6-Pack Sport Cockring



On sale for: $7.46

Sex is a sport...at least at OXBALLS it is. Competitive, sweaty, aggressive, and soaked in Testosterone...and lube...you should see our locker-room.

6-PACK cockring is built for rough hard-muscled sex, hard crunch power lifting grunting hit the wall spike it in the end-zone sex. Its light weight--tight enough to keep your fuck-muscle hard, but super stretchy to keep your nuts in play...

Made by ATOMIC JOCK of SKINFLEX blend a resilient non-toxic super plastic that stretches 8X it's original size and snaps back into shape every time. If you are a fan of OXBALLS Powerballs or Screwballs cockrings, this will be your new favorite.

Total Length: 1.8 inch/4.76 cm
Inside: 0.8 inch /2.22 cm

Cocksling 2 Cock and Ball Ring



On sale for: $18.71

COCKSLING-2 is the absolute best cockring we ever made, we have worn em to fuck, stroke, for piss play and blowjobs, we wear em under gear for a bigger bulge...and we know you have done the same - in the past 3 years we sold more COCKSLING than all other toys we make combined.

That's amazes even us, there have been knock-offs, copies, but none have ever matched the feel, fit and look of the original.

- Cock and ball hole: 1.1 inch/2.85 cm
- Cock hole 1 inch/2.54 cm
- Ball hole: 1 inch/2.54 cm
- Length: 2 inch/5.08 cm

3 Ball Silicone Cock and Ball Ring



On sale for: $29.21

Why didn't we think of this sooner? (Said while scratching our collective ball-sacks). Such a simple idea...a cockring with 2 ball rings connected by springy flexible silicone that tugs on your sack while you wank or fuck...so stupid simple...

Here's how this one works:
1. Put your greasy cock and balls through the larger ring.
2. Flip up the smaller ring up under your balls, stretch it, and drop your balls through, flip the second ball ring up and drop your balls through that..feel the tug!
That's it.

- Cockring:
Inside Diameter: 1.5 inch/3.5 cm
Height: 0.75 inch/2 cm
Outside Diameter: 2.5 inch/6.5 cm
Weight: 3.4 oz./96 grams

8 Ball Silicone Cock And Ball Ring



On sale for: $24.71

Why didn't we think of this sooner? (Said while scratching our collective ball-sacks). Such a simple idea cockring with 2 ball rings connected by springy flexible silicone that tugs on your sack while you wank or fuck...so stupid simple...

Here's how this one works:
1. Put your greasy cock and balls through the larger ring.
2. Flip up the smaller ring up under your balls, stretch it, and drop your balls through, flip the second ball ring up and drop your balls through that..feel the tug!
That's it.

Jack-Off, fuck some hole, stuff your dick in a hot drooling mouth...8-BALL will tug your sack with every thrust...the tug isn't intense, its just enough...keeps your balls down in their proper place and your sack gently stretched...

We've tested this fucker out on all kinds of meat: big hairy bull-beef...piggy uncut pork...smooth tanned chicken tenders with shaved balls. They all dug it. It fits if you are hung huge or hung...er...less huge...with big balls or small balls...

The skin-flex silicone has enough stretch they all could wear it for a long haul...even guys that didn't use ballstretcher got off on 8-BALL...the ball-ring is soft and flexes enough you don't get blue balls...but it does stay on even is you have a small sack...it stretches to fit a huge sack too...this one you can wear for hours...and we do...it's the staff favorite.

At OXBALLS, most of us are ""simple"" single-minded sex-on-the-brain drooling dirty pigs, constantly groping our junk and making foul comments...that's just what we are...that's why sometimes simple is better...(after all, the simple dumb ones are the best fucks)...

- Cockring
Inside Diameter: 1.5 inch/4.5 cm
Height: 0.75 inch/2 cm
Outside Diameter: 2.5 inch/6.5 cm

- Ballstrechers
Inside Diameter: 1.25 inch/3 cm
Outside Diameters: 2 inch/5 cm

Cock T Silicone Cockring



On sale for: $14.21

The COCK. The best feel, best fit, cockring we offer. Made of a new type of Silicone with more stretch, more squish...it wraps around your cock and balls like it is part of you this one's truly a long-wear ring...it feels like flesh cause the silicone was designed to mimic flesh...it's warm on your junk and fits so well you will forget you have it on...your hard dick won't though.

Simple is better, COCK is just the right thickness, the perfect width, but not bulky, and it stays in place. Our silicone is pure - no fillers, no blends here, just 100% platinum silicone.

- Inside diameter: 1.25 inch/3 cm
- Height: 0.75 inch/2 cm
- Outside diameter: 2.25 inch/5.5 cm

Ball and Chain Silicone Ass Lock Cockring And Buttplug



On sale for: $51.71

BALL and CHAIN ass-lock, in new flex-skin silicone...the best stuff...stretches further, but it's soft...firm enough to lube up and insert...enough stretch to fit around your junk and reach back and up in your hole, no matter how close or far your hole is from your balls...

This silicone was developed for us by a crazy chemist that was bent on capturing the real feel of skin...toys made with this will blow you away, touch this stuff, stretch it, grip it and squeeze...it's seductive, it's addictive...it just feels like sex

Inside diameter:
- Cockring: 1.25 inch;
- Height: 1 inch;

Outside diameter:
- cockring: 2.74 inch;
- Weight: 6.3 oz.

Ball size:
- Usable length: 3.5 inch
- Smallest usable circumference: 4 inch
- Largest usable circumference: 6.5 inch

Ball Bender Silicone Ballstretcher



On sale for: $17.96

BALLBENDER cups your ballsack and lifts it, pushes it up and out for a bigger bulge...wear it around your balls and it looks like a small ballstretcher ring from the front - but underneath it lifts up your nuts, kinda like when you wrap your hand around your ballsack and lift em up and out...making small ball-sacks look biggerand big balls obscene.

Wear it for play - it's not too bulky and it's made of our squishiest silicone so it feels amazing on...or wear it under gear for a bigger bulge, and non-stop nut-hugging and tugging on your sack. It keeps your balls out in front, (most ballstretchers push your balls back between your legs) - a perfect toy to keep those nuts OUT and PROUD for CBT play, or balls-to-butt slappin' fucking!

Cock Screws Silicone Penis Plugs


COCK-SCREW pissplug set of 2, pure super soft platinum cure silicone...with twist-grip handle for easy insertion even when covered in lube or pre-cum...

These are the thinnest silicone pissplug available, perfect for beginners, the soft silicone is so flexible these are a great way to start sound play.

Set inludes one smooth spike-shaped plug, and screw-like lightly ridged plug.

- Length: 3.5 inch;
- Tip: approximately 3 mm
- Widest point: approximately 7 mm
- Usable length: 3 inch

Bullballs 1 Silicone Ballstretcher



On sale for: $18.71

BULLBALLS-1 ballstretcher...it was our first and has been our most popular silicone ballstretcher...but the old the old molds we made this in were not up to our current standards...we create all designs now in CAD programs, we prototype on 3-D printers that allow us to refine product till it is truly the best we can offer...

We re-did this one completely...it is the same dimensions, thickness, diameter as the original, but the shape is more refined...a little more squeeze in the middle, a better rolled edge for comfort, better stretch...and we added sick new colors...

- Total length: 2 inch/5 cm
- Total diameter: 1.85 inch/4.5 cm
- Usable length: 2 inch/5 cm
- Inside diameter: 1 inch/2.5 cm

Bent 1 Curved Silicone Ballstretcher



On sale for: $18.71

BENT is super soft stretchy fleshy silicone...with a curve...a bent ball stretching tube with a fat squishy rim. Our super-soft silicone feels amazing on your nuts...it stretches just right, its blubbery, it forms to your sack, and it's heavy for its size...

- Total length: 2.25 inch/5.5 cm - 1.25 inch/3.5 cm on the lower side
- Total diameter: 1.85 inch/4.5 cm
- Inside diameter: 1 inch/2.5 cm

Donkey Strapless Dildo


Thick, long, with a slight upward curve...get hung like a DONKEY!

- Total length: 11 inch;
- Total circumference: 8.75 inch;
- Usable length: 10.5 inch;
- Smallest usable circumference: 5 inch;
- Largest usable circumference: 8 inch

Puppy Cockring



On sale for: $22.46

NEW from OXBALLS...PUPPY silicone cockring...super soft, stretchy pure platinum silicone..."wag your fuckin tail, Fido!"

Wear it discretely under your balls...or face it backwards, shove a pup-tail in your hole and get on all fours like a good pup should...nuthin' a pup-owner likes more that to look down and see his dog wagging his tail..showing off that hole with a "PUPPY" tag just under your tail...WOOF!

Scooby Snax!

- Inside diameter: 1. 5 inch/3.5 cm;
- Height: 0.5 inch/1.5 cm;
- Outside diameter: 2.2 inch/5.5 cm

Pisser Cockring



On sale for: $21.71

PISSER cockring...a Urinal for your meat...by OXBALLS...pure silicone??

- Inside diameter: 1.5 inch;
- Height: 1.75 inch;
- Outside diameter: 2.75 inch

Thug Double Fucker Strapless Dildo



On sale for: $66.71

THUG is a dick dildo attached to a cockring...stretch the ring around YOUR cock and balls and it lays out on top of your meat for one hot double-FUCK. It's not a cocksheath so your dick is free to use with thug for DP or drop your dick and fuck with just the THUG...

Its like a strap-on that isn't STRAPPED ON! the silicone cockring at the base really does keep this fat fucker in place.

Similar to the original PENETRATOR, THUG is thicker, fatter in the middle and longer. (shown in the pics for comparison, the fatter gnarly one is thug), the head is shaped for easy penetration and it morphs around the base of your dick surrounding your shaft, adding a lot more girth to your meat.

The cockring part stretches to fit comfortably, it's a 1.5 inch medium-firm silicone ring that stretches and grips.

THUG is 8 inch from base to tip and a little more than 6.5 inches around.

- Total length: 8 inch/20.5 cm;
- Total circumference: about 6.5 inch/16.5 cm;
- Usable length: to the base!
- Smallest usable circumference: 4 inch /10 cm at the tapered head

Nutt Ballstretcher And Cockring



On sale for: $17.96

NUTT is a thick, fat but stretchy dual purpose cockring and/or ballstretcher. Made of Oxballs' legendary SKINFLEX silicone, which feels wonderfully warm but never pinches.

- Inside diameter: 1 inch/2.5 cm
- Height: 1.25 inch /3 cm
- Outside diameter: 2 inch/5 cm

Link Cockring



On sale for: $20.21

We have a couple Pitbulls running around at OXBALLS warehouse...you'd think they'd be good watchdogs...but no, they sleep most of the day on the sofa in the office...when someone comes to the doors they rarely even bark...if they get up at all.

But they do look mean and nasty, usually scare people when they first visit...they are hairy drooling smelly beasts...they eat too much, fart at inappropriate times, hump the leg of the UPS guy, piss all over the carpet, and get real excited when you take out their leash and collar, (that same description covers all employees at OXBALLS).

When Tulip's collar went missing, (yes the pit's name is Tulip), and later turned up on Miguel in shipping...we took him for a walk around the warehouse complex...attaching the leash to his cockring...this inspired us to design a silicone chain-link cockring and ballstretcher.

A cockring that shackles your junk seems like a natural...looks super-hot with leather, levis, rubber...or even better, under a business suit in boxers...woof!

LINK cockring doesn't pinch or dig into your junk...made of the same pure platinum silicone as our BULLBALLS ballstretchers, they stretch and flex, and warm up to body temp quick...our soft flex silicone feels amazing on your skin...

- Inside diameter: 1.1 inch/3 cm;
- Total diameter: 2.5 inch/6.5 cm;
- Height: 0.6 inch/1.5 cm

Grinder Ballstretcher



On sale for: $18.71

GRINDER ballstretcher is made of heavy thick rubbery silicone...the heaviest and softest ballstretcher we make...the extra weight helps your nuts hang low...but this fucker is so soft and squishy your balls aren t gonna feel too much squeeze...

We made this bad-boy thicker in the middle to push your balls down low, the "thicker" middle keeps your nuts from popping back up and out. GRINDER keeps even high-tight shy-balls low in their bag the added weight of the thick silicone puts extra pressure at the top of your nuts just where you want it and feel it...Best for normal to small balls.

- Total height: 1.5 inch/3.5 cm;
- Inside diameter: 1.1 inch /3 cm;
- Outside diameter: 2.25 inch/ 5.5 cm

Fuckler Silicone Cockring



On sale for: $22.46

FUCKLER is a thick silicone cockring, not too tight...but with squirmy "fingers" that fondle your balls...wank or fuck while wearing FUCKLER - it feels like the little tentacles are tickling and probing your ballsack...your balls rest heavy on 20 soft squishy blunt nubs pushing your junk forward, and the ring locks in the blood flow so your meat stays rock-hard...it looks sick too...

Lube the thing inside and out, (use any lube, this is Oxballs pure platinum cure silicone, you can use any type or brand of lube with this one), stretch it over your junk...use it with the nubs behind your balls and it feels great for you...flip it and wear with the nubs around the top of your meat and fuck your favorite hole...every thrust and your gonna tickle some lucky pucker...bottoms love this one...

- Inside diameter: 1.25 inch/3 cm;
- Height: 1.5 inch /3.5 cm
- Outside diameter: 2.25 inch/5.5 cm

Jelly Bean Cockring



On sale for: $6.71

JELLY BEAN cockring come in 6 candy-sweet colors...super-happy fun-time color cockrings...sex should be silly and fun, playful...works as a short ball rings too.

Brightens up your sex - these are thick jelly TPR, stretches just enough for a medium-firm fit...made of our new blubbery rubbery material...

Designed to stay put - inside the ring is a shallow channel that keeps the ring in place, it wont roll or snag your pubes...

- Total length: 1.85 inch, stretches to 6.5 inch;
- Inside diameter: 0.85 inch.

Truckt Cockrings



On sale for: $12.71

TRUCKT cockrings hugs your meat with 2 different fits - the large one for a good grip on your cock and balls and a good hard bone, the smaller one if you want more grip for rock-hard meat...or wrap your cock and balls with the large ring, and use the smaller ring stretched around your ballsack for tons of grip...

Hell, we even doubled them up for a pumped up, super hard dick for deep long fucking...

Made of super-strong SKINFLEX-TPR, our best material for strength and serious stretch. Stretches 5X is size and snaps back every time...but this stuff feels amazing, no squishy stuff for a floppy dick here, this is serious stretch for serious hard bone...

Inside the ring is a shallow channel, as you stretch the ring this flattens out so the ring stays where you put it, doesn't roll or snag your pubeswe hate round rings that roll...

Don't worry about sizing, with 2 rings and the serious stretch these fuckers have, you will find your perfect fit and you can change it...

- Small:
1.6 inch wide x 0.5 inch tall;
Inside diameter: 0.7 inch

- Large
2.2 inch wide x 0.75 inch tall;
Inside diameter: 0.85 inch.

Sprocket Cockring



On sale for: $9.71

SPROCKET cockring is made from all new material, it feels "blubbery"...squishy...but elastic enough to squeeze your junk and keep you super-hard. It will not dig into your flesh like other cockrings.

It is the perfect cockring, it's strong and super stretchy, rubbery enough it doesn't choke your balls till blue...it just fits...after our last photo-shoot, the guys that wore this cockring grabbed handfuls for their personal use, and knowing what sluts they are I'm sure a lot of you have seen 'em in use up

Total Height: 0.75 inch/2 cm;
Total Outside Diameter: 2.8 inch/7 cm

Unit X Cocksling



On sale for: $16.46

We designed the original COCKSLING three years ago, probably the best selling cock and ball toy ever...UNIT-X is the best parts of that design without all the bulk...built to fit closer to the base of your dick, higher on your ballsack.

COCKSLING is a hard-core, meaty cock-toy built tough for the long haul - but UNIT-X is a sleek, sporty, power-fucksling built for speed. It wraps around just the base of your dick and the top of your ballsack, no extra thick rings or chunky bits. It made from a all new TPR blend that's stretches more and it feels more rubbery. UNIT-X fits big or slim dicks, it fits huge balls or high and tight nut-sacks...

Made of the best TRP blend...safe, non-toxic and pthalate free. Wash with warm soapy water after use, ok with all lubes.

UNIT-X, designed by ATOMIC JOCK for OXBALLS...an original design.