Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs Quick View

Fetish Fantasy Position Master With Cuffs



Let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits with the Position Master with Cuffs. The sturdy straps hold your legs firmly in place so they don't tire just when things are getting good, while the wrists cuffs ensure your subject won't escape anytime soon.

The neck harness is soft and cushioned allowing for maximum comfort. The straps ad just quickly and easily with a simple tug, so you control the placement of your legs at any point during play. Assume the position and be the master of your next encounter!

Plush Neck Harness with
2 Leg cuffs and 2 Handcuffs

Fetish Fantasy Alligator Nipple Clamps Quick View

Fetish Fantasy Alligator Nipple Clamps



Make your favorite BDSM Fantasy real with the Fetish Fantasy Alligator Nipple Clamps. Your nipples will swell with excitement with these beginner Alligator Nipple Clamps. Made with durable metal clips and covered in soft rubber liners, these clamps are perfect for beginners and fetish enthusiasts alike. You can control the intensity of the clamp with adjustable by turning the screws, and the weighted chain intensifies the pressure as you move and make the chain swng. You can add weights (sold separately) to make your role play more memorable.

Japanese Bondage Rope Quick View

Japanese Bondage Rope



Play rough to your hearts content with a full 32 feet (10 meters) of soft cotton Japanese bondage rope that won't rub or chafe the skin. The rope's super long length and flexibility give you plenty of options to explore restraining techniques since it can be manipulated into any shape. You can make your own tethers by binding up the wrists or ankles and then attaching the remaining length of rope to a headboard. With this much Japanese bondage rope, you can create your own designs. This Japanese style treat comes in your choice of red, purple or black.

Breathable Ball Gag Quick View

Breathable Ball Gag



Take control of your fantasies tonight with the Fetish Fantasy Breathable Ball Gag. Designed for comfort, the firm, non-toxic rubber ball has breathing holes for your willing submissive. The high quality, leather strap measures 10 inches in length. Simply adjust the buckle for the perfect fit. Add to the fantasy by covering your partner's eyes with the mask. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Strap-in Chastity Harness Quick View

Strap-in Chastity Harness



This locking women's chastity harness has a leather strip that runs from a waist belt through the crotch. It can be used to strap in a dildo (anally or vaginally). Select measurements for the waist. Adjustable horizontally and vertically for the right fit. Requires 2 locks (not included).

Small: 26 inches - 30 inches
Medium: 27.5 inches - 32 inches
Large: 31 inches - 36.5 inches

Last Word Leather Collar Quick View

Last Word Leather Collar



Express yourself with these playful word collars. Made of supple black leather, with four snaps and raised silver metal letters, each collar lets the world know who you are, or keep it to yourself. The collars are .75 inches wide and fit necks from 13-17 inches in circumference. Your choice of Bad Kitty, Bitch, Butch, Daddy's Boy, Fuck Me, Mistress, Pig, Pussy, Queen, Sexy, Slave, Slut, Submissive or Whore.

Twisted Triplets Nipple and Clit Suckers Quick View

Twisted Triplets Nipple and Clit Suckers



Enjoy powerful suction with this triple set of demurely sized suction cylinders. Just apply to any area that would benefit from increased sensitivity and blood flow, no pumps or accessories needed. These self-contained suction devices work with a simple twist. Silent, simple, and discreet, these suckers can be taken and used practically any where for on the go stimulation. Lubed internally for smooth movement and a strong seal that makes for sublimely powerful suction.

Opening is 0.75 inches in diameter, tube is 2.35 long and entire item is 4 inches long

Under The Bed Restraint System Quick View

Under The Bed Restraint System



Scary monsters aren't the only things lurking under the bed. Your bondage playground awaits! If you have no bedposts, this is for you. Simply slide the black restraint straps under any mattress, and position the straps around the bed for setting up bondage positions. Here's what you get: 4-60 inch nylon restraint straps with an adjustable center strap and 4 adjustable neoprene wrist/ankle cuffs with velcro closures. The black cuffs are comfortable and easy to put on and remove. They can also be linked together end to end and worn as a collar or thigh cuff. Each cuff features a nickel-free O-ring as a point of attachment, and a small snap hook is also attached to one of the cuffs for clipping the cuffs together. Let the fun begin!

Sinful Slave Collar And Leash Set Quick View

Sinful Slave Collar And Leash Set



The adjustable slave collar is made of stamped vinyl in a diamond pattern around a neoprene liner ensuring no unnecessary discomfort to your pet. The detachable leash is black chain and connects to the Sinful slave collar with an O-ring located on the front of the bondage collar. Your choice of pink or black.

Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles Quick View

Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles



Candles set the mood for a romantic evening. But, they are more fun for pleasure and pain BDSM sex play. Our low temperature Japanese Drip Candles will set the stage for your BDSM sex play. Our Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles are a favorite for those who dare to explore hot wax play.. These low-temperature Japanese drip candles come in a set of 3 mystical colors-black, red and purple!

Frisky Bedroom Restraint Kit Quick View

Frisky Bedroom Restraint Kit



Now you can turn any bed into a restraint playground. This black neoprene kit is also portable, taking up very little space. The H-shaped straps are about 48 inches long and fit underneath any size bed, reaching around to securely cuff ankles and wrists to restrict movement. The sturdy cuffs adjust to accommodate up to 16 inches in diameter, and are soft and comfortable, yet close securely with heavy-duty velcro. Swivel clips attach the cuffs to the straps underneath the mattress. Enjoy compromising positions as you tease and please your lover until you decide they can be released.

Bondage Tape Quick View

Bondage Tape



Put your lover in a sticky situation with this non-sticky bondage tape. This shiny PVC tape only sticks to itself, so it does not pull hair or leave any sticky residue. It's perfect for the novice and the fetish aficionado alike. Pleasure Tape can be used to bind, gag, blindfold, or dress the object of your affection. It's easy to use and visually stunning. Wrap your lover up tonight. It's bound to please you both!

Carabiner Snap Hook Quick View

Carabiner Snap Hook



This spring-loaded steel hook snaps open and shut easily, allowing you to rapidly connect restraints to chains, spreader bars, other restraints, etc. The approximately 3 inch long hook will accommodate attachment points up to 3/8 inch in diameter and is a staple for any bondage enthusiast.

Fetish Fantasy Mini Silk Bondage Rope Quick View

Fetish Fantasy Mini Silk Bondage Rope



Make you BDSM fantasies a reality with the super soft Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Bondage Rope. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy the pleasure of Japanese-style bondage play! Available in colors pink, purple, black or red.

- 6' (183 cm) Reusable Silk Rope
- Polyester

Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag with Dildo Quick View

Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag with Dildo



Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Ball Gag with Dong This top of the line Deluxe Ball Gang has a realistic black dong on one side of the leather mouthpiece and a ball on the other. Double your pleasure and double your fun and watch the sparks of anticipation begin when you put this on! The leather harness encircles your slave's head and even locks with the lock and key that's included! Is it hot in here or is it YOU?

Made with ABS and PVC plastic.

Foley Catheters Quick View

Foley Catheters



The most popular urology item we sell, the two-way Foley catheter can be inflated to hold in place. You need a syringe that screws onto one opening used to inflate the balloon at the end to hold in place. Available in sizes; 12Fr, 14,Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr, 20 Fr, 22 Fr, 24 Fr, 26 Fr, 28 Fr, 30 Fr. A 5 cc balloon requires a 10 cc syringe.

Supergrip Ball Gag Quick View

Supergrip Ball Gag



The Super Grip Ball Gags is different from any you mouth gag will ever find. These bondage gags are made in a wide variety of sizes that will actually fit comfortably into most people's mouths. We use now have 5 different size balls - 1.125 inch, 1.375 inch, 1.75 inch, 2 Inch, 2.25 inch. In our unique process each ball is hand dipped in liquid plastic 4 times. This plastic dries into a soft flexible form and is used in hospitals to coat instruments. This dipping process is very time-consuming and must be done at just the right temperature, or it bubbles and drips. Because the balls are completely dipped in soft plastic, they can be cleaned; and because there is no exposed hole in the center of the ball, nothing can be trapped inside during your bdsm play.. These ball gags come with black, red or yellow balls and have a locking buckle. Once you've used one, you'll never go back to one of those cheap whiffle ball gags. This bondage gags come in Black, Red, and Yellow.

Fetish Fantasy Ultimate Bondage Kit Quick View

Fetish Fantasy Ultimate Bondage Kit



Lock the door, turn off the lights and turn up the heat. Everything you need to transform your bedroom into an erotic playground is included in this Bondage Kit. Included in this Bondage Kit is a black breathable ball gag, small black silicone butt plug, black mini mite vibe with 4 interchangeable heads, black satin blindfold, silver metal handcuffs with 2 keys, grey silk tie for restraining wrists or ankles, black leather cat-o-nine tails, silver clothespin nipple clamps with chain, white hot wax candle, purple feather tickler and a pair of black ben-wa balls. This is the ultimate Bondage Kit for all your sexual adventures. Shop our Bondage Kits online today!

Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Ball Gag Quick View

Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Ball Gag



Don't say a word. Venture into bondage play with a firm 1.75 inch rubber ball gag. It is attached to an adjustable nylon head strap. Your choice of black or red. One size fits most.

Cupless Mini Dress Quick View

Cupless Mini Dress



Let the girls do the talking in this form fitting cupless, black nylon dress. This opaque seducer is available in regular or queen size.

Double End Snap Clip Quick View

Double End Snap Clip



Double your bondage fun with this basic double-ended clip. Clip your wrist restraints to your collar. Bind your ankle restraints together. Attach those thigh cuffs to a spreader bar or furniture. Get creative! This convenient new hardware component is a quick and inexpensive way to multiply your bedroom scenarios.

Colt Anal Sex Trainer Kit Quick View

Colt Anal Sex Trainer Kit



This trio of black firm and pliable butt plugs provide incremental training stages from small-4 inches, medium-4.75 inches to large-6 inches, preparing your sphincter to accept large objects. The tapered ends make for comfortable insertion. The anal plugs are made from smooth and seamless PVC.

Mummification Vet Wrap Quick View

Mummification Vet Wrap



Vet wrap is a multi-purpose rubber and latex bandaging that can be used to make wrist and ankle restraints, a hood, or encase your entire body in. Vet wrap is stretchy and can be cut with scissors. It is reusable, lightweight and won't stick to your hair. It allows your skin to breathe since it is porous. Each roll has 5 yards (65 feet) of wrap. Your choice of black, red, white, blue or pink.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Vibrating Pussy Pump Quick View

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Vibrating Pussy Pump



Watch your pussy swell to new extremes with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Vibrating Pussy Pump! Simply place the contoured cup over your pussy lips, then trigger the high-intensity super suction by pulling the easy-grip, medical-style pump lever. Once the pump is snug around your extraordinarily enormous lips, stimulate the swell with a vibrating buzz by activating the multi-speed bullet! With a quick turn of the dial on the hand control unit, your pussy will plump up with passion and vibrate with pleasure. To relieve the pressure, simply press the quick-release valve and you're ready for big-time fun! The vibrating bullet can also be removed from the pump shell, allowing you to stimulate your nipples or other erogenous zones as you enjoy the pump's suction. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water.