Cocksling 2 Cock and Ball Ring

Cocksling 2 Cock and Ball Ring
Cocksling 2 Cock and Ball Ring ZOXB-0139

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The Cocksling 2 is a cock and ball ring by Oxballs that can be worn during sex or under clothes for a bigger bulge.  

 It cradles your nuts, grips the base of your dick keeping you rock-hard, and is pushes all you got up and out…the ergo shape with the anatomical channel under your dick allows you to piss while hard, and jizz without that “pinched” feeling a cockring can give. 

If you have ever jacked-off laying in bed and wrapped your hand around the base of your cock and balls and squeezed, that’s the feeling this gives--it pumps up your balls and blimps out your cock makes em bigger, harder and makes every stroke more intense. 

Cocksling 2 is made of lube safe TPR.

- Cock and ball hole: 1.1 inch/2.85 cm
- Cock hole 1 inch/2.54 cm
- Ball hole: 1 inch/2.54 cm
- Length: 2 inch/5.08 cm

Your choice of black, blue, clear, red or silver.
Colors: Clear, Silver, Black, Red, Blue