G-String Pouche



On sale for: $5.35

Assorted solid g-string pouches.

Men's Fishnet Boxer Shorts



On sale for: $12.55

Underwear make the man and the fishnet boxer shorts is an attribute which makes your strong sides more prominent!. Wear some sexy underwear ftp impress your lover.

Sexy Zebra Thong Underwear



On sale for: $8.95

Lets the animal out for a hot night. Zebra thong will make this night very hot!

Leopard Thong



On sale for: $8.95

Become a sleek jungle cat on the prowl for romance in this stretchy leopard print thong. One size fits most.

Scottish Kilt Pouch



On sale for: $8.05

Scottish kilt pouch is the perfect look for the national style party.

Knight Owl Pouch



On sale for: $10.75

Surprise your partner with a pouch that's a hoot. The Knight Owl Pouch features a comical gray owl sporting a red necktie. Made of polyester for a comfortable fit. Whoooo says fun underwear is for women only? One size fits most.

Manly Mallard Pouch



On sale for: $8.95

Get your ducks all in a row with the Manly Mallard Pouch. This gray pouch has a 3D Mallard duck on the front complete with a glorious green head, yellow beak and brown wings. Boring underwear isn't all it's quacked up to be, so go ahead and have some fun. One size fits most.

Dog Pouch



On sale for: $8.95

Wear some sexy underwear for your lover. The Dog pouch will keep your want to make you lover wanting a little pet. One size fits most.

Mens Stork Pouch Sexy Underwear



On sale for: $10.75

For those who want to be a bad boy tonight - the Stork Pouch will help you to recreate the image!

Men's Pig Pouch Sexy Underwear



On sale for: $8.95

Pig pouch will help you to reveal you animal instincts and discover something new in real passion.

Men's Classic Lycra Thong - Sexy Underwear



On sale for: $8.95

The classic men's black thong incorporates simplicity with sleek, soft, stretchy, sexy lycra. One size fits most.

Mr. Peanuts Pouch



On sale for: $10.75

Mr. Peanuts pouch knows all the secrets! Facetious sexy men's underwear for you!

Men's Tuxedo Thong



On sale for: $8.95

Dress up for your hot date and surprise your lover with the Tuxedo Thong.. This one size men's thong will surely impress. Go to be formal.

Devil Pouch



On sale for: $11.65

Do you want to be a bad boy? Create the look you need with the Devil Pouch.

Alligator Pouch



On sale for: $12.55

Love you like a reptile. The Alligator pouch is  for those who want some wildness in the bedroom. You will like that!

Stars and Stripes Thong



On sale for: $12.55

Show your true colors in  our star and strips thong.This sexy underwear will show your patriotism during American Holidays. One size fits most.

Available for Purchase

The Pointer Vinyl Thong



On sale for: $11.65

Black vinyl thong. Available in regular and extra large.

Remote Control Men's Vibrating Thong



On sale for: $44.96

This is the first Remote Control Thong for men! Discreet 2-way positioning pocket for anal or testicular stimulation with removable ultra-powerful ZR-5000 wireless power pack with a 12 foot range! Black Lycra Thong is body enchancing, incredibly stretchy, comfortable & washable. One size fits most.

Studded Vinyl Jock


Yes you are hot, ready to rock & roll,This vinyl & studded jock is fantasic! You know this Vinyl studded Jock is a extension of the way you feel. you are ready to rock & roll. This imported, soft & supple vinyl studded jock hugs your package to give it the perfect fit, high waisted to accent your body, studs in the front to accent package. One Size.

Classic Mens Leather Thong



On sale for: $22.49

Take a ride on the fetish side in this classic mens leather thong. Made of soft black leather for a comfortable wear. Available in regular or extra-large.

Tie up Jock



On sale for: $17.99

This black leather jock will have your family jewels screaming for release. The Tie Up Jock is a leather thong with a lace up front. One size fits most.

Snap Off Thong



On sale for: $17.99

Open up this leather thong to let out the family jewels. This leather thong has 5 snaps open up the front. One size fits most.

Men's Leather Chastity Shorts


Quality Lamb Skin Leather Bondage Shorts These chastity shorts lock on the wearer in 3 areas. One on the waist and one for each leg. Incorporates two zippers in the front for accessibility. Also has a zipper running down the rear that incorporates into the waist lock. When locked the pouch and rear zipper can not be opened. When unlocked the pouch and rear zippers opens for accessibility. Leather lined. Locks sold separately. Available in sizes; 29, 31, 32, 34, 36, 38

Zeus Mens Wet Look Fetish Brief


Create your fetish costume down to your underwear. These wet look briefs features perforated faux leather detailing. Pouch front. Full wet look back.