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Master Series Caged Cougar Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage



On sale for: $119.21

Find an elegant and unique way of caging your beast by choosing this Caged Cougar Locking Chastity Cage! The open mouth and eyes create a cum-thru tip that lets you wear it long-term. You can shower, bathe, urinate or ejaculate with it on without issue. There are three graduated rings to choose from so you can adjust the size for a comfortable and secure fit for yourself or your submissive. Two identical keys are included which lock the cock-ring and cage together so it stays secured on the shaft. Enjoy the look of this sleek cougar as it rests against the balls! Made of stainless steel, it is nickel-free and phthalate-free, compatible with all lubricant types, easy to clean and built as a durable, long-lasting, quality item you'll enjoy for years!

First, try on the three rings to find one that fits comfortably and securely over your balls and shaft. It should not cut off circulation, cause numbing or be difficult to take off. To put a ring on, treat it like any other cock ring and slip one testicle at a time through the ring, then pull the flaccid penis through. Adding a little bit of lubrication helps make this process smoother. Once you've found the right size ring, slip the cougar head cage over your shaft while it is flaccid, connect the ring to the cage and lock it in place using one of the keys. To make this experience more intimate and meaningful, involve a partner, Keyholder or Mistress/Master so they can put it on for you and then carry the key to your freedom around their neck. For safety reasons, keep a spare key somewhere you can access for emergencies. After use, remove the cage and clean it with toy cleaner, an isopropyl alcohol spray, or boil it in hot water.

Measurements: Cage: 2.5 inches x 1.6 inches x 2 inches. Cage opening diameter: 1.25 inches. Ring inner diameters: 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, 2 inches.

Materials: Stainless steel

Key Features:

  • Stunning Design: This stainless steel cougar head adorns your caged beast so you and your Mistress can enjoy a unique and stunning look!
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Two identical keys are included that lock the cage and the cock ring together so your shaft is kept securely imprisoned.
  • Cum-Thru Tip: The end of this chastity cage is the cougar's open mouth. It serves as a cum-thru tip that allows for long-term wear.
  • Three Rings: Adjust to the size that fits best with three graduated rings to choose from!
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    Total Submission Cage


    Seal up your partner_s penis in a cock cage that includes a solid sheath that surrounds the penis in hard metal that firmly prevents any erections. This kinky way to play is perfect for couples exploring BDSM play and for experiencing the intense orgasm that follows when it has been denied. This cock cage set includes a ring that secures around the testicles to restrict blood flow and increase their sensitivity for more intense sensations when aroused.

    Available for Purchase

    Ultimate Cock Tease Cage


    The Ultimate Cock Tease Cage is a cylinder-shaped chastity device that provides a nearly solid enclosure to the shaft, exposing just the tip. When the Ultimate Cock Tease Cage is worn, the wearer can experience the way that denying sensation heightens arousal to explosive new levels. With a separate ring to wear around the testicles, this chastity device offers a kinky sensation boost. Lock the device in place using the included padlock to keep him securely entrapped.

    Available for Purchase

    Enslave Cock Cage


    Train your submissive to control the urge to sexually satisfy himself with a metal cage that secures him comfortably behind bars. The Enslave Cock Cage exposes some of the shaft to provide direct skin-to-skin contact while still keeping him locked in. Use the included padlock to ensure that the wearer doesn't escape while you tease and stimulate other erogenous zones. Perfect for couples looking to intensify their sexual experiences with intense teasing!

    Available for Purchase

    Urethral Play Cage Stainless Steel


    Intensify your partner play with the denial of an erection as a firm metal bulb makes its way into your rear.. Enjoy torturously satisfying sensations with a device to keep your partner wanting more. This multi-pleasing toy is made to hit all the spots. The cool, hard sensation of the ring around the penis extends to the often-ignored perineum area with its extension that comfortably buries into the butt to target pleasure zones.

    Available for Purchase

    Cock Cage With Anal Stimulator


    Intensify your partner play with the denial of an erection as a firm metal bulb makes its way into your rear. The cool, hard sensation of the ring around the penis extends to the often-ignored perineum area with its extension that comfortably buries into the butt to target pleasure zones. Enjoy torturously satisfying sensations with a device to keep your partner wanting more. This multi-pleasing toy is made to hit all the spots.

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    Spring Chastity Cage


    Lock Your Man Up and Discipline Him. This Curved Shaped Stainless Steel Male Chastity Device is Designed for Comfort and Restriction.   Choose between 40mm, 45mm and 50mm C-Ring Size to Fit Your Slave.

    Available for Purchase

    Bird Cage Chastity Device


    This High Quality Stainless Steel Bird Cage Chastity Device is Smooth and comfortable to Wear. Prevents erection and masturbation in the context of erotic BD/SM role play. You can wear it quickly and easily.  You Need The Key to Unlock and Remove the Device.

    Comes in 3 Different Size Inner Diameter C-Ring: 40mm, 45mm and 50mm.

    Available for Purchase

    Master Series Midas 18K Gold-Plated Locking Chastity Cage



    On sale for: $180.71

    This 18K Gold-Plated Locking Chastity Cage is the perfect gift for your special submissive or lover. Keep them locked up, but with exquisite care and high-class style! With 18k gold plating, this stainless steel cage is also durable, strong, and long-lasting. It's non-porous so it can be exposed to any lubricant type without concern and is easy to clean with soap and water or specific cleaning fluids. It has a cum-thru open tip for extended chastity play so the wearer can urinate, shower, and any fluids that come out of their body will not be stuck at the head of the cage. With two different, graduated rings to choose from, you'll find your perfect fit but make sure to measure yourself accurately beforehand. The rings fit around the shaft and the balls, nestled directly against the pubic area. There are two identical keys included; one to wear around the keyholder's neck and the other kept safe in case of emergencies as a back-up.

    Have your partner, the keyholder, put the cage on your flaccid shaft. If it's difficult to push the shaft into the cage, use a string around the corona and weave it through the cum-thru tip so you can pull it into the cage rather than trying to push it inside. A little lube helps it slip inside, as well. Make sure you have the right size ring on and you slip it over first; insert one testicle, then the next, then the penis last just as if you are putting on a cock-ring. Then follow that with the cage and place it on as described above. Once it's on, lock it into place. The weight of it gently pulls down against your shaft and is heavy against your balls. The cold metal begins to warm up to your body temperature. Even in low light, the gold shines so bright that you feel like your locked-up rod is expensive and valuable. Now, your keyholder places the key on a chain and wears it around their neck. You can't stop looking at them and the key; they hold your freedom and you must find out what you must do and endure to get it back!

    Measurements: Cage is approximately 3.4 inches in length. Cage opening is 1.3 inches x 1.2 inches. Ring diameters: 2.06 inches and 2.14 inches (52 and 54 mm).

    Materials: Gold-plated stainless steel

    Key Features:

  • Gold Plated Cage: This gilded cage is 18k gold that plates tough, stainless steel and is completely nickel-free.
  • Two Graduated Rings: Choose between a 52mm or 54mm ring that will fit around both the penis and the balls.
  • Cum-Thru Tip: This open tip is perfect for extended chastity play and allows the wearer to urinate.
  • Two Keys to Lock It: Comes with two identical keys to lock the cage with.
  • Available for Purchase

    Master Series Entrapment Deluxe Locking Chastity Cage



    On sale for: $149.96

    Entrap your partner's excitable member with this Deluxe Locking Chastity Cage! If they've been too obsessed with their own arousal, it may be time to lock them up! Slide on this stainless steel cage and lock it in place so they only think of you, the Keyholder, for as long as you keep them captive! Make them earn their release in whatever devious way you desire! This cage comes with 4 components; two different ball ring sizes to get a comfortable fit and two different caps that can be removed separately from the cage. The closed cap is for shorter play and doesn't allow the wearer to urinate, cum, or be stimulated. The cap with a hole, in the end, is the 'cum-thrutip'. It can be worn so the wearer can continue to wear it for long sessions that can last as long as days, weeks, or maybe even months! They can easily shower with the cage on and urinate. Finally, the cage can be worn without any tip at all which allows for the tip to be teased but still restricts the wearer from being able to comfortably get too excited. Use the key to lock the cap in place again or remove it. The holes on the side of the ball ring allow for ventilation and the stainless steel does not rust. It is non-porous so it can be used with any type of lubricant. Use one of the two keys provided to lock them in place and keep the other somewhere safe for emergencies. To clean during use, take a shower and use mild soap to clean the sides of the cage and rinse it. After it is removed, you may use cleaning solutions or boil the steel and use isopropyl alcohol to thoroughly clean it.

    You've made an agreement with your Dominant partner and in their hand is the shining, metal cage that will hold you captive until they say otherwise. With a little lube, they slip the ball ring over your testes, one testicle at a time, and then pull the penis through. Their key is ready as they place the cap of their choosing over the top and lock it in place. To your surprise, they pause and place the caps to the side. The cockring part of the cage is locked into place already and the tip of your cock pushes out the end of the metal tube. They decide to take the tip of their finger and trace around the head. It causes you to twitch and pulse uncomfortably against the metal. They flick the head of your cock hard with their fingers, laughing. The sensation is sharp and painful. Your cock retreats back, shrinking, as you get your breath under control; They won't be happy if you allow yourself to get too excited over the attention. With another click, they place the cum-thru tip on the end of the cage and that's why you know it will be a long session. You may not know how long it will be until you can touch yourself again. Nervous, you watch the key slip onto a necklace and get pulled over Their neck. They scoff and laugh at your pitiful member, locked up without escape until They say it's time to release you. It begins to sink in just how much power over your own pleasure you've given to Them and although it should make you shudder in fear, it makes you quiver with desire, instead.

    Measurements: Cage is approx.3.6 inches long x 1.7 inches wide x 1.4 inches high. Ring inner diameters: 1.7 inches, 1.9 inches.

    Materials: Stainless steel

      Note: Keep spare key available at all times in case of emergency.


    Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Cage: This metal cage is made of non-porous, hypoallergenic, nickel-free stainless steel. It is easy to clean and durable.
  • 4 Different Components: This set comes with one solid cap, one cum-thru tip cap, and two different ball ring sizes. The end caps can be removed separately in order to tease the tip of your penis without removing the chastity cage. Choose which ones fit you best per session and use the cum-thru tip for longer periods of chastity!
  • Lock and Keys Included: The cage itself has two built-in locks; one attaches at the top of the ball ring and the other is at the base of the cap. Two keys are included, as well.
  • Perfect for Chastity Play: Control your partner's member and limit how excited they can get with this secure, locking cage!
  • Available for Purchase

    Strict 6 Ring Silicone Chastity Device


    Cage up your lover's erection and deny them the sexual gratification they crave with this kinky chastity device! Perfect for couples who dabble in chastity and orgasm denial - this set of 6 rings snugly hugs the shaft of your lover from head to base to mentally and physically cage their sexual wants.

    Cage their cock and tease their senses with your choice of toys and restraints! Tie up their body and immerse yourself in a genuine BDSM scene with this chastity device as the cherry on top - the velvety silicone is slightly stretchy for comfort and satisfaction during wear.

    The premium silicone and PU leather material stand up to the roughest of playstyles! The silicone used is phthalate free and body-safe so you can cage yourself or your lover worry-free.

    Measurements: Overall length 3.2 inches, inner diameter smallest ring 0.9 inches, inner diameter largest ring 1.5 inches

    Materials: Silicone, PU leather, Metal

    Available for Purchase

    Obedience Cage


    Take control of your partner's arousal with a cage that covers the top of his shaft with an almost solid sheath that also has openings for comfort. This cage is customizable to get the perfect fit. A separate ring goes around the testicles and spacers allow the wears to connect the ring to the shaft's cage to ensure comfortable wear. Lock up your submissive to explore the intense pleasure of prolonging stimulation by denying his orgasm.

    Available for Purchase

    Deluxe Chastity Cage



    On sale for: $49.95

    The Deluxe Chastity Cage Device offers the best of comfort and security. The rings consist of three interlocking pieces that fit together. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed hole connecting the cage portion to the ring. Assorted size rings and spacers included in each package allow you to customize fit. Restricts you from touching your genitals for sexual pleasure and gives the keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment.

    Available for Purchase

    Prisoner Cock Cage


    The Prisoner Cock Cage Chastity Device offers the best of comfort and security. The rings consist of three interlocking pieces that fit together. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed hole connecting the cage portion to the ring. Assorted size rings and spacers included in each package allow you to customize fit. Restricts you from touching your genitals for sexual pleasure and gives the keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment.

    Available for Purchase

    Silicone Chastity Cage


    The Silicone Chastity Cage Device offers the best of comfort and security. The rings consist of three interlocking pieces that fit together. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed hole connecting the cage portion to the ring. Assorted size rings and spacers included in each package allow you to customize fit. Restricts you from touching your genitals for sexual pleasure and gives the keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment.

    Available for Purchase

    Acrylic See-thru Chastity Cage


    The Acrylic See-thru Chastity Cage Device offers the best of comfort and security. The rings consist of three interlocking pieces that fit together. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed hole connecting the cage portion to the ring. Assorted size rings and spacers included in each package allow you to customize fit. Restricts you from touching your genitals for sexual pleasure and gives the keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment.

    Available for Purchase

    Forged Captor Locking Stainless Steel Chasity Cage



    On sale for: $89.96

    Master Series

    This Forged Captor chastity cage is made for the experienced chastity players. Using nickel-free, stainless steel metal, this cage is strong, durable and secure. The non-porous steel is compatible with all lubricant types and is easy to clean with body-safe cleaning solutions while wearing or with stronger solutions or even boiling water after the device is removed. The downward curved shaft has an open tip with holes at the base for pre-cum or urine to drip out of so the device can be worn for long periods of time as long as it is comfortable for the wearer. For a perfect fit, there are three graduated rings that can fit snugly around the base of the shaft. After the cage is fitted, use the padlock and one of the three keys included to lock it in place!

    Make a ceremony out of this captivity by setting the mood with your Keyholder. Get in a comfortable position, your penis flaccid and relaxed, and let yourself gaze upon your manhood one last time before it is imprisoned in steel. Keep yourself calm as your Keyholder takes some lube and gently caresses your shaft and head, then runs their slippery fingers on the inside of the cage. After finding the right ring size, they slowly slip your head and shaft into the cage. Once your head shows, they gently pull the shaft so your flaccid hose can hang comfortably along the curved pipe of steel. With a click the padlock is locked into place. You can see the key glimmering in the low light as your Keyholder wears the new key around their neck. Your freedom willfully given, you can now enjoy the journey of endurance, chastity and finding ways to please them in order to earn your release!

    Measurements: Cage is approximately 4.9 inches x 1.5 inches x 1.7 inches. Cage opening is 1.5 inches x 1.4 inches. Ring diameters: 1.5 inches, 1.7 inches, 1.9 inches (40, 45, 55mm).

    Materials: Stainless steel

    Note: Steel chastity cages are intended for experienced chastity users. Do not lose keys while playing. Use for short duration until comfortable with it then explore longer periods of chastity.

    Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel: This solid, durable, sexy and easy to clean material is non-porous, compatible with all lube types and can be thoroughly cleaned in boiling water after and a cleaning solution after being removed. This steel cage is nickel-free for those with sensitive skin.
  • Graduated Rings: There are 3 graduated rings sized at 40, 45, and 50mm so you can adjust for a perfect fit.
  • Open Tip with Holes: The cage has a completely open tip for chastity play so the head can be accessed and played with. There are a few holes at the end of the shaft for pre-cum or urine to drip out of.
  • Padlock and Keys Included: Kit includes a padlock and 3 keys for secure lockdown.
  • Available for Purchase

    Silicone Gates of Hell Chastity Device



    Want to explore the Gates of Hell Chastity devices but don_ want the severe restriction of steel? Try the sexy and durable silicone version! Made of premium, stretchy silicone, this cage has six constriction rings that run along the shaft and hug the shaft, corona and include a large ring at the base that goes around the shaft and below the balls! Explore enhanced sensation with restricted backflow of circulation and enjoy how your penis swells as you wear it! Designed to be easy to clean, simply wash the device with warm water and mild soap and then rinse and spray with a toy cleaner before wiping dry. Use only with water-based lubricants.

    Take your firm shaft and lubricate it well with water-based lubricant then use some on the inner rings of the cage. Starting with the largest ring, begin to slide it down the shaft until all the rings are on. Take the biggest ring at the base and push one testicle at a time through it until both testes are through and the largest ring sits at the base wrapped around the shaft and testicles. Adjust for a snug and comfortable fit. Recommended wearing time is approximately 30 minutes if the rings are constrictive and tight against the shaft.

    Enjoy the look and feel of a swollen, firm shaft! These rings give you a taste of chastity without the metal and locks. It inhibits intercourse, can make erections uncomfortable for some people while enhancing sexual satisfaction for others. Made of stretchy silicone, take it on and off with ease!

    Measurements: Overall length 4.6 inches, Inner diameter smallest ring 0.9 inches, Inner diameter largest ring 1.5 inches

    Materials: Silicone, PU leather, metal

    Note: Use only water-based lubricants with silicone for best results.

    Key Features:

  • Six Graduated Constriction Rings: Enjoy six different constriction rings that hug the shaft and base of the penis. Enhance sensation by restricting the backflow of blood and letting the shaft and glans swell!
  • Durable and Stretchy Silicone: This premium silicone is soft, stretchy and durable for long-term wear.
  • Cock and Ball Restriction: The largest ring fits over the shaft and balls so you can enjoy pressure against the base of the shaft and a gentle tug on the balls.
  • Cleans Easily: Use warm water and mild soap then rinse and spray with a toy cleaner. Let air dry before placing in a cool, dark place.
  • Available for Purchase

    Stainless Steel Spiked Chastity Cage



    On sale for: $90.71

    Master Series

    This sinister Spiked Chastity Cage is a penis prison built for the most deviant of submissives. Made of cold, hard steel, it is non-porous, durable and difficult to escape! The spine of the cage has devilish rings that bear 4 spikes each, evenly spaced, so you can feel their pointed prick pressing into your naughty erection, immediately correcting an unapproved moment of excitement. The base is built similarly to a pair of metal handcuffs; it is circular with a hinge at the center and many, rectangular slats that line up so you can lock it in place securely. Use the flat, flanged pin to slide into the slats once you discover the right fit, and then use the lock provided to lock it into place. This cage includes 2 keys along with the lock and cage and a small, black, velvet bag for storage.

    Enjoy wearing this cage long term! The open design has practical application that allows you to urinate and shower without issue. Feel free to get the steel cage wet during a shower or wear at work, the gym, out at a bar or nightclub, or simply when around your Mistress.

    To thoroughly clean, remove the device and soak in a hygienic solution of warm water and soap and any other solutions of your choice. Rinse and let thoroughly dry before your next use.

    Measurements: Scrotum ring adjusts from 1.6-2.2 inchesInternal length: approximately 4 inchesExternal length: approximately 4.125 inchesinternal diameter: 1.1 inches, measured from spike tips

    Materials: Stainless Steel

    Key Features:

  • Cold, Hard Steel: This device is made with strong, durable steel so it makes a fortified prison for your cock. Non-porous, easy to clean and built to last.
  • Spiked Cage: On the inner rings are 4 spikes that are evenly spaced on each ring. As you get erect, the spikes begin to press into your erection.
  • Handcuff Locking Mechanism: The base is a metal circle with a hinge so you can adjust for a snug and secure fit. Simply take the flat, flanged pin and slide it through the thin, rectangular hole of your choosing. Then use the lock and slip it through the pin-hole to lock it into place. Cage includes 2 keys and one lock.
  • Cum-Thru Open Tip: You can enjoy wearing this for long periods of time and even keep it on in the shower! The open design creates a Cum-Thru tip that allows you to use the bathroom as needed.
  • Available for Purchase

    Mini-Me Cock Cage Kit


    Enter a new level of restraint with this extreme and small Mini-Me Cock Cage Kit.  This polycarbonate male chastity device has a cage with a length of 1.25 inches for a drastic drop in size.  There are 5 -ring sizes for a custom  fit: 2, 1 7/8, 1.75, 1 5/8 and 1.50 inches.  The brass lock comes with 2 keys for your keyholder.  Included pins and spacers allow for a customizable fit.  The 5 plastic locks are numbered and let you pass through TSA scanners discreetly.  A black drawstring bag is included for storage.  Mini-Me comes with a premiuim lube sample.

    One size fits most.  Your choice of pink, clear or black.

    Available for Purchase

    Mr. Stubb Chastity Kit


    Mr. Stubb is here with sensual restraint play.  It's the gateway to the lockdown you and your keyholder have been waiting for.  This fully ventilated, male chastity device allows for more control and tighter constraint.  The kit has everything you need including locking pins and spacers for a customizable fit, a brass lock with 2 keys, 5 TSA compliant numbered plastic locks and a discreet storage bag.  It comes with a sample of premium lube.  Mr. Stubb is made from body safe polycarbonate.

    Mr. Stubb's cage is 1.75 inches in length.  The 5 U-rings for a custom fit are 2, 1⅞, 1.75, 1⅝ and 1.50 inches.  

    One size fits most. Your choice of black, clear or pink.

    Available for Purchase

    Leather Male Chastity Harness


    This black leather male chastity harness will remind your man who's in charge.  Its triangular front piece is held in place by three adjustable straps. The cock and balls come through a hole in the front piece, and then the cock is pulled upwards and held in place by four straps.  An additional strap goes around the balls at the bottom. 

    An optional keeper is also provided, designed to hold an anal plug in place in the back.

    Strapped, harnessed, and plugged, your male slave will feel effectively harnessed and controlled. The waist straps are closed with locking buckles on each side, which can be locked to prevent the harness from being removed, and could also serve as points of attachment for other bondage gear such as wrist cuffs, or a leash. (If the slave's hands are free, it will still be possible to unbuckle the cock and ball straps, and unsnap the crotch belt, but the waist belt would still be locked on.)

    Not suitable for long-term wear, since it is made of leather, but it is an effective, sensual and erotic device for shorter-term use for an evening, or perhaps overnight.

    Fits waists 29 to 36 inches.

    Available for Purchase

    PVC Deluxe Female Chastity Belt


    When your sub has a pussy that just won’t behave, there’s only one thing to do: Lock it up! This handmade chastity belt makes it easy to do exactly that quickly, securely, and with beautiful style that they can wear proudly.

    The gleaming obsidian surface of the high-quality PVC does more than enforce chastity on the wearer; it makes the entire experience one of stylish fetish beauty that displays how important the act of surrendering intimate control really is.

    Product Details:
    • Fully adjustable up to 40 in. (101.6cm)
    • The waist belt adjusts 23 in. to 40 in. (58.4-101.6cm)
    • The crotch belt adjusts 25 in. to 38½ in. (63.5-98cm)
    • Requires 4 locks to stay fastened (sold separately)
    • Made with black PVC and nickel-plated hardware

    Available for Purchase

    Master Series Double Lockdown Locking Customizable Chastity Cage



    On sale for: $90.71

    This breathable, lightweight plastic chastity cage is perfect for chastity enthusiasts that want something more comfortable than heavy metal. The plastic is more forgiving than the heavy drag that metal and is perfect for long term wear. The breathable design makes it easy to clean and allows the crevices to fully dry between showers so the cage is hygienic and safe to use.

    Enjoy the exciting feeling of being locked up! The smooth, hard plastic keeps your member contained and the secure locking system includes two keys and locks the cage in place without the need for a padlock to get in your way during wear. Both the wearer and the keyholder can enjoy the semi-transparent black cage and the captive member within it. Adjust for the perfect fit using one of the 4 graduated rings.

    To wash the cage while wearing, use warm water and antibacterial soap, then let air dry. To urinate, make sure to wear the cum-thru tip instead of the solid cap. Only use the solid cap for short-term wear. Use with water based or silicone lubricant only. Use a toy cleaner in between uses when cleaning for best results.

    Measurements: Cage is approx. 3.5 inches long x 1.6 inches wide x 1.4 inches high Ring inner diameters: 1.7 inches, 1.9 inches, 2 inches, 2.25 inches

    Materials: ABS plastic, metal

    Note: Kit includes locks and keys.

    Key Features:

  • Secure Locking System: Cage yourself in chastity with the secure locking system you will not escape without a key!
  • Graduated Rings: The 4 ball rings have varying graduated sizes to better adjust for a custom fit.
  • Interchangeable Caps: The kit includes a solid cap and a cum-thru tip so you can choose whether to have a cap that allows for long-term wear and urination or one without that option.
  • Breathable, Lightweight: The breathable, lightweight material makes this easy to wear for long term chastity, contributes to better hygiene and makes cleaning and showering with it easy.
  • Available for Purchase