Rainbow Ribbon Platform Sandals


Have one pair of sexy shoes with 8 color choices. The clear Rainbow Ribbon Platform Sandals have 6 inch heels and come with lace up ribbons in white, black, gray, pink, yellow, red, blue and purple. Simply, switch out a satin ribbon and match your favorite clothes. The ribbons lace to mid calf. Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

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Touch the Sky Sandals


Reach for the sky in the very high platform shoes. 6.75 inch Spike Heel Platform Sandals. Available in colors black/black, clear/black or clear/clear. Come in sizes 5-14.

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Stylish Tempter Pumps


Dance the night away in these Sky High Platform Shoes. The 7 inch Stiletto Heel gives you the height to feel like your on top of the world. The Mary Jane Platform Pump gives you a perfect look and stylish attitude to the question of privacy. Made for the exotic dancer. Comes in sizes 5-14.

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Egoistic Queen Thigh High Platform Boots


Feel confident and sexy strutting in these 6 inch Stiletto Heel Platform Thigh Boots. Platform is available in colors black, white. Come in sizes 5-14.

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Extreme Platform Fetish Ankle Boots.


You will be on the top of the world with the Extreme Platform Fetish Ankle Boots. These lace up fetish boots have a high platform and have an 8 inch heel.

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Fast 'N' Furious Thigh High Boots


These merciless 5 inch black patent leather thigh high boots lace all the way up, but have a full inner side zipper for convenience. 3 side buckles complete the dominatrix look. Put these on and take command. What mistress wants mistress gets. Sizes 6-12.

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Flamenco Girl Sandals


6 inch Heel, 1 3/4 inch Platform, Peep Toe Double Criss-Cross Ankle Stretchap Sandals.

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Shiny Way Slides


8 inch Heel, 4 inch Platform Two Band Slides Featuring Rhinestones Studded Platform Bottom.

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Flamingo Platform Slides


These platform slides are a favorite of pole dancers. These platform shoes have a towering 8 inch heel. Silicon upper. Platform comes in colors black, white, chrome, clear. Available in sizes 5-11.

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Red Bow Leopard Print Slides


Release the animal magnetism in you by wearing the Red Bow Leopard Print Slides. These sexy shoes have a 6 inch heel and a 1.75 inch platform to give you added height. These have a little red bow on the front for a feminine look. Available in sizes; 5-14

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Darkness' Kiss Platform Shoes


A favorite of the after midnight crowd, the Darkness' Kiss Platform Shoes have a closed front and back. The black patent leather shoes have an adjustable ankle strap and 6 inch spike heels. Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

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Sexy Platform Sandals


Dance in these exotic platform sandals. 6.75 inch Heel, 2.75 inch Platform Ankle Stretchap Sandals Featuring the Word " Sexy" in Rhinestones Down Back of Heel. Come in sizes 5-14.

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Bright Accent Pumps


5 inch Pumps with Contrast Piping Bow. Available in colors pink or red. Come in sizes 5-14.

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Sparkling Desire Dancer Platform Sandals


The perfect shoe for stripping in. These clear platform shoes have a 7 inch heel. The platform is filled with sparkling silver glitter. The ankle strap will hold these sandals on as you do your moves. These shoes come in sizes; 5-12

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Neon Nights Platform Shoes


Dance the night away in the Neon Night Shoes. These platform shoes will have your lover following the light. Exotic Dancers lover these platform shoes because they feel sexy wearing them.

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Adorable Dancer Platform Shoes


Dance the night away on these 6.5 inch stiletto heel platform sandals. These shoes are adorn with Rhinestone to make sure you shine on the dance floor or on stage. The base of these sexy platform shoes cone in colors clear and silver. Available in sizes 5-12.

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Seduce Peep Toe Mule Shoes


Seduce our lover with these sexy Peep Toe Mule Shoes. Your lover will be down on his knees kissing your peeping toes while you are wearing these 5 inch heels. Available in sizes; 5-14.

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Platform Buckle Up Mistress Thigh High Boots


Flirtatious thigh high boots featuring a platform, 5 inch heels, laces, adjustable buckle straps and a side zipper.

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Glamorous Look Sandals


6 inch Heel, 1 3/4 inch Platform Close Back Sandals Featuring Wide Ankle Band W, Back Zip.

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Ultra Violet Platform Sandals


Light up the dance floor with the hip sexy sandals. These Ultraviolet reactive neon pink platform shoes will give you a glow that people cannot help but notice. These ankle strap sandals have a 7.5 inch heel with a 3.5 inch platform. These shoes will attract people with a foot fetish. Comes in sizes 5 - 12.

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