Double Decker Threesome Pussy and Ass Masturbator


Experience a threesome with this double-decker pussy and ass masturbator, with twice as many holes just waiting to please you! You can have it doggy style or missionary, or switch between the two. With so many options, you take your pick of 4 different internal textures, all designed for maximum stimulation. Each hole has a unique pattern, and offers customized stimulation. You can pick your favorite, or move between them until you explode! What man would turn down the chance to be pleasured by two ladies at once? Experience the Double Decker Masturbator and get double the pleasure!

Measurements: 14 inches in length, 16 inches in width, 6.5 inches in height

Material: TPR

Color: Flesh

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Ride Me Randy 3D Male Torso with Cock


This mountable cock and ass masturbator gives you 3 dimensions of fuckable fun! Flip him, pound him, or get shafted by him- it is all up to you! Perfectly sized to be easily manageable, yet still large enough for a realistic experience, he is the perfect size between compact and lifesize. Speaking of large, his long, girthy cock is big and bendable, so you can hit it at just the right angle for an explosive climax. His tight anal opening is ribbed internally for even more sensation. Bend him over and take him doggy style, fuck him in the missionary position, or make up your own hot new way to enjoy this exciting, fully fleshed out stud!

Measurements: 18 inches in length, 11.5 inches in width, 5 inches in height. Cock measures 7.5 inches in length and 1.85 inches in diameter

Material: TPR

Color: Flesh

Duzzy Duck Mini Inflatable 14 Inch


This little ducky has the cutest face you won't be able to resist, its small size makes handling a breeze, a cute hole with a cute warning! It's great for adult parties and a good laugh!

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Chiseled Chad Male Love Doll


Chiseled Chad has a ripped bod and huge rod! Slightly smaller than life size, he still sports a massive, bendable cock that is textured to please. His veined, girthy shaft is over 8 inches of hot, throbbing cock that is ready and waiting for some attention. You can impale yourself on his dick or ream his tight pink asshole, it is up to you! With a firm core wrapped in a soft outer layer, he has strategic softness and hardness in all the right places, for the ultra realistic feel of flesh sliding over taut muscle. A flat base lets you pound as hard as you want, and his smaller size allows him to be moved and stored with ease. A ribbed anal tunnel and through hole makes Chad easy to use and clean.

Measurements: 18 inches in length, 15 inches in width, 5.5 inches in height. Dildo measures 8 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter.

Material: TPE.

Note: Retail packaging consists of a plain brown box.

SexFlesh Tranny Terri Love Doll


Impale yourself on a massive shemale cock, grab a couple handfuls of big fat titties, and ride Tranny Terri until you explode! If you prefer to give it rather than take it, you can also pound her tight pink asshole, which is gently ribbed for more texture and a tight grip. Her big luscious breasts will bounce with every thrust. Tweak her pert pink nipples, bend her massive cock to hit just the right spot, ream her ass...this chick with a dick is always ready and begging for more! Her soft caramel skin is so lifelike, you will not be able to keep your hands off. There is even a through-hole for easy clean up. Her flat base keeps her sturdy and in place no matter how hard you pound her. Get hot ass, huge tits, and a great cock, all in one amazing package with Tranny Terri!

Measurements: 21 inches in length, 13.5 in width, 6 inches in height; Cock measures 8 inches in length and 1.75 inches in diameter.

Material: TPE.

Note: Retail packaging consists of a plain brown box.

SexFlesh Savage Me Sadie 3D Love Doll


Savage Me Sadie is the perfect size to grip, flip, and ravage. This slightly less than life size masturbator is still a full 18 pounds of sexual pleasure, with a lifelike density and weight for a nice solid pounding. Her torso is designed to be slightly firm, with strategic softness just where you want it. Her nice round ass jiggles realistically and her perky tits are the ideal size to wrap your hands around. Tweak her pink nipples and play with her tight pussy, then ram your rod into either of her two waiting love holes. A full 3 dimensions of satisfaction, you can take Sadie in practically any position, and her compact size makes storage easy.

Measurements: 18 inches in length, 10 inches in width, 6 inches in height.

Material: SexFlesh (TPR).

SexFlesh Giving Gwen 3D Life Size Love Doll


With her generous hips and nice fat juicy ass, Gwen is definitely a giver. A full 3 dimensions of pleasure, Gwen can be flipped over, bent over, and taken in practically any position you desire. Her full, pert tits are begging for a squeeze, and her two tight love holes are ready and waiting for you any time you need them. A solid 26 pounds, her ultra realistic look and feel is specially designed to be as lifelike as possible, with varying spots of firmness and softness. Whether you choose her tight ass or pretty pink pussy, Gwen is ready to give and give until you explode!

Measurements: 20 inches in length, 13 inches in width, 7 inches in height

Material: SexFlesh (TPR)

Color: Flesh

Bang Me Bonnie 3D Love Doll


This exciting love doll is nearly life size, and feels just like the real thing. The luscious, full tits move and jiggle realistically. Stroke her smooth, flawless skin, Bonnie is always ready and waiting for you. Her tight pussy and thrilling ass are internally textured for even more sensation as she grips and pleasures your cock. Nice and solid with a realistic density, you can pound Bonnie as hard as you want and she will always take everything you have to give her. Flip her over and take her from behind, Bonnie is 3D molded so you can put her in almost any position you desire. A full 15 pounds of orgasmic pleasure at your fingertips, Bonnie is the perfect playmate for when you want on demand satisfaction, any time of the day or night.

Measurements: 18 inches in length, 10 inches in width, 6 inches in height

Material: SexFlesh (TPR)

Color: Flesh

Note: Retail packaging consists of a plain brown box

J-Law Hacked Love Doll


We're not sure what came faster, news of J-Laws leaked selfies or the thousands of guys waiting for this day to finally come! 

She did the world a favor when her sexy selfies spread across the internet, and now Hollywood's honey is getting naked for the money! 

If hacked cell phone pics weren't enough to make J-Law our favorite new selfie slut, her brand new blowup doll is proof that this blockbuster babe is ready for primetime penetration! 

Just add air and this vinyl American hustler transforms into America's hooker right before your eyes! 

There's no silver lining to her 3 love holes, but if you add a little lube they feel great wrapping around every inch of your pleasure rod! Her cloud got hacked so you can get jacked!

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Becky The Beginner Babe Love Doll


Always wanted to try a love doll? Like any virgin to new adventures there's always a great way to get your feet wet, or in this case, get your dick wet. Let Becky show you how it's done. She's the best beginner doll for any man! She has a lot to offer; three love holes - mouth, vagina and anus, she'll always ready and willing to satisfy you.

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Asian Fever Love Doll


Into the Asian persuasion? Let this inflatable, delectable pearl of Asia cast her spell of erotic pleasures upon you. 

Her silky-smooth vinyl flesh and perky round breasts are like satin to the touch. Her body is a temple that's waiting for your to worship every inch of her.

With 3 love holes to satisfy your yen, surrender yourself to this maiden of the far east.  

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Legal Skin Love Doll



On sale for: $24.95

This ready and willing vinyl doll has everything you could possibly want from a tender, sweet, thing!  

Her open mouth just begs for you to teach her how to give head. Her tender pussy wants you to stuff your throbbing cock deep inside until you groan with pleasure.  For the ultimate carnal no-no, she'll take it up her pink, tight ass.   

Just blow her up and she'll blow you down.

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M.I.L.F. Love Doll


If you've been fantasizing about your friend's hot mother or another older, experienced woman, then the vinyl M.I.L.F. Love Doll is the perfect release.  The Mother I'd Love To Fuck Doll inflates to fulfill your fantasies.  

This mature mama is looking for someone to squeeze her milk-swollen tits, slap her big round ass, and give her your young, hard cock.  Pick a hole and pound it.  Give motherly love a whole new meaning.

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Penthouse Kim Williams 36DD Breasts


For the man ( or woman) who has everything. These lucious breasts were molded directly from Penthouse Pet Kimberly Williams. These 36DD breasts are soft but firm PleasureSkin. The realistic hard nipples and pink areolas will blow you away! Close your eyes and you will think you are playing with the real thing.

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Blow Up Billy Goat


Ye Ha! You've just shepherded yer own Blow Up Billy Goat! Any time you are in the mood for a roll in the hay, she'll be your shear delight. Sometimes it feels so good being so ba-a-a-d!

SexFlesh Ride Me Tranny


With a huge hot cock, full luscious breasts that beg for a squeeze, and a sweet pair of pink lips, this incredible tranny sex doll is all your hottest fantasies rolled up into one life sized package. Made entirely out of SexFlesh for an ultra realistic feel, each of the three waiting love openings are tight, ribbed, and ready for a pounding. Grab some lube and slide your dick in between those massive perky melons, or let the full 7.5 inches of throbbing cock fill you up instead. The core is bendable so you can angle it to hit every sweet spot. Suck, grab, fondle, and tweak the pretty pink nipples as you play. Always hard, willing, and ready to play, make this tranny doll your personal sex slave any time of the day or night.

Measurements: Body: 32 inches in length, 12 inches in width; Penis: 7.5 inches in length, 5.25 inches in circumference.

SexFlesh Doggy Style Masturbator


Bottoms up! Fulfill your fantasy of having a perfect tight pussy and ass ready at any time for your every need! This realistic doggy style masturbator is made of SexFlesh, a soft lifelike material and has both a vaginal and anal entry to cater to all of your thrusting needs. The pleasure tunnel is ribbed to provide extra stimulation and features a through hole for easy clean-up. 11.5 inch length, 9.75 inch width, 3.5 inch heigth.

Mr. Stud Love Doll


Life-like doll with an 8 inch /20 cm penis. 4-color face. 1 love hole. PVC.

Big Bust Babe Doll


Beautiful life-like doll with 4-color face. Large breasts with firm nipples. 3 love passages. PVC.

Yumi Anime Love Doll


Meet Yumi from Japan, the life-size Asian fuck-doll that's the perfect anime playmate. Fuck her pussy, ass or mouth, or even her big round tits, and let all your far out, Far East fantasies come true. She's always ready, willing and able. She's Yumi but you'll call her yummy....the anywhere, anytime doll.

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Belladonnas Love Doll 3 Hole


She's not often called a "doll", but we made one anyway. The kinkiest freak in porn is all here...from her open mouth to her hot little pussy to her tight little ass...three holes for your pounding pleasure. Enjoy her face that's actually printed on the doll, and feel like it's the real thing when you see her hot tattoo's printed on the body. The Belladonna doll... hit it hard and watch her beg for more.

Briana Blow-Up Doll


Go all the way tonight with Briana. She offers your her 3 pleasure holes for your sexual satisfaction.

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Jenna 3 hole Love Doll


She's inflatable, expandable and definitely FUCKABLE! She is as popular as white bread & you to can spread your load on this hot FUCKABLE babe. Stare into her eyes as you slide your hard cock into her welcoming holes. Imagine the real Jenna Jameson underneath you as you take control! You never though you could make love to Porn Star, let alone JENNA JAMESON, the Number One Porn Star! This Jenna Jameson Blow up Doll is 100% bump & grind tested, you can Fuck it all night long! This Jenna Doll has a printed face so you can gaze into her eyes & do what you only have been dreaming of. Three holes for penetration, offering you the option of simulating vaginal, anal or oral sex. This Jenna blow up doll will give you her to hold on to, put underneath you so you can FUCK her over & over!

Cleopatra Love Doll Flesh


She ruled the land, now rule her in bed. Do the ancient dance with the most beautiful of them all... Cleopatra! She was known to please her men and with 3-inviting love holes she will be able to please you all night long. She even vibrates for extra pleasure!