Extreme Leather Riding Crop


This thick handled black leather riding crop has a braided handle with an attached wrist loop. Teach your favorite pony some new tricks.

Extreme Leather Riding Crop is 27.50 inches long.

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Master Series Stallion Riding Crop


Add a sturdy crop to your collection and always have a wicked tool on hand for spankings and kinky play! This riding crop delivers a sharp and certain bite for when you want to kiss your partner with a touch of delightful pain. Made out of vegan friendly leather, this crop has a textured grip that helps you keep your grip as you play. The firm rod at the center is made of a glass fiber that is firm with enough flex to handle impact. The triangular end is perfect or precise and specific impact play. To clean, spray with a toy cleaner or a mixture of alcohol and water.

Bend them over after some teasing and negotiation. Warm up their behind with a few spankings and floggings. When they're ready, start to tap them lightly with the triangle end of the crop. Each impact is precise and stings ever so slightly. Begin to go harder and harder, their skin flushing red, until they've had enough. Rub the spots where you hit them, then continue again when they're ready for more!

Measurements:Overall length: 24 inches. Crop width: 1.5 inches.

Materials: Aluminum, Vegan leather, glass fiber

Key Features:

  • Vegan Friendly Leather: Vegan friendly leather made out of polyurethane for a classic look.
  • Textured Grip with Nickel-Free Metal: Keep a firm grip with the textured handle that makes it easy to hold onto.
  • Easy Accuracy: The firm rod of this crop is easy to aim and delivers a biting sting when used.
  • Looped Handle: Hang up the crop with the looped handle for easy storage.
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    Zeus Electrosex E-Stim Crop


    Upgrade your impact play with e-stim! This crop is built so anyone can use it and deliver a biting impact hit without much experience needed. The handle is grippy and firm and the length of the crop is flexible. The rod is metal covered in conductive tape and has a vegan leather tip at the end that has two metal buttons on it that are also conductive. Combine the two sensations for an amazing scene! Try out the high or low setting to find the perfect level. Recharge using the USB cable provided.

    In your kinky scene you've introduced a new toy. It looks innocent at first glance, but the uniqueness is in the experience not the way it appears. As you turn your submissive partner over to expose their round backside, you tap the crop end lightly and warm them up. Then you give them a few quick whacks on their backside. Everything seems normal, until you turn the e-stim on and begin to shock them gently, and then more intensely! You hear them squealing in surprise and pleasure in no time!

    Measurements: Overall length: 21.2 inches. Crop width: 2.4 inches.

    Materials: PU leather, ABS plastic, zinc alloy, iron

    Note: Keep away from water. Not recommended to use e-stim products on the chest or with partners who have pacemakers.

    Key Features:

  • E-Stim Crop: Enjoy 2 levels of electrostimulation while getting whipped by this crop! The rod is covered conductive tape and the two metal spots on the the crop end are conductive as well.
  • Sturdy and Flexible: Enjoy this easy to use crop with a sturdy handle that's easy to grip and slight flexibility and bend that delivers a nice biting impact!
  • Faux Leather: Made out of vegan-friendly, faux leather polyurethane.
  • Nickel-Free Metal: All metal is nickel-free and body-safe.
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    Kinky Adventures Play With Me Kit


    A great way to explore your kinky side and increase fun and sexual play among lovers. The Kinky Adventures play with me kit contains a vegan leather flogger, Rope wrist/ankle cuffs, nipple clamps, vegan leather crop and 10 adventure cards.

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    Orange Is The New Black Riding Crop & Tickler


    Keep that sub in line with Orange is the New Black's for, orange-accented riding crop and feather tickler. At a generous 16+ inches, and with a full, perfectly tapered leatherette flogger, you'll be able to slap one end and snuggle with the other, with a wonderfully sensual ostrich feather plume. The smooth black rod is sturdy yet flexible for dishing out swift, sharp lashes, whilst the thick faux leather crop will provide a lasting throb. And don't forget fluffy, on the other hand. All accented in fashion-forward orange. So whether it's pleasure or pain of all of the above, Icon's best-selling crop and tickler is just what the master ordered!

    • Pretty orange stitching.
    • Sturdy rod for a swift swat!
    • Wonderfully soft feather plume for insatiable sensuality.
    • A full-size flogger for a great slap-sound.

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    Rouge Devil Leather Riding Crop


    Teach your sub a lesson with a spank from the Devil. The Devil_s Riding Crop is made of real leather, with a long shaft that makes for a gentle sting or a satisfying slap.

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    Saffron Crop


    Infuse a layer of elegance to your impact play with the Saffron Crop, exquisitely designed with rich red accents and supple faux leather. Leave a lasting impression after each session with quick, spicy snaps at the flick of your wrist. The power is truly in your hands with this luxurious tool at your disposal.

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    Saffron Tap & Tickle


    Alternate between stinging sensations and tickling touch with the double-sided design of our Saffron Tap & Tickle. You'll have your plaything quivering in anticipation of your next spicy stroke of black and red falls or the looped faux leather crop. Made for versatility, this toy is conveniently sized for easy travel to your next sultry scene.

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    Vegan Leather BDSM Riding Crop


    Make an impression on your lover with this heart shaped riding crop.  Made from vegan leather and comes in either green or red. Show your submissive you love them.

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    Rouge Mini Leather Hand Riding Crop


    This mini leather hand crop is a perfect novelty gift for your lover but also practical and will leave a handprint if used hard enough. Also ideal for travelling.

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    Ouch! Crop Black Rectangle with Red Lace - Large


    This short handled rectangular shaped black crop with red lace is the perfect way to discipline your partner.

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    Short Leather Riding Crop with Rhinestone Handle


    Strict Leather

    Add a little razzle dazzle to your dungeon collection with this Short Riding Crop with Rhinestone Handle! This compact impact tool is perfectly balanced for a satisfying feel in the hand and an easier swing while you play - perfect for all skill levels to explore impact play at their own pace.

    Built to be sturdy and long lasting for a reliable tool to your BDSM arsenal!

    Measurements: Overall length 22 inches, crop width 1.6 inches

    Materials: Leather, metal, rhinestones

    Key Features:

  • Dazzling Rhinestone Handle: The grippy, solid handle is bedazzled with radiant rhinestones to add a shiny flash to your BDSM collection; perfect for beginners or experts alike
  • Satisfying Balanced Weight: Designed with a balanced weight in the hand so you can manipulate this Crop with ease
  • Soft Leather Slapper: The leather slapper at the end of this Crop is soft and flexible for a satisfying slap without discomfort
  • Durable and Dependable: Designed with a sturdy build from tip to tip for a long lasting addition to your collection of toys and tools
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    Secret Kisses Midnight Special Set Bondage 5 Piece Collection


    Upgrade your naughty bondage collection with this sophisticated set of kinky accessories that is perfect for an unforgettable intimate experience. Included in the Midnight Special Set is a beautiful pair of cuffs made of black, sheer ruched material that feel soft against the skin. For a firmer grip, this set also includes bondage rope that can be used to restrain your partner. YouÕll be able to explore sensation play with the included blindfold and a whip for mixing pleasure and pain. Cute bowtie nipple pasties complete the set, allowing you to play dress-up for role-play fantasies.

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    Ouch! Skulls And Bones Crop With Skulls


    You can please, tease, take control and master your lover with this carefully crafted Crop With Skulls! Perfect for those with a passion to dominate or be dominated. Made from high-quality black Bonded Leather the crop head has been embellished with 3 small skulls for added pleasure and will make a fabulous fun addition to your whipping arsenal.

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    Ouch! Skulls And Bones Skull Leather Crop


    You can please, tease, take control and master your lover with this carefully crafted Skull Crop! Perfect for those with a passion to dominate or be dominated. Made from high-quality black Bonded Leather the crop head is a skillfully crafted skull and will make a fabulously fun addition to your whipping arsenal.

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    Sex & Mischief Enchanted Crop 25.75in


    Sturdy, durable and light, the Enchanted Crop is sure to be your new go-to impact toy. Put your partner in the perfect position and the carbon fiber crop will glide through the air quickly and leave an impression. Deep burgundy color with black tip and handle makes this crop not only functional but beautiful. Take things to the next level by pairing with your Enchanted Hood, your sub wonÕt know what to expect next.

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    Rouge Wooden Handle Leather Riding Crop


    Riding crop with a feathered leather strips and rounded wooden handle.

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    Rouge Fifty Times Hotter Tassel Riding Crop


    Riding Crop with Leather strips so you can have the slap of a crop and also the tickle of a tickler.

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    Rouge Fifty Times Hotter Short Riding Crop Slim Tip 20in


    Short riding crop with slim leather tip. 20 inches in length and fits in a hand carry on. Available in a range of colours.

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    Rouge Fifty Times Hotter Leather Riding Crop


    Riding crop in leather with a leather grip for extra support. The shaft of the crop is beautifully hand braided.

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    Rouge Fifty Times Hotter Anaconda Leather Riding Crop


    Riding crop in leather with a leather grip. The shaft of the crop is beautifully hand braided.

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    Rouge Fifty Times Hotter Leather Hand Riding Crop


    Riding crop in suede or leather with a leather grip for extra support. The shaft of the crop is beautifully hand braided.

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    Kama Sutra Feel Me Erotic Playset


    A collectible erotic playset featuring a Kama Sutra branded spanking crop with leather tassel. Includes 3 sensual body products and a set of 12 Kama Sutra Play Cards: 10 Kama Sutra position cards and 2 "Wild Cards" with tips and tricks about how to incorporate the included products into the game.

    - SPANKING CROP smooth, leather spanker with leather tassel
    - 12 KAMA SUTRA PLAY CARDS for hours of erotic entertainment with your lover
    - IGNITE MASSAGE CANDLE Vanilla Sandalwood (1 oz): emollient massage oil candle
    - PLEASURE BALM Spearmint (.11 oz): kissable, cooling body gel
    - LOVE LIQUID Classic (1.0 oz): personal, water-based lubricant

    - Those who have always wanted to try something a bit more adventurous in the bedroom but weren't sure where to start
    - Lovers who would like to experiment bondage play
    - Couples who would like to learn how to master different sex positions
    - Collect all four limited-edition play-sets!

    Available for Purchase

    Noir Flinch Crop


    • IMPACT - Sexy Crop for Stinging, Slapping Sensations
    • EXCITE - Two Separate Strips at the Tip for Exhilarating Sound
    • SAFETY - Wrist Strap for a Secure Hold
    • PEACE OF MIND - Handle Wrapped with Vegan Leather and Nickel-Free Hardware
    Total Length: 18 in.
    Crop Tip Length: 3 in.
    Crop Tip Width: 1.5 in.

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