Leather Body Harness with Removable Bra


This versatile leather ensemble is perfect for a Domme or a sub, with attractive straps, panels, and hardware that can either strike intimidation or expose vulnerability. Both the top and bottom parts can be worn separately, but can be connected with 3 buckles in the center of the torso. The pelvic harness leaves the genitals exposed for admiration and play, with adjustable straps that wrap tantalizingly around the buttox. The chest harness features soft leather panels, lined with softness, to cover the breasts. Alternately, the panels can be unsnapped and removed for greater exposure. Straps around the neck and back provide further adjustment.

Measurements: Neck strap adjusts from 16-21 inches. Back strap allows chest harness adjusts from 31 to 39 inches in circumference. Back strap allows pelvic harness to adjust from 27.5 to 35 inches in circumference. Buttox straps adjust from 22 to 26 inches.

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Black

Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs


Built for comfort and as easy to wear as a pair of boxers, this set of packing briefs will let you sport a bulge in style. With a wide elastic waistband and breathable, stretchy fabric, these packing briefs are specially designed with a Y-front, into which a ring is sewn. Just slip your favorite dildo or packer in, and the firm ring will hold it in place. There is also an internal strap designed to keep your toy in place. When you want to get it up, it doubles as a strap on harness too. Just add your favorite compatible toy. The rubber O-ring stretches to accommodate dildos and packers, up to 1.5 inches in diameter

Measurements: Fits hips up to 36 inches in circumference

Material: Cotton, spandex, elastic, rubber

Color: Black

Note: Packer or dildo sold separately

Bachelorette Party Penis Bridal Veil


This pecker studded party veil is the perfect accessory for a bachelorette party to mark the guest of honor! The simple barrette clip snaps into place, and the virgin white tulle is studded with peachy penises. Perfect for a night out with the girls!

Measurements: 27 inches in total length

Material: Tulle, plastic, metal

Color: White

Skull Garter Belt


Everyone knows that a black garter belt is incredibly sensuous, so why not take that already sexy staple and turn the heat all the way up? This high-quality, black, Bonded Leather garter belt embellished with skulls is a fabulous accessory to any fetish wardrobe. Show who is in charge with this striking piece of lingerie and watch them want to be put in their place time and time again. 

Measurements: Adjustable up to 44.5 inches in circumference, 1.65 inches in width 

Material: Metal and bonded leather 

Color: Black 

Note: Stockings, panties and bra not included

Mini Dress With PVC Skirt


Fancy mini dress with PVC skirt and chiffon top has elastic, comfortable velvet trim and belt. On the back it's fastened with hooks. Shiny, enchanting skirt has a hidden zipper on the side.

PVC Corset With Adjusttable Lacing


This bust-free PVC corset unveils the beauty of your body. Flawless adjustable lacing on the back and 12 baleens allow you to shape your waist and get the perfect fitting.

PVS Dress With Long 2-Way Zipper


Naughty PVC dress exposes breasts in the most daring way. There is long 2-way zipper on the back. Made of eco leather choker is removable, length- adjusted with a buckle and laced up on the back. All fabrics are party approved!

PVC Body Suit With Deep Cut Shoulder Line


This kinky PVC body with deep cut shoulder and bottom line is a must! Exciting long metal 3-way zipper from the collar down to the crotch is decorative and useful at the same time.

PVC Stockings With Decorartve Stitching


Coquettish PVC stockings with decorative stitching in the front and back is your guarantee of spectacular look on fetish parties.

PVC Mini Skirt With Long Hidden Zipper


Fantastic PVC mini skirt with long hidden zipper on the side is a great choice for every fetish event!

PVC Overall With Long 2-Way Zipper


Adventurous PVC overall with long metal 3-way zipper that goes from the collar all the way down to the crotch. Sleeves and legs have short, ornamental metal zippers as well. It is perfect outfit for fetish parties.

PVC Mini Dress With Long 2-Way Zipper


Alluring PVC mini dress has black 2-way zipper in the front. On the sleeves there are short black zippers that will rock your party look.

Powerwetlook Dress With Decorative Lace Embroidered Tulle


In this fabulous powerwetlook dress with lace embroidery and tulle on the bust you'll stand out from the crowd. Adjustable thin straps are made of elastic velvet and are crossed on the back with a tiny ring.

Powerwetlook Flared Mini Dress


This glamorous powerwetlook flared mini dress has bold embroidered cross on tulle d├ęcolletage. Pretty straps are made of decorative elastic lace. Straps are length-adjustable and crossed on the back.

Powerwetlook Body With Wide Straps


This mysterious powerwetlook body has wide straps on the bust. Eye-catching transparent tulle inserts cover less than they show. Charming velvet choker is fully length-adjusted.

Classic Dress Made Of Elastic Tulle


Magnificent classic dress is made of decorative, elastic and very soft tulle. High collar is fastened with a button. Sexy neckline on the back has lace trimming.

Set Of Bra And Panties Made Of Chequered Tape


Gorgeous set of bra and panties is made of decorative wide chequered tape with elastic velvet ribbon trim.

Powerwetlook Dress With Chequered Tape Inserts


Tasteful powerwetlook dress that has decorative chequered tape inserts at the waist and bust serves to accentuate your feminine shapes. Comfortable straps are length-adjustable and crossed on the back. You'll easy get the most tempting neckline thanks to half-cup bra support.

Powerwetlook Body Suit With Velvet Multistraps


Cheeky powerwetlook body with decorative chequered tape inserts at the waist emphasizes feminine shapes. Multistraps are made of elastic velvet fabric (7mm). Additional strap is fastened on the neck. There is a zipper on the back and a 2-way zipper in the crotch for your comfort.

Powerwetlook Garter Belt


The Sensual Garter Belt is Made of Powerwetlook Combined with Decorative Chequered Tape. High Quality Clips Allow You to Wear it with Your fFvorite Stockings. Four Lines of Hooks in the Front Let You Adjust it to Your Waist and Hips to Get the Perfect Fitting.

Powerwetlook Skirts With HandMade Pleats


Terrific Powerwetlook skirt has two-way zipper all the way down in the front. The back of the skirt is made of handmade pleats that underline your feminine figure.

High Wasted Powerwetlook Shorts With HandMade Pleats


These sexy high-waisted powerwetlook shorts' front is adorned with handmade pleats. Their style highlights feminine curves. Model has 2-way zipper in the crotch for easy access.

Powerwetlook Jacket With HandMade Pleated Sleeves


Remarkable powerwetlook jacket attracts the attention with handmade pleats on both sleeves. Motorbike-style collar is fastened with a clasp. Model has comfortable 2-way zipper in the front and small zippers on forearms.

Powerwetlook Bra With HandMade Pleats


This sassy powerwetlook bra's cups are formed of handmade decorative pleats. Comfortable straps are length-adjustable. Bra is fastened with classic hooks on the back.