Linx Word Of Mouth Pump Masturbator



On sale for: $6.71

Word of Mouth Oral Simulator - Slick Lips.This soft and sexy masturbator feels great. Just slide in and start the pumping. It's called Good Feelings for good reason.

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Kinx Sensual Seven Textured Sleeves


One A Day Sleeve. Variety is the spice of life, so prepare for lots of spice with One-a-Day Sleeve pack. All 7 sleeves are super stretchy and each one is covered in a differing type of pleasure giving nodules. They will fit nearly any penis and can also be used as finger ticklers.

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Kinx Deep Sea Vibrating Wired Anal Plug Smoke 3.75 Inch



On sale for: $23.96

Deep Sea Vibrating Butt Plug. The Deep Sea butt plug is a real treasure. It is completely waterproof and has a separate controller that controls the multi-speed vibration.

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Kinx Royal 6 Realistic Vibrator Waterproof 6 Inch


Royal 6 Realistic Vibrator. This fully waterproof vibe has a realistically veined, penis formed shaft. It has a variable speed controller and is ideal for water fun. What a vibrator! (2AA)

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Kinx Mccoy 9 Realistic Vibrator Dildo 9 Inch


McCoy 9 Realistic Vibrator. There's no mistaking The Real McCoy, this vibe has a realistically veined shaft and its multi-speed vibration is controlled from the base.

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Kinx Penetrator Strap-on 6 Inch


The Penetrator Strap-On. This strap-on set consists of a firm, 6.5 inches veined dildo and an elastic harness. It has a pure, simple design and is ideal as a first strap-on, but we're sure it won't be your last.(2AA)

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Kinx Glowing Douche 2.75 Inches


Glowing Douche - Uni-Sex with Glow in The Dark Tip. This uni-sex anal douche has a glow in the dark tip and provides one-step insertion and maximum cleansing

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Kinx Magic Strap On 7 Inches


Magic Flesh Strap On. This strap-on set comprises of a easy-snap adjustable harness and a 7 inches Magic Flesh Dong. Why is it called Magic Flesh? Once you feel it you'll know. The Magic Flesh material feels so realistic that you'll think its the real thing. A great strap-on set, looks good, feels magic!!

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Kinx Bully Boy 7 Realistic Vibrator 7 Inches


Bully Boy 7 Realistic Vibrator. This vibe has realistic veined shaft with clit tickling pleasure nodules at the base. It is multi-speed and sure to bring you perfect pleasure every time.(2AA)

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Kinx Thor 8 Realistic Vibrator 8 Inch


This brown vibe has a thin veined shaft. It has multi-speed controller at the base and will always satisfy. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

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Kinx Masseuse Nipple Pump 3.75 Inches


Masseuse Nipple Pump. This nipple sucker is very easy to operate. Simply place the sucker where you want sucking and use the bulb to create the suction. Very easy, very satisfying.

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Kinx Eighteen Textured Double Dong Black 18 Inch



On sale for: $19.95

This hearty double dong is made from high quality, soft, flexible material and has a veined shaft. It has a penis tip at each end and is a banquet for 1 person, or a feast for 2. Measurements: -18 x 2 x 2 inches

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Kinx Thor 11 Realistic Vibrator 11 Inch


Thor 11 Realistic Vibrator. This vibe has a long thin veined shaft. It has multi-speed controller at the base and will always satisfy. (2AA)

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Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Anal Plug 3.5 Inch


Balloon Butt Plug. Using a simple hand-bulb control, this anal balloon expands to three times its size. Feel the pleasure expand as you pump it up.

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Kinx Ridged Anal Teaser 6 Inch


You might choose to enjoy this anal wand alone, or share the experience with your partner. This anal wand has an easy to hold handle, which keeps you in complete control of your progress even when using lubricant. The contours feel sensation as they glide in and out of you. This Ridged Anal Teaser can help you to discover an explosive climax. Measurements: 6 x 2 x 6 inches Weight: 1 pound

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Kinx Zeus 8 Glow In The Dark Realistic Vibrator 8 Inch


Zeus 8 Glow Realistic Vibrator. This vibe has a curved shaft with a realistic veined design. It has a multi-speed controller at the base, and the whole thing glows in the dark. Ideal for all your night moves!!

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Kinx Anovibe Anal Beads Waterproof 5 Inch



On sale for: $11.96

Anovibe Vibrating Anal Beads. This firm, but flexible, vibrating anal bead stick is 5 inches long and has a waterproof, wireless egg. The great thing is, is that the egg is totally removable so you can vibrate or not vibrate. The choice is yours.

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Kinx Classic Crystal Couples Kit



On sale for: $13.46

Clear Kit Couples Kit. It's clear why this kit is so popular, it has something for everyone. It has a 5 inches, multi-speed see thru vibe, a soft nubby sleeve, a soft bumpy sleeve, a pair of oscillating ben-wa balls and a multi-speed bullet with dial controller. All the items are see thru pink and are sure to see you through many hours of fun.(4AA)

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Kinx Osiris 6 Realistic Vibe 6.25 Inches


This vibe has a sturdy veined shaft with a multi-speed controller at the base. A great little vibe for big pleasure. (2AA) .

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Kinx Titan 11 Realistic Vibrator 11 Inches


This vibe will satisfy even the most demanding. With its veined shaft and multi-speed controller at the base, this big chap will certainly deliver the goods.

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