Master Series Bondage Gear

The Master Series, the line for the aficionado player and skilled playthings. While certainly not for the faint of heart, this devious line includes domination tools that cover the spectrum of anal/vaginal dominance, chastity and sensation play.

Power Pounder Realistic Thrusting Silicone Dildo



On sale for: $149.95

Master Series

This Power Pounder will pump and pulse your insides until you beg for mercy! The realistic veins, phallic head, and bulbous ballsack give this thrusting dong a genuine feel as it pounds your deepest parts!

Featuring unique patented technology, this exciting dildo is eager to please any hole you stick it in! Enjoy 6 modes of thrusting - ranging in intensity from a gentle pulsing to a quaking surge of deep hitting pounds. Increase or decrease intensity with simple easy to use controls found on the base of the shaft! Change functions on the fly to suit your playstyle and keep things fresh with every session.

Made with premium, phthalate free silicone for a body safe pounding. Play with peace of mind and focus on your pleasure! Compatible with water based lubricants only, avoid use with silicone or oil based lubes to prolong the life of your Power Pounder.

The sturdy suction cup base secures this thrusting dong to any smooth and flat surface for easy solo play - secure to your floor or a chair and go for a ride with a dildo that thrusts back! The suction cup base also makes this pounder harness compatible - strap up with a dildo that adds an extra oomph to your thrusts.

USB rechargeable for endless fun! IPX6 waterproofing for showerfriendly fun and ease of cleaning.

Measurements: Overall length 8.2 inches, insertable length 6.2 inches, widest insertable width 1.8 inches, narrowest insertable width 1.4 inches. Thrust length 0.3 inches.

Materials: Silicone


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Levitate Suspension Bar



On sale for: $112.46

Master Series

Spread them wide and suspend your lover to your whims! The Levitate Suspension Bar is made to be hung from a solid ceiling anchor point so you can suspend your lovers arms or legs in the air, locking up their limbs and exposing their body to all kinds of fun. Tease them, please them, or punish them for their bad behavior!

This suspension bar can hold up to 350 lbs with confidence, and spreads your partner with 36 delicious inches - suspend their legs and support their body with a table or bench and enjoy their forbidden fruit, or suspend their hands, blindfold their eyes, and gag their mouth for a more traditional BDSM scene.

Handles and wrist cuffs sold separately.

Measurements: Bar length 36 inches, bar diameter 1.25 inches, chains length 20 inches

Materials: Steel

Note: Handles and wrist cuffs sold separately

Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Design: Built to stand up to the writhes and pulls of your sub! Keep their hands up and have your way with their body - tickle, tease, and punish their flesh for a fun night of teasing and impact play.
  • Attachment Points: The two attachment points makes it easy to attach your choice of restraints and handles! Tie them up in something rough for an edgier scene - combine with blindfolds, ankle spreaders, and gags for a genuine BDSM experience.
  • Versatile For Unlimited Fun: Designed for versatility and openness so you can explore every kink and desire your naughty imagination can come up with!
  • Holds Up To 350 pounds: The included chain and bar supports most body shapes and sizes, with a weight limit of 350 lbs.
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    Sex Pet Leather Choker with Silver Ring


    Master Series

    Gift your pet with this luscious leather choker! This choker is perfect as a physical symbol of your affection, ownership, and protection for Doms and subs - the soft leather is slim and lightweight, providing a satisfying texture on the skin. The subtle design makes this choker at home in the dungeon or the club!

    The nickel-free metal O-ring shines bright and accomodates leashes, chains, and collars for an extra kinky appearance.

    Measurements: Overall length 18.5 inches, adjusts from 12.5 - 17 inches in circumference, O-ring inner diameter 0.8 inches, strap width 0.6 inches

    Materials: Leather, nickel-free metal

    Key Features:

  • Remind Them They Are Yours: Gift this choker to your sub as a symbol of your ownership, authority, and protection; can be used as a symbol between just you or to others in the scene.
  • Elegant and Soft: Made with real leather for a fulfilling smoothness on your skin, and subtle enough to be worn out of the dungeon in bars and clubs.
  • O-ring Detail: The shining nickel-free metal O-ring can accomodate leashes, leads, and bells for even more kinky fun.
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    Kinky Kitty Ring Slim Choker


    Master Series

    The purrrfect choker for kitty play! This Slim Kinky Kitty Ring Choker combines kitty play and subtle BDSM elegance for a choker you can wear at home or in public. The adjustable snap buttons make it easy for you to find the perfect fit, while the slim band gives your neck a nuanced feline touch.

    The PU leather material is lightweight and soft to prevent discomfort during extended wear, and the nickel free metal hardware is sturdy enough for light pulls. Pair this Kitty Ring Choker with your favorite set of ears and leathers to bring out the naughty kitty within!

    Measurements: Overall length 17.5 inches, strap width 0.6 inches, adjusts from 12.75 - 16 inches in circumference

    Materials: PU Leather, nickel free metal

    Key Features:

  • Purrfect For Kitty Play: The cat shaped ring provides a feline energy, perfect for kitty roleplaying and for attaching leashes and leads to take a short walk around the scene
  • Slim and Elegant: Lightweight and soft for comfort during extended sessions, made with a leather like material and nickel free metal to prevent skin irritation
  • Snap Button Enclosure: Adjusts from 12.75 - 16 inches in circumference so you can customize the snugness to suit your preference
  • Available for Purchase

    Collared Vixen Silver Ring Slim Choker


    Master Series

    Slide this slim choker on the neck of your sub for a kinky night in or a sexy night out. At home in the bedroom and the club, this collar features a dungeon aesthetic in a slim package perfect for submissives. The soft texture and adjustable design makes this collar comfortable whether you like it snug or loose!

    The Silver O-ring accent fits leashes, restraints, and tags to lead and label your lover, crafted to be shiny and eye catching without standing out for a subtle bondage flair. The pitch black collar is made with durable PU leather and is only 0.5 inches in width, fit for most body types.

    Measurements: Overall length 18 inches, adjusts from 11 inches to 15.75 inches circumference. Strap width 0.5 inches.

    Materials: PU Leather, Nickel free metal

    Available for Purchase

    Clear View Hollow Anal Plug


    Master Series

    Take a long hard look into your partners anal depths! The Clear View Hollow Anal Plug is designed to add a kinky visual twist to your usual anal fun - insert and enjoy looking into you lovers tunnel. The hollow tunnel also gives this plug additional flexibility so your hole can give it a good squeeze without discomfort.

    Made with firm yet flexible TPE that provides a good anal spread with just the right amount of solidness and pliability. Compatible with water based and silicone based lubricants.


    SMALL: Overall length 3.5 inches, insertable length 3.1 inches, widest insertable diameter 1.7 inches, inner diameter 1.1 inches
    MEDIUM: Overall length 4.2 inches, insertable length 3.6 inches, widest insertable diameter 2 inches, inner diameter 1.25 inches
    LARGE: Overall length 5.2 inches, insertable length 4.5 inches, widest insertable diameter 2.5 inches, inner diameter 1.5 inches
    XL: Overall length 5.8 inches, insertable length 5 inches, widest insertable diameter 2.8 inches, inner diameter 1.75 inches

    Materials: TPE

    Key Features:

  • Get a Clear View: Take a look into your lovers deepest parts thanks to the hollow design; insert into you partners behind and see their deep dark secrets
  • Satisfying Backdoor Fill: Built with firm yet flexible TPE that is designed for a satisfying anal stretch, perfect for most skill levels looking for a kinky twist to their anal play
  • Comfortable Base: The supple base keeps this hollow butt plug from going too deep, while flexing with the buttcheeks to keep things comfortable during your session
  • Available for Purchase

    Extreme Bondage Table



    On sale for: $674.96

    Master Series

    Take erotic restraint to the next level with this Extreme Bondage Table! Made of reinforced metal and wood, this sturdy and durable table can take the weight of rough play and writhing bodies. The smooth, easy to clean PU leather covers the surface of the table giving it a great look and sensual feel against bare skin. Built into the table are 2 holes; one for the face and the other for the hips, crotch and genitals. Enjoy reaching around and beneath to tease and pleasure your bound partner as they are face down on the table. Have them seated and stroke their sensitive genitals until they writhe with ecstacy, milking them while they are face down or making them rain their juices down upon you as you crouch below.

    Bend them over for Corporal Punishment and spank, cane or flog them with their wrists and ankles cuffed to the table. Bend them back into a kinky Bound Cannonball pose with feet and wrists bound together and bare their bottom to you for full and easy access! Place them face down in a playful puppy pose, or fold them into a Bound Balasana to put them in a deep restful state only to be teased back into ecstasy again!With a comfortable face hole and fully exposed crotch hole, this smooth and padded bed is built to create opportunities for pleasure and play. Try out numerous positions and activities with ease! This table truly brings versatility to the playing field.

    The wrist and ankle cuffs that are included are perfect companion items to the table and attach easily to any of the 20 D-Rings so you can restrain your partner as you please them to the brink of ecstasy! Built durable with steel reinforced structure and legs means that this table is meant to last, so feel free to play a little rough!

    The provocative design will excite your lover and give them wild ideas about what the night will bring. Fit the wrist and ankle cuffs on their legs and arms so they feel snug and comfortable, then attach them to the D-Rings to keep them in place. Enjoy them squirming and writhing in pleasure as you play with their fantasies and desires. The only limit is your imagination!

    Measurements: Bed length: 70 inches, width: 24 inches, height: 25.5 inchesFolded bed length: 35 inches, width: 24 inches, height: 8 inchesFace hole: 8 inches x 6 inchesCrotch hole: 10 inches x 5 inchesWrist cuffs: 10 inches by 2 inchesAnkle cuffs: 11 inches by 2 inchesBed weight: 53 lbs.

    Materials: Metal, PU leather

    Note: Table can support a max weight of 650 lbs. Table includes 2 pairs of cuffs. All other accessories are sold separately. This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer and can only be shipped to the US.

    Key Features:

  • Padded PU leather with Face Hole and Crotch Hole: The padding makes this table comfortable to kneel or lay on. The face and crotch holes are great for adding a little fun to being restrained by adding access to sensitive erogenous zones!
  • Adjustable Cuffs and 20 D-Rings: The comfy cuffs are adjustable for a snug fit. They can be attached to any of the 20 D-Rings built into the sides of the table, which still leaves plenty of room to attach accessories to the rings, as well!
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand thrusting and writhing, the table is made of metal and wood making it extra durable and strong.
  • Easy to Set Up & Maintain: No assembly required, so set up is easy! After use, simply wipe the PU leather clean.
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    Master Series Firecracker Clothespin Body Zipper



    On sale for: $23.21

    Put the pinch on them with this string of wooden clothespins! Shaped like a body zipper to clamp along the natural curves and shapes of your partners body. This line of clothespins is designed to be pulled off at once to tantalize your lovers flesh for a unique rush of sensation.

    A Classic BDSM toy built for lovers of pain play, with a simple design that makes this Firecracker accessible to all skill levels!

    Measurements: Overall length 47 inches, individual pin length 2.4 inches, 24 pins total

    Materials: Wood, Polyester

    Key Features

  • 24 clothes pins
  • Polyester string
  • Versatile and essential BDSM toy
  • Explore senitive areas and pain tolerances
  • Available for Purchase

    Captor Chastity Cage



    On sale for: $97.95

    Master Series

    Confine your sub in this clear chastity prison! The Clear Captor locks your partners sexuality in clear view, preventing them from pleasuring themselves until you set them free. Made with forgiving materials for long term comfort, as well as a generous amount of ventilation holes and a pee through tip.

    The Clear Captor includes 4 ball rings of graduating size to fit all kinds of ball sacks! Whether your partner is high and tight or loose and large, choose from the smallest 1.7 inch ring to the largest 2.2 inches to lock their balls until further notice.

    The durable ABS plastic used for the Clear Captor is smooth and forgiving, perfect for all day chastity play. The cage itself features plenty of ventilation and a cum-thru tip for the necessaries, but remains rigid and firm for a sense of security and confidence for the wearer.

    The secure locking mechanism secures this cage without pesky locks getting in the way! The Clear Captor includes two keys, one for you and the other for your sub in case of emergencies.

    Cage Measurements:

    Large: Overall Length 4.4 inches, widest diameter 1.7 inches
    Medium: Overall Length 4 inches, widest diameter 1.7 inches
    Small: Overall Length 3.9 inches, widest diameter 1.5 inches

    Ringes Inner Diameter: Small 1.7 inches, Medium 1.8 inches, Large 2 inches, X-large 2.2 Inches

    Materials: ABS Plastic

    Available for Purchase

    Fuk Tool Penis Sheath and Ball Stretcher



    On sale for: $22.95

    This firm yet stretchy cock sheath provides added girth, length, and texture. Now you can go longer and harder, just by slipping on this Fuk Tool. The holes support the cock and balls, while providing separation. Perfect for a long night of endless penetration. Measurements: 8.5 inches in total length, 7 insertable, 1.65 inches in diameter at widest point

    Available for Purchase

    Wooden Slapper



    On sale for: $27.95

    Master Series

    Punish with authority with this Master Wooden Slapper! The thick, ergonomic wooden handle makes this slapper satisfying to hold and swing while the supple PU leather strap delivers just the right amount of sting for your partner to enjoy. Excellent for all BDSM skill levels for dishing out discipline to your bratty sub!

    Perfect for striking meaty body parts like the upper back, thighs, and booty - this leather slapping toy is an essential for lovers of rough play and BDSM play! The thick handle is easy to manipulate and easy on the eyes with its genuine wooden details and thick leather strap.

    Combine with wrist cuffs, blind folds, and gags for a genuine BDSM experience!

    Measurements: Overall length 18.5 inches, slapper length 10.25 inches, slapper width 2 inches

    Materials: Wood, PU Leather, metal

    Available for Purchase

    The Pen Deluxe Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage



    On sale for: $109.95

    Whether you are putting that penis in timeout or life in prison, this elegant stainless steel chastity cage will assert your control and your partners helplessness. Three different sizes of O-rings are included to find a comfortable or uncomfortable fit, depending on what your slave deserves. The most unique feature of this device, however, is the internal locking system. Insert the key into the brass keyhole and turn to straighten out the lock. The lock can then be inserted into the hinge. With another twist of the key, your slave is left impotent and trapped until you decide to set them free... if that day ever comes!

    Measurements: O-rings are 1.5, 1.75, and 2 inches in diameter. Cage is 2.25 inches in length, 1.3 inches in diameter.

    Material: Stainless steel. Color: Grey.

    Note: Includes locking mechanism and two keys.

    Available for Purchase

    Golden Claw Head Urethral Plug



    On sale for: $52.46

    This claw style urethra insert will stimulate you from the inside out, as each of the ball-tipped arms spreads outward from your head. The tapered tip is round and smooth, with a solid shaft and gold-toned external stimulators. This unique piece of penis jewelry is the perfect piece to top of your cock while enjoying stimulating urethral play. Measurements: 2 inches in total length, 1.55 insertable, 0.35 inches in diameter at shaft, 1.5 inches in diameter at head Material: Stainless steel Color:  Silver, Gold Disclaimer:  Products are intended as novelty only, and no representation is made or implied as to their suitability or safety for any particular use. Purchasers use the products entirely at their own risk. The manufacturer or re-seller is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage or loss howsoever arising caused by use or misuse of the products. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to the products and personal injury or damages due to use or misuse.

    Available for Purchase

    Chastity Cock Cage



    On sale for: $194.96

    Put your man on lock down with this Chastity Cock Cage! With a unique design, this cage will allow your man to pee without having to take off the cage. Made from chrome plated steel, there is no escape once locked into place. Cage includes three different sized rings, which go around the balls and lock the cage in place, to find the perfect fit.

    Available for Purchase

    XL Ribbed Urethral Sound with Hollow Core



    On sale for: $62.95

    Master Series

    This extra fat, ridged urethral insert is an intense way to enjoy advanced urethral play. Designed with a hollow spout for urine or cum to pass through, it has a smooth ball tip to keep it from being inserted too far. The arm supports an outer ring, designed to go around the glans and provide pressure and stimulation. The ribbing on the insertable arm provides a unique sensation, for hardcore sounding enthusiasts who seek exciting new ways to experience erotic insertion.

    Measurements: 1.95 inches in total length, 1.45 insertable, 0.45 in diameter, glans ring measures 1 inch in diameter

    Material: Stainless steel

    Color: Grey

    Disclaimer: These products as with all products on this site are supplied AS IS. No warranty is given either implied or expressed. Products are intended as novelty only, and no representation is made or implied as to their suitability or safety for any particular use. Purchasers use the products entirely at their own risk. The manufacturer or re-seller is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage or loss howsoever arising caused by use or misuse of the products. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to the products and personal injury or damages due to use or misuse.

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    Collar Nipple and Clit Clamp Set



    On sale for: $44.95

    With this chained collar and clamp set, you can connect your playthings sensitive areas while adorned with a seductive chain collar. The clamps feature vinyl-coated ends and will provide constant stimulation. Use your imagination, this devious set can be used on the male anatomy as well. Measurements: - Collar Chain: 11 inches overall length; - Nipple Chain: 12 inches overall length; - Labia Chain: 25 inches overall length.

    Available for Purchase

    Master Series Fever Hot Wax Candle


    Feel the Fever of hot wax play with this paraffin candle. The low melting point keeps the melted wax from getting too hot for flesh, while the lightly scented formula prevents any overpowering aromas from ruining your scene. Be sure to leave a generous amount of distance between your lover's flesh and the burning wick to allow the falling wax some time to cool before coming in contact with their skin. Combine this candle with accessories like blindfolds, restraints, and gags for heightened sensation play!

    Fever comes in a circular metal tin and is 2 inches long with a 2.6 inch width and a 2.6 inch height. Your choice of black, blue or red.

    Note: The paraffin wax melting temperature 122 degrees Farenheit, 50 degrees Celsius.

    Available for Purchase

    Mr. Ed Lockable Silicone Horse Bit Gag



    On sale for: $29.96

    To hinder with this darkly sexy bit gag is a sight indeed. Both the gag and straps are made of flexible premium silicone, perfect for extended wear. The straps are adjustable and feature an optional locking buckle so they stay pleasantly restrained and quiet. 

     Mr. Ed is 25 inches in total circumference, fits heads between 17 and 23.5 inches in circumference. Gag is 5 inches long and 0.8 inches in diameter.

    Available for Purchase

    Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle



    On sale for: $20.96

    Keep your plaything zipped up and under control with this half face zipper muzzle from the Master Series. With a sexy vinyl exterior and zipper mouth hole, you get to decide just how much talking your naughty one gets to do. Covering the lower half of the face, this devious muzzle has a neoprene lining and two breathable nose holes. The elastic bands secure the mask in place while remaining pliable. Once on, this mask will create a sense of confinement without being too overwhelming for the wearer. Measurements: One size fits most.

    Available for Purchase

    Electro Shank Electro Shock Blade with Handle


    This prod-style electro shock device is a devious way to keep your sub in line! The Electro Shank is designed for electro play enthusiasts and curious sadists and masochists alike. Take hold of the comfortable handle while your play thing prepares for a zap! This device delivers an intense shock that is sure to correct your lovers naughty behavior. The sleek, sensual blade is perfect for teasing your sub before delivering the shock! An easy-to-use button allows you to control the length and frequency of the shocks, while the handle and blade are safe to the touch.

    Measurements: 12.5 inches in overall length. Handle measures 6.75 inches in length, 1.75 inches in width.

    Material: Plastic, metal.

    Color: Grey and black.

    Note: Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Use with caution, delivers an intense shock."

    Available for Purchase