Men's Lambskin Leather Pants


These high quality lambskin leather pants feel so comfortable and look hot!  They are based on the 501 jeans style.  The leather pants have 2 rear and front pockets and a 34 inch inseam.  Available in 34 and 38 inch waists.  

Leather Police Pants with Blue Stripe


It does not get any more comfortable or sexier than our leather police pants. They are made from buttersoft lamb skin leather, that hug the ass and legs oh just right. These pants have a blue leather stripe going down each leg. The inseam is 33 inches and bottom of pants are not hemmed allowing you to have them adjusted in length if desired.   Available in 32 and 34 inch waists.

Tom of Finland Leather Jock Strap


Wrap your package in gleaming black leather and look like a true Tom of Finland stud with this stretchy and hot leather jock strap! The elastic waistband bears the Tom of Finland logo, with gleaming leather making up the molded pouch, hugging your bulge and making your cock look just like a piece of art. Each of the two back straps run under your ass, leaving your hole open, exposed, and ready for action. Two sizes available, both stretchy and designed to fit a range of body sizes and shapes. 

S-M: Fits waist size 28 inches to 36 inches 
LXL: Fits waist size 36 inches to 42inches
ML: Fits waist size 34 inches to 38 inches

Material: Leather, elastic

Color: Black