Super Large Inflatable Butt Plug


Take your anal play to the next level with this 6.75 inch plug that expands from 8 up to 14.50 inches inside you for an amazingly full feeling and incredible stretch. The smooth black rubber plug expands with each squeeze of the ball pump, and quickly deflates with a turn of the pressure-release valve.

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Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt Plug


The Three Bumps for your Rump Butt Plug, is a huge black butt plug with three ridges that resemble cock heads. The butt plug has a suction cup bottom so that it can be placed on any surface for hands free pleasure. This is an excellent toy for ambitious power bottoms, and fisting enthusiasts.

- Small: 8 inch in total length, 7.5 inch insertable length, 7 inch in circumference and 2.25 inch in width (circumference and width given at widest point
- Medium: 10 inch in total length, 9.5 inch insertable length, 8 inch in circumference and 2.5 inch in width (circumference and width given at widest point)
- Large: 11 inch in total length, 10 inch insertable length, 12 inch in circumference and 3.5 inch in width (circumference and width given at widest point)

Each of these plugs offers a unique and stimulating sensation . Each plug is designed with three heads that taper wider as you insert the plug deeper . Flat sturdy, suction-cup base allows for the plug to be placed on a flat surface and mounted

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American Bombshell Big Boy Dildo


At 12 inch tall, it's no wonder we call this one the Big Boy! This cock has an insertable length of 9.8 inch and a 7.2 inch girth. The veiny shaft and curved head promise intense sensations while the handle base offers maneuverability. Made of gun metal gray PVC featuring our antibacterial Sil-A-Gel.

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Mister Fister Multi Speed Vibrating Fist


Master the next level of insertion with this smooth, lifelike rubber fist. The life size replica offers realistic pleasure. Dial up your pleasure with the addition of powerful, multi-speed vibration. Just turn the easy to use twist controller located at the base. Perfect for vaginal or anal use, just lube up and get ready for intense penetrating pleasure.

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Ammo Shell Large Anal Dilator Plug


This girthy rectal dilator will open you up wide and give an incredible feeling of fullness. The tapered tip helps ease it in, which the flared base keeps it in place. Whether you use it for pleasure or to help widen yourself in anticipation of larger insertable, this plug is an excellent way to stretch you to your limits.

5 inches in total length, 4.75 insertable, 1.95 inches in diameter at widest point

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Expand XL Inflatable Anal Plug


Take ass play to the next level with the Expand XL Inflatable Butt Plug. This impressive anal plug expands inside the anus, providing a full feeling with an incredible stretch. The smooth plug comes to a tapered round tip for easy insertion, while the flared base ensures easy retrieval and comfort. You can quickly deflate the plug by pressing the release button at the top of the valve. This sizeable inflatable butt plug is designed to deliver customized pleasure so you can enjoy solo sessions or take turns with your plaything...

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Anal Twist


Prepare to be plundered with this extreme twist stick! The Anal Twist is 11.5 inch total length with a gently rippled shaft. You can wield this probe with ease due to its firm handle or have your partner serve you! It is non-phthalate and made of PVC that is specially formulated with our antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula.

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The Hand - Huge Dildo for Fisting


This lifelike hand is designed for extreme situations! The Hand measures an amazing 16 inches long and 9 inches in circumference at its widest point making this a vey big sex toy for fisting your partner during sex. The perfect toy for your ultimate desires! The Dildo will leave you gaping. This is the perfect sex toy for the person who is always looking for something bigger.

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Doc Johnson Anal Push Silagel Wand


Doc Johnson's PVC Anal Push is a slim flexible wand with a phallic head and a baton handle for easy grip. 

Made from non-phthalate body-safe material, which includes Doc's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. 

The black Anal Push is 12.40 inches long with an insertable length of 6.5 inches and a width of 1 inch.

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American Bombshell Bunker Buster Dong


The Bunker Buster never leaves an orgasm behind! This enormous 10.7 inch dong is heavily ribbed for your pleasure. The thick head flares to a full 10 inch circumference before tapering to the 9 inch circumference shaft. The Bunker Buster features a suction cup base that allows you to secure it to almost any smooth, flat surface. Looking to play with the big boys? The Bunker Buster is for you!

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American Bombshell Ballistic Dong


The Ballistic packs a serious wallop! This magnificent 10.5 inch dong has a heavily veined shaft, bulbous head and thick, weighty balls. Every aspect of this enormous dong has been built for serious pleasure. The Ballistic features a suction cup base that allows you to secure it to almost any smooth, flat surface. Surrender to unyielding pleasure with the Ballistic.

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American Bombshell Shellshock Anal Plug


Ten Hut! Shockingly satisfying, this tactical bedroom toy! Ultra-rounded and super wide this American Bombshell offers a flat base for heavy action, perfect for rigorous solo play or with your favorite solider! Made of stunning Gun Metal PVC, this toy is phthalate-free, body safe, and features Doc Johnson's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula.

- Small: 6 inch tall with a hefty 9.11 inch girth;
- Large: 8.5 inch tall with a hefty 10.36 inch girth.

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American Bombshell Little Boy Anal Plug


The American Bombshell Little Boy Anal Plug is the perfect plug for single-action stimulation! The rounded head and flared base makes this an explosive addition to any bedroom adventure. This huge butt plug will stretch your outer limits. This butt plug measures 6.25 inches long and 6.90 Inches in girth;

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American Bombshell Destroyer Anal Plug


This impressive toy lives up to its name! The Destroyer will thrill size-seekers with its ultra-bulbous graduated ribbing and massive base for rough play. Featuring 8 inch in usable length, and an enormous 13.18 inch girth; this all-American bad boy ensures explosive action in the bedroom! Made of stunning Gun Metal PVC, the Destroyer is phthalate-free, body safe, and features Doc Johnson's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula.

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American Bombshell B Tango Probe


The triple ripple design of the B Tango is heavy artillery for your anal mission. The flat base keeps it steady while the rounded tip offers easy entry. The Vac--Lock compatible butt plug is made of PVC . Available in gun metal black and cherry bomb red. Your choice of small (7 inches long, 6.50 insertable inches with a 2.25 inch diameter) or large (10 inches long, 9.20 insertable inches with a 3.20 inch diameter).

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Red Boy Anal Wand


Red-hot sex will come easy with our Red Boy Anal Wand. 8 inch toy is created to satisfy any hungry appetite, Red Boy Anal Wand can take whatever you can dish out and more. These plugs are made from non-phthalate, body safe material, which includes Doc's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. Proudly made in America.

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Titanmen Intimidator Plug


Get the last word in male toys, from your heroes at TitanMen Toys. The Intimidator - 11 inches of raw sexual satisfaction. Firm yet forgiving. Substantial enough for the man who knows how to play. The ribbed plug that will increase your pleasure the more you use it. So all thats left to ask is...just how far down can you go? Made in the USA of Doc Johnsons signature rubber containing Sil-A-Gel, the anti-bacterial agent that protects you and your toys.

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Titanmen Tools Ass Master/Servant Huge Butt Plug


And now for something completely different.... The TitanMen Collection from Doc Johnson now has the Ultimate Anal Stimulator. Designed for ass play, these butt plugs will fill you up. Curved and shaped just right, these butt plugs are what separate the men from the boys. Made of Doc Johnson's signature TPR, the dual density plugs with their indestructible outer skin and cushy interior fill will leave you gasping and grasping for more. And as with all Doc Johnson's rubber products, these butt plugs contain our exclusive Sil-A-Gel Anti-Bacterial Agent. So come take a ride on the wild TitanMen express and experience the ultimate in Anal Stimulation. Suitable for Female play too!!!

Small (Servant): 4.5 inches long and 3.75 inches in diameter.
Medium (Master): 9 inches long and 4.5 inches in diameter.

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Basix Rubber Works - Fist of Fury


Feel the Fists of Fury. Our American-made rubber anal toy is 100 percent phthalates and latex-free, environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. Let your imagination take you to places you did not dare go in your bondage roleplaying sexual fantasies. This huge butt plug is sure to test your limits. AThis item is 11.5 inches of pure enjoyment and has a 3.25 inch diameter.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Basix Rubber Works - Fist of Fury'. Please check back later.

Anal Fantasy Silicone Butt Plug



On sale for: $7.46

Silicone Plug has a tapered tip for easy entry, a bulb that provides extra sensation, and a narrow neck that allows your muscles to wrap around and hold it in. The ergonomic design of the base ensures it won't slip too far inside while still fitting comfortably between your cheeks.

Our ultra-hygienic Elite Silicone is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and can be worn all day for long-lasting fun. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with the included Refresh Toy Cleaner and warm water.

Every Anal Fantasy box features a FREE 5-Piece Prep Kit to help you ease into comfort and clean up afterwards. The kit includes 2 finger sleeves, anal desensitizing cream, anal lube, and toy cleaner.

- Mini Small Anal Plug: insertable length: 3 inch (7.5 cm) and width: 1 inch (2.5 cm);
- Small Anal Plug: insertable length: 3.5 inch (9 cm) and width: 1.5 inch (4 cm);
- Medium Anal Plug;insertable length: 4.25 inch (11 cm) and width: 1.75 inch (4.5 cm);
- Large Anal Plug: insertable length: 4.25 inch (11 cm) and width: 2 inch (5 cm);
- XL Anal Plug: insertable length: 4.75 inch (12 cm) and width: 2.5 inch (6.5 cm);
- Mega Anal Plug: Insertable length: 5 inch (12.5 cm) and width: 3 inch (7.5 cm).

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