Oxballs Cock T Silicone Cockring



On sale for: $17.96

The  silicone Cock T wraps around your balls with ample stretch and squish.   It's warm on your junk and fits so well you will forget you have it on, so you can wear ot all day.  Cock T is just the right thickness, the perfect width, but not bulky, and it stays in place.

The cock ring has an inner diameter of 1.25 inches and an outer diameter of 2.25 inches.  It is .75 inches tall.

Your choice of black, blue or red.

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Oxballs Bullballs Silicone Ball Stretcher



On sale for: $20.96

This ball stretcher just fits and feels right...it  feels like skin.  The stretchy Bull Balls will warm up to your body temperature fast, keeping your balls sweaty and warm.  It will stretch your sack gently but firmly, without that uncomfortable pinch.  

Bull Balls is 2 inches long with a 1 inch inner diameter and a total diameter of almost 2 inches.

Your choice of red or black.

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Donkey Strapless Dildo



On sale for: $78.71

Thick, long, with a slight upward curve...get hung like a DONKEY!

- Total length: 11 inch;
- Total circumference: 8.75 inch;
- Usable length: 10.5 inch;
- Smallest usable circumference: 5 inch;
- Largest usable circumference: 8 inch

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Thug Double Fucker Strapless Dildo



On sale for: $59.96

Thug is a thick, silicone dildo attached to a cock ring.  Just stretch the ring around your cock and balls and it lays out on top of your meat for one hot double fuck. It's not a cock sheath, so your dick is free to use with Thug for double penetration or drop your dick and use just the Thug.   The head is shaped for easy penetration and it morphs around the base of your dick, surrounding your shaft.  Its like a strap-on that isn't strapped on.   

The 1.5 inch cock ring stretches to fit comfortably and really does keep this fat fucker in place.

Thug is 8 inches from base to tip and a little more than 6.5 inches around.  The smallest usable circumfrence is 4 inches at the tapered head.

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Grinder Ballstretcher



On sale for: $21.95

The Grinder ball stretcher is made of heavy thick rubbery silicone...the heaviest and softest ballstretcher Oxballs makes...the extra weight helps your nuts hang low...but this cock toy is so soft and squishy your balls arent gonna feel too much squeeze...

Oxballs made this bad-boy thicker in the middle to push your balls down low, the "thicker" middle keeps your nuts from popping back up and outand with 2 sizes GRINDER keeps even high-tight shy-balls low in their bagthe added weight of the thick silicone puts extra pressure at the top of your nuts just where you want it and feel it...

The GRINDER-2 large size is for medium balls in a bigger size sack and huge nuts in a low-hanging bag...The Grinder is for roid-balls, high and tight sacks, and medium balls stuffed in small bags...

Silicone is the only material that will not irritate your sack, warms up and stays warm, and feels kinda like skin...we invented the silicone ballstretcher and keep making em better and better...

NoteL warm up your lube, warm up the ballstretcher by putting under hot water for a bit, because a cold chill on your nuts makes em wanna suck up inside you...if you have a high and tight sack, put your ballstretcher on in a warm shower or tub after your sack relaxes...and use a little lube on the inside the toy, that way as your sack relaxes the stretcher can slide and adjust

- Pure Platinum Cure Silicone 
- Lube safe: water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes 
- Cleaning: always clean any stretchy toys after use, they will last longer...use detergent and hot water, or put in dishwasher.

Size Best for normal to small balls 
Total Height: 1.5"/3.5cm 
Inside diameter: 1 1/8"/3cm 
Outside diameter: 2.25"/5.5cm

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Jelly Bean Cockring


Brightens up your sex life with Jelly Beans!  These  thick TPR cock rings stretch just enough for a medium-firm fit.  They are designed to stay put with a shallow channel inside the ring. 

Total Length: 1 7/8 inches-stretches to 6.5 inches.  Inside Diameter: 7/8 inches.

Your choice of pink, blue, black or clear.

Available for Purchase

Truckt Cockrings


TruckT cock rings hug your meat with 2 different fits.  The large one for a good grip on your cock and balls and a good, hard, bone.  The smaller one if you want more grip.  

 Or wrap your cock and balls with the large ring, and use the smaller ring stretched around your ball sack for tons of grip.

The TPR cock rings are strong and stretchy.  They will stretch to 5 times thier size and snap back every time.  Inside the ring is a shallow channel, as you stretch the ring this flattens out so the ring stays where you put it.  

2.2 inches wide x .75 inches tall; Inside Diameter: 7/8 inches
Small :1.6 inches wide x .5 inches tall; Inside Diameter: .70 inches

Your choice of black or clear.

Atomic Jock Do-Nut 2 Cock Ring


The Do-Nut 2 Cock Ring stretches to 5x its size but snaps back to its original shape.  Made from Skin-Flex TPR (a silicone/TPR blend) these are super stretchy, rubbery and most importantly- strong.

You can have fuller, firmer erections for better sex.  Not only that, Do-Nut 2 helps control premature ejaculation.

Plump up your meatour with this fat and strong jelly ring.

Your choice of black, blue or clear.

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Oxballs Atomic Jock Cock Lock


This stretchy TPR cock cage will fit even the most eager subject.  Just apply your favorite lubricant to the inside and stuff that dick and balls in.  Watch as the boner strains helplessly for release.  

A small opening on the tip allows for bladder emptying and extended wear.  

The Cock Lock is 3.5 inches long with a 1 inch by 1.5 inch cock hole and a 1 inch hole for the balls.

Your choice of red, black or clear.

Available for Purchase

Z-balls Cockring-ballstretcher


Whether you're into stretching your nuts, snug cockrings, or both, Z-Balls has got you covered.  The unique shape and soft, stretchy TPR are designed to cling to your junk in all the right places.

This multi-purpose ring is thick and squishy and feels great swinging around between your legs.

Hook it around your sack for those low hangers or around the base of your cock for a vein popping rock hard stiffy.  Or you can wrap it around both for some dual action nut swinging and dick gripping.  The "Z" shape design gently pushes your balls down for an all day tug that just won't quit.

The Z-Balls is 1.5 inches long with a total circumfrence of 2 inches and a 1 inch circumfrence at the smallest usable point.

Your choice of clear, black, blue, red or smoke.  

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Z-balls Cockring-ballstretcher'. Please check back later.

Oxballs Atomic Jock Balls-T Ball Stretcher



On sale for: $17.96

Balls-T is a short silicone ring made for high and tight balll sacks.  The stretchy ring is not too fat or bulky and perfect for long term wear.  This ring is good for training as well.  Wear one for a while and stack another on top as your sack stretches.

Balls-T is 2.25 inches tall with an inner diameter of 2.25 inches and an outer diameter of 2 inches.

Your choice of blue or red.  

Available for Purchase

Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers


Gripper Nipple Suckers are a take on classic snakebite suckers, but designed solely for hungry teats.  They are made of flexible TPR but still firm enough to give you some serious nip plumpin' and pullin.' Each pair is topped with a small handle perfect for tugging,' flickin,' or any other tit torture you might have in mind. Not to mention, each sucker is complete with macho faux diamond plate detailing. 

 To apply, simply wet the bottom of each sucker, squeeze out the air, stick 'em on your tits and enjoy the nasty nursin' sensation.  Ox recommends greasing the opening of each sucker with old school waxy chapstick. It's cheap, easy, and will make your tit pumping even more effective. 

Each sucker is 2 inches long.  Total circumference is 1.12 inches, the smallest usable circumference: .75 inches

Your choice of clear, smoke or black.

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Oxballs Atomic Jock Muscle Cock Sheath


Add length to your cock with the TPR Muscle penis sleeve.  This sheath has an adjustable fit with the silicone stopper that locks perfectly into the smooth indents at whatever length suits your dick.  The ridges also add to your pleasure.  Don't forget to add some water based lube to the interior!

Muscle is 9.25 inches long with an inner core length of 6 inches and an insertable length of 8 inches.  

Your choice of black, clear, blue or smoke.

Available for Purchase

Oxballs Atomic Jock Turbine Silicone Cock Ring



On sale for: $22.46

Meet Turbine, a lightweight, super soft cock ring.  The silicone ring has a raised, circular, turbine shape that rests comfortably under your nuts and pushes your whole package forward for an extra-hefty look.  The finned exterior helps Turbine keep its shape.  

The cock ring is 1.75 inches tall with an inner circumfrence of 6 inches and an outer circumfrence of 9 inches.

Your choice of black, blue or yellow.  

Available for Purchase

Oxballs Hung Padded Cock Ring



On sale for: $24.71

The Hung Padded Cock Ring puts a squishy pad of silicone behind your ballsack, pushing your balls forward and up for a bigger package.  You can wear it under gear to fill out a jock or jeans, or under rubber or neoprene.  The word, Hung, is embossed under the ball cushion.  

Hung is made of platinum silicone.  The cock ring has an inner diameter of 1.50 inches and a height of 1.50 inches.  It has an outer diamter of 3 inches.

Your choice of black, blue, green, orange, red or yellow.

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Oxballs Atomic Jock Grip Cock Ring



On sale for: $22.46

Grip is a fleshy, silicone cock ring that rests behind your ball bag and pushes out your meat for the look of a bigger package.

The  blue Grip is 1.5 inches tall with an inner circumfrence of 5 inches and an outer circumfrence of 8.5 inches.

Available for Purchase

Oxballs Atomic Jock Juicy Cock Ring



On sale for: $32.96

Make your package look even meatier with the Juicy cock ring.  This smooshy silicone ring is stretchy and soft but firm enough to grip you just right.  The thick base is perfect for adding some real vacuum suction and girth when you plump up.  A flared, mouth-like opening creates an awesome sucking sensation with every pump.

Juicy is 3.5 inches long with an inner circumfrence of 5 inches and an outer circumfrence of 11 inches.

Your choice of black or blue.

Available for Purchase

Oxballs Atomic Jock Ass-X Plug with Cock Sling



On sale for: $38.96

The black silicone plug and play Ass-X combines a butt plug and cock sling for a memorable experience.  

The anal plug is 3 inches long with a circumfrence of 4.5 inches.  The smooth shape and flexible material allow you to fill your hole for hours of comfortable wear and use.  

The Unit-X Cock Sling stretches to fit all sizes of meat.  

Available for Purchase

Oxballs Atomic Jock Daddy Cock Sheath


The Daddy Cock Sheath is made of flexible, black TPR and comes with an insertable cap to adjust the inner length to fit snuggly.  The flared, mushroom capped sheath stretches to fit your cock and balls.  Just coat the inside with water-based lube and put your junk in.  You can get rid of any excess air by tightly squeezing Daddy down to the base once it is on.

The sheath is an insertable 10 inches long with an inner circumfrence of 5.75 inches, which will stretch to fit you and an inner chamber length with insert, of 6.25 inches.

Available for Purchase

Oxballs Atomic Jock Tri Sport 3 Ring Cock Sling


This futuristic cock sling is made up of 3 conjoined rings to grip your dick, balls and the base of your shaft.  Tri Sport is made of flexible TPR so it stretches to fit your junk just right.  You can even use it as a ball stretcher by pulling your sack through the sides.  

Tri Sport is approximately 1.75 inches long with a width of 2.25 inches.

Your choice of black or blue.

Available for Purchase