Kinx Thor 11 Realistic Vibrator 11 Inch


Thor 11 Realistic Vibrator. This vibe has a long thin veined shaft. It has multi-speed controller at the base and will always satisfy. (2AA)

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ME YOU US Mini Double Dong Double Ended Bendable Jelly Dildo


Mini Double Dong. The Double Mini is the baby of the double ender family. It has a tapered fat to skinny penis head shaft, with veined detailing. it's soft, clear body returns to shape after every bend. A good place to start, if you're new to double enders, this toy is big enough to share, or small enough to keep to yourself.

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Kinx Penetrator Vibrating Strap-on 6 Inch


The Penetrator Vibrating Strap-On. This strap-on set consists of a firm, 6.5 inches veined dildo and an elastic harness. It has multi-speed vibration to spice things up and is a great first strap-on for those just starting on their voyage of strap-on discovery.(2AA)

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Me You Us Monty 6 Realistic Vibrator


This multispeed pink ultra stud stands straight up or bends with your every movement.  The great thing about this vibrator is that it comes attached to a waterproof suction base, which attaches to nearly any slick surface. Ideal for livening up bath time!  The dildo has an on/off twist base for steady incremental speed.  The raised nubs are ideal for clitoral stimulation.

Monty is 6 inches long with a 5 inch girth.

Takes-2 AA batteries (not included).  The base unscrews to access the battery compartment.

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Kinx Mystic Treasures Couples Kit



On sale for: $38.95

The Mystic Treasures Couples Kit has absolutely everything to keep an adventurous couple busy for weeks and weeks. The kit contains 2 super stretchy 2 inch textured cockrings, a multi-speed 3.25 inch bullet, a pair of transparent oscillating duo balls, a slim butt 4.25 inch plug with suction cup base and a 6 inch slimline multi speed vibrator with veiny penis and nubby shaft tickler tipped sleeves. Phew! Surely enough to uncover the most hidden treasures, mystic or not.

Takes 4- AA batteries(not included).

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Spartan 5 Vibrating Jelly Dildo


This lightly veined jelly vibe is just right for you or a partner. Its realistic shape and frilled edge will stimulate all the right places, and its variable speed means you can set it just right for you. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). 

 Size Length: 8 inches Insertable Length: 7 inches

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Kinx High Beam Vibe Nipple Pump


Hi-Beam Vibrating Nipple Pumps, Multi-Speed - Pink (Batts Inc.).These vibrating nipple pumps are designed to stimulate and get you bigger nipples, faster! The ultra-soft nipple cups pump up with a power packed hand pump, which has a quick release pressure valve for total control. The mini vibrators have a twist on-off controller that slip inside the suction cups, for increased nipple size and pleasure instantly and help you have a more erotic look and feel instantly

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Kinx Orgasma Textured Sleeve For Vibrator or Penis Waterproof 5 inches



On sale for: $4.46

The Orgasma Sleeve by Kinx adds irresistible texture to your pleasure and is designed for use on a penis or with a vibrator for solo or partner play. This textured rubber sleeve is skin safe and features a soft rubber spike to the tip for precise stimulation. This sleeve is super stretchy and is easy to pull over a penis or a vibe. It measures 5.51 in. in length and the textured detail includes ribs, nubs and spirals that extend from the tip to the base. The rubber is free from latex and phthalates and is waterproof for play beyond the bedroom. Enhance your Orgasma sleeve with a water-based lubricant.

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Kinx Twisted Butt Plug 3 Piece Set Waterproof



On sale for: $17.21

The Kinx Twisted Smoke butt plug set allows you to pace your pleasure, allowing you to start off gently and progress to a more intense experience. This butt plug set features 3 plugs and we love that they come in three different sizes for every experience level. These plugs feature a dramatic twisted design for added intensity. They re all tapered to the tip for easier insertion and the flared base makes them safe and secure for peace of mind while you play. These butt plugs are free from phthalates and latex and have a waterproof design that dares you to take your play outside of the bedroom. These plugs are great for solo or partner play and are easily cleaned with warm water and soap or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Dimensions: Length: Range from 3.9 in. for smallest plug to 5.11 in. for largest. Girth: Ranges from 1.06 in. to 1.96 in.

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Kinx Double Tip Strap On


Double Tip Strap On. Double your fun and your pleasure with The Double Tip Strap-On Set. It has a soft, high quality harness with nylon straps and steel buckles. The Horny Tip dildo is made from soft transparent jelly, with a double flanged shaft and G-Spot tip. The Penis Tip is also soft, transparent jelly with a subtly tapered shaft and realistic penis tip. Both of these didos fit snugly into the harness or can be used separately.

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Kinx Lust Finger Textured Sleeves 2 Each Per Box 3.25 Inch



On sale for: $7.95

Lust Fingers - Purple. These Lust Fingers give you lust at your fingertips. This two-pack of clit-stims contains a pink ribbed and a purple nubby version. Let your fingers do the talking.

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Kinx Twelve Flexible Double Dong 12.50 Inches


Twelve Double Dong. This 12 inches veined double ender is made from soft, flexible material and has a penis head at both ends. This means you and a partner can both have the best bit. An ideal toy to share.

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Kinx Classic Anal Zeppelin Vibrating Wired Remote Control Inflatable Anal Plug



On sale for: $18.71

Zeppelin Butt Plug. Is there anything this butt plug doesn't do? Not only does it vibrate with multi-speed vibration, it expands as well. The dial-wheel handset controls the vibration, whilst the pump-bulb controls the expansion. Too much of a good thing? You decide.

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Linx Classic Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring



On sale for: $10.46

Classic Rabbit Cock Ring. The Rabbit cockring has a powerful, one touch vibrating bullet and is super stretchy. It comes with 2 sets of free batteries, but the real treat is the rabbit shaped clit stim.

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Linx Ball Banger Vibrating Cock Ring Textured Removable Bullet



On sale for: $9.95

The Ball Banger vibrating cock ring features three metal hanging balls for amazing impact where it counts! This cock ring has textured detail for added stimulation and the vibrating bullet can be easily removed if you want to use the cock ring without it. This penis ring is made from stretchy TPE for a great fit and the easy On / off button allows you to control intensity quickly and easily. Along with plenty of vibration and stimulation where it counts, the Ball Banger cock ring also gives him a firmer erection that lasts longer. His partner will appreciate the extra playtime!

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Linxs Aqua Silks Cock Ring Vibrating Waterproof



On sale for: $21.71

Aqua Silks Cock Ring. This cockring is part of the Linx Range, that means it is coated in an ultra-smooth, silky material and it is fully waterproof. The push button vibration control has soft-touch controls and a red L.E.D indicator, this helps you control the multi-speed vibration. The easy On/Off clasp design of the cockring allows the wearer to place the ring at its optimum pleasure giving position and remove it deftly. Prepare for pleasure, in or out of the water.(2AA)

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Ace Adjustable Cock Ring Linx



On sale for: $5.95

Ace - Soft Rubber, Fully Adjustable Erection Ring ~ Red. This simple yet effective cock ring can help the wearer to maintain a firmer erection and achieve a stronger ejaculation. Worn at the base of the penis, it is fully adjustable and can be easily removed. It can also be worn with a condom.

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Linx Tipilator Penis Pump



On sale for: $17.96

This Penis Head Pump has an ultra-soft base ring and a sure-grip hand pump bulb with a pressure release valve. Just put it on and pump away.

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Linx Classic Vibrating Cock Ring Waterproof



On sale for: $9.71

Classic Smoke Cock Ring. This cock ring fits snugly and securely on nearly any penis. It has an easy, one-touch vibration bullet that sits in the nubby clit stim. It comes with 2 sets of batteries, so it ready for action and is great for those new to the exciting and arousing world of vibrating cockrings. (2 Sets of Batts Inc.)

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Linx Magnetic Cock Ring Waterproof



On sale for: $8.96

A mixture of science and nature, the magnetic cockring harnesses the power of 5 strategically placed magnets to increase blood flow to the penis. Once erection has been achieved, the magnets act as a gate, gripping the penis and allowing a stronger, longer lasting erection. It is super stretchy, so it will fit nearly all penises.

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