Talk Dirty To Me Bitch Collar


Advertise to the world who you are with the "Talk Dirty To Me" Collar. This sexy black choker tells everyone you are a 'Bitch' and warns people to watch out. The fetish collar has 5 snaps in the back to make it fully adjustable.

One size fits most.

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Slave Choker Talk Dirty To Me Collar



On sale for: $9.95

The Slave Choker from the ' Talk Dirty To Me' line of erotic bdsm collars is sure to get the message across. This adjustable bondage collar has 5 adjustable snaps to fit most sizes necks

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Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple & Clit Jewelry



On sale for: $16.46

Make your nipples and clit perk with pleasure with this beginners-friendly Nipple & Clit Jewelry. Simply wrap the comfortable nylon braid around each nipple -- the amount of pressure you apply to the nipple is adjustable using the sliding knot. With each movement of the lightweight chain, the soft braids gently perk and massage your most sensitive spots. Enjoy explosive stimulation with the sensual clit jewelry. Spread the metal clamp to place your clit through the teardrop to offer easy access to your most precious pleasure spot, while the dangling beads tickle and tease your lips to climax!

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Wild Kitten Gloves


These elbow length wet look gloves are fingerless. The strap style gloves have a single hook attachment at the middle finger.

One size fits most.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Wild Kitten Gloves'. Please check back later.

Naughty Kitten Gloves



On sale for: $9.95

Finish off your fetish outfit with a sexy pair of gloves.

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Unisex Leather Baseball Cap


This black baseball cap is soft leather with quality stitching throughout. Its solid color pairs well with every style of clothing. The unisex cap adjusts in the back for a perfect fit. 

One size fits most.

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Medium Latex Mittens


"Keep your hands to yourself with these Black Latex Mittens! These stretchy shoulder-length mittens restrain the hands and fingers of the wearer, so that you can be in ultimate control! Comfortable and durable, these mittens make an exciting addition to your fetish or bondage play collection.

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No Frills Leather Choker



On sale for: $9.95

Adorn your neck with a sexy black leather choker.   The simple and understatec No Frills Leather Choker has an adjustable back for a perfect fit.

One size fits most.

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Fantasy For Her Crotchless Panty Thrill-Her


She had discovered the perfect present for both her and her lover. She slipped the crotchless panty thrill-her out of its package and admired the gorgeous purple hue of the panty. She knew from talking with her friends that most women needed to have some clitoral stimulation in order to have an earth-shattering orgasm. And she also knew that this panty was going to allow her to enjoy pleasing vibration during sex play with her lover and that she was ready for her orgasms to be monumental. She slid the purple panty up her legs. The see-through material was incredible sexy and it felt sensuous against her bare skin. She liked the extra details like the decorative panty straps that made this panty fit better than her expensive lingerie and made her look even more seductive. The panty was slit in the crotch so that her soft lips and vagina would be easily accessible. Ah, she admired her favorite panty accessory, the miniature massager, and placed it securely inside her panty s secret inner pocket. It fit like a glove. The wireless remote control fit comfortably in the palm of her hand. Perhaps she should see how it worked. Now. Before she met her lover. She pressed the power button and turned on the vibration. Ahhhh, the sensual stimulation was more intense and fulfilling then she had hoped. The quiet motor happily buzzed against her sensitive clit. She could feel warmth rushing between her legs as all her intimate senses began to awaken. She pressed the remote again and again and became more and more excited as the vibrations tickled her clit. Her lips started to swell with pleasure. She could feel herself becoming wetter and wetter as her body responded to her thrill-her. She gasped as she felt her orgasm building. Her gasp turned to a moan as a powerful orgasm shook her entire body. Slowly she became aware that her body was relaxing, completely tranquil and sensuously satisfied. Oh yes, her lover would appreciate this new gift. She found herself smiling as she daydreamed about wearing her crotchless panty thrill-her during their very next sex play session. Wonderfully, her orgasms would never be the same again. It s all about Her. Panties fit most waists from... US: 30-42 (sizes 4-16) EU: 76 cm-107 cm (sizes 36-46)

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Feather Masks


Assortment of feather masks.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Feather Masks'. Please check back later.

Leather Crossroad Pasties


Adorn your nipples with these leather pasties X marks the spot. Great to wear under fishnet clothing to give you the next to nothing look.

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Add It Up Vinyl Pasties



On sale for: $6.71

These black vinyl pasties are in the shape of plus signs. Each pasty has a D-ring center and stud detailing. One size fits most.

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Fringed Fanny Vinyl Choker


Fringed Fanny is a black vinyl choker with a long pendant of vinyl strips.  Perfect for a flirty flapper who can use them as a mini flogger on unsuspecting suiters.  

One size fits most.

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Strict Leather Punk Bondage Belt


"This versatile black punk style bondage belt gives you endless possibilities for attaching your favorite gear and restraining your partner. Use any of the four heavy-duty D-rings to attach cuffs, rope, suspension equipment, anything you can imagine! The thick, high-quality leather looks great and is made to last, and your lover will look hot while they are all tied up!

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Wide Leather Choker with O-Ring


"Keep your head held high with this 3 inch wide leather choker from Elegant Moments. This black, posture collar has an O-ring to attach your favorite leash to play your BDSM role playing games."

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Leather Choker With O Ring



On sale for: $19.95

The Leather Choker with O-Ring is a buckling collar, 1/2" wide, with a D-ring as a point of attachment. The basic Choker has an O-ring pendant perfect for greater movement for a leash or bondage implement. Available in sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Leather Choker With O Ring'. Please check back later.

Vondage Bust Harness


The Vondage vegan leather bust harness is unlike any other on the market. Made of durable, high-quality faux leather with nickel-plated hardware, this harness is made to fit around the neck and under the breasts. The adjustable top piece fits around the neck like a collar and has a 1_ inch D-ring. A vertical adjustable center piece allows for comfortable wear, regardless of breast size. Bottom section also boasts a 1_ inch D-ring and fits under the breasts, buckling on the back.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Vondage Bust Harness'. Please check back later.

Clit Clamp with Bell



Know where your slave is at all times with this Clit Clamp with Bell. Not only will you be able to hear them walking around, but your slave will also get a great sensuous feeling.

Measurements: 3 inches in length

Material: Metal, vinyl

Color: Grey"

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Southern Charm Wrist Gloves


"These white wrist gloves are both charming and sexy. The mesh fabric is thin enough for skin to show through and the gloves are finished with a ruffly cuff and a satin bow. How about a light touch during sensation play, too. One size fits most."

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Lace Wrist Gloves


Accessorize your femininity and beauty by wearing these lace wrist gloves. These sexy gloves from Elegant Moments will make you feel attractive and desired while looking classy and elegant.

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