Nelaton Catheter


Nelaton catheters are meant to be short term catheters designed to help the bladder empty then be removed. Each red rubber catheter is individually wrapped to keep them sterile. Some people use the larger sizes to give a deep enema. They are easy to lubricate. The larger the number, the thicker the catheter. 

Catheters are measured in the French Scale. Your choice of 10F, 12F, 14F, 16F, 18F, 20F, 22F, 24F, 26F, 28F or 30F.

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Metal Catheter


Long Curved Catheter with Guide. Male curved catheter chrome with guide. Available in sizes 18F.

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60cc Syringe


The 60cc syringe has a flat top piston and comes with a catheter tip.  Meant for a single use, the plastic syringes are fully sterile and come marked in both cubic centimeters (cc) and ounces (oz).  A cc is the same as a ml (milliliter).   A protective cap is included.  

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10CC Syringe


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Foley Catheters



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The Foley catheters have a 5mm bulb at the end that keeps the catheter in the bladder. You will want to buy one of our syringes to fill the balloon with distilled water.  These are often used in BDSM by the dominant to take full control over a submissives body.  The submissive loses control over their urination.  

Each catheter is individually wrapped to keep sterile. Use plenty of lubricant on the catheter when inserting into the urethra. 

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Metal Catheter With Paddle


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Catheter Plug


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Plastic Urine Bag


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Medical grade urine bag with hose and catheter attachment. 1.5 Liter with graduated markings on bag. Easily connects to our item number 271 catheters.

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