Doc Johnson Virgin Pussy Palm Pal



On sale for: $10.95

Doc's most popular line of Palm Pals has a new breakthrough Pal you've been looking for... as tight as a virgin and with a realistic hymen just waiting to be popped! You'll be her first and only! Designed to fit easily in your hand, made of non-phthalate latex-free UR3 material, and very proudly in the USA. This Virgin is waiting to be touched for the very first time. It's time to meet your new Pal.

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Scarlet Couture Bondage Kit



On sale for: $23.95

Kit Provides Kinky Fun From Foreplay To Afterwards! 

Tie your lover to the bed for a kinky flogging or blindfold them and tickle their hot spots with a feather! With this kinky kit, you can do all that and much more!

The Bondage Kit comes with:

2 Restraining Straps
Your imagination is the limit with these convenient vegan leather straps! You can fasten your lovers hands or ankles together to restrict their motions. You can tie your partner to a bed, shower rod or other object to limit their movement. Your partner can even wear the straps as a kinky outfit! The ability to restrain your partner and establish dominance over them is a crucial element for bondage games. Neither you nor your lover can claim to have tried bondage without trying restraints. The Adam & Eve's Scarlet Couture Bondage Kit comes with 2 restraints, each measuring 2.5" wide and 38" long. Made from soft and sensual satin.

A key item in any bondage collection, the flogger helps establishes dominance and discipline. The vegan leather strips can be used for in a variety of ways from playfully teasing your partner like a feather duster or for spanking them. And even then you can adjust just how hard you hit them from a playful flick to a stinging smack. The flogger can be used on its own with your partner bent over a bed or lying on your lap. You can also use it combination with the blindfold and restraints for extra thrills. The flogger measures 11" long, not including the wrist loop handle on the end. Made from vegan leather, which mimics the look and feel of real leather without harming any animals.

Once your partner slips the blindfold on, they surrender control to you and submit to your every whim making it ideal for submission games and foreplay. Not being able to see naturally creates a sense of apprehension and nervousness in your partner. These feelings increase as you tease them to build up a sense of anticipation and mystery that will leave them gasping for pleasure once the fun finally starts. Losing the sense of sight helps strengthen your partners other senses especially touch. This makes even the slightest touch feel incredibly erotic and helps amplify the sensations of the flogger and the feather tickler to unimaginable levels! Made from smooth and comfortable satin on one side and kinky-looking vegan leather on the other.

Feather Tickler
Ideal for playful stimulation, the feather tickler is the perfect introduction to sensation games. The feather gently teases your partners nipples or clit and even their ticklish spots. The tickler works best in combination with the blindfold or restraints. But it really shines as a gentle and non-threatening introduction to the world of bondage. After all, a bondage beginner might be intimidated by a metal-studded paddle but no ones afraid of a simple little feather!

Adam & Eve recommends the Adam & Eve's Scarlet Couture Bondage Kit for couples interested in experimenting with kinky sex and bondage.

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King Cock Squirting Flesh Dildo With Balls



On sale for: $49.95

The flesh colored King Cock Squirter is ultra-realistic and will satisfy all your cravings for cum-play! Hand-sculpted with amazing attention to detail and featuring our exclusive Jizzle Juice squeeze-bulb, the King Cock Squirters are the most satisfying ejaculating dildos on the market! Every King Cock Squirter is phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe, hypoallergenic, and proudly made in the USA.

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Fetish Fantasy 10 inch Hollow Strap On



On sale for: $24.95

Your lover knows that size DOES matter, and nobody can fulfill your fantasies and satisfy a partner like a 10 inch stud can! Now you can have the length and girth you've always dreamt of and be all the man you can be with the Vanilla Dream Hollow Strap-on! Say goodbye to embarrassing midway letdowns and say hello to a satisfying smile from your lover. The comfortable elastic harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes, while the 10" phthalate-free dong will hit the right spot every time. It's perfect for men with ED, for women, or anyone looking for a little something extra. 

Length: 10 in. - (254 mm)
Width: 2 in. - (50.8 mm)
Girth: 5.25 in. - (133.35 mm)

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Crotchless Strap On With Dildo



On sale for: $49.95

Fetish Fantasy Series Nylon Crotchless Strap-On Explore your deepest Fetish Fantasies with this sexy Crotchless Strap-On! Its unique design holds the phthalate-free rubber dong firmly in place while it leaves you open and free... so now you can give as well as receive! Put the FREE soft satin love mask on your lover and let your fantasies begin!

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Estim Cock and Ball Strap with Urethral Insert



On sale for: $49.95

Take your pleasure to shocking new heights with these stimulating male accessories for your Powerbox! If you love urethral play, just wait until you try this beaded sound when it is coursing with electricity! The bipolar leads that are included allow you to experience double the intensity when you also hook them up to the stretchy cock band! Adjust the tightness to your fit and comfort to increase sensitivity in your cock and balls. Experiment with everything from light tingles to strong jolts to find out how much power you can handle! This set is perfect for solo play or a kinky night with your partner!

Measurements: Sound measures 4.75 inches in total length, 4.5 inches insertable, .25 inches in diameter at widest point. Band is .75 inches in width, adjusts up to 2.5 inches in diameter, unstretched.  Leads included.

Material: Metal, ABS plastic, polyester.

Color: Grey.

Note: Powerbox not included. 

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Fetish Fantasy 8 Inch Hollow Adjustable Strap On



On sale for: $29.95

Haven't you always wanted to hang with the big dawgs and feel more confident about your size? Your lover knows that size DOES matter, and nobody can fulfill your fantasies and satisfy a partner like a hung stud can! Now you can have the length and girth you've always dreamed of and be all the man you can be with the 8" Hollow Strap-On!

Say goodbye to embarrassing midway letdowns and say hello to a satisfying smile from your lover. The comfortable elastic harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes, while the 8" phthalate-free dildo will hit the right spot every time. Its perfect for men with ED, for women, or anyone looking for a little something extra.

- Adjustable Elastic Harness
- Material: Dildo: PVC, Waistband: Elastic

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Flirty Kitten Dress



On sale for: $29.95

Skin-tight wet-look mini dress with scooped neckline and cap sleeves. One size fits most.

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Slim Teardrop Bullet Vibrator



On sale for: $4.95

Customize your intimately erotic pleasure, with the discreet and compact Slim Teardrop Bullet stimulator. The petite, multi-speed personal massager boasts intense vibrating stimulation that is suitable for direct and indirect contact. Use this versatile pleasure tool with your favorite toy, or independently. The sleek stimulator is made from silver-plated ABS and is attached to a slimline teardrop shaped, hand-held plastic controller, with easy-slide controls. The bullet measures a petite 2” x 1”/5 cm x 2.5 cm and delivers intensely pleasurable vibrating tingles and sensations, for ultimate internal and external satisfaction. The removable and reliable bullet can be easily inserted into the flexible sleeve of your favorite vibrating toy or used for direct stimulation. The easy to use stimulator is perfect for customizing your exotic experiences. The petite bullet’s powerful vibrations will tease, please and tantalize thefirst time and experienced users. Pop the removable bullet inside a pleasure product to enjoy vibrating ecstasy, or apply direct stimulation contact to those sweet sensuous spots and erogenous zones. To intensify the good pleasurable vibrations, always use a quality lube with this toy. Clean the multi-speed bullet with a toy cleaner spray before and after each use.

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Mister Fister Multi Speed Vibrating Fist



On sale for: $34.95

Master the next level of insertion with this smooth, lifelike rubber fist. The life size replica offers realistic pleasure. Dial up your pleasure with the addition of powerful, multi-speed vibration. Just turn the easy to use twist controller located at the base. Perfect for vaginal or anal use, just lube up and get ready for intense penetrating pleasure.

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Jet Black Silicone 7 Mode Remote Control Anal Plug



On sale for: $56.95

This 7 mode, ergonomically contoured anal plug features multiple modes of speed and rhythmic vibration. Made of premium silicone and tapered at the tip for easy insertion, with a curved base designed to hug the body for comfort and easy retrieval. Choose your perfect vibration setting with the wireless remote, which works up to 20 feet away. The vibrating bullet can easily be removed for cleaning, or to use this exciting plug as a non-vibrating toy.

Peridise Set Unisex Anal Stimulators 2 Each



On sale for: $17.95

The perfect introduction to unisex anal play, Peridise continues the Aneros tradition of intelligent design. You've never experienced an anal toy like this before because there's never been anything like it. By utilizing the body's natural responses after insertion, Peridise begins to quiver on its own, generating an orgasmic response that can stand alone or enhance a traditional orgasm.

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Fetish Fantasy Extreme 7 inch Silicone Hollow Strap On



On sale for: $49.95

Be the man you want to be. 

When your fetish-play demands the best materials possible, only the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone Hollow Strap-ons will do! Made from 100% medical-grade Elite Silicone, this ultra-premium collection is body-safe, hypo-allergenic, and sculpted to excite. Elite Silicone quickly warms to body temperature and conforms to the body's contours, giving users the most realistic stimulation ever imagined. It's phthalate-free, latex-free, nonporous and the safest sex toy material on the market today!

The hollow strap-on is perfect for beginners and can be worn by either partner. For men with ED (erectile dysfunction), the hollow strap-on allows you both to enjoy the passion of face-to-face sex without the untimely midway letdowns. Every strap of the silicone harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes, and the harness stays in place comfortably when the action heats up. To adjust, just slide the straps until the waistband is snug and the thigh straps feel tight, then connect the plastic Smart Clips in the back by hooking them together. The straps won't move and won't come loose during the heat of the moment.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Beginners Nylon Cuffs



On sale for: $9.95

The use of restraint has always been a sexual stimulant and with these Beginners Nylon Cuffs, fantasy becomes reality! Made from soft nylon webbing with Velcro closures and heavy-duty plastic hardware, these beginner-friendly cuffs are the perfect addition to any bondage collection. Don't let their simple design fool you though these cuffs are made to play hard!

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Clone a Willy



On sale for: $35.95

As shown in Hustler magazine top picks. What is Clone-A-Willy? Designed by a Doctor, it's a kit that perfectly copies a man's own penis in super realistic rubber. Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions and includes everything necessary to produce an EXACT rubber copy of any penis. Top quality materials are used in Hollywood to create amazing props and special effects. Use the same State Of The Art materials to create your copy of a penis right in your own home. In order to keep that erection to it's fullest, this kit also has vibrating power. No latex, use with any lube, very crafty. Amazing detail, fun to do. A perfect gift.

How Does it work?
#1 Mix molding powder with water.
#2 Insert penis and hold for 60 seconds.
#3 Easily remove penis and pour in the 'Liquid Rubber'
#4 Simply slide out your permanent replica.

Black Sensory Depravation Spandex Hood



On sale for: $29.95

This hood is made of shiny, stretchy, black spandex. It effectively blocks the wearers vision. You can see light but sight is greatly impaired. It is comfortable and easy to breathe through.

Buckle Leather Cock Ring



On sale for: $15.95

This high quality leather cock ring will make sure your cock stays harder for a longer period of time, while looking good at the same time. After you wrap it around your semi-erect cock, the ring regulates the amount of blood that leaves the penis, thereby keeping your erection longer. You and your partner can achieve great satisfaction, with longer lasting intercourse. The cock ring is easy to put on because it uses a belt buckle system. There are 8 notches on the loop. This cock ring can accommodate penises up to 8" in circumference. It measures 8.5" in length and .5" in width.

Locking Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint



On sale for: $64.95

This bondage restraint locks a collar to a set of locking cuffs using a leather strap. Wrists can be cuffed in the front or in back of the body. Cuffs, collar, and connector strap are all adjustable for a perfect fit, and the wrists can be positioned higher or lower to suit your tastes. All black leather. Small Master Locks sold separately. Also available: Convenient Buckling version

Adjustable Aviator Leather Blindfold



On sale for: $42.95

Introduce your lover erotic bondage & sensory depravation with the adjustable aviator leather blindfold. This fleece lined blindfold has two 3 inch ovals that slide on a 3/4 inch leather strap for full adjustability to keep your submissive lover in the dark. Strap closes with a lockable buckle. Lock not included. One size fits all.

G-Spot Glass Dildo with Loop



On sale for: $29.95

The Spartacus Blown G Spot Glass Dilo with Loop handle is curved on one side for G-Spot targeting and looped on the opposite end for a superior grip.

Open Bust Sleeveless Bodystocking



On sale for: $8.95

Body Stocklngs give you that naughty girl look. The Open bust sleeveless body stocking does just that. This seamless fishnet halter style bodystocking with open bust and crotch. This body stocking looks great with a leather bra and mini skirt. Available in regular or queen size.

Talk Dirty To Me Slave Paddle



On sale for: $11.96

Get the message out to your bondage slave with the Talk Dirty to Me Slave Paddle. This sturdy paddle will leave the word "Slave" imprinted on their but to let them know exactly where they stand. Create your own BDSM games to make your sex life come alive.

Natural Rattan Cane



On sale for: $11.95

A simple but necessary device to add to your BDSM Gear. Get to the basics with this 30 inch long rattan cane. The straight cane is naturally finished with a slight glaze. Give the one you love an attitude adjustment.

Devil's Tail Slapper



On sale for: $62.21

This slapper has a long handle with a pointed leather end (which resembles the tail of the devil). To keep up the theme, the handle is wrapped in red and black leather straps. There's a wrist strap at the end of the handle for an easier grip. The black tail end measures 6.25" long and 1.5" wide.