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St. Valentines Day Sale

St.Valentines Day is coming up quick. Get your orders in early to make sure you have it for St. Valentines Day. To help inspire you to buy early we are offering 25% off with coupon code, "Lovers" till January 23rd.

What is on sale

Duing the month of January save 25% on the complete line of Trinity Vibes.

Holiday Schedule and Notes:

Our offices will be closed on December 24 and December 31st for holidays.

If you want your orders before Christmas, please get your orders in before December 13th. We will be placing our orders to get merchandise in for Christmas on this date. Many orders after this date will still get to our customers before Christmas but we cannot guarantee it. And the orders placed before the 13th will take priority.

Please be aware between Christmas and New Years UPS only works a couple days and if your order via UPS Ground, there will be significant delays in you receiving your order.

Many of our vendors are closing on December 22nd for the Christmas Holidays and will not be reopening till the first week in January (Shoes and Latex are opening up on January 15th). This is going to cause significant delays in our restocking products and could cause a delay in shipping your items. For Further details call us at (617)455-4454 Mon-Fri between 8-4PM Eastern time.

Remember St. Valentines Day is right around the corner. It would be best to order early. We expect delays to continued through the winter.


Our warehouse is open for business and is shipping. Our customer service department is working from home and their ability to change orders is limited. There could be a delay in shipping items out because of the ongoing pandemic. USPS and UPS have told us they will not gaurantee any delivery times.

Our Shoe company has told us they have significant delays.Shipping shoes can take 30 days to ship. Because of the Christmas holiday it can even be longer.

Due to Covid-19 Australia and New Zealand are not taking in shipments via the US postal service. We are not charging your orders. We are putting them on hold hoping that they will ship shortly. If the ban is lifted orders will ship immediately.

The BEST way to reach customer service is to call (617)455-4454 between 8 AM to 4 PM Monday thru Friday (Eastern Standard Time). Please note all our voicemails are converted to email and processed with our email. Emails can take 48 hours to answer.

We are in constant contact with our vendors. All our vendors are currently shipping to us although it can take an extra 24 hours to get the orders out. Our vendors are working with a reduced crew.

Some international Orders Can be delayed due to COVID-19. Some countries have curtailed international flights and customs processing during this time. It may cause significant delays in recieving your order. This is beyond our control. We highly recommend you choose Priority Mail International for your shipping

Domestic Shipping Rates

Between Christmas and New Year UPS works on a holiday schedule. if you choose this service, there could be significant delays. Also, there weill be delays in our restocking after Christmas.

The Bondage Fetish Store uses a weight based system to calcuate the shipping costs. We use the rates that UPS and the USPS give us. Shipping times do not vary much between UPS and USPS. We want to give the customer a choice on how they wish to recieve their package. Lighter packages tend to be cheaper when shipped via USPS and the heavier packages tend to be cheaper when shipped via UPS. UPS also have a lot of convienent pickup locations if you are not home when your package is delevered.

New Lower Rates For International Shipping

Shipping to Canada now starts at $12.00

We are currently shipping all our international packages through the U.S. Postal Service. Packages under 4 pounds can be shipped First Class Mail which significantly lowers the price over Priority Mail. Plese note do to COVID-19 it may take longer than normal to recieve your package.

We expect to update our shipping policies shortly.

What's New at the Bondage Fetish Store.

We added the line of Curve sex toys to our website. This brand has some new and unique toys which should get your juices flowing.

Add some excitement to your sex life with some vibrating panties. Imagine wearing them to work to make your day pass that much quicker. Your co-workers will wonder why you have such a big smile. Now get 25% off all our vibrating panties during the month of May.

We at the Bondage Fetish Store are always looking for ways to make your shopping experience better. We redesigned our all our categories. We have removed the quick for and added the options of the items and put the "add to cart" button right on the page next to each item. When you add an item to cart, your will go to the basket. Click on "return to shopping to go back to your last location.

Recently, We are added 2 new lines from Allure Lingerie. We added their XXX Line of Bondage Gear and S&M Toys. They also added a new collection of sexy fetish clothing and lingerie called the "Kitten Collection".

Due to the high popularity of Silicone Sex Toys, we have added that category. Silicone sex toys are non-pourous, hyperallergenic and dishwasher safe.

We have been working on our Anal Toys trying to make it easier for your to find the items you are seeking. We added an Anal Toy category to 3 of our largest sex toy vendors. We now have web pages for Doc Johnson Anal Toys, Pipedreams Anal Toys which includes the lines Basix, Fetish Fantasy, and Anal Fantasies, and California Exotic Novelties Anal Toys.

Every Month we add many new items, about 200 every month. All items go into our "New Products Section". We also subdivide our new items into 5 categories; New Bondage Gear, New Sex Toys, New Fetish Clothing, New Medical Sex Toys and New Electro-sex Toys.

The Bondage Fetish Store would be nothing with our its Bondage Gear. We carry an extensive line of extreme bondage restraints and hundreds of different wrist and ankle cuffs. We have something non-threatening for a beginner to heavy duty locking leather and steel restraints for the bondage enthusist. Our spreader bar section has everything you need to keep your lovers legs open and helpless for your loving touch or torment. Or get one of our bondage swings and turn your room into a sexual playground where you can create your favorite roleplaiying sexual fantasies.

Do not be fooled by by imitations.

The Bondage Fetish Store only sells genuine products from Brand Name companies. We do not sell cheap counterfeit items from Asia. We get all our merchandise is purchased directly from the manufacturer or from reputable distributors. When an item says a brand name on it, you can be assured that it is from that manufacturer. We do sell many generic items also but it will not have a brand associated with it. We have seen a strong influx of cheap goods coming in from overseas which many other companies are now selling at huge discounts. In most cases, these are made of substandard materials. We are working to get more of our products branded so our customers will know the quality. If you have any questions feel free to call our knowledgable staff at (617)455-4454 and they will be glad to help you.

We ship all our products out brand new. We do not sell used products and do not accept returns on sex toys for health reasons so you can be assured your are getting a brand new product. Many manufacturers ship their products with bags that are not completely sealed. This is especially true for silicone products. It is best for them to get air circulations. All our leather bondage gear comes in bulk in boxes and is packaged in our warehouse. Our warehouse is closed to the public so no one but our warehouse staff handles your merchandise once it arrives in our warehouse.

Winter is here and storms are raging acrossthe country. Shipments are being delayed. Please allow a couple extra days for your order to be shipped.