Vampire Gloves



Into intense sensation play? Try out these Vampire Gloves. These gloves contain nearly 100 one-eighth inch tacks that create a indescribable sensation over the part of your body that is being touched. These gloves will not puncture the skin unless they are used out of context, like slapping, grabbing, excessive force, etc. Made from lambskin leather and features a button snap at the wrist for a nice snug fit.

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Black

Note: Sold in pairs"

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Sexy Siren Gloves


Create the perfect sexy outfit with the Sexy Siren Fingerless Gloves from Allure Lingerie. These wet look gloves have a 4 way stretch for a perfect fit. These are a great accessory for any fetish outfit. One size fits most.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Sexy Siren Gloves'. Please check back later.

Wild Kitten Gloves


Elbow length wet look fingerless gloves from Allure's Kitten Collection with a single hook attachment at middle finger and cut out strap style details.

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Naughty Kitten Gloves


Finish off your fetish outfit with a sexy pair of gloves.

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Wet Look Long Gloves



On sale for: $19.95

Gorgeous long wet look gloves.

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Leather Baseball Cap



On sale for: $29.95

Soft real leather. Quality stitching throughout allow this to look great! Adjustable in back.

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Shoulder Length Latex Gloves- Medium


"A stimulating accessory to your fetish wardrobe. Great for sexual play, caressing the body with latex is an experience! High quality gloves are imported from England.

Latex gloves can be difficult to put on. We recommend using talcum powder. For the ultimate shine we recommend latex polish. Photo rights provided by GwenMedia.

Comes in 3 sizes. The medium fits most."

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Shoulder Length Latex Gloves- Medium'. Please check back later.

Pleasure Poker Textured Glove



On sale for: $23.96

his textured glove is so versatile that it may become a staple in all of your sexual experiences! So many ways to use... finger, stroke, massage, or spank. Whether you are male or female, playing solo or with a partner, this glove will show you love! Each of the five fingers is uniquely shaped for a range of sensations during anal or vaginal insertion: smooth and tapered, bold ridges, penis-shaped, raised nubs, or bulbed with subtle ribbing. The palm has a zig-zag tread that brings extra excitement to a handjob or masturbation. Give your lover a sensual massage with the variety of textures or add a new element to your spankings! This double-sided glove works on both hands and is compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants. Clean with mild soap and water. Measurements:  8.25 inches in length, 1 inch at widest diameter, unstretched. Material:  TPE. Color:  Black. Note:  Apply cornstarch to hand prior to use.

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Lady of the Lace Elbow Length Gloves


"These lace elbow length gloves can go from sophisticated to goth, glam to elegant. One size fits most. Your choice of black or white."

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Miss Payne Vinyl Gloves


Finish off your fetish outfit with these Erotic Black vinyl gloves trimmed with square nail heads.

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Lace Up Gloves


"Seductively stroke your lover in these black, vinyl wrist gloves. The gloves lace up the front. One size fits most."

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Breakfast at Tiffany's Mesh Gloves


These mysterious and sexy, black mesh gloves, bring your glamorous fantasies to life.  Dip your arm into these elbow length gloves and heighten the drama. One size fits most.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's Mesh Gloves'. Please check back later.

Southern Charm Wrist Gloves


"These white wrist gloves are both charming and sexy. The mesh fabric is thin enough for skin to show through and the gloves are finished with a ruffly cuff and a satin bow. How about a light touch during sensation play, too. One size fits most."

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Lace Wrist Gloves


Accessorize your femininity and beauty by wearing these lace wrist gloves. These sexy gloves from Elegant Moments will make you feel attractive and desired while looking classy and elegant.

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Opera Satin Gloves



On sale for: $12.95

"Add a little elegance to your outfit with some Opera length satin gloves. These gloves are available in black, red, and white. One size fits most."

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Kai Leather Gloves


Complete your fetish outfit with the Kia Leather Gloves. These black leather gloves lace up your forearms to give you the warrior look.

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Studded Leather Wrist Gloves


"Complete your outfit with these Studded Leather Wrist Gloves from Elegant Moments. The soft black leather gloves are fashion forward fingerless. They have a loop that encircles your middle finger to hold them in place. Short silver cone studs are liberally placed on the entire glove. The screw backs will not scratch your skin or catch on anything. They are also sturdy. Prongs can break off or open, causing the stud to fall out. The zipper on the back of the glove serves dual purposes. Not only does it zip the glove up, but after you wear them, the 2 gloves zip together for easy storage. With a little elasticity at the wrist, one size fits most."

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Elbow Length Leather Gloves


Complete your dominating mistress outfit with a pair of black elbow length gloves.  

These gloves say you mean business.

One size fits most.

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Bow Down Leather Hat


Let them know who is the boss in this black leather dominatrix hat. It is the finishing touch to every leather outfit. One size fits most.

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Leather Fingerless Gloves


Leather fingerless gloves with buckle detail.

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