Keon Neck Strap Accessory


Go hands free. This Neck Strap is designed to work with your Keon Automatic Masturbator, allowing you to use your hands for anything else whilst watching content. Quick and simple to attach and to resize. 

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Kiiroo Feel Stroker - Butt


The Feel Stroker generic butt orifice in mid-brown color was designed with the most realistic sensations in mind. 

The skin-like material and internal ribs, nubs and bumps give users the most pleasurable experiences.

The Feel Stroker Butt was designed to be used with the Keon by Kiiroo, Kiiroo's interactive automatic masturbator.

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Prowler Red Aluminum Cock Ring


Intensify your erection with this simple yet highly effective cock ring that firmly encircles the base of the penis to engorge the shaft by limiting blood flow. This cock ring is made from aluminum that feels firm and secure around the shaft while remaining comfortable. This cock ring can be discreetly worn underneath clothes while on a hot date prior to the sexy action, and it seamlessly enhances the experience without getting in the way.

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Prowler Red Aluminum Cock Ring


Make an impression on your partner with a piece of intimate jewelry that not only looks sexy, but also can enhance the feel of penetration for both partners. This silver cock ring is made from firm, durable and body-safe aluminum that will snugly wrap around a penis, restricting the flow of blood to the penis and increasing sensitivity as it engorges in size as well. 

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Prowler Red Stainless Steel Magnetic Cock Ring


Made of a polished stainless steel, this sturdy cock ring features a snug 33mm diameter that can be worn at the base of the penis to enhance sexual pleasure. Its firm grip will engorge the shaft while also increasing sensitivity to intensify the sensation of touch along the shaft. This discreet ring is easy to apply thanks to its magnetic lock. Simply slip your flaccid penis into the unlocked ring and attach the missing piece to encircle the ring around the shaft.

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Prowler Red Magnetic Ball Stretcher Ring



On sale for: $39.71

The Prowler RED Stainless Steel Magnetic Ring is crafted from the highest quality stainless steel, featuring a stunning magnetic closure—this ring is perfect for couples play. Made with discerning couples in mind, this piece enhances size and sensation while being discreet enough to use outside of the bedroom. It is stylish and discreet so that it can be easily hidden beneath clothing before its big reveal. The powerful magnets create a firm grip that will engorge the penis, thus increasing its size and girth, along with the orgasmic sensations. This stainless steel ring is also great for anyone who wants an exciting new sensation or a firm fit around their shaft.

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Prowler Red The Destroyer Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 15in


The Destroyer dong by Prowler RED is perfect for more experienced users who are looking for something more flexible and longer than a traditional dildo, but want it to stay firm enough for insertion. The flared base and realistic balls keep this toy safe and secure when used, and the size is ideal for those who like their toys a bit bigger. The thrilling length is perfect for extreme play, while the flared base makes it safe to use anally and vaginally. Go on a pleasure adventure with a partner or solo, The Destroyer’s elongated size makes it easy to handle and target deep pleasure zones. Made of hygienic, non-toxic, body-safe material, this dong also is waterproof so it can be enjoyed in the shower or bathtub.

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Prowler Red Ultra Cock Realistic Squirting Dildo 8in


The Prowler RED Ultracock Realistic Squirting Dildo is waterproof and fully submersible, allowing you to easily and safely enjoy kinky water-based fun with your partner anywhere! The flared base prevents the toy from going too deep during penetration, while the squirting tip makes it possible to explore watersport fetish fantasies, as well as other forms of role play. A syringe is included with the dong in order to make filling the dong effortless. Its flexible yet firm texture gives this dong a sturdiness that makes it easy to pair with a harness or use hands-free. Featuring 8 inches in length, this dong has a soft, skin-like texture and its nude color will make imaginations run wild. Enjoy it solo or with a partner for an explosive good time.

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Prowler Red Ultra Cock Realistic Double Penetration Dildo 6in


If you love realistic toys, this dual-shaft dildo will be a big hit. The Prowler RED Ultracock 6-inch Double Penetrator features a flexible yet firm shaft and flared base that can be employed to target internal pleasure zones, plus its different sized shafts allow you to get the perfect fill. The realistic shape and dual shaft design allow for a variety of hot and kinky sexual experiences. This toy is really fun and exciting to use and it is great for all skill levels. The dual shaft design makes you feel fuller whether they are inserted into different orifices simultaneously or cramming both shafts into the same hole. This dildo is made from body safe material that is seamless and easy to clean.

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Prowler Progressive Flag 3ft x 5ft


The Progressive Pride Flag was recently introduced as an update to the classic rainbow flag associated with LGBTQ+ Pride. Featuring an additional five-colored chevron, the Progressive Flag emphasizes inclusion and progression. The flag’s black and brown colors represent LGBTQ+ people of color, and the colors pink, light blue and white represent the transgender community. Available in a 3 x 5 feet size, this flag is perfect for displaying during Pride parades and for everyday recognition of the community.

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Prowler RED Manhole Stroker - Ass


Show off your kinky style with this fashionable bondage bag! Big enough for an overnight stay, you can put all your favorite essentials in it!

The durable, When the urge to fuck a hot man hole overcomes you, Prowler RED have got you covered with this new male masturbator! This realistic ultra male stroker is designed to look just like a realistic ass hole, so you can slide yourself in and feel the realistic sensations thanks to the uniquely designed inner canal texture.

Made from latex-free TPE material, the super stretchy opening will accommodate the biggest of guys.

Slick yourself up with some water-based lube and feel orgasmic waves as you stroke all night long!

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Prowler RED Boy Pussy Stroker - Ass


Ever wanted to get stuck into a tight boy pussy that you can pound all night long Well thanks to Prowler RED, now you can, as many times as you like!
When the urge to fuck a hot man hole overcomes you, Prowler RED have got you covered with this new male masturbator!
This realistic ultra male stroker is designed to look just like a realistic ass hole, so you can slide yourself in and feel the realistic sensations thanks to the uniquely designed inner canal texture.
Made from latex-free TPE material, the super stretchy opening will accommodate the biggest of guys.
Slick yourself up with some water-based lube and feel orgasmic waves as you stroke all night long!

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Prowler Flexi Silicone Anal Douche


The Prowler Flexi Douche is a more than ample sized douche with a pliable nozzle to ensure absolute comfort during use. The large silicone bulb has slight ribbing about the middle to aid with grip, even when hands get wet. The long nozzle, with multiple openings, will ensure maximum cleansing and hygiene.

Capacity - 310 ml

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Prowler RED Roped Up Rover


With his submissive nature bubbling up to the surface, Roped Up Rover has got himself trussed up in bondage rope and is ready for a dominant pup to take control of him!

This naughty leather pup has always wanted to be tied up in rope and let others have his way with him. He’s so naughty in fact, he even prefers it when you put an eye mask on him, so he can’t see who is performing hot and horny things to him.

Roped Up Rover is definitely a sub in the dog bed and is the best boy as he patiently sits by your feet, fully restrained, and ready for any other horny puppies to watch as he gets his rocks off!

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Captain Chains Leather Dog


Captain Chains is a leather dog ready to watch some BDSM action. The black stuffed animal is decked out in a red eye mask, buckling cuffs and a collar with silver chains that attach to the cuffs. 

Captain Chains is boxed and approximately 16 inches tall.

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Booted Up Bandit Leather Bondage Dog


This kinky black leather dog gets down and dirty. The stuffed animal comes with a red eye mask, ball gag, harness and boots. He is a fun toy for all fetish enthusiasts.

Bandit comes boxed and is approximately 16 inches tall.

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Helix Syn V Rechargeable Prostate Massager


Helix Syn V produces quiet yet powerful vibration in an ultra-compact, hands-free design and can be used in two modes, powered and unpowered. Slightly larger than the original Helix Syn, Helix Syn V offers a unique experience in unpowered mode with fuller, more robust stimulation. Powered mode introduces 8 expertly tuned, preset vibration patterns at 3 levels of intensity for a total of 24 enhanced sensory experiences, utilizing a simple multifunction button control. Helix Syn V packs a compact but very powerful rechargeable Lithium-ion battery designed to deliver hours of pleasure on a single charge. High speed mode provides up to 3 hours, medium speed up to 4 hours, and low speed up to 6 hours of run time*. Our custom molded charge head fits firmly and securely over Helix Syn V’s magnetic contacts for simple USB charging. Syn-V-product-charger

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Wellness Eternal Wand Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Wand with Remote


Introducing The Wellness Eternal Wand By Blush.

It is a Silicone Rechargeable Remote Controlled Vibrating Massage Wand, the perfect addition to your self-care routine.

This innovative product is designed to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience, with its powerful Rumble Tech vibrating capabilities and easy-to-use 4 way remote control. Crafted from pure Puria™ platinum cured Silicone. Enveloped in satin smooth Ultrasilk®, this massage wand is soft to the touch, yet durable enough to withstand frequent use. Its rechargeable battery ensures that you can enjoy uninterrupted relaxation for up to 50 minutes on a single charge, without the need for constant battery replacements.

With its 4 way remote control feature, you can easily adjust the intensity as well as the vibrating patterns of the vibrations to suit your preferences, making it the ideal product for those who desire a personalized massage experience. It also comes in handy when you are massaging your back and want to still be able to easily control the wand. You can also turn over the controls to your partner.

Whether you're looking to relieve muscle tension or simply unwind after a long day, this massage wand is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals.

The ergonomically designed handle gives you an extra long reach as well it being angled for better reach and ease of use.

In conclusion, Eternal Wand is a must-have product for anyone looking to enhance their self-care routine. Its innovative design, high-quality materials, and customizable features make it a standout product in the market. Invest in your relaxation today and experience the benefits of this amazing massage wand for yourself!

  • 10 RumbleTech Powered Deep Rumbly Vibrations
  • Long Ergonomic Handle For Extra Reach & Ease of Use
  • Eternal Is Finished In A Lovely Luminous Iridescent Lavender
  • Crafted From Puria™ Silicone. Enveloped In Ultra Smooth Ultrasilk®
  • Rechargeable. 60 Minutes Run Time. Remote Controlled. Waterproof

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Wellness Imara Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Egg with Remote


Made from our pure platinum-cured Puria™ silicone and enveloped with our satin smooth UltraSilk®, this egg is soft to the touch and gentle on the skin. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around, and its versatile 4 way wireless remote control allows for hands-free operation, giving users complete control over their pleasure.
Imara comes with 10 Rumble Tech powered vibration modes consisting of 5 speeds and 5 unique patterns, each designed to provide a unique and intense sensation. The rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting pleasure, and the Earth friendly USB charging cable made from plant based sustainable materials makes it easy to recharge the egg anywhere, anytime. Whether you're looking for solo play or an intimate experience with your partner, this vibrating egg is perfect for you. Its quiet motor ensures complete privacy, and its IPX7 waterproof design makes it suitable for use in the shower or bath.
Lab tested safe for the body, making it a perfect option for those who prioritize their health and well-being.
Contains no phthalates, paraffins, latex nor fragrances. Water Based, Hybrid Lube Compatible. Hypoallergenic. Safe for sensitive skin
  • Rumble Tech Custom Tuned Tungsten & Carbon Motor For Deep Rumbly Vibrations For Intense Pleasure
  • Enjoy 10 Vibration Modes. 5 Speeds, 5 Unique Patterns
  • Versatile 4-Way Remote Control. Play Solo Or With Your Partner
  • IPX7 Waterproof, Rechargeable
  • Pure Platinum Cured Puria™ Silicone. Ultrasilk® Smooth. Water Based, Hybrid Lube Safe

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M for Men Soft and Wet Glow In The Dark Reversible Orb Masturbator


The M for Men Reversible Orb is loaded with fun! This pocket stroker is self lubricating. Add a little water or saliva, and everything gets slippery. Plus it glows in the dark - easy to see at night, alone or with a partner! The Reversible Orb is double-sided and reversible: choose between ribs for sensational stroking, or pressure point massage. Super-soft and flexible, the Reversible Orb will fit most shaft sizes. Made of body safe TPE; free of phthalates, fragrances, paraffins, and latex.

  • SELF LUBRICATING ORIFICE - Add A Bit Of Water Or Saliva And Slide In. No Lube Necessary . Self Lube Properties Last About 12 Uses. After That You Can Use Lube As Normal. Water Based, Silicone & Hybrid Lube Compatible After Self Lubricating Properties Are Gone
  • GLOWS IN THE DARK - To Light Up Your Late Night Play
  • REVERSIBLE 2 STROKERS IN 1 - Choose Between Stimulating Ribs on One Side, Soft Pressure Point Nubs On The Other For 2 Distinct Erotic Experiences
  • ULTRA SOFT X5 PLUS TECH - Handcrafted From X5 Plus. It's Ultra Soft And Feels Better Than Realistic And Lifelike. With Your Eyes Closed It Would Be Hard To Differentiate X5 From The Human Body. Silicone, Water Based And Hybrid Lube Safe
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Measures 5 inches In Length. Snug Fit, Yet Stretchy And Open Ended

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