Japanese Bondage Rope



On sale for: $13.95

Play rough to your hearts content with a full 32 feet (10 meters) of soft cotton Japanese bondage rope that won't rub or chafe the skin. The rope's super long length and flexibility give you plenty of options to explore restraining techniques since it can be manipulated into any shape. You can make your own tethers by binding up the wrists or ankles and then attaching the remaining length of rope to a headboard. With this much Japanese bondage rope, you can create your own designs. This Japanese style treat comes in your choice of red, purple or black.

Doc Johnson Jelly Butt Plug


Jelly Butt Plugs are a softer type of material which alters it shape slightly so it is more comfort as it enters your anus. Once snug inside, the Jelly Anal Plug will return to its original shape.

Small: 2.9 inches insertable length, 2.5 inches Circumference
Medium: 4.8 inches insertable length, 4.08 inches Circumference

Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug



On sale for: $12.95

The classic butt plug by Doc Johnson. These anal butt plugs have a flared base at the bottom so plugs won't wiggle out of reach and will stay in the rectum during sex.

- Small: 4.5 inch
- Medium: 5.5 inch
- Large: 6 inch

Available for Purchase

Platinum Premium Silicone The Minis Bubble Butt Plug



On sale for: $12.95

You're sure to enjoy some serious satisfaction with this petite bubble butt plug! Made of Platinum Premium Silicone, this anal plug features three graduated bead-like ripples for increased stimulation of your prostate. This sex toy has a velvety matte finish, ergonomic flat base, and ultra-flexible design for easy wearability during anal play.

The perfect size for beginners, the Bubble Mini in size Small offers 2.7 inch in usable length with 1 inch diameter; the Bubble Mini in Medium offers 3.5 inch in usable length with a 1 inch diameter.

Available for Purchase

Optimale Silicone Cock Ring


For Extra Thick results, look no further than the OptiMALE Cock Ring! Made of soft, stretchable silicone for easy use around the shaft or testicles, these cock rings are perfectly suited for creating the most optimal of erections, and prolonging ejaculation.

Mood Frisky G Spot Vibe


If you're looking to hit the spot, you'll love the Mood Frisky's oversized head and classic body-pleasing shape. The Frisky is waterproof and multi-speed, featuring a twist dial control at the base that can be turned up for stunningly powerful vibrations. Phthalate-free, requires 2 AA batteries.

White Nights Pleasure Kit



On sale for: $56.95

A romantic evening at home never got better with the White Nights Pleasure Lovers Kit by Doc Johnson. This sex toy vibrator kit will satisfy all your sexual cravings. This pleasure kit is full of all of your favorites, complete with Vanilla scented massage oil, Velvet Touch 7-inch vibe, Pocket Rocket Vibrator, and multi-speed vibrating egg, all of which are waterproof.

Doc Johnson Pink Pussy Pump



On sale for: $22.95

Plump up the volume and super sensitize your vagina. The cup is shaped to fit perfectly and enclose the labia and clitoris. The unique release valve allows for the removal of the non-kink hose and inflation bulb while retaining the vacuum pressure. Stay in the pink with this pink pussy pump.

Available for Purchase

Platinum The Slim Silicone 5.4 Inch Flared Base Dildo


The blue Slim dildo, part of the Platinum line can be used alone or for harness play. The 5.40 inch silicone dildo is 1.10 inches in diameter. The curve and slim body make it perfect for pegging, but it can be used vaginally as well. The Slim comes with an O-ring compatible base, if you want to attach it in a harness.

Platinum Premium Silicone The Raging Anal Plug


The Raging 8 Inch is sure to please! Perfect for those who crave a heavy-veined texture, this Platinum Premium Silicone dong is plush to the touch with a velvety smooth matte finish, all while offering a firm yet flexible feel for ease of use.

The Raging 8 Inch features a 2 inch width, curved shaft, and defined head for out of this world stimulation! Hypoallergenic and phthalate-free.

Platinum Premium Silicone The Original Vibrating Dong 8 Inch


Platinum silicone is hypo-allergenic, easy-to-clean (dishwasher safe), platinum based and 100% phthalate-free. Its firm yet flexible, durable, non-porous, odor-free and has an amazing life-like feel.

Platinum Premium Silicone The Gal Pal Strapless Strap On


Doc Johnson's Gal Pal, a friend like no other, is ready to bring you and your loved ones closer together. Enjoy all the fun of a harness without the straps. This unique strapless double dildo provides one party with g-spot and clitoral stimulation, while the other party enjoys deep penetrating g-spot stimulation that helps strengthen the Kegel muscles. Waterproof and made of non phthalate TPR. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Realistic Original Veined Dong


Enjoy 8 inches of pure sexual pleasure with this Realistic Original Veined Dong. A great sex toy to satisfy your sexual desire or use in kinky fetish bondage role play. Made of latex-free non-phthalate PVC and Doc Johnson's proprietary antibacterial Sil-A-Gel fomula.

Classic Bender Sil A Gel Realistic Dong


Doc Johnsons 8 inch PVC Bender Wire Dong is an upgrade to the classic original. In addition to a thick, phallic head and veined body, the shaft bends for optimum positioning. With a wire inside, the Bender can be manipulated for intense pleasure. It is made from non-phthalate body safe material, which inlcudes Doc's anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula and is proudly made in America. Available in colors flesh or black.

Velvet Touch Vibes



On sale for: $14.95

How do you improve perfection? Take our smash hit, the 7 Velvet Vibe Double the size, double the horse power, and double the fun. These 10 Velvet Vibrators comes in four new, bright and exciting colors. They are packing the most powerful motors around. Enjoy earth shattering sensations indoors, outdoors and in between with a waterproof, multi-speed Velvet vibrator. Made from 100% phthalate-free ABS plastic.

Smooth Double Header


Prepare for a double delight classic! Doc Johnsons 18 inch Double Header Dong has a phallic head on each end and a smooth shaft for internal bliss. The dong is flexible for solo play and long enough for partner penetration. It is made from non-phthalate body safe material, which includes Doc's anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula and is proudly made in America.

Classic Double Header Veined Dong


Get ready for a double dose of fun. Doc Johnson's 18 inch Double Header Dong has a realistic head on each end and a bulging veined shaft for exciting sensations. The dong is flexible for solo play and long enough for partner penetration. Made of latex-free non-phthalate PVC and Doc Johnson's proprietary antibacterial Sil-A-Gel fomula.

Junior Veined Double Header Sil A Gel Dong


Warmed up for a classic doubleheader? Doc Johnsons 12 inch Jr. Double Header Dong has a phallic head on each end and a veined shaft for stimulating double penetration. The double dong is flexible for individuals and just the right length to share with a lover. This double headed dildo is made from non-phthalate body safe material, which includes Doc's anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula.

Junior Veined Double Header Bender Dong



On sale for: $16.95

Doc Johnson has created a double dildo that will hold it's shape. The 12 inch Veined Double Header Bender Dong will bend and stay bent so you can use it to pleasure both holes at once and not have to fuss with keeping it in shape. Double your pleasure with this sex toy. This double dildo is made of Sil a gel PVC which is a latex-free, anti-bacterial cadmium free. This dildo is approximately 1.5 inch in diameter. Available in colors flesh or black.

Ballsy Super Cock Realistic Dildo



On sale for: $23.95

This realistic cock is so versatile that it is a sure to become one of your favorite sex toys. You can aim the ballsy super cock into either your pussy or your ass to give yourself a full feeling. You can use the ballsy realistic dildo to gag your lover as they deep throat your solid rubber cock. This dildo is more than mouth full. You can use the ballsy dildo with your strap-on harness and hear the balls slap against the ass of your bend over boyfriend as he is being stuffed with all 6, 7 or 9 inches. Super cock is veined for added pleasure. A quality sex toy from Doc Johnson.

Three Inch Cock


This little sil-a-gel guy is the perfect training tool for oral or anal sex. This 3 inch dildo has flat bottom balls, enabling him to stand upright. Comes in your choice of flesh or black.

Doc Johnson 4.5 inch Ballsy Dick


The Dock Johnson ballsy dick is a 4.5 inch dong. For someone who is not as ballsy! A little something for you! Makes a great training dildo for strap on sex play or for anal play, Latex free polymelt rubber.

Giant Cock With Balls


A size queen's wet dream, Doc Johnson's 11 inch Giant Cock is a hulk size dong with a fat mushroom head and smooth shaft. The ball sac at the base serves as a platform or handle for intense climaxes. Made of PVC, body safe, nontoxic, latex-free, and includes our proprietary antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula.

Big Boy 12 inch Realistic Dong


Boy Oh Boy, I think I have a new favorite toy. You too can experience the satisfied smile and look of content. This extra-girthy dong features a life-like penis-shape with attractive sculptured veins and it sports a comfortable base to hold. Its everything you need and lots more. More inches than you can measure, phthalate-free material, Sil- A-Gel anti-bacterial properties. Lots of goodies packed into this beautiful dong.