Crazy Girl Wanna Be Excited Pure Silver Plated Pleasure Balls


Enjoy intense internal stimulation with every move you make with the only pleasure balls of its kind. Perfectly weighted chromium steel balls. May be worn during sex to enhance intimacy. Sized and weighted to increase muscle strength during kegel or vaginal contracting exercises.

Crazy Girl Lip Balm


Keeps lips sexy, soft and sweet. Tropical delight flavor for delicious kiss. 4.5 gram applicator.

Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sparkling Shimmery Diva Dust Blushing


Light body shimmer powder designed to give skin a sensual sparkle glow. Kissable Pink Cupcake flavor lingers on the lips upon contact with skin. A woman’s secret alibi when on the prowl or anytime. Tantalizing dust provides the ultimate sexual temptation. Designed for all skin types. Enclosed washable powder puff applicator included.

Hearts Desire Warming Body Massager


Heat up the passion and romance. Heart-shaped body massage is easy to use. Caress every body curve during massage with tantalizing warm enticement.

Coochy After Shave Protection Mist Spray


Can be used anywhere that you shave. The Coochy After Shave Protection Mist is a great companion for the Coochy Shave Cream. Formulated to create a protective barrier between shaven skin and clothing. Botanical ingredients produce a natural, delicate fragrance. Available in 4 oz bottle with female friendly sprayer.

Max 4 Men Max Control Male Sex Prolong Gel Unscented 0.5 Ounce


Upgrade Male Performance! Ejaculation Delay Gel to Help Extend Erections. Formulated with Lidocainea fast-acting, gentle desensitizing agent. Makes Sex an Experience You and Your Partner. Will BOTH Enjoy! Helps reduce male sensitivity to prolong sexual pleasure. Quick absorption gelless chance of product transference to partner. Apply to penis head shortly prior to sexual activity for max results. Individual results and sensations may vary Experience will decide the number of applications for effectiveness.

Crazy Girl Wanna Be Aroused Oral Sex Gel


Crazy girl Wanna Be Aroused 2.2 fl oz oral sex gel

Product Features:
- Paraben-free
- Sugar-free
- Sulfate-free
- Water-Soluble
- Greaseless
- Non-Staining
- Adult Toy and Latex Friendly
- Made In USA
- No Animal Testing

Diva-licious Arousal and Pleasure During Oral Intimacy!

Made with Lubricious Ingredients to Produce a Smooth, Satisfying Action
- Honey Extract skin lubricating/moisturizing/sugar-free version
- Honeysuckle Flower Extract natural non-irritating preservative

Makes Giving and Receiving Oral Pleasure a More Fulfilling, Satisfying Experience for Both Partners!
- Gel delivers smooth lubrication for increased sensitivity
- Allows for heightened vaginal arousal and enhancement with every touch
- Adds a pleasing, delicious taste to excite foreplay
- Place a small amount of product to vaginal area to enjoy an enhanced sensation
- Individual results and sensation may vary
- Available in Flavors: Starwberry, Cotton Candy or Mint

Before And After Adult Toy Cleaner Spray


The Before and After Adult Toy Cleaner is as easy to use as 1-2-3!...

1:Spray On...
2:Wipe Off...
3:Rinse...That's it!

The Before and After Adult Toy Cleaner kills bacteria and freshens toy with a sweet fragrance. Use on new toys for first time use and every time thereafter. Also use Before and After any sexual use!

Crazy Girl Wanna Be Daring Tushy Teaser


Tame your mushy with this butt plug from Classic Erotica. This butt plug is made for a woman. Enjoy a wild ride and be a little naughty with the Tushy Teaser.

Available for Purchase