Scarlet Passion Red Bondage Kit


Bind their eyes, ankles, and wrists in scarlet satin with this red bondage set. The blindfold is lightly padded, with an elastic strap. The cuffs are also lightly padded, and have a layer of black lace on the outside. The snap hooks at the center allow you to attach the cuffs together, or to other bondage accessories. The simply Velcro closure allows for easy adjustment and security.

Wand Massager Orgasm Belt



On sale for: $61.46

This unique harness is designed so your lover cannot escape wave after wave of overwhelming orgasmic bliss. The straps are made to hold a vibrating wand tight against their clit, keeping them trapped and bound in pleasure. The straps are fully adjustable and accept most standard size wands, including the Hitachi. The wide belt buckles in the back with two adjustable straps, and has 3 metal O rings in the front so you can restrain your partner further or tie them down completely. The strap that runs between the legs is adjustable as well, and comes with an optional sliding anal plug harness so you can fill them up completely. The flexible PU leather is realistically textured and allows us to offer this thrilling toy with all man made materials.

fits waists 30 inch to 36 inches in circumference, fits most standard size wand massagers, fits anal plugs up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

Savvy by Dr Yvonne Fulbright Blissful Silicone Kegel Exercise Balls


The Savvy Balls are a modern twist on other Kegel exercisers. This updated style is designed to heighten stimulation, as well as safety and comfort. The soft silicone coating has several indented ridges that create further sensation against the vaginal walls. Inside each ball there is a rolling metal weight that creates a natural swirling motion internally as you shift your body. The increased sensation and mild resistance allow you to squeeze your PC muscles more effectively, thereby strengthening them with each use for increased sensation and heightened arousal. Each ball is coated in soft, non-porous, and hypoallergenic silicone, and the soft durable string makes them easy to remove. 3.75 inches in length, 1.4 inches in diameter.

Double Up Stim-U Silicone Vibe


Coupled with ultra powerful vibration and two points of stimulation, this little vibe packs a lot of satisfaction! Made of premium silicone, so it is silky soft and hypoallergenic. A 3.5 inch insertable shaft is topped off with a bulbous tip, as well as a pleasure spot stimulator that is studded with stimulating nub. Whether you use it for simultaneous internal and external stimulation, or as a DP vibe, Stimu-Vibe delivers the satisfaction! The vibe turns on with a simply one-touch button at the base. This vibe is also splash proof for waterproof fun in the shower. Turn up the sexy stimulation with this double duty vibe!

- 6 inches in total length;
- Insertable arm: 2.5 inches in length, 1.25 inches in diameter at head;
- Stimulating arm: 1.5 inches in length, 1.25 inches in diameter at head.

Vibrating Dog Tail Butt Plug


Has your pet been a good dog lately? Then make your puppy partner come with this exciting vibrating pleasure toy. This dog tail butt plug is perfect for putting the beast into your partner with its two vibrating motors, one in the body of the plug and one at the end. The bulbous plug is slick, firm, and inserts easily. The flared base keeps the tail lifted and raised. Once inside, the flexible shaft of the tail will wag and wave with each movement of their body. The multi speed vibration is controlled by a wired remote, so you can decide how much of a treat to reward them with.

Endurance Plastic Grabber Nipple Clamps With Link Chain Silver


Ultra light-weight plastic nipple clamps are inexpensive toys for casual play. The spring-tight clips get the job done. Link chain.

Vibrating Anal Plug with Passion Lube


Vibrator Lube is the perfect lubricant to use with all your favorite toys! The long lasting, non-sticky formula delivers endless pleasure while staying safe and gentle on your favorite device. Water based lube cleans easily with soap and water. Glycerin and paraben free! Coupled with our exciting vibrating ass plug, this fun duo lets you get as dirty as you like.

All In One Shower Enema Kit with Stop-N-Flow Tip


This all in one personal cleansing system attaches easily to most shower systems, letting you utilize a constant stream of water with steady pressure. With 6 feet of flexible hosing, and two narrow nozzle attachments, you can enjoy a deep thorough cleanse. If you want to take your water play into the realm of the erotic, attach the included hollow anal plug nozzle. The swelled head and narrow shaft will fill you up, while the wide hollow center allows the water to flow freely into you. Once you have had your fill, use the center plug to close the center hole, trapping the water inside you. The water inside plus the girth of the plug will give you a nice, full feeling.

- Enema plug: 4.63 inch overall length (with stopper), 2.75 inch insertable length (with stopper), 1.62 inch max insertable diameter;
- Enema nozzle: 5 inches in length; Thin nozzle: 3.5 inches in length.

XL Stop-N-Flow Hollow Aluminum Enema Plug


This heavy, slick hollow metal plug features a removable inner portion, turning a classic ass toy into a see-through tunnel. Just twist the loop at the base and remove to reveal the inner secrets of your partner. The smooth metal glides into place easily and can be heated or chilled, allowing you to tease your lover with temperature play. Non-porous and allergy safe, metal is easily disinfected and compatible with every type of lube. The plug is coated with a dazzling aurora borealis hue, giving it a slightly pearlized finish and a delicate splash of color. The threaded screw-on converter lets you turn this hollow anal plug into a shower enema tip.

3 Piece Prostate Pleasure Starter Kit


This 3 piece kit is your key to back door exploration. If you have heard about all the incredible pleasures prostate and anal stimulation can bring, but do not know quite where to start, then look no further! The kit includes two of our most popular anal toys, angled for maximum prostate pleasure, plus a slick numbing lube. The slim vibrating wand has gained high praise from anal aficionados of all skill levels, with its firm, slick material, long slim shaft, and curved head. The silicone vibe has curves and swells along the short, girthy shaft, plus a dainty anal arm to tickle your taint. The vibrating bullet packs plenty of power and turns on with just a push of a button. Finally, the desensitizing anal lube will let you glide easily into the exciting world of anal play in comfort.

Horse Tail Stainless Steel Anal Plug


Ready for a little pony play? This equine inspired steel plug is topped by a demure tail, so you can fully immerse yourself in your role. The heavy steel plug is designed with the classic tapered tip and spade shape, making it easy and thrilling to wear for extended periods of time. The stainless steel offers an attractive look, weighty feel, and the ability to easily sterilize the non-porous metal, making it an ideal anal toy.

Paragon Gem Accented Vibrating Anal Plug with Internal Stimulation


Take anal pleasure to the next level with the Paragon. A velvet soft plug that is tapered at the top for easy insertion. It is easy to remove with an elongated neck that ends with a flared base set with a brilliant multicolored gem. The plug is internally weighted with a single rolling metal ball for added stimulation. The shifting internal weight is accompanied by four powerful vibration modes. Simply use the wired remote control and move the switch up to select your desired speed setting. The removable silicone sleeve gives this plug an enticing matte texture. If you desire a more slick feel, simply take the sleeve off.

The Spire Quattro Vibrating Cock Ring with Anal Plug


The Spire Quattro is designed to keep the wearer in pleasured submission, while the insertable anal spire vibrates and provides breathtaking pleasure. This piece features a bulbous anal arm for stimulation, while the cock and balls are confined within their own snug harness, providing extended erection enhancement. The flexible TPR material stretches to fit and bends to move with the body, for intense internal stimulation with every thrust and movement. The vibrating bullet encases in the anal plug offers 4 speeds of intense vibration, controlled with a wired remote.

Astral Large Bulb P Spot Anal Stimulator


The Astral is designed to directly target the prostate and perineum for maximum stimulation. It features a weighted interior ball that rolls around with movement for stronger sensation. An easy grip handle with finger holes are used for better maneuvering and easy retrieval. The hypoallergenic material is easy to clean and will not harbor unsafe bacteria. The rigid material has a matte texture for easy insertion with a skin-soft feel. To clean, simply wash with warm water and mild soap.

Entree Gem Accented Anal Plug with Internal Stimulation


Velvet soft and contoured for the ultimate in back door play. This exquisite anal plug from Vogue features a weighted interior roller ball for a heightened sensory experience. This sensuous plug is a spectacle for the eyes as well. The brilliant royal purple exterior will look especially intriguing set against the radiant gem accent that glitters as you move. Removal is easy with the flared base of the plug. The rigid material is free of harmful additives and easy to clean, with an enticing rubberized texture. The rubberized texture sleeve can be removed for cleaning, or if you prefer a more slick surface.

The Spire Cock Ring with Anal Plug


The Spire is designed to keep the wearer in pleasured submission. This piece features a bulbous anal arm for stimulation, while the cock and balls are confined within their own snug harness, providing extended erection enhancement. The flexible TPR material stretches to fit and bends to move with the body, for intense internal stimulation with every thrust and movement.

Wide Base Black Silicone Anal Plug


Once you have this smooth silicone anal plug in place, it is not going anywhere! The extra wide base keeps in firmly in place. There is even an opening at the bottom where you can insert your own vibrating bullet to add extra sensation. The smooth matte material is hypoallergenic, body safe, and non-porous, making it ideal for anal play.

Silicone Wavy Prostate Exerciser


This premium prostate exercising tool is ideal for anal massage and stimulation. Contoured to curve with the male anatomy perfectly so it massages the prostate and the perineum simultaneously. When inserted, the tool will move with you, stimulating with every thrust for maximum pleasure. Made of premium silicone, with an ABS plastic base, so it is non-porous and cleans easily.

Prostate Stimulating Silicone Anal Plug with Optional Vibration


This exciting prostate stimulator is ergonomically designed for maximum stimulation. Specially curved and ideally sized to give incredible stimulation for all body types and experience levels. The soft yet rigid silicone has a slight amount of flexibility and give, perfect for applying thrilling pressure right to your P-spot with every move and thrust. The looped handle, curved taint stimulator, and half moon base makes stimulating pleasure effortless. Want to kick things up? A looped sleeve accepts your favorite peanut vibe. The body-safe material is non-porous, phthalate-free, easily cleaned, and safe for those with latex allergies.

Dog Tail Butt Plug


This unique plug will turn your partner into the dog they are. With a swelling head that will fill you up and stay in place, a flared base that keeps the tail lifted and raised, and a firm yet flexible rubber that maintains its shape while still allowing movement. The tail is ultra responsive, waving and wagging with every twitch of their haunches.

Pig Tail Butt Plug- Pink


Send them to hog heaven with this sexy pig tail anal plug. This spiraled butt plug is perfect for stuffing up your little swine, and is topped with a curly tail. The bubblegum pink rubber is nice and firm, and is shaped so it will stay where it is put. The slick material is easy to clean and slides neatly in place, making it the perfect addition to your nasty little pig. 10 inches in total length.

Ammo Shell Large Anal Dilator Plug


This girthy rectal dilator will open you up wide and give an incredible feeling of fullness. The tapered tip helps ease it in, which the flared base keeps it in place. Whether you use it for pleasure or to help widen yourself in anticipation of larger insertables, this plug is an excellent way to stretch you to your limits.

ASSimilator Wirelss Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug


Reward them with this devious anal delight. ASSimilator comes to you with 10 modes of powerful pulsation and vibration, coupled with velvet soft, premium silicone. Non-porous and tapered at the top for pinpoint stimulation and ease of insertion. ASSimilator is powered by a wireless remote, so you can control your plaything from afar. It is your domain...

5 Function Purple Vibrating Pleasure Beads


This fun set of smooth, vibrating anal beads are a real treat for your seat! Made of matte ABS plastic, they slip easily into place. Turn them on with just the press of a button, and control your speed with the simple up and down switches. These vibrant violet beads are deliciously strong and perfect for both sexes. You can even use them for strengthening your Kegel muscles, for stronger orgasms and increased sensation over time. Beads measure 1.3 inches in diameter.