Fetish Fantasy Nipple Bull Rings



On sale for: $7.95

This non-piercing pair of nipple rings are both attractive and sexually arousing when pinched on. The metal ball on the ring slides around the nipple area, keeping you aroused and perky all the time. Only available in silver at this time.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple & Clit Jewelry


Make your nipples and clit perk with pleasure with this beginners-friendly Nipple & Clit Jewelry. Simply wrap the comfortable nylon braid around each nipple -- the amount of pressure you apply to the nipple is adjustable using the sliding knot. With each movement of the lightweight chain, the soft braids gently perk and massage your most sensitive spots. Enjoy explosive stimulation with the sensual clit jewelry. Spread the metal clamp to place your clit through the teardrop to offer easy access to your most precious pleasure spot, while the dangling beads tickle and tease your lips to climax!

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Bull Nose Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $10.46

Explore the sensations of erotic bdsm play with the Bull Nose Nipple Clamps. You can adjust the tension of these clamps from a mild to sharp bite. The non-tarnishing nipple jewelry chain is 10.5 inches (27 cm) and the clamp is 2 inches (5 cm) long with the steel with silver plating prongs dipped in a latex protective coating.

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Nipple and Clitoral Non-Piercing Body Jewelry


Matching sets. Non-tarnishing, adjustable, nickel free. ABS (beads) Steel (clips). 4 inch /10 cm (length- clitoral clip).1 inch /3 cm (diameter nipple ring).

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Non Piercing Nipple Rings



On sale for: $6.95

Adorn your body with these non-tarnishing, nickel-free, electro plated steel nipple rings. These silver and gold nipple rings will tantalize your lover while wearing a sheer piece of lingerie to make them fantasize what you are hiding. Size: 1.2 inch /3 cm (diameter). Available in colors silver or gold.

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Broad Tip Clamps with Glass Beads



On sale for: $15.95

Add some sparkle to your nipples with these broad tip nipple clamps accessorized with light catching glass beads. The adjustable pressure screw lets you control how tight the clamps get, making these suitable for all levels of expertise. Go from lovely decoration to strong stimulation. 

Your choice of purple, red or blue beads. Sold in pairs.

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Endurance Beaded Jumper Nipple Clamp



On sale for: $14.95

Endurance beaded nipple clamps with sapphire blue, scarlet red, or violet purple beads. Soft rubber tips. Simply clip them on for lovely decoration and moderate stimulation. Sold as a pair.

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Tweezer Nipple Clamps With Glass Beads


Adjustable silver tweezer-style nipple clamps are adorned with glass beads that sparkle in the light. These clamps have soft rubber tips, and are suitable for beginner and intermediate nipple enthusiasts. Adjust the tweezer nipple clamps by sliding the metal rings up the tweezers to go from lovely decoration to strong stimulation. Your choice of red, blue, purple or pink. Sold in pairs.

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Spartacus Black Beaded Broad Tip Clamps



On sale for: $12.95

These black broad tip nipple clamps have sparkly glass beads dangling from them. The largest bead is black, the 2 medium sized ones are pewter colored and a smaller clear bead attaches the beads to the clamp.

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Black Tweezer Clamps with Black Beads



On sale for: $16.95

Adjustable beaded nipple clamps with black beads. Soft rubber tips. Simply clip them on for lovely decoration and moderate stimulation. Sold as a pair.

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Lavish Black Pearl Clamps With Tweezer Tip Black



On sale for: $21.95

Skip the lingerie tonight and dress up your nipples instead. These elegant adjustable black tweezer style clamps are so gentle, they only pinch if you want them to. Part of Lavish - the most luxurious products Spartacus has to offer.

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Tweezer Clit Clamp with Black Beads



On sale for: $7.95

Surprise your lover with the Spartacus clip clamps fastened to your clitoris. The sweet pain will arouse you as they swing under your fetish skirt. Adjustable tweezer-style clit clamp with elegant black beads.

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Double Strand Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $17.95

Accennt your nipples with these sexy beaded nipple clamps. The double strand nipple clamps come in three different styles.

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Broad Tip Nipple To Clit Clamp Set



On sale for: $29.95

"Y-style attached nipple clamps and clit clamp with medium alligator style clamps. The clamps are adjustable, and the clit clamp chain detaches from the nipple clamp chain, so you can choose how much to take! The medium clamps are good for general use."

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Bell Tweezer Adjustable Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $14.95

Keep track of your slave with the little jingle of these bells. These standard tweezer nipple clamps have a cute little bell attached. The tweezer clamp comes with vinyl-coated ends and a sliding ring to adjust the tightness anywhere from just enough to hold them on all the way up to a really sever pinch. These clamps stay on, are easy to use and can be from heavy or light or anywhere in between. The bell for the submissive is a light weight metal and has a very soft sound. Sold in Pairs.

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Clit Clamp with Bell



Know where your slave is at all times with this Clit Clamp with Bell. Not only will you be able to hear them walking around, but your slave will also get a great sensuous feeling.

Measurements: 3 inches in length

Material: Metal, vinyl

Color: Grey"

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Adorn Triple Bead Nipple Clamp Set



On sale for: $12.71

Master Series

These tweezer style nipple clamps adorn the chest with three graduated silver balls that dangle from the end. The adjustable clamps have a sliding ring that will allow you to modify the amount of pressure that is applied, and are coated with vinyl for comfort and a better grip. These beaded clamps are ideal for beginner or advanced nipple play. With a little imagination, they can also be used on the scrotum, penis, labia, ears, or any part of the body you desire...

Measurements: 3.5 inches in total length, tweezer length 2.25 inches

Material: Metal, vinyl

Color: Grey

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Glow in The Dark Face Jewels


Don't forget to decorate your face with some glow in the dark iridescent jewels. The skin friendly adhesive backed set includes hearts, wings and individual stones. Great for raves, concerts and just for fun.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Glow in The Dark Face Jewels'. Please check back later.

Eye Candy Adhesive Face Jewels


These easy to apply adhesive face jewels are skin friendly. The iridescent set includes butterflies, stars and circles which you can wear all at once or create your own magical look.

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Prettiest Peacock Adhesive Face Jewels


Strut your fantastical stuff with these purple iridescent rhinestone face jewels. The body friendly adhesive gems are easy to apply and bring your look to the next level.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Prettiest Peacock Adhesive Face Jewels'. Please check back later.