Buckling Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint



On sale for: $94.95

This bondage device connects a collar to a set of cuffs using a leather strap. Wrists can be cuffed in the front or in back of the body. Cuffs, collar, and connector strap are all adjustable for a perfect fit, and the wrists can be positioned higher or lower to suit your tastes. All black leather. Also available: Extra-secure Locking version, which requires 4 Small Master Locks sold separately

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Women's PowerWetlook Jacket With Narrow Flaps


This Striped PowerWetlook Jacket with Narrow Flaps Will Attract Everybody's Attention. You Can Wear it Open or Accentuate Your Waist by Fastening Short Vinyl Zipper in the Front.

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Mini-Dress with Tulle Top, Bouffant Sleeves and Corset Element



On sale for: $94.95

This Mini-Dress with Crinkled Tulle Top, Bouffant Sleeves and Corset Element in Waist, Will Reveal the Whole Beauty of Your Body. The Skirt is Curved to Highlight Your Shapes. There is a Satin Ribbon Lacing and a Deep Neckline on the Back.

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Leather Vibrating Cock Ring



On sale for: $19.95

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Spartacus Plain Joe Sewn Leather Cock Ring with Snaps



On sale for: $7.95

Increase stamina without chemicals with the Spartacus Plain Joe Leather Cock Ring. This adjustable C-Ring has 3 snaps for a perfect fit. Made of soft garments leather, this bondage cock ring will allow blood to flow to your penis and hold it there to make your orgasm more intense.

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Single Lock Handcuffs


When it's time for tough love, handcuffs can turn an ordinary encounter into an erotic fantasy.  These steel single lock handcuffs come with a pair of keys.  Use them for role play, and be the not so innocent victim. One size fits most.  Your choice of black or silver. 

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Triple Leather Male Chastity Set



On sale for: $69.95

Serious gear for those who are serious about quality. We've built our reputation on fine leather worked by hand and designed with your pleasure in mind.

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Narrow Tip Bat


Narrow tip crop

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Studded Frat Paddle


16.5 inch studded paddle will allow you to get the brightest emotions.

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Nipple Clamps and Cock Ring Set



On sale for: $29.95

This Y-style set includes 2 rubber tipped nipple clamps attached to a detachable 1.75 inch metal cock ring to keep your love slave standing at attention.  The black leather attachment piece is fully adjustable using snaps. The broad tip clamps can have the tension adjusted using the pressure screws.  They can be used independently from the cock ring and have a bottom loop for attaching a weight or leash.  Enhance your erection while perking your nipples up.  

One size fits most.

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Locking Rubber Wrist Cuffs - Spartacus Bondage Restraints



On sale for: $49.95

Make your submissive helpless by locking them into the locking rubber wrist cuffs from Spartacus Leather. These bondage restraints with an optional locking attachment will make BDSM sex play exciting. These wrist cuffs fit on a 4.5 inch to a 7.5 inch wrist.

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Rubber Wrist Restraint



On sale for: $49.95

Rubber wrist restraints, with optional locking attachment and padlock. 4.5 inch to 7.5 inch.

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Locking Rubber Ankle Restraints



On sale for: $58.95

Rubber ankle restraints with optional locking attachment and padlock. 7 inch - 9 inch without lock, 7.5 inch - 9 inch with lock.

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Spartacus Rubber Ankle Restraint



On sale for: $42.95

Rubber ankle restraints with optional locking attachment and padlock. 7 inch to 9 inch without lock, 7.5 inch to 9 inch with lock.

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Brass Padlock


Keep your prisoner of love under lock and key. The .75 inch brass padlock comes with 2 keys. Never be caught without the hardware that makes sure your special someone stays put.

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7/16 inch Quicklink


3/16 inch Quicklink is something that will change your night into something special

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7/16 inch Nickel Snap Clip


Nickle snap clip with help you to tame somebody!

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Swivel Clip



On sale for: $4.95

Get the right piece of hardware for the job your doing. These metal clips with a swivel base are great for rope bondage. Just slide the rope through tie a knot and you got inescapable rope bondage. The best part is you can use multiple hooks on one piece of rope to make your bondage more restrictive. Your mind is your only limitation when doing rope bdsm play. Packaged as a pair.

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Double End Snap Clip


Double your bondage fun with this basic double-ended clip. Clip your wrist restraints to your collar. Bind your ankle restraints together. Attach those thigh cuffs to a spreader bar or furniture. Get creative! This convenient new hardware component is a quick and inexpensive way to multiply your bedroom scenarios.

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Spartacus Kink BDSM Kit



On sale for: $39.95

The kit is beautifully crafted from leather and accented with brass hardware. The Kink Kit includes a pair of leather cuffs, soft leather blindfold, leather slapper and pair of adjustable nipple clamps.

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