Relax Anal Relaxer


Get ready for anal fun! This innovative water-based formula delicately warms and relaxes anal muscles for easy entry. Perfect for both men and women alike, RELAX Anal Relaxer boasts a natural formula that helps prepare for an enjoyable anal experience. Proudly Made in America.

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Doc Johnson Anal Glide Natural Lube



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Made by Doc Johnson, this long lasting thick anal sex lubricant is great for when engaging in strap on sex play or using a butt plug. A special antibacterial numbing ingredient allows for extended use in comfort. Petroleum-based, this lubricant is best when used without condoms. Available in Natural and Hot Cinnamon. Comes in 2 sizes; 3.4 oz and 4.5 oz.

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CG Tush Tease Anal Stimulant Au Natural .7 Ounce


Increase intensity of booty play with Tush Tease. Warm and tingly, this silky serum boosts sensitivity of the anus for heightened pleasures. Perfect for enhancing external anal play.

- Warming and tingly serum, ideal for enhancing anal play.
- Formulated to boost sensitivity and heighten pleasure.
- Fragrance Free.
- Ideal for toy, self and couple's play.
- This product does not contain benzocaine.
- This product does not contain parabens or mineral oil. This product is not tested on animals.

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Endless Love Anal Relaxing Silicone Lubricant 1.7 oz


Endless Love by Body Action Anal Relaxing Silicone Lubricant helps reduce friction and discomfort, with natural relaxing Amyris Oil plus the moisturizing benefits of Jojoba Oil.

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Bathmate Anal Toy Cleaner


Designed with an alcohol-free, paraben-free and totally antibacterial formula, the Bathmate Anal Toy Cleaner keeps your toys completely clean, getting rid of any trace fecal matter, contamination or bacteria. With a totally skin-safe design, the cleaner is perfectly safe to use, but should be kept out of contact with the eyes. The cleaner contains <5% non-ionic surfactants - anionic surfactants: Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone.

Once you’re done with your toys, just give them a wash, then spray and rub in the Bathmate Anal Toy Cleaner, finishing off with a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

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Bathmate Anal Water Based Lubricant - 93ml


Bathmate Anal Lubricant is a personal lubricant specifically designed for anal play. Intended to moisturize and lubricate, it enhances the ease and comfort of play whether with toys or partners. Compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms for safe play.

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Pjur Back Door Glide - 100 ML


One of our products designed for gay men and to enhance anal sex. Check out the combination of silicone lubricant and jojoba.

The long-lasting lubricating properties of the silicone formula and the addition of natural jojoba extracts help relax the anal sphincter while making the skin noticeably soft and supple.

The ingredients are the same as in our Pjur analyse me! Relaxing glide, but in a higher concentration. Pjur BACK DOOR glide is CE-certified and is safe to use with condoms. When paired with Pjur BACK DOOR spray, it forms a perfect team.

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Passion Performance Anal Desensitizing Lube


"This odorless, long lasting lube is water based for easy clean up, with a high concentration of Lidocaine for pain-free back door pleasures. The desensitizing formula helps increase your comfort level, so nothing can hold you back from your anal play. Fast acting, it numbs in minutes yet remains long-lasting. Clean up is easy with simple soap and water."

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The Lube Shooter



On sale for: $8.95

Take the mess from anal sex with The Lube Shooter. This lubricant syringe keeps the gel, oil or cream where you want it and off the sheets, where it could stain. The convenient pack of three disposable lubricant applicators is compatible with every type of personal lubricant. The package comes with one reusable plunger and rubber cap. The syringe works great to reach those hard to get to areas. The applicators are 5 inches long with a 1 inch circumference. Color code your favorite products. The Lube Shooter comes in your choice of blue, grey, pink, purple or red.

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Zero Tolerance Come Hard Anal Water Based Lube 2oz


Formulated for intense anal stimulation. Medium density that's not too watery and not too thick. Silky smooth silicone feel. Use alone or with a partner. Works great for sex. Washes off easily. Condom and toy safe.

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Jo Original H2O Anal Water Based Lubricant


System Jo Anal Personal Lubricant is latex safe. The lubricant comes in an 8-ounce bottle with push top lid. Jo is formulated to last long and never leave a sticky feeling behind. With U.S. FDA regulations backing Jo, you know it is safe.

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Eden Anal Gel 4oz Silicone Lubricant


"For more comfortable and enjoyable anal sex, you need the right lube! This ultra thick formula provides extra cushion to prevent unwanted friction during backdoor bliss. This special formula will keep your skin feeling silky and smooth, is never sticky, and will NOT dry out. Only the highest quality ingredients are used ensuring your highest level of enjoyment. This formula is unscented, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. This lube is long-lasting, odorless, colorless, and tasteless and dispenses from a mess-free, hassle-free bottle.&nbsp; Size: &nbsp;4 fl. oz.&nbsp; Color: &nbsp;Clear.&nbsp; Note: &nbsp;Made in the USA."

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Anal-Ese Cherry Flavored Lubricant


Desensitizing lubricant where less painful anal penetration is desired. Cherry flavored and scented.

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Anal Blue European Formulated Anal Ease


Make sure you feel Blu in your next anal encounter! The Anal Blu tube has a twist off cap for clean storage. Simply apply a small amount of Anal Blu to the rectum and within minutes the desensitizing cream will make anal pleasure that more pleasurable. Being Blu just felt a lot better!

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Rear Entry Desensitizing Anal Lube


Anal penetration should be exciting and sensual, not uncomfortable. That's why Doc Johnson offers Ona Zee's Rear Entry anal analgesic, to desensitize tender rectal tissues and prepare them for what lies ahead.

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China Anal Balm Cream Cherry Flavored


Rub a little of this extra strong 10% benzocaine cream into your backdoor rosebud and wait a few seconds....the sweet cherry-flavored cream will lightly numb the anal area for the easiest backdoor adventuring ever! Oil-free and completely washable too! Apply a small amount of China Anal Balm to rectal area prior to penetration.

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Anal-eze Anal Desensitizing Gel


Brand New Formula.Maximum strength Benzocaine desensitizing gel. Unscented, smooth and slick formula.

Size: 1.5 oz. Gel Tube.

Ingredients: Propylene, Glycol, Benzocaine, Carbomer 940 and Triethanolamine. Cream is Water-Based.

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Anal Lube



On sale for: $9.95

Experience mind-blowing ecstasy with the Anal Lube Original Formula. The water-based lubricant is silky soft and easily slicks on for superior coverage and long-lasting results. The easy to use lube is perfect for spontaneous erotic intimacy that involves unlimited anal play. To enjoy prolonged arousal and stimulation pleasure apply the lube directly on your tush and experience the ride of your life. The water-based formula delivers superior lubricity and is ideal for first-time and experienced users. The unscented, greaseless formula is supplied in a generous 6 Fl Oz/177 ml size transparent bottle with flip cap and is recommended for intimate contact use. The quality lube can be directly applied to your love passage and is also suitable for application on exotic adult toys. Use the lube for tantalizing anal probing and penetration. Lube up, and take your hard and fast love action to superior heights of intensified orgasmic pleasure. Increase your sensual satisfaction during every up close and personal encounter, with this original formula. The non-sticky formula produces the perfect sliding and gliding action for easy and comfortable penetration and insertion. Apply the correct amount of lube to your super sensitive, sweet spot, and prepare for anexplosive climax. The lube can also be directly applied to toys, for precision stimulation. Reapply as and when required. After ultimate climax, wash the lube off with mild soap and warm water.

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Jo Premium Anal Silicone Lubricant


System JO Original are silicon based lubricants. They are super long lasting and water proof. They work great under water, are latex compatible and manufactured under strict FDA guidelines. Available in 2.5 oz or 4.5 oz.

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Jo Premium Warming Anal Silicone Lubricant



On sale for: $19.95

100% latex safe, silicone based personal warming lubricant specifically designed for intimate anal use. Pleasure enhancing lube, uniquely formulated with vitamin E to condition and moisturize the skin. It will never be sticky or tacky, and lasts for a very long time. These products are recommended by doctors and pharmacists. All System Jo lubricants enhance the sense of pleasure, give silky smooth feeling and never feel sticky or tacky. All products are manufactured under strict FDA guidelines.

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