Locking Hinged Cock Ring- Large



Keep it going longer and stronger with these new Locking Hinged Cock Rings. Made from chrome plated brass, these are very effective and easy to use. With one side of the ring hinged, simply unscrew the ring and place around the base of your cock and balls. Then simply close it back up, but make sure to not rush to avoid any pinching of the skin. When completely put on, it will add some weight as you dive into your partner for a good pounding. For the more advanced users and those into CBT, these will work great as ball stretchers. Simply open the ring up and lock it up around the balls and let the weight take over!

Measurements: 2 inches in diameter

Material: Chrome plated brass

Color: Grey

Note: Includes one ring"

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Van Buren Dilator Set



The Van Buren sounds are about 10.5 inches in length, with a J-shaped curve at the tip. The flat handle is made for holding, making it easier to maneuver. The 8 sounds range from 18FR to 32FR. Many recommend this as a starter sounding kit because the J jape prevents the sound from slipping in to far, and they have a moderate diameter.

Measurements: 10.5 inches in length

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Grey

Note: 8 sounds of varying diameters included

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The Keg Butt Plug


The Keg is an extremely intimidating butt plug. The impressive size and keg shape are sure to provide a challenge for your more extreme anal enthusiasts. The Keg plug is made from PVC for comfort and easy insertion. Flat sturdy, suction-cup base means you can place this on a flat surface and mount

Measurements: 8 inches in total length, 7 insertable, 3 inches in diameter

Material: PVC

Color: Black

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Heavy Steel Butt Plug(Discontineud)


"This steel plug delivers an incredible anal experience! The super-smooth surface provides easy insertion and offers a stimulating cooling sensation to get things started. Once it warms to body temperature, the weight of over a full pound will continue to make its presence felt during any other entertainment you have planned! Measurements: 5 inch overall length, 4.88 inch insertable diameter, 1.62 inch max insertable diameter Material: Steel"

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Pierceless Nipple Ring



On sale for: $5.21


Dress up your chest with this sexy nipple ring, no piercing required! Simply place your nipple between the two tension beads and the ring will hold itself in place. Enjoy the added bonus of a light nipple-clamping sensation as your partner admires the beautiful silver glittering against your skin. You can even use it to decide if you like the look of a nipple ring before committing to a real piercing!

Measurements: 1.28 inches in diameter

Material: Metal

Color: Silver

Note: Price is for one (1) nipple ring"

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Collins Speculum



A must for any medical fetish toy kit! This Collins speculum is made from lusterless surgical stainless steel and finished with a high gloss shine. The high quality craftsmanship gives it a smooth and comfortable feeling as it slips inside of you. No rough edges or scratches here. This device is normally used by physicians to peer deep inside your private areas. Now you can peer deep inside these same areas and let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities of fun that can be had.

Measurements: 4.375 inches in length, opens up to 2.75 inches wide

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Grey"

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13 Piece Rosebud Sounds Kit



On sale for: $99.95

Increase your sexual pleasures with this rosebud sounds kit. This kit is comprised of 13 individual chrome plated steel sounds measuring 12 inches long and varying in size from 1mm to 13mm in diameter. These sounds are great for urethral play, which involves stimulating and stretching the urethra for maximum pleasure. The sounds have a bulbous head at the end of the shaft, therefore giving them the rosebud moniker. We recommend that you use sounds cautiously. It is very possible to damage the urethral area, especially if you also use them in the context of electro-stimulation. Make sure that you and/or your partner are experienced in the use of sounds before using them for urethral play. Measurements: 12 inches in length Material: Chrome plated steel Color: Grey Note: 13 sounds of varying diameters

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The Missile Butt Plug


"Strap in and go for a explosive ride with The Missile Butt Plug. With a tapered tip and smooth texture, it will rocket up your ass in no time! While it is going deep inside, you will also feel extra stimulation from the three ridges. Its flat base allows you to set it down for easy mounting and hands-free action as well.

Measurements: 8.5 inches in total length, 8.25 insertable, 3.5 inches in diameter

Material: PVC

Color: Black"

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Double Sided Snap Hook


"Great to use with bondage equipment, this snap will allow you to connect any two items, given they both have a secure connection point, to each other. Now you can take your bondage play to the next level and add other objects and or equipment to your bondage sessions.

Measurements: 3.5 inches in length

Material: Metal

Color: Grey"

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Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed



The Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed is capable of totally immobilizing its occupant between two sheets of 0.4mm latex rubber! When you hook your vacuum up to the beds reinforced vacuum attachment port, the latex bag will immediately be sucked tight around the wearer, instantly shrink wrapping them into submission. Since the PVC frame has holes all around the perimeter of the bed the vacuum seal will be tight and uniform. Using the Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed is simple. The dom places their bondage partner inside the vacuum bed, ensuring that they can breathe safely through the vacuum beds breathing hole. The dom then closes the zipper that runs the length of the side of the vacuum bed and makes sure that their bondage partner is comfortable before attaching the vacuum cleaner to the connector at the bottom. The 1.5 inch PVC connector will fit most household vacuums.

Measurements: 78 inches in length, 39 inches in width, 0.4mm thick

Material: Latex, PVC

Color: Black

Note: Caution should be taken when using the vacuum bed. Never leave anyone unattended in a vacuum bed and never use this device for self-bondage."

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Chrome Slave Collar with Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $72.71

"Go into lockdown with this sleek, high quality steel chrome collar. This model features a set of adjustable broad tip nipple clamps attached with matching 11 inch chrome chains. The included hex key locks this collar down tight so they will feel nothing but cool steel. Available in Small/Medium: 4.79 inches in internal diameter (15.07 inch circumference), collar band is 0.85 inches wide and 0.26 inches thick and Medium/Large: collar band is 0.85 inches wide and 0.26 inches thick."

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Black Magic XL Fucking Machine


"You are looking at the ultimate in flexibility. Black Magic is the evolution of the Tripod design, but takes a radically different approach. Black Magics unique frame uses a series of joints to deliver unparalleled positioning capabilities. This machine can be positioned at any height from floor level up to about 40 inches and 52 inches with optional extension arm. The positive locking joints adjust quickly and easily - one turn loose to move, one turn tight to lock -- and close to a rock solid connection. The thrust arm can be pointed anywhere from straight up to straight down, at any height! Black Magic XL is fabricated in steel, and powder coated a sexy gloss black for extreme durability, and provides more power and a longer stoke than the smaller version. The machine locks down into a compact folded position for convenient transportation and storage. It is extremely quiet, and has excellent performance. No matter what your facilities, Black Magic XL is a superb choice for highly adjustable, orgasmic action. Measurements and Power: Size: 19 inches x 6 inches x 12 inches (head unit, maximum dimensions) 28 inches x 17 inches x 10 inches (folded) Weight: 42-44 Pounds. Stroke Lengths: 2 inches to 8 inches, seven positions. Stroke Speeds: 0 to 240 strokes per minute. Horsepower and Torque: 1/8th HP, 30 in-lb. Standard Features: Welded steel with gloss black powder coat finish. 360-degree positive locking joint. Standard dildo system, platform arm with strap (options available). Detachable 12-foot power cord and 10-foot hand control. 6 inch and 12 inch extensions included. Note: Extension Arm Sold Separately Dildo System Options Your Black Magic Fucking XL Machine comes with the standard attachment system (shown to the right). The Standard Dildo System consists of a welded steel platform arm and retaining strap. This strap is sewn from Velcro and webbing. This dildo system works well with most dildos that have a wide or flared base, particularly ones with balls. Also available, and sold separately , is the Vac-U-Lock Dildo System (link below). This machined aluminum plug matches the shape used with Vac-U-Lock dildos. This system does require Vac-U-Lock dildos. Note: Dildos are not included. Which Dildo System is right for you? This depends primarily on the type of dildos you own (or plan to purchase). If you do not own dildos presently, we highly recommend the Vac-U-Lock system. It is easier to use and extremely secure. Obviously, the most flexible solution is to own both dildo systems. Important Notes: This product is only available in the US. It will only run on Standard US electrical power. Product is pictured with 14 inch extension arm. Extension Arm is Sold Separately. Extra Available Options: Black Magic 14 Inch Extension Arm. Dildo Doubler. Vac-U-Lock Fucking Machine Adapter. Please allow up to 4 weeks to process orders for this item."

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Jennings Dental Mouth Gag



On sale for: $29.95

"This medical device is used by dentists and oral surgeons to keep mouths open during examinations and surgeries. Made of high quality Stainless Steel with a matte finish Measurements: 5.5 inches in width, opens to 2.5 inches wide Material: Stainless steel Color: Grey"

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Whitehead Ratchet Mouth Gag



On sale for: $56.95

"This medical device is used by dentists and oral surgeons to keep mouths open during examinations and surgeries. Made of high quality stainless steel with a matt finish, it is designed to adjust open and stay open until the catch is engaged at the side. 5.5 inches in length, opens to 2.5 inches wide."

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Intense Impact Cane



On sale for: $15.95


Nothing says S&M like the Intense Impact Cane. The punishment cane is not for the weak, with a solid plastic rod, it will deliver your message loud and clear. Its rubber handle is molded to fit in your fingers perfectly and so no energy is wasted while using. It is sure to leave your mark on your slave. 

The intense impact cane is fof the pure masocist. It will leave a lasting impression and is meant for advanced bdsm play. 

Each cane measures 24.25 inches in length and includes a leather loop for extra handling and easy storage. Comes in either black or red.

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Nickel Snap Clip


"These heavy duty snap clips are an excellent bondage accessory. The snap clip can be used more quickly that other hardware devices. Used to attach 2 cuffs together, secure restraints to a fixed object and much more.

Measurements: 2.25 inches in length, 1.25 in width

Material: Metal

Color: Grey"

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"These heavy duty 3/16 inch quicklinks are an excellent bondage accessory. Used to attach 2 cuffs together, secure restraints to a fixed object and much more. Measures 2 inches long."

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Young Forceps



On sale for: $11.21

"These forceps are the ultimate clamp! These forceps are made from stainless steel and come with removable serrated rubber tips on the end. The rubber tips provide texture for extra pleasure as well as providing extra bite! There are three different locking levels on the forceps for your desired intensity. These forceps can be used on a variety of body parts such as the nipples, labia, penis or scrotum Measurements: 6.5 inches in length Material: Metal, rubber Color: Grey"

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Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit


"Rosebud Sounds are very unique and very effective in urethral stimulation. The bud-like tip causes a highly sensitive, centralized feeling as it slips in and out! Eight 30 cm long fine steel shafts topped with a rosebud or bullet shaped tip in various sizes from approximately 1.6mm to 13mm in diameter included in this set. The sounds are protected in a velvet-lined zipper case.

Measurements: 11.75 inches in length

Material: Steel

Color: Grey

Note: 8 sounds of varying diameters included


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Dittle Sounds Kit


"What makes this sounds kit different? The Dittle Sounds are made out of stainless steel. These babies are also very long. Measuring 11 inches in length. One end is flat, making it a great connector for electrical play! 8 sounds in total make up the set, which run from 8 to 22 french. The sounds are protected in a velvet-lined zipper case. Measurements: 11 inches in length Material: Stainless steel Color: Grey Note: 8 sounds of varying diameters included"

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