G-Spot Strap On Dildo Quick View

G-Spot Strap On Dildo



This simple, universally satisfying dildo is designed to be ideal for harness play. With its smooth, gently curved shaft, it will provide orgasmic pleasure whether you choose anal or vaginal penetration. The head is angled slightly to provide delicate G-spot or P-spot stimulation. The flared base makes it compatible with most standard strap on harnesses, so you can choose the style you like and enjoy all-night pounding pleasure!

5.75 inches in total length, 5 insertable, 1.25 inches in diameter.

Leather Bondage Swing with Stirrups and Pillow Quick View

Leather Bondage Swing with Stirrups and Pillow



This exquisite bondage sling allows you to access your partner while they are suspended in the air, spread open and waiting for you. The leather material is heavy duty and lined with Super Fiber, while retaining a price point that is accessible for more bondage enthusiasts! The sling allows them to lie back and place their feet in the included stirrups. The padded pillow will cradle their head, with adjustable straps at the head that allows you to raise or lower their upper bodies. The stirrups are detachable with strong metal carabineers, and the advanced material reduces some of the weight for easier transport.

38 inches in length, 21 inches in width.

Onyx Vibrating Silicone G-Spot Dildo Quick View

Onyx Vibrating Silicone G-Spot Dildo



This curved silicone vibe has a smooth shaft, arched cock head, and flared base for perfect strap on play. The powerful bullet is housed in the base, with an easy one-touch control that tucks safely out of the way during use. The tip is specially curved for maximum G-spot stimulation, with a smooth silicone shaft. The firm yet flexible material is body safe and easy to clean, with a soft matte feel. Works with most standard strap-on systems, sold separately.

7.5 inches in total length, 7 insertable, 1.5 inches in diameter.

Azure Allure Cock and Ball Ring Quick View

Azure Allure Cock and Ball Ring



Make your cock as hard as the steel that encircles it. Woven bands of black and blue line the outside of this slick and attractive steel cock ring that is sure to draw the eye to put focus right where it needs to be. A glittering decoration with a slick, quality feel, this ring provides a visual treat while delivering all the erection enhancing qualities that any good cock ring offers- a longer lasting, harder, stronger rod. The metal can also be cooled or heated for a thrilling sensation, and is non-allergenic, latex-free, nonporous, and compatible with all lubes. 1.87 inches in diameter

Heart On Silicone Harness Dildo Quick View

Heart On Silicone Harness Dildo



This smooth, matte dildo is curved at the tip, with a slight increase in girth for intense G-spot stimulation. The heard shaped base fits most standard strap on harnesses, with a firm yet flexible feel. The material is non-porous, phthalate-free, and body safe. Perfect for partner use or solo play. The easily sterilized material also makes it great for backdoor explorations.

6 inches in total length, 5.5 insertable, 1.5 inches in diameter.

Vigor Corona Estim Urethral Insert with Powerbox Quick View

Vigor Corona Estim Urethral Insert with Powerbox



This Estim Urethral Plug Kit provides a unique experience for sounding and urethral play enthusiasts. The Zeus Handheld Power Box is a portable and simple way to experience electrosex. Place the two included silicone pads anywhere on your body to experience 8 modes and 15 levels of electric current coursing through your body. Hook this system up to the Corona Estim Urethral Insert to experience the charge inside your penis! You will be shocked by the pleasures that pulse into your cock through the metal balls and rod. The adjustable and removable balls are easy to manipulate to find what makes you moan the most!

Corona Urethral Insert adjusts up to 3 inches in diameter, urethral pin measures 1.35 inches insertable length and 0.16 inches in diameter. Power Box is 6 inches long and 2.75 inches wide.

Pressure Point Beaded Glans Ring Quick View

Pressure Point Beaded Glans Ring



Designed to go around the head of the penis, this glans ring will provide targeted pressure while it gently cradles the frenulum. Just slip it just under the head of your cock. It is designed to stay firmly in place, for intense masturbatory pleasure, or shared sensation for you and your partner during penetration. 0.95 inches in diameter.

Big Black Bob Suction Cup Dildo Quick View

Big Black Bob Suction Cup Dildo



This realistically shaped dildo is bulging with huge ripples and veins down the curved shaft for your excitement and enjoyment. With a big, bulbous head and enormous, textured balls, this jet black phallus is ready to penetrate any orifice of your choosing. The suction cup base allows you to mount this big boy to just about any hard, smooth surface and go for a ride. Compatible with silicone or water-based lube, this firm but flexible dildo is perfect for large insertion enthusiasts.

11 inches in total length, 9 inches insertable, 2.39 inches in diameter

Fiend Stainless Steel CBT Piercing Chamber Quick View

Fiend Stainless Steel CBT Piercing Chamber



This sturdy, solid CBT device acts as a ball stretcher, scrotum torture device, and ball collar all in one! Snap this heavy metal band in place, and secure it with lock, which is built right into the cuff. There is absolutely no escape once it is locked into place. The larger size allows for ultimate restriction and security on bigger girths, or for more room if you find the smaller version too tight. Four pointed screws line the inside of this devious piece, which can be twisted to apply more pressure. The front features a steel O-ring, so you can lead your pet around with a leash, add ball weights, or lock him in place. Use alone or in conjunction with other toys, this unique CBT toy is as versatile as it is effective.

1.5 inches in width, 1 inch in depth, 1 inch tall.

Go All Night Tight Pussy Stamina Training Kit Quick View

Go All Night Tight Pussy Stamina Training Kit



The Go All Night Tight Pussy Stamina Training Kit is your new secret weapon! Your partner will be delighted by how long you can last after practicing with these three components. Apply 2 to 10 sprays of Passion Performance Male Numbing Spray to your penis, depending on your needs, and experience the effects of the desensitizer as your erection withstands even the best sensations! That is exactly what you will get when you slip into the tight entrance of the realistic, tight pussy masturbator. This super soft sleeve will stretch around your cock, massaging your shaft with the internal ribbing. Use the Passion Water Based lube to keep that pussy wet for you as you slip and slide in and out of it. This kit will make sure that you’re ready for the real thing!

4.5 inches in length, 1.5 inches in diameter.

Be A Porn Star Kit Quick View

Be A Porn Star Kit



Instantly transform into a fantasy lover with the Be A Porn Star Kit! This 3-piece set has everything you need to rock their world. Use the Passion Performance Male Numbing Spray to keep yourself hard all night! With the highest spray concentration of Lidocaine available over the counter, your intense stamina will delay ejaculation so that you and your partner can prolong the pleasure! Spray 2-10 times on the head of your penis, depending on your needs, rub in, and shove into the Mega Penis Enlargement Sleeve. This thick, stretchy enhancer will give you the enormous erection you have always wanted to try on for size. Adding 2 solid inches in length, and nearly an inch in girth, the rubber-like material is firm but squeezable, just like the real thing! To complete your Porn Star package, deposit massive amounts of Jizz Lube wherever you want on your partner, using it to ease your way into them. A water based lubricant that resembles the look, feel, and scent of authentic ejaculate, it is white, creamy, and musky…just like the real thing. Non-staining, it stays slick and cleans up easily.

Sleeve: 8.5 inches in length, 2.25 inches in diameter, 1.25 inches inner diameter unstretched;
Desensitizing spray: 1 fl. oz;
Jizz Lube: 8.5 fl. oz.

Find Her G-Spot 3 Piece Vibrator Kit Quick View

Find Her G-Spot 3 Piece Vibrator Kit



Conquer the challenge with the Find Her G-Spot Kit, making it easier than ever to get her off! Containing two G-spot oriented vibes and 2 ounces of water-based lube, you have eve–rything you need to keep her cumming back for more! The Dual Pleasure Vibe is flexible enough to fit her unique needs while the firm head delivers vibration against her G-spot. The external nubs will thrum against her clitoris at the same time, at whatever strength you choose. The top is removable for easy cleaning or to use the base as a traditional pocket rocket. The Slim Angled Vibe is made of silicone for a non-porous, firm shaft that reaches in to apply pressure at just the right spot. Play with the various speeds to find what pleases her the most. She will love the ribs and bumps inside her! Finally, Passions Water-Based Lube is formulated for a natural feel that eases entry for even the most sensitive. Glycerin and paraben-free, this lubricant is safe for use with all your toys and will allow you to play until she achieves climax. Ladies and couples interested in squirting will find that this kit allows them to explore that possibility!

Dual Pleasure Vibe: 8 inches in total length, 3 insertable, 1.25 inches in diameter;
Slim Angled Vibe: 8 inches in total length, 3 insertable, 1.25 inches in diameter.
Lube is 2 ounces.

Spike and Stretch CBT Ball Stretching Kit with Weights Quick View

Spike and Stretch CBT Ball Stretching Kit with Weights



The Spike and Stretch CBT Ball Stretching Kit with Weights is designed to bring pain and pleasure to an all new level. Wrap the spiked parachute ball stretcher around your scrotum and snap in place for a secure fit. Your balls aren’t going anywhere, trapped in the tacked leather as it pricks at your delicate flesh. They will not break the skin unless pressure or force is placed on the parachute. Three chains hang down and are connected by an O-ring at the bottom. Attach one, two, or all three of the 8 ounce chrome ball to increase that pressure, ensuring that those spikes dig in and that scrotum is stretched! How long can you withstand the vice of this wicked device?

Top of parachute is adjustable from 1 to 1.25 inches in diameter. Chrome ball is 1.52 inches in diameter.

Prostatic Play Trek Curved Silicone Prostate Vibe Quick View

Prostatic Play Trek Curved Silicone Prostate Vibe



Target his P-spot for intense stimulation and vibration with this premium silicone prostate massager. The flexible, curved shaft is designed to pin-point his sweet spot, thrumming inside him while the external portion buzzes against his perineum. Each bulb will slide into him with pleasure and ease, delivering a jolt to his senses. This waterproof vibe is powerful and ergonomic, made of phthalate-free materials for pure ecstasy.

5 inches in total length, 3.9 inches insertable, 1 inch in width.

Tom of Finland Rawhide Leather Scented Lube Quick View

Tom of Finland Rawhide Leather Scented Lube



Experience the undeniably sexy aroma of leather when you lube up for your sexual adventures! Long-lasting and ultra-slick, Tom of Finland Rawhide Lube comes in an easy-to-pump aluminum bottle with a leather dogtag. This water-based lubricant is safe for use with all your favorite toys, including silicone! Glycerin and paraben-free, this leather-scented formula is perfect for inside and outside your body, keeping you silky smooth and slippery for whatever sensations the night might hold.

Triple Cock Ring Harness Quick View

Triple Cock Ring Harness



This bold cock and ball harness is designed for both pleasure and aesthetic, perfectly entrapping your package for a stronger, longer-lasting erection for the enjoyment of your partner. The largest ring encircles your penis and scrotum, while the two smaller rings wrap around your shaft. This flexible harness can be worn when flaccid or erect.

Internal diameters of rings: 2 inches, 1.75 inches, 1.5 inches.

Cock Ring with Ball Harness Quick View

Cock Ring with Ball Harness



Enhance your erection with a snug silicone cock ring and an adjustable ball harness. This leather harness secures around your entire package, restricting your cock and balls, and is easily tightened or loosened with snaps. The ball separator is also easily adjusted with snap closures. You will have a harder erection for longer in this sexy and effective cock and ball harness.

Internal ring diameter of 1.5 inches, connecting strap adjusts from 2.5 inches to 3 inches, larger ring adjusts from 5.75 in circumference to 7.5 inches.

Vibrating Silicone Ball Pouch Quick View

Vibrating Silicone Ball Pouch



This silicone scrotum chamber stretches to fit, with perforations for air flow and a vibrating bullet to please your balls. The retaining strap stretches to fit most any size, while the soft silicone cradles your nut sack. The removable bullet delivers powerful stimulation throughout, and the phthalate-free material is easily sterilized. Use alone or with a partner!

3.75 inches in length, 2.5 in width unstretched.

Double Cock Ring Harness Quick View

Double Cock Ring Harness



This cock and ball harness is designed for comfort and functionality, effectively enhancing your erection by wrapping one ring around your entire package to make your cock and balls more sensitive, while the smaller ring encircles your shaft. You will be harder and stronger than ever before in this restrictive harness. A strap connecting both rings will effectively separate your balls for increased sensation.

- Small ring is 1.5 inches in diameter;
- Larger ring is 1.75 inches, connector ball separator is 1.5 inches.

Stainless Steel Lollipop Quick View

Stainless Steel Lollipop



The Stainless Steel Lollipop is the perfect implement for some deep probing. Prostate and g-spot stimulation are right at your fingertips. Watch your partner writhe in ecstasy as you apply pressure precisely and firmly against their favorite spot. The coated handle lets you keep a good grip on the Lollipop, and the ball is removable to allow for thorough cleaning after use. Dip the Lollipop in hot or cool water before use for some delicious temperature play!

- 13.13 inch overall length, 9 inch insertable length;
- Ball is 1.18 inches in diameter.

Double Stuff Anal Intruder Cock Ring Quick View

Double Stuff Anal Intruder Cock Ring



Double down and feel twice the pleasure with this exciting cock and ball ring, topped with not one, but two metal balls on an insertable arm for twice the stimulation. Just slip the ring onto the base of your cock and balls, and slide the metal wand inside. With each movement of your hips, the balls respond in kind, thrusting inside you as you thrust against your partner. Going solo? No problem, the ring also makes for an excellent addition to any masturbation routine. Expertly curved for pinpoint prostate stimulation, and constructed out of ultra-hygienic and non-porous materials which are easy to maintain and sterilize.


Insertable arm: 4 inches insertable length; Ball: 1.2 inches in diameter;
Ring: 2 inches in diameter;
Arm connecting insertable arm and ring: 3.5 inches in length.

Beginner Anal Beads Quick View

Beginner Anal Beads



Ready to start experimenting with anal beads? This set of reasonably sized, graduated beads, linked together with a firm, flexible material is perfect for beginners. It allows lovers to try out a new experience without having to conquer an anal toy of overwhelming size. A convenient ring pull at the end allows for total control of insertion and easy retrieval for when you get ready to move on to other activities. Start with just one bead and see if you can take in all four!


10.88 inch overall length, beads range from 0.64 to 1.24 inches in diameter.

Sphinx Silicone Anal Plug Quick View

Sphinx Silicone Anal Plug



These soft, supple butt plugs feature a sleek design. The narrowed tip and widened base allow for easy insertion and removal. The silicone material glides in smooth providing incredible anal stimulation.


Small:4.5 inches in total length, 4 inches are insertable, and 3.875 inches in circumference at widest point;
Medium: 4.75 inches in total length, 4.125 inches are insertable, and 4.875 inches in circumference at widest point;
Large:5.25 inches in total length, 4.5 inches are insertable, and 6.5 inches in circumference at widest point.

Folsom Anal Plugs Quick View

Folsom Anal Plugs



The Folsom electric anal plugs are made of a durable plastic compound for a long life. Each is shaped to fit securely in the anus. When inserted, electricity will flow from one conductive silver strip to the other, causing sensations that can only be experienced through electrosex.

Small: 4.75 inches in insertable length and 1.64 inches in width;
Medium: 5.25 inches in insertable length and 1.55 inches in width;
Large: 6 inches in insertable length and 1.74 inches in width.