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CleanStream Shower Enema Set



On sale for: $42.95

Be confident and prepared for anal sex. The CleanStream Shower Enema Set lets you be in control of your cleansing experience. Included in the CleanStream Shower Enema Set is one narrow 3.50 inch steel nozzle, one large 5 inch steel nozzle, one 6 foot steel hose, one stainless steel valve to regulate the flow of water and 5 rubber washers. The CleanStream Shower Enema Set easily fits over your existing shower head using the simple screw on valve. Then attach one of the two nozzles onto the end of the steel hose. Now, it is ready to use. Turn on your shower and use the switch located on the valve to regulate the flow of water. Water will flow in the direction the valve points. An easy to follow installation guide is included on the back of the box.

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10CC Syringe


10CC Syringe without needle, good for catheter or rectal inflation.

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Rectal tube w/inflator and single balloon



On sale for: $142.95

Only for extreme enema play. This european enema device increases the depth of the nozzle when administering an enema. The extra long enema tube is 11 inches and can be insert up to 11 inches. It has a high quality valved hand pump which inflates the rubber balloon which houses the tube and nozzle. After insertion the balloon can be pumped up and widens securing itself inside the intestine preventing the user from expelling it but also allows fluids to pass into the patient. If the orange tube is sealed the balloons presence makes a barrier to prevent elimination until the chosen or desired time.

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60cc Syringe



On sale for: $6.95

The 60cc syringe has a flat top piston and comes with a catheter tip. Meant for a single use, the syringes are fully sterile and come marked in both cubic centimeters (cc) and ounces (oz). A cc is the same as an ml (milliliter). A protective cap is included. Made from latex free, disposable plastic.

Unisex Douche Enema


The Unisex Douche or Enema Set is durable, compact and easy to use. The 5 piece set contains a 2 liter blue, folding douche bag, a 4 foot clear threaded tube with a tap, a suction cup wall mount, a 3.50 inch threaded vaginal spout and a 2.75 inch anal attachment. The plastic suction hook adheres to most surfaces to hold up the douche bag. The bag has a plastic hanger to loop over the wall mount. The 4 foot tube's tap allows for control of both the pressure and flow of the liquid. Both of the attachments evenly disperse the fluid and are easily interchanged. The reusable enema and douche kit comes apart easily for cleaning. All 5 pieces should be cleaned after every use with warm, soapy water. Make sure to flush the fill tube repeatedly to avoid future clogging as dried fluids could build up.

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Fetish Fantasy Elite Unisex Douche Enema Silicone Water Bulb


Getting clean has never been such dirty fun with the Fetish Fantasy Elite Douche/Enema System! Designed to be both pleasurable and practical, this silicone water bulb is comfortable, easy-to-use and safe for beginners. The medical-style squeeze ball is soft, pliable, and made from 100% medical-grade Elite Silicone. It's phthalate-free, latex-free, nonporous and the safest sex toy material on the market today!

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Universal Water Works System


Multi-use system easily attaches to shower, bath, or sink! Versatile attachments make this the perfect bathroom accessory for intimate water play. Directional valve adapter installs easily to switch from shower head or faucet to the Universal Water Works System. Includes: Directional valve adapter, 3 variable spray attachments, hand-held on/off control, 6/1.828 meters of non-tarnishing, nickel-free, non-crimping flexible hose, and spare washers. Instructions included.

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Butt Bong


Be prepared to chug with an innovative twist on enema play! The Butt Bong will redefine your idea of party time.

This product features a design reminiscent of a beer bong from your college days. The Butt Bong starts with an aluminum funnel connected to a 14 inch tube. However, unlike a typical beer bong, this device features a thru-hole butt plug at the other end of the tube, allowing one to insert and wear the bong with ease. With two different sizes, you will find a proper fit to ensure that the fluid of your choice is easily passed through the funnel and into the anal cavity.

- Aluminum plug and funnel
- Overall length: 22 inch/59 cm
- Small plug diameter: 1.5 inch/3.8 cm;
- Large plug diameter: 1.75in/4.4cm.

Compatible with all lubes

CleanStream Premium Silicone Enema Set


The Silicone Enema Set is one of the most comprehensive, quality kits on the market. Those drug store enema kits can not match our bag capacity, which holds up to 1 gallon of fluid, and also comes with extra accessories and is made with superior workmanship. Set includes silicone enema bag, 4 tips, flexible hose, hose clamp, and carrying case Measurements:  Holds up to 1 gallon of fluid Material:  Silicone Color:  White

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CleanStream Essentials Enema Kit and Butt Plug


Get everything you need for you next enema/anal play session with this Essentials Enema Kit. First get cleaned up and prepped for your anal play with the Enema Bulb. Holding up to 300mL of fluid, it makes enema play easy and pleasurable. The top unscrews for quick and easy filling, as well as it being smooth, soft and pliable for the utmost comfort while being inserted. Once clean, you can start using the Anal Pacifier to achieve your orgasm! With a mid-bulb and tapered tip, it is designed to hit your p-spot for amazing stimulation. At the bottom there is a ring incorporated for ultimate control and handling while in use. Measurements: - Enema Bulb without Tip: 5.5 inches in length and 9.75 inches in circumference at widest point; - Enema Bulb Tip: 5 inches in length and 2.75 inches in circumference at widest point; - Anal Pacifier: 3.5 inches in length and 4.75 inches in circumference at widest point.

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CleanStream Disposable Applicator


This Disposable Applicator is perfect for quick and easy enemas and douches. Simply unscrew the smooth tip from the bulb and fill with the liquid of your choosing, screw back on, and then insert for a pleasurable cleanse. Holds 150 ml of liquid. ABS plastic.

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CleanStream Enema Bulb Blue


The CleanStream Enema Bulb is a great option to those looking for a quick and easy fix. Simply add fluid to the bulb, screw the nozzle tight and secure the seal. This Enema Bulb is perfect for travel and cleanup is a cinch. Designed for quick cleaning without the need for time-consuming set-up. Bulb is approx. 4.25 inches long and 9.5 inches in circumference; Nozzle is 2.5 inches in insertable length. Available in colors blue or red. Material: Rubber and ABS Plastic

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Wide Shower Enema Nozzle


Add a clean, industrial edge to your enema play with this brushed aluminum shower nozzle from CleanStream. This smooth tapered tip glides in easily and features five outlet holes at the end that provide water flow. Aluminum is a perfect material for this application as it is sturdy, lightweight, and does not rust. Fill up and flush out in style with your new Wide Shower Enema Nozzle! Measurements: 5.38 inch overall length, 4.5 inch insertable length, 1.51 inch max insertable diameter, 0.875 inch diameter threaded connection Material: Aluminum

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CleanStream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit



On sale for: $17.95

The CleanStream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit is an easy-to-use and effective cleaning system that has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse. This kit includes one tapered tip, one nozzle tip, one easy-hang hook, a flow control clamp, adapter, and 5 feet of flexible tubing. The water bottle is made of premium, durable rubber and holds approximately 2 quarts of liquid. Measurements: 2 quart (1900 ml) capacity bag, 5 foot long flexible tube, Nozzle Tip is 5 inches insertable length, 0.63 inch max insertable diameter, Tapered Tip is 2 inches insertable length, 0.45 inch max insertable diameter Material: Rubber, ABS

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CleanStream Silicone Comfort Enema Nozzle Attachment


With the CleanStream Silicone Comfort Enema Nozzle, you can add length and flexible comfort to your anal cleansing routine. This pure silicone nozzle attaches directly to your CleanStream metal shower system or any of our CleanStram enema bag systems. With added length, flexibility, and soft, supple silicone material, your cleansing sessions will be much more enjoyable. Measurements: 10 inch overall length, 9.38 inch insertable length, 0.77 inch diameter Material: Silicone, ABS

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3 Quart CleanStream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit


The CleanStream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit is an easy to use and effective cleaning system that has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse. This kit includes one tapered tip, one nozzle tip, one easy hang hook, a flow control clamp, leak proof hose adapter, and 5 feet of flexible tubing. The water bottle Is made of durable runner, and holds approximately 3.2 quarts, or 3000ml of liquid.

Size: 3.2 quarts/ 3000ml max volume

Material: Rubber, ABS plastic

Color: Blue

Note: For anal or vaginal use

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CleanStream In-Line Accelerator Bulb


The CleanStream In-Line Bulb Accelerator is a Higginson syringe one-way pump. This bulb and nozzle combo sends liquid from one end submerged in liquid to the other end fitted with a tapered nozzle. The nozzle may be inserted into the rectum or into another device, such as CleanStream Inflatable Butt Plug, Double Bulb Bardex-Style, or a Bag Drip System. Inserting the In-Line Accelerator into another device gives extra control to pump liquid in a steady stream. A must have for someone who enjoys medical bondage fetish.

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CleanStream Water Bottle Douche Kit


The CleanStream Water Bottle Douche Kit is an easy-to-use and effective douche system. It has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse. The kit includes one enema tip, one vaginal tip, one stopper and hook, a shut-off clamp, adapter, and tubing. The water bottle is made of premium durable rubber and holds approx. 2 quarts/1900 ml of liquid. Enema tip is approx. 5 inches long and vaginal tip is approx. 2.5 inches long. Tubing is approx. 5 feet long.

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CleanStream Deluxe Enema Bulb



On sale for: $16.95

Make your enema session quick and pleasurable with the Deluxe Enema Bulb. With an easy grip design on the bulb, you will have ultimate control. Included with the bulb is a long nozzle with carved ends.

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CleanStream Enema Tip Set


The Enema Tip Kit is a popular enema kit that works well with our high end enema bags. Enjoy a variety of tips of your pleasure and insertion in the most intimate of places. Set includes: Male to Male Adapter: .625 inches long and 0.5 inches wide Wide Bulb: 2.5 inches long and 1 inch in width, at widest point. Thin Bulb: 2.5 inches long and 0.5 inches in width, at widest point. Long Bulb: 3 inches long and 0.75 inches in width, at widest point. Stem with Bulb: 5.25 inches long and 0.75 inches in width, at widest point. NOTE: Compatible with hoses with a diameter of 0.4-0.5 inches. Please allow for some variation due to pliability and thickness of materials. We recommend the AE270 Shower Cleansing System. materieals: ABS Plastic

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