Twister Rechargeable 3 Motor Rabbit Vibrator



On sale for: $83.96

With 3 Twister motors this rabbit will delight you with a complete vaginal experience.  1 motor controls the 3D ripples with which you will feel rotations and wonderful sensations.  The second motor is a vibration rabbit, with a long and flexible bunny the vibrations are specially designed for clitoral stimulation.  Finally, there is the vaginal vibration, a vibration that extends throughout the Twister dildo and that will make you vibrate like never before.   When you insert the black Twister into your vagina, it has a soft, silky, fine and curved tip to stimulate the G-spot.  9 vibration modes, 20 rabbit vibration modes and 20 rotation modes make the possibilities offered by this silicone vibrator are endless.

Twister is 9 inches long with a width of 1.5 inches.  The USB charging cable is included.

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My G Rechargeable Double Stimulation Vibrator



On sale for: $129.71

My G is a toy with double stimulation. With the help of new technologies this vibrator has unique and novel movements  ideal for G-spot stimulation.   It combines this with clitoral suction.  Each section vibrates with either self propelled motion or air pulsing suction.  There are 3 speeds and a variety of patterns to choose from on this silicone double stimulator with 2 powerful motors.  The USB charging cable is included. 

My G is 7 inches long with a width of 1.5 inches.   Your choice of magenta or teal.

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Symphony Rechargeable Silicone Massager



On sale for: $50.96

Shiny and powerful this silicone massager will make your fantasies a reality.  Specially designed for intimate body massages, this multifunction vibrator is compact, powerful and silent.  The black wand with the pink tip will adapt perfectly to all your needs.  Ergonomic and easy to manage, this Symphony boasts 10 vibration modes ideal for relieving muscle tension as well as offering a wide range of intimate and sensual pleasures.

Symphony is 8.27 inches long with a width of 1.46 inches.  The USB cable is included.  

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Mr. Hook Rechargeable Dual Vibrator



On sale for: $95.21

This innovative purple sex toy features an ergonomic design that makes it possible to stimulate both the clitoris and G spot. Thanks to the built in headband you can comfortably place Mr. Hook on the waist or hip to reach orgasm more easily.  With its two silent and powerful motors you will enjoy 10 intensities and different vibrations.  In addition, you can control the toy from the buttons inside the toy or from the command remote and let things get crazy.  The silicone dual vibrator is silent so you can use it outside the home. 

Mr. Hook is 5.54 inches long with a width of 2.25 inches.  

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Mini Bonnie & Clyde Rechargeable Rabbit



On sale for: $71.96

The Mini Bonnie & Clyde Rechargable Rabbit has natural massage waves from the top of the dildo to the bottom.  This purple silicone vibrator is a toy with naughty intentions and she always manages to satisfy. This sex toy manages to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and the G spot, giving you double stimulation.  The rotating tip offers a complete erotic massage combining 10 quiet rotation speeds and 10 vibration intensities. Like a good bunny, it offers you smooth and stable rotations, but when you prefer it, it will offer you powerful and fast stimulations.  Vibration is silent, on the contrary, the rotation can be more conspicuous; however, once in the vagina it is barely heard. 

Minnie Bonnie & Clyde is 7.32 inches long with a width of 1.42 inches.  The USB charging cable is included.

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Femintimate Pelvix Trainer 3 Piece Kit



On sale for: $32.96

A system of re-education offering 3 silicone intravaginal ergonomic devices of different sizes and diameters to exercise and progressively dilate the vaginal canal.  A daily exercise program aims to fully recover the cavity and vaginal elasticity, alleviate dyspareunia (coital pain), and consequently lose fear of penetration.  An alternative, 100% natural solution to hormonal and pharmaceutical treatment.  To use, simply unscrew the Femintimate Pelvix Concept Kegel body and insert the weighted balls. Start with the smallest, lightest ball, and work your way up to the heaviest ball as your pelvic floor gets stronger. When you find that the exercises are easy, even with the heaviest ball, you can add two balls to for an extra challenge.  The pretty pink set comes with instructions and a carrying case.  Enjoy a healthy sex life!

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Caress Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Stimulator



On sale for: $78.71

The Caress Clitoral Stimulator is a massager with as combination of vibrations and rotating movements. With this silicone sex toy it is possible to gently caress the erogenous zones of your body and reach orgasm in the same way. The possibilities of this pink stimulator are endless.   Its 5 interchangable heads will take you through a world of sensations.  Choose a flexible or firm head according to the erogenous zones you want to stimulate. They are easily and intuitively changed.  Includes a USB charging cable.

Caress is 5.5 inches long with a width of 3.8 inches.

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Alive Caribbean Shine Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator



On sale for: $101.21

Caribbean Shine is a rabbit style vibrator with a tapping system (to facilitate squirting) and clitoral air pressure technology.  Alive has a fairly large and flexible head.  The two powerful motors work simultaneously and offer 7 strong and deep vibration patterns and 3 speeds. The silicone vibrator is rechargeable with the included USB plug cable. It can be operated with 3 buttons.

Caribbean Shine is 8.25 inches long with a width of 1.65 inches.  Your choice of pink or blue.

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2X Rechargeable Double Vibrator with Remote



On sale for: $113.21

Double down with a vibrator that has independent motors joined by an extra flexible and resistant silicone cord, suitable for multiple positions.  Ideal for solo or couple's play this purple vibrator includes a sheath for more sensations of pleasure!  The silicone vibrator has 2 powerful and silent motors with 10 vibration modes, adjustable with the remote control.

The Double Vibrator is 22 inches long from tip to tip with a width of 1 inch.

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Palpitation Silicone Egg



On sale for: $74.96

Connect to unlimited pleasure with Adrien Lastic's new vibrating egg: Palpitation. It's controlled through our new Ad Love app. It works with ultra-vaginal vibration. Ergonomic model made with extra soft silicone for climax with deep vibrations.

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Revelation Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Stimulator



On sale for: $71.21

The intimate erotic game that Revelation can give you has many possibilities. Specially designed to suit you, and with a capacity of rechargeable battery per magnet that you can take for granted that these climactic moments will last longer than a few minutes. The material of silicone and ABS with which it is manufactured is extremely soft, in addition, it makes Revelation submersible and incredibly easy to clean. Revelation is a clitoral sucker for demanding people. People who want to enjoy solo pleasure anywhere and at any time. Its technology allows you to satisfy your desires even underwater, and in a totally silent. In addition, it allows you to enjoy its nine function modes in a discreet and extremely pleasant way. You will reach orgasm.

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Pan-T Vibe Silicone Panty Vibe with Remote Control



On sale for: $78.71

Pan-T Vibe is a new way to conceive panty vibes, a concept that will allow you to enjoy its vibrations with your favorite lingerie on. Silent and light, this panty vibe adapts perfectly to the feminine curves, making it easy to wear comfortably and discreetly, thanks to its belt. Its flexible and ergonomic design, allows for maximum contact with the clitoris and for infinite pleasure! Pan-T Vibe has one incredibly powerful motor and 10 vibration modes, which you will be able to scroll through with the exclusive heart shaped remote control, or with the button located on the product at the waist line.

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Touche L Rechargeable Silicone Finger Vibrator



On sale for: $53.96

The smallest and most powerful vibrating finger on the market.
Enjoy new horizons of pleasure with Touch. a small but powerful finger sleeve with vibration, with which, thanks to its round and wide tip, you can reach your G-spot more easily.

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Play Ball Silicone Vibrating Egg



On sale for: $47.21

Play Ball is a vibrating egg that uses your magnificent power to stimulate both men and women in equal measure while having sexual intercourse. Through the command of remote control, you can decide when to provide pleasure inside the vaginal cavity and the glans of the penis during penetrations. And thanks to thin and flexible lanyard that you don't even notice, you'll be sure. The mini vibrating egg has 10 vibration functions different remotely controllable. And with its design ergonomic, it is perfect for playing with your partner outside the home and doing mischief. Break with the routine and enjoy new sensations with Play Ball by Adrien Lastic. You will reach orgasm!

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Femintimate Pelvix Trainer Silicone Kegel Balls Kit



On sale for: $29.96

Pelvix has been designed after exhaustive research, in collaboration with gynaecologists, urologists, physiotherapists and midwives into the constitution of the pelvic floor muscles and the surrounding organs involved in the working of those muscles, such as the vagina, the urethra and the rectum.

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Alive Supremacy Leg Sling


This sling was designed so that you can go deeper for more pleasure between you and your partner! Padded behind the neck and at the thighs for comfort, this positioning aid pulls your play things legs back with ease to allow you greater access than ever before. The neck support will allow your partner to have a more comfortable scope of the show as they watch you do your thing!

Available for Purchase

Alive Fantasy Flogger


Show your partner who's in charge with the Fantasy Flogger. The tresses snap to attention when you flick this flogger across the skin. With a solid handle and no-slip grip, this flogger is perfect for exploring your dominant or submissive side.

Available for Purchase

Moonlight Model 09 Bodystocking


Translucent lingerie with sparkling diamonds all over the corset, you will look mesmerizing! The 09 plus Model beautifully highlights your hips, buttocks and bust area. Do you like shiny and fancy lingerie? Then model 09 plus is for you.

 Sexy translucent and black corset

Shiny diamonds

Deep neckline revealing the shoulders

High elasticity material (88% Nylon, 12% Elastane)

Approx. Women's height 4'9-6'2, weight 165 lbs - 375 lbs

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Moonlight Model 03 Dress


Fancy and beautiful dress with a tempting mesh with big and small holes all over. The sexy Model 03 plus will show you what a devil you are, and it will tempt your lover to romantic confessions. The translucent material and its thin and thick straps in perfectly black color will encourage him to do mischief. This model will emphasize your waist and highlight the length of your legs.

 Tempting mesh on the entire surface of a dress

Long sleeves

 Translucent and flexible material

Perfectly black dress with a tempting mesh and straps

 High elasticity material (88% nylon, 12% elastane)

Approx. Women's height 4'9-6'2, weight 165 lbs - 375 lbs

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Alive Vaginal Mini Masturbator


Enjoy the Experience Alive line, they are flexible Mini Masturbators and have interior shapes with which to feel exciting sensations and reach a fantastic climax. With a completely ergonomic design, find 4 different flesh models to choose from. Vaginal Experience, Anal Experience, Oral Experience and Generic Experience.

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