Flogger Sale

12 Strand Leather Flogger Whip



On sale for: $27.71

Real leather strand whip. High quality. Length is 39 inches (100 cm).

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18 Strand Thick Handle Leather Flogger Whip



On sale for: $44.21

Feel the impact of the real leather flogging whip in your beds games.. Length is 38 inches (95 cm).

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Midnight Flogger



On sale for: $32.21

Whether you're adding to your pirate costume, or just adding to your "toybox" this flogger is perfect! This suede whip is 17.25 inches (44 cm) in length.

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22 Inch Rubber Whip


Now Available in Purple


On sale for: $20.21

Made of high-quality latex rubber strands, these whips are a must have. When fantasy time rolls around, roll around with at least one of these. Durable, flexible, lovable!

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Shetland Leather Flogger



On sale for: $20.96

The Shetland Leather Flogger is sure to become one of your favorite training instruments. 

It's beautiful red and black handle with a loop end makes it classy yet fully functional. 

Your pretty pony or sexy stallion will cringe when they see it in your hands.

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X-Play Mini Whip



On sale for: $11.21

"A steamy spank staple from Allure's XPlay line, Mini Whip offers adventurous mates a smaller, easily maneuvered size packing lots of sexy sting. Featuring just over six inches of faux leather tail, the Mini's touch can be soft and tickly or more intense if wielded just right. This little flogger's manageable styling and sturdy handle makes it ideally suited to beginners."

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20 inch Leather Strap Whip



On sale for: $37.95

Create a BDSM punishment scene with the 20 inch strap whip from Spartacus Leather. These leather floggers will give your submissive the glow he deserves. Each flogger is crafter from twenty-two 0.25 inch straps and features a fashionable studded handle for a comfortable grip. Collect all four colors; pink, red, blue and purple. This elegant whip is great for beginners and should be added to your bondage gear.

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Strict Leather Premium Deerskin Flogger- Black



On sale for: $199.95

Deerskin floggers are the softest floggers we offer, both in terms of intensity and the feel of the tails. They make excellent breast and genital whips and are wonderful for sensation play. The handles come in either black, red or purple. Measurements: * 10 inch handle * Tails are 18 inches long * 6 inch braided leather round wrist loop * Lashes are.5 inches wide

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Scandal Erotic BDSM Flogger



On sale for: $26.21

Explore your submissive side with the enticing, biting tassels of the Scandal Flogger. This gorgeous flogger features a sturdy, designer fabric handle that evokes images of the most luxurious deep red sheets and a lover with a loving, punishing touch. S&M play is centered around both punishment and reward for the submissive, and the flogger is capable of carrying out both. For an obedient submissive, the soft, teasing tassels can make their way down your body as an extension of your lover ­­­dmiring hands. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the gentle, tickling touch as the tassels caress your most intimate spots and leave you shivering with anticipation. When you disobey, your dominant can pull his wrist back and smack your behind, your lips, or your legs with the sweet sting of punishment. Immerse yourself in sensation as the tassels swing out and splay across your body. If you earned a firm smacking, you ­­­feel the hot, stinging imprint long after your play is done, reminding you with every movement of what happens when you disobey. Designed for both beginners and experienced floggers in mind, deliver a gentle slapping for those just starting to dip their toes into the world of kink. it can also provide the firm, radiating, and long-lasting burn that experienced fetishists crave. With promises of an exhilarating foray into your deepest fantasies regardless of how adventurous you feeling.

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Strict Leather Punishment Flogger



On sale for: $137.21

The Strict Leather Flogger is great for beginners and advanced users and is great for massage and BDSM sensation play. These leather floggers are hand crafted and made from high quality leather. The handle comes in either black or red. Measurements: z* 10 inch handle * 18 inch tails 6 inch round braided leather wrist loop. .5 inch wide lashes

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Strict Leather Punishment Flogger'. Please check back later.

Pleather Pleasure Mini Flogger



On sale for: $7.46

Everyone loves a cheap thrill, and we are no exception. Feel the caress of this 13.5 inch flogger. Little but effective, the fronds are 9.5 inches long. The black flogger is made of animal friendly, man-made leather. The spiral wrapped handle has two silver studs and is topped with a convenient wrist loop. The low price makes it a great beginner's piece.

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Leopard Print Flogger



On sale for: $21.71

A softer side to our whips/paddles collection! Soft leather tassles with an animal print handle. Comes in sizes small or large

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Standard Punishment Whip



On sale for: $14.95

Show your slave who is control by using the Standard Punishment Whip on your slave. You submissive will cower and beg forgiveness once they receive a few whacks with this leather whip.

The black leather whip comes with a convenient wrist loop.

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Chain Whip with Chain Handle and 5 Strings



On sale for: $44.96

Add this unique BDSM Flogger to your bondage toy chest. This chain bondage whip is made for the extreme plays. This S&M Flogger has a Chain handle and 5 strands of chain for intense impact play. The chain strands are 19.75 inches (50 cm) in length.

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Spartacus Deluxe Strap Whip



On sale for: $69.95

The Deluxe Strap Whip by Spartacus is the perfect instruments for bondage enthusiast who enjoy flogging. This BDSM impact device is perfect for beginners to intermediates. There are many reasons why this sensational tool has long been the stuff of fantasies. It's all within your grasp, whether you wield your strap whip with quick stinging strokes or steady thudding massage. These high-quality leather strap whips, also known as floggers, are each crafted from twenty-two 0.5 inch straps, featuring studded handles for a comfortable grip. This longer (36 inch) straps are for more intense experiences

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Rubber Mini-Flogger



On sale for: $15.00

This very short black, rubber whip, with a 5-inch handle and 6-inch strands, can easily be carried in a pocket.  Don't underestimate the impression it can make. Great for those hard to reach places. A favorite of cock and ball torture enthusiasts.

Premium Leather Ball Handle Flogger



On sale for: $134.96

This fine leather flogger has a polished ball handle for more freedom of movement with an elegant design. Made to fit neatly in the palm, the metal handle allows you to swing in wide arcs, so you can choose the type of impact you desire. The high quality leather falls have a prominent grain, with a luxuriously soft yet substantial feel. The ends are flat tipped for a unique sensation, and the entire piece is weighty and made to last. 26.5 inches in length, 2.15 in diameter.

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Suede Fondle Flogger Whip



On sale for: $14.96

16.5 in (42 cm) cm in length. Real leather made with soft suede. Just right for some light play!

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Rubber Master 18 Inch Tapered Flogger



On sale for: $49.95

Feel the sting of these 18 inch tapered rubber strands on your back. This Intense Rubber Flogger has a 9 inch handle with each strand starting at .5 inches and tapering to a point. Being made from rubber it is easy to clean.

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Fetish Fantasy Designer Flogger



On sale for: $14.21

Fetish Fantasy Series Designer Flogger This beautifully crafted Fancy Flogger is perfect for beginners and BDSM enthusiasts alike. Made from super-soft suede, this flogger has a textured handle to ensure an easy grip. With one crack of the whip s tails, your lover will definitely know who s in charge! Available in colors purple and black.

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