Rubber Master 18 Inch Tapered Flogger



On sale for: $49.95

Feel the sting of these 18 inch tapered rubber strands on your back. This Intense Rubber Flogger has a 9 inch handle with each strand starting at .5 inches and tapering to a point. Being made from rubber it is easy to clean.

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Twenty Inch Thong Whip



On sale for: $27.95

This 20 inch leather whip, has thin strands and a convenient ring on the end of the handle. The shorter length makes it the ideal playmate for getting up close and intimate. You've always wanted to try it, haven't you? Your choice of black, red or purple.

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Spartacus Deluxe Strap Whip



On sale for: $69.95

The Deluxe Strap Whip by Spartacus is the perfect instruments for bondage enthusiast who enjoy flogging. This BDSM impact device is perfect for beginners to intermediates. There are many reasons why this sensational tool has long been the stuff of fantasies. It's all within your grasp, whether you wield your strap whip with quick stinging strokes or steady thudding massage. These high-quality leather strap whips, also known as "floggers," are each crafted from twenty-two 0.5 inch straps, featuring studded handles for a comfortable grip. This longer (36 inch) straps are for more intense experiences

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20 inch Spiked Thong Whip



On sale for: $69.95

This vicious 20 inch whip is sure to leave its mark on your slave. This thong whip is made from 12 strands of black leather lacing with silver metal spikes attached to the ends. It has a metal D-ring affixed to the handle, which makes it good for hanging from a belt.

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Sex and Mischief Fantasy Rubber Ticklers


To be naughty or nice, tickle your lovers fantasy with sportsheets rubber ticklers.The Fantasy Ticklers come in black, red, pink or purple rubber. A great way to punish your submissive in a role-playing fantasy.

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Sportsheet Steel Ball Ticklers



On sale for: $7.95

The great advantage of this ball tickler is the range of sensation possible. When using lightly, the sensation created is not really a tickle, but more of a caress. Used more aggressively though the baby can really string. Chill it or heat it up for extra fun. A flexible & fun toy. Ball tickler has a 18" black plastic handle & is topped with a 5" strands of ball chain, Gold or Silver.

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Sensual Rubber Whip



On sale for: $12.95

The touch of this rubber whip makes for a unique sensory experience. The 14 inches of latex threads can be used for a whip or a tickle. This sensual whip is durable and totally flexible. It has a black wooden bead handle and a nylon cord for hanging from your wrist or a hook on the wall. Your choice of black, purple, red or pink.

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Nubuck Flogger



On sale for: $79.95

The Nubuck Flogger is sturdy and reliable. Its 18.5 inch leather straps are more than sufficient to give a serious flogging. It has a 9 inch handle with wrist straps to for a secure grip while in use.

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Devil's Tail Slapper



On sale for: $82.95

This slapper has a long handle with a pointed leather end (which resembles the tail of the devil). To keep up the theme, the handle is wrapped in red and black leather straps. There's a wrist strap at the end of the handle for an easier grip. The black tail end measures 6.25" long and 1.5" wide.

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Strict Leather Punishment Flogger



On sale for: $134.95

The Strict Leather Flogger is great for beginners and advanced users and is great for massage and BDSM sensation play. These leather floggers are hand crafted and made from high quality leather. The handle comes in either black or red.
z* 10 inch handle
* 18 inch tails
6 inch round braided leather wrist loop.
.5 inch wide lashes

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Beginner Leather Flogger



On sale for: $39.95

Feel the sting of this classic black flogger. This beginners leather flogger is a total of 20 inches long with 25 strands of punishing leather to make your BDSM play fulfilling. The handle is wrapped in leather with 5 silver studs and a D ring to secure on your belt or wall.

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Le Plume Feather Tickler


I am lying on my stomach, my limbs securely fastened to each post of the bed. All my senses are burning. Sir pauses for agonizing seconds. Then I feel it. The most glorious sensation trailing down my spine. The softest caress of feathers dance upon my skin. How is it possible that something so light can stir up such desire?

Measurements: 17 inches in length

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Rubber Strands Hand Whip


Despite its small size, the heavy rubber tails of this mini flogger can still deliver an intense sting upon impact. The petite size makes storage easy and discreet, and allows users of all experience levels to dip their toes into the exciting world of impact play. The manmade leather handle is spiral wrapped and topped with a comfortable wrist loop.

Measurements: 14.5 inches in total length, tails 8.5 inches in length, 0.75 inches in diameter

Material: Rubber, PU leather, metal

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The Teaser Flogger



On sale for: $17.95

Make them beg for more with this suede whip. Colored handle comes in Black, Purple, or Red

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The Disciplinarian


Our riveted whip will get your heart thumping. Available in Black and Purple

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Whip Smart Rubber Whip


The 14 INCH RUBBER WHIP is a sturdy rubber whip that delivers a mean sting, and lets your partner know who is in charge!!!

Shetland Leather Flogger


The Shetland Leather Flogger is sure to become one of your favorite training instruments. 

It's beautiful red and black handle with a loop end makes it classy yet fully functional. 

Your pretty pony or sexy stallion will cringe when they see it in your hands.

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Standard Punishment Whip



On sale for: $14.95

Show your slave who is control by using the Standard Punishment Whip on your slave. You submissive will cower and beg forgiveness once they receive a few whacks with this leather whip.

The black leather whip comes with a convenient wrist loop.

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Studded Punishment Whip


Show your slave who is control by using the Studded Punishment Whip on your slave. You submissive will cower and beg forgiveness once they receive a few whacks with this studded whip.

This edgy black leather whip features a studded handle.  The attached loop is perfect for displaying your whip.

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Andalusian Leather Whip



On sale for: $16.95

This 6 strand, black leather whip features a stylish silver handle with a leather loop through it and capped with black plastic.  The lightweight whip is perfect for costumes.

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