Reverse Tightening Gel For Women


Over time the vaginal walls begin to relax which in turn can greatly diminish the amount of friction and sexual satisfaction you and your partner experience.

By tightening the inner vaginal walls you can reverse this natural occurrence temporarily to enhance you and your partner's love making experience.

Use a pea-sized drop on your finger to apply Reverse Gel in the vaginal area. It tingles! A lot! If sensation is unpleasant, discontinue use.

Odorless and tasteless. 2 oz tube.

Moist Anal Lube 4 fl.oz.


Voted BEST Lubricant by Women's Health Magazine our Moist Anal Lube is a friction-free, non irritating, silky smooth, personal lubricant that will turn your sexual encounters into delightful anal pleasures. This non-staining, water-based lube is easy to clean up and can be used on your favorite bed sheets. Try it on your favorite toy for easy insertion and apply liberal amounts to the anus and insertion piece (penis/toy/finger) for best results. Get ready for any easy, pleasurable sexual anal encounter. 4 oz. pump bottle.

Tushy Tamer 1.5 oz.


Ease into comfort with this incredible anal desensitizing cream. Perfect for beginners to anal play, this specially formulated lotion gently numbs and desensitizes the rectal area, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for both partners. It's odorless and tasteless, washes off easily, and can be used with latex condoms.

Anal Eaze Insertz


Eaze into comfort with this classic formula for enjoyable anal stimulation. This cherry flavored desensitzing cream makes anal encounters more pleasurable by relaxing the anus muscles, allowing for deeper penetration without discomfort. These no-mess applicators make it easy to get your favorite lube or lotion to stay where you want it. The thin, extra-long tapered tips make application into the anus or vagina a breeze. They're smooth, easy to squeeze, and best of all, the resealable cap allows you to reuse the Insertz or save for later.

Anal Lube


Water-based formula. Superior lubricity. 6 Fl Oz/177 ml. Comes in either Original or Cherry.

Colt Penis Pump Lube



On sale for: $9.95

This lubricant is made for men who pump. Created specially for penis pumps to seal and enhance your pumping experience. The ultimate sealing power for men who pump. Silicone based lube. 8.9 oz.

Jo Premium Warming Silicone Lubricant Spray


This System Jo Premium Personal lubricant is made especially for women! Enhance your new sense of pleasure with this silky, smooth, non sticky or tacky lubricant. It is long lasting, fragrance free, and latex safe. This product can be used as a skin conditioner, moisturizer and therapeutic massage formula for daily uses.

Jo H2O Warming Water Based Lubricant


Water Based Lubricant has all the benefits of System JO Personal Lubricant. Similar in feel and viscosity, yet contains NO OIL, WAX or SILICONE and washes off easily with water. Silky, smooth feeling, never sticky or tacky. Lasts long, but washes off easy. 100% latex safe and manufactured under strict US FDA guidelines.

Wet Platinum Sex Lubricant


WET PLATINUM PREMIUM BODY GLIDE is EXTRA CONCENTRATED making it longer lasting, with less need for reapplications. WET PLATINUM is guaranteed to never become sticky, providing long lasting silky smooth liquid moisture. All WET products are doctor recommended for enhancing your most intimate moments and formulated to the highest industry standards.

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone and Tocopheryl Acetate.

ID Glide Lube


Formulated from the highest quality ingredients, doctor recommended ID Glide Personal Lubricant is designed specifically to enhance the pleasure of intimacy. Clear, odorless and water-based, ID Glide is silky smooth, ultra long lasting and latex compatible.

Pink Silicone Lubricant


Get girly, get pink! Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women was designed specifically for women and their intimate needs. Fortified with vitamin E and aloe vera, Pink provides restorative and healing properties while providing moisture and lubrication for the most sensitive areas. This light, unscented and flavor free formula enhances foreplay and extends intercourse. Pink knows that size matters and offers an array of sizes for every occasion. Discretely and elegantly packed, Pink slips into your purse or travel case or sits easily on your night stand. The lock-in pump and protective cover cap assures no leaks and no mess. Comes in 4 oz. glass bottle.

Wet Fun Flavors


This clever little lotion is a massager and lubricant all in one. It gently warms with motion. Blow on it and it gets warmer. Tastes great, too. The glycerin based lotion has natural and artificial flavors. It is long lasting, water soluble, stain free and sugar free. Comes in a 4.1 ounce bottle. Your choice of seductive strawberry, watermelon blast or tropical fruit explosion.

XL Lubricant Launcher


Load it up and shoot it out, it is as simple as that! The One Shot Launcher is designed for one-handed ease of use. With the convenient finger loops you can fill the launcher with whatever liquid you want and inject with one simple thrust. The One Shot Launcher has a cap to prevent the liquid from spilling until the time is right for application. The new XL size holds over twice the amount of lube as our original size launchers, so you can get the job done with less steps!

7.5 inch overall length, 4.75 inch insertable length, 0.64 inches in diameter

Material: ABS

Color: Smoke

Jizz Water Based Cum Scented Lube


A water based lubricant that resembles the look, feel, and scent of authentic cum! It is white, creamy, and musky just like the real thing. Non staining, it stays slick and cleans up easily. Now you can have jizz in a bottle, whenever, wherever you need it!

Invade Deep Fisting Cream


This ultra lubricating priming cream provides just the right amount of numbing to make it ideal for all types of anal stretching play. Specifically formulated for the deepest penetration, yet allowing your plaything to enjoy relaxed, pain-free anal play. 8 fl. oz.

Passion Warming and Tingling Lube Combo Pack (9.6 oz)


This potent water based lube combo pack offers a one-two punch of sensation! The warming lube is lightly scented with clove, and will create a sensation of heat upon contact. You add the friction! The cooling lube will add some extra tingles to your touch, with a sweet, sexy mint scent that will keep you coming back for more. The water based formula cleans easily with soap and water. The unique pump-top bottles click together, so you will always have everything you need in one place for your sultry night of aromatic passion.

Astro Glide



On sale for: $8.95

Astro Glide is by far the most widely known and popular sexual lubricant. Astro Glide stays wet for a long time. It has no taste or scent. Well known to make sex more enjoyable.

Eros Bodyglide


The original Pjur Eros Bodyglide, from Germany, is making waves in the US. Winner of the best lubricant award 1996 (European). Extraordinary long-lasting lubricant, just a few drops. Velvet soft, anti-allergic, gentle and protects skin while letting it breathe. Doesn't block pores. Eros Bodyglide is tasteless and scentless. Great for erotic massage and dressing aid for wearing latex/rubber wear. Water-free, fragrance-free, oil free and greaseless and no preservatives. This is a must have for putting latex clothing on.

Sliquid Organics Natural 4.2 OZ


Offering women a healthier choice, this glycerine and paraben free organic lubricant has been blended with certified organic botanical extracts that heal and support the body. All Sliquid products are formulated for women's safety, and will never cause UTIs or yeast infections. Organics Natural Gel is the most natural concentrated gel lubricant on the market today.

- Infused with certified organic botanicals
- Water-based and water soluble gel
- Safe to use with all materials
- Made with only the highest quality ingredients available
- Glycerine and paraben free
- Free of propylene glycol & glycerol
- No sugars or artificial sweeteners
- Ph balanced neutral
- Vegan friendly & cruelty free
- 100% Recyclable packaging
- 100% Made in America

Tight Man Max Anal Tightening Gel 1 Ounce


Formulated to help tighten sensual anal muscles and tissues for enhanced pleasure. Like your first time only better.

Bonnie Rotten Collection Ass Lube


This Ass Lube from the Bonnie Rotten Collection is a super slippery, water based sex lubricant that is perfect for beginners and guaranteed for long-lasting fun! Just apply a liberal amount, this slippery formula is non-staining, long-lasting, and specially formulated for friction free orgasmic fun!

Id Millineum Sexual Lubricant


I-D Millennium Moisturizing Lubricant represents the highest quality pure silicone lubricant manufactured in the United States. This lube never dries and never loses slip, even under water. This super concentrated, clear, odorless formula is latex compatible and washes off easily with soap and warm water. Experience the premium quality and superior performance of I-D Millennium; it's truly amazing!

CleanStream Water-Based Anal Lube


CleanStream Natural Water-Based Anal Lube has a silky smooth gliding texture that provides maximum comfort, and adds ample lubrication but cleans up easily with soap and water. The mess-free flip top cap lets you lube up and get down to business without worrying about having to clean up a sticky dispenser.

Size: 8 ounces

Note: Paraben free, Glycerin free

Pjur Original Silicone Lubricant


Our all-around product for maximum enjoyment. Pjur ORIGINAL is the first and bestselling personal silicone lubricant in the world. It provides a pleasurable, long-lasting gliding feeling, while making your skin smooth and silky soft. Pjur ORIGINAL is super concentrated and the right choice for intimate, exciting hours. As a safe and dependable lubricant, Pjur ORIGINAL promises a good time. Of course, it is tasteless and odorless, and extremely kind to your skin. Pjur Original is also ideal for gentle body massages, relaxing every tense muscle.