Vegan Leather Tease Crop


• Sleek and slender, the Tease Crop gives you a long reach and the split vegan leather head gives you a great sound
• The slim handle adorns a wrist loop to keep it by your side
• The flexible shaft is wrapped with a labyrinth of webbing

Vegan Leather Please Crop


• Beauty and bite, the Please Crop is the perfect accessory to your fantasy
• Its beauty shines with a ribbon braided shaft and faux braided handle
• Its bite is created by the vegan leather looped head
• Also adorned with rose gold caps and black wrist loop

Basic Riding Crop w/ Wrist Loop


This equestrian essential is also a foundation piece for any kinky toy collection. Light, easy to use, and effective, the riding crop is a classy and classic tool.

This basic riding crop features a comfortable PVC handle, assuring a steady grip, and a leather wrist loop for hanging off a belt or wrist when the hands are otherwise occupied. The 24” shaft keeps the user close to the action, but far enough away to get a good view. The crop is available in a range of different colors, making it easy to accessorize for your outfit or the occasion as needed, while the leather slapper always makes its point with a simple flick.

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Beginner's Crop


Show your partner who's in charge with this elegant Riding Crop and deliver some serious playtime punishment with one swift whack across their tender skin. Perfectly balanced with a solid handle and no-slip grip, this crop is perfect for exploring your dominant or submissive side. It hurts so good!

The Tenderizer Spiked Paddle Slapper


This extreme paddle is only for the true pain enthusiast! Made of heavy aluminum, it has a long handle and fine waffle texture, for maximum tenderization. The ribbed handle provides a good grip, and the thick, durable shaft is designed not to bend or flex as you swing. The small profile and even dispersal of the raised teeth are designed to cause intense sensation without breaking the skin. You can also flip it around and use the smooth side for a flat, hard impact.

Measurements: 22.5 inches in length, 3 inches in diameter

Material: Aluminum, metal

Color: Grey

GreyGasms 7 Piece Erotic Bondage Play Kit


Tied up and completely exposed, bound in black satin...waiting and open. Breathless in anticipation. Will it be the triple orgasm balls? The decadent leather crop? A padded blindfold binds the eyes and heightens the expectation. Increases the arousal. Enhances every sense. All together, they make for a night bound only by the limits of your desire and imagination.

Measurements: Balls: 12.5 inches in total length, 1.3 inches in diameter; Blindfold: 59 inches in length, 2.5 inches in width; Sash: 47 inches in length, 1.75 inches in width; Crop: 26 inches in total length, handle measures 8.13 inches in length, crop end measures 2.58 inches in width

Material: Leather, satin, ABS plastic

Note: Kit contains 1 blindfold and 4 limb ties, benwa balls, and riding crop

Beginner Narrow Riding Crop with Wrist Loop


Train your pony how to behave with the Narrow Riding Crop. The crop has a loop handle for the wrist so you won't drop This semi-rigid crop is a total of 26 inches long with the leather tip 2.5 inches long and .75 inches wide.

Triple-X Refined Leather Crop with Metal Handle


Your tastes are refined. Your passion cannot be tamed. Your desires will not be denied. Triple-X Refined Leather Crop with Metal Handle is the perfect thing you need to spicy your feelings in the bedroom. Simply because in the heat of the moment, you may want to leave your mark...

Triple-X Leather Crop with Metal Handle


Create the world of bedroom bondage with Allure's Tripple-X Leather Crop with Metal Handle which is perfect for any sexual experiment with safe, high-quality bondage products. This crop will bring excitement into the bedroom and your private life will never be the same again.

X-Play Crop


The X-Play Crop is a quality BDSM accessory made of premium PVC. The crop's surface has a quilted pattern, giving it a unique and trendy twist. The design features a loop attached to the handle for extra comfort and agility during use. This sinful crop promises the sensations you have never experienced before.

"The Mini" Heart-Shaped Crop


Small in size, big on impact. Available only in Black.

Edge Hard Limits Crop


- Vegan leather;
- Decorative spiked handle;
- 28.5 inch long;
- 20 -15 inch long falls.

Sex And Mischief Impulse Crop Black



On sale for: $14.95

A naughty addition to your arsenal of cropsa, this narrowed crop is sure to sting with a smaller impact surface than the others!

Available for Purchase

Sex And Mischief Romantic Sting Crop


Ignite passion and leave an impression with this classic flat crop!

Sex & Mischief Heart Beat Crop


Create unique sensations with our new Heart Beat Crop. One side is smooth for spanking, stroking, and caressing. The other side features a plush red lace fabric tied up like a corsett harness and is adorned with a blinged bow. The bling adds to the sting! Use this beautiful new addition to your collection to invent your own Sex & Mischief fantasy.

Sex And Mischief The Motivator Crop


Even if you already own a crop, you? This wellcrafted accessory features a brief shaft, extra firm grip and long slim leather impact zone for ultimate control.
Includes: 1 crop measuring 20 inches (50.8 cm) in length.

Super Velcro Soft Bondage Set


Six piece velcro soft bondage set. Complete with whip, mask, mouth gag, collar, wrist and ankle restraints. Quality suede construction built for comfort and strength. Easily adjustable for size. Cuffs, mask, and collar are suede lined on the inside to cover rivet heads. Made by true craftsman in The Netherlands.

Available for Purchase

Beginner Long Jump Wide Tip Riding Crop



On sale for: $9.95

Train your human pony to jump when commanded with the Beginner Long Jump Wide Tip Riding Crop. This punishment bat is 28 inches long and has a wide tip and a loop handle. The leather tip is 3 inches long by 2.5 inches at its widest point.

Beginners Riding Crop


Riding crop is constructed with woven nylon over a plastic shaft and rubber pebbled handle. Folded leather popper with rubber wrist loop. This riding crop in 23 inches long.

Crazy Horse Riding Crop.


Train your little pony with this 18 inch riding crop. This BDSM Riding Crop is great toy for someone who wishes to explore beginner bondage and impact play.

Scandal Be Naughty Feather Crop


Hand-stitched, dual ended crop and tickler with designer accents on one end, tickling feather on the other end. 21 inch/53.25cm.

Intro to Impact 3 Piece Spanking Kit


Play around with different types of spanking tools to find the perfect tool that works for you! This 3 piece variety kit gives you multiple options, perfect for the experimental or curious. The flogger gives you many small tails, to spread out the impact for a softer impact. The crop has a smaller tip, for a shark sting against the skin. The slapper has 3 layers of leather, for a sharp crack of sound with every swing. Each offers its own delicious kind of sensation, so you can explore and enjoy new horizons of pleasure.

- Flogger: 20 inches in length, 1.15 inches in diameter;
- Crop: 17.5 inches in length;
- Slapper: 12.5 inches in total length and 2 inches wide.

FemDom Orgasm Denial Chastity Kit


Deny them their pleasure while making sure you get yours! Why should he be able to enjoy your body while pleasuring you? This inclusive Fem Dom kit includes a gag with a dildo attached, so you can use his face as your own private sex toy while shutting him up. The leather cock straight jacket will bind his penis, while the cuffs keep his hands from exploring your body or his own. The crop is a classic and effective way to keep him in line as you take what you need and leave him wanting more.

Intro to FemDom Bondage Kit


This simple kit includes many of the staples you will need to dip your toes into the exciting world of female domination. This Intro to Femdom kit includes a classic crop, for directing, intimidating, and punishing your naughty boy. The strong leather cuffs are adjustable, and are built to last with quality materials and a comfortable feel. The stretchy spandex hood will obscure their senses, while the zip open mouth will still leave them able to pleasure you at your command.

Available for Purchase