out strips of tape long enough to reach from the base of the toy (where you will connect the aligator clips) to the end point where you want current to flow. You can then cut the strips to that length with scissors. Keep in mind, the adhesive used on the conductive tape is conductive itself, so overlapping strips of tape will pass on the current.
  • First, make sure the toy is clean, so that the tape can easily stick to its surface. Separate the tape from the paper backing and smoothly apply it to your toy, starting at the action end of the toy. It is best to smooth it out with your fingers as you apply it, so as to make sure that you do not have any wrinkles or raised sections.
  • Once you've run it to the base of the toy you will need to decide where you're going to attach the aligator clips. On that spot you will want to apply a strip of tape with a raised tab of tape stuck to itself. You probably want this tab to be about 1/4 inch long, and you may want to tape over it with two or three strips, as a thicker tab will give you a better connection. Now just make sure that your tape strips are connected to the tabs.
  • Likely the edges of the tape that you just laid down are not going to be super smooth that this point. To smooth them out, take a soft plastic pen, like a Bic, and rub it along the edge of the tape. This should flatten it out and give it a smooth edge.
  • To hook it up to your electrosex power box, just clip each aligator clip onto a tab, ideally the aligator clip will be touching the base of the tab. If the aligator clips are touching each other, they will skip everything and conduct the current right to each other. If you're not getting a good connection, try adding another layer of conductive tape to your tab.
To Create a Unipolar Electrosex Toy:
  • You can use all of the steps above, but only use on strip. If you have a conductive toy with a metal surface, you need only add a tab to connect your aligator clip to. You may find that our tape conducts better than the metalized surface of your toy, and can be used to make extra-conductive patterns on the surface of our unipolar toy.
Kit Includes:
  • Instructions to make your toy into an electrosex toy!
  • 3 feet of conductive tape. Tape has adhesive on back for easy application and lasting grip.
  • Alligator Lead.
  • 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter.
Warning: Electrosex should never be used above the waist. If used improperly elecrosex can cause harm.

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Commander USB Rechargeable Electric Pump 11.5 Inch


"- High vacuum electric pump - 3 sleeve sizes for a snug fit - Extra large cylinder for maximum enlargement - Phthalates free - RoHS compliant - Material: silicone, AS, ABS, PVC - USB cable included - Rechargeable no batteries necessary - Charging time: Up to 1 hour Dimensions: Pump size: Length: 11.5 in. Diameter: 2.75 in. Circumference: 8.75 in. Three sleeve sizes: (internal diameter of opening) Small: 1.125 in. Medium: 1.375 in. Large: 1.5 in. Cord length: 51 in."

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Oxballs Sacksling Electro


The Sacksling Electro from Oxballs is an ultra soft ball encasement sex toy with two electro contacts, making this toy perfect for e-stim play combined with the cock & ball stimulation of the original Sacksling. The electrical contacts are made from high quality solid aircraft aluminum and accept 4mm banana plugs, or you can use 2mm Pin to Banana Adapter Plugs depending on your set up.

The Sack Sling allows you to easily slip your testicles into the sack while your cock exits through the other side, leaving your balls snug and securely encased. The two electro contact posts can also be easily removed when you're not in the mood for e-stim play, allowing the two small holes under each testicle to drain excess sweat or lube.

The Sacksling Electro operates similarly to a combination cock ring and ball-stretcher with the difference being that the testicles stay firmly inside the sack making them warm and sweaty and can be electrified using the e-stim contacts. This device easily incorporates into cock and ball torture and teasing, as well as electrical play and stimulation.

The Sacksling Electro is made in the USA, and constructed from top quality Flexi-Skin, a soft, stretchy, and flexible material that is a hybrid combination of silicone and thermo-plastic rubber and the electrical contacts are constructed from solid aircraft aluminum. The Sacksling can be used with water, oil, or silicone based lubricant.

Product Details

  • Total Length: 5 in (12.7cm)

  • Cock and Ball Entrance Diameter: 1.75 in (4.4cm)

  • Cock and Ball Entrance Circumference: 5.5 in (14cm)

  • Penis Exit Diameter: 1 in (2.5cm)

  • Penis Exit Circumference: 3.14 in (8cm)

Please Note: Due to the hand-poured molding process used to make this toy, this item may contain some slight surface irregularities that do not affect the performance of the product.

Safety, Care and Usage

The Sacksling Electro is easy to clean using hot water and anti-bacterial soap before and after each use. Use this device with oil, water, silicone, or hybrid lubricant. Always be careful and remember to play safely.

The Electro-Whip


This conductive silicone Neon Wand accessory combines electrosex and a classic BDSM flogger to create an electrifying erotic experience for you and your partner.

Power up your playtime with the Electro Whip, our latest KinkLab Neon Wand accessory and new addition to the ElectroErotic line. The Electro Whip combines a classic 10-tail mini-flogger with a connector that fits all models of the KinkLab Neon Wand, allowing the conductive black silicone falls of the flogger to become electrified, delivering a surprising shock along with the sting of the whip when used on your partner.

The solid-state technology of the Neon Wand allows it to be wielded in any position without unwanted changes in intensity as you deliver your electric strokes. In comparison with typical glass electrode accessories, the materials used in the Electro Whip greatly increase the intensity of the sensations created by the Neon Wand. At milder settings, however, its bite is reduced, making it an appealing toy for players of all experience levels. But be sure to exercise caution: At higher settings, this whip really packs a wallop!

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E-Stim Hollow Butt Plug



On sale for: $34.46

"Amplify your anal E-stim experience with this unique butt plug! Featuring a hollow core and two bold bulbs, this booty accessory allows a peek and poke inside while you are pleasured by the shape and electrostimulation. This plug hooks up to your compatible Zeus Powerbox with the included leads. Shock your chute with 2 conductive silicone areas that span the entire length, from the tip to the base. The Hollow Anal Amplifier is made of premium silicone, making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and easily sanitized with mild soap or toy cleaner. Avoid use with silicone lubricants to preserve the material. Measurements: 3.3 inches in overall length, 2.75 inches insertable length, 1.7 inches at widest diameter. Opening at tip is .55 inches in diameter. Material: Silicone Color: Black. Note: Includes leads. Zeus Powerbox not included."

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Lightning Hood E-Stim Penis Head Teaser



On sale for: $26.21

"Make your cock quiver with pleasure! This silicone head teaser includes leads to plug it into your compatible Zeus Powerbox. The interior is lined with conductive silicone so that your entire penis head is encapsulated in electricity. Send tingles and zaps into the tip of your dick, or play with a partner. Made of non-porous and phthalate-free silicone, this E-stim accessory is body-safe and easily sanitized with mild soap or toy cleaner and warm water. Avoid use with silicone lubricants. Measurements: 2.35 inches in length, 1.6 inches in width. Opening is 1.15 inches in diameter, unstretched. Material: Silicone Color: Black Note: Powerbox not included"

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Zeus Arcana Electro Vibe Wand- EU



On sale for: $113.96


Want some vibration with your electro play? With the Arcana ElectroSex Wand by Zeus, you can have both! Simply apply a generous amount of Incite ElectroSex Gel (sold separately) onto the area you wish to stimulate, and plug the wand into an outlet. Control the flow of vibration and electro excitement via the controller located on the handle. The one of a kind piece features five levels of electro and vibration intensities, each independently controlled with their own button. You can choose to have both stimulators on at the same time, or one on its own. With the side boost button, you can create your own pulse pattern by tapping the button for a rhythmic jump. The ergonomic shape and flexible neck assists target stimulation and its sleek black design with gleaming silver accents makes Arcana a darkly sexy treat.

Measurements: 12.75 inches in total length, head measures 2.4 inches in diameter

Material: ABS plastic, metal, TPR

Note: 230v EU plug. Patent pending"

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Electro Sex Clamps (Uni-polar, Pair)


This item fits directly to all 3 Rimba power boxes (7850 / 7880 / 7890) Together in use these clamps are bi-polar. Each individual clamp is uni-polar. Cable included. made of iron.Warning: Don’t put 2 plugs into one clamp, because you will create a short and as a result no shocks will be felt.Material: IronSize: 4cm x 6.6cm

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