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Nipple Play Vibrating Heated Nipple Teasers



On sale for: $23.96

- Non-piercing, petite, adjustable nipple clamps that warm as they vibrate;
- Fully adjustable multi-use clamps;
- High intensity motor with 2-speed push-button control;
- Warms to an incredible 104F/40C;
- Silky smooth satin finish;
- Requires 2 AA Bbatteries;
- 1.5 inch x 1 inch/3.75cm x 2.5cm.

Leather Breast Binders with Spikes



On sale for: $69.71

These Strict Leather Breast Binders with Spikes will heighten the arousal of both the person wearing it and the person observing! An exciting alternative to ordinary lingerie, these binders make a fantastic addition to your bondage gear collection. Two oval-shaped covers are worn over the breasts and can be adjusted and secured with the belt-like closure. The side against the skin features small circular spikes for amazing sensations against the nipples and sensitive areas, while the other side is smooth high-quality leather. Simply tighten for more intense stimulation! Enjoy the sexy look and erotic feel of these titillating Breast Binders!

Straps adjust from 25-54 inches around; breast covers are approx. 3.75 inches high by 4.25 inches wide.

Scandal Open Mouth Gag With Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $29.21

- Luxurious open mouth gag
- Adjustable buckle closure with 2 interchangeable rings: Nickel-Free iron plus rubber
- Ring diameter: 1.5 inch/3.75 cm
- Handmade, double padded and double stitched with designer accents
- Soft and plushy on one side with designer fabric on the other
- Adjusts up to 23.5 inch/59 cm
- Includes two fully adjustable and detachable multi-use clamps with soft comfortable pads
- High quality tiered chain
- Non-tarnishing, Nickel-Free
- Polyester (straps, lining) Nickel-Free Iron (chains, ring, clamps, rivets, D-rings, grommets) Nickel-Free Alloy (buckles, clips) Rubber (ring) Phthalate-Free PVC (pads)

2.25 inch x 1.25 inch/5.75 cm x 3.25 cm (each clamp)
22 inch/56 cm (each chain)

Tom of Finland Barrel Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $32.21

This heavy duty set of barrel style nipple clamps are adjustable, with removable 4 ounce weights. The body of the clamp twists, to tighten or lessen the pressure. Made of heavy duty metal and tipped with rubber for grip and comfort.

4.57 inches in total length, opens up to 0.5 inches in width.

Red Beaded Broad Tip Clamps



On sale for: $14.21

Silver broad tip nipple clamps have sparkly glass beads dangling from them. The largest bead is black, the 2 medium sized ones are red and a smaller clear bead attaches the beads to the clamp. The thumbscrew adjusts the tension and the rubber tips provided added comfort, making these ideal for beginner to advanced wearers.

Weighted 6oz Nipple Clamp



On sale for: $11.21

These weighted clamps are most commonly used on the nipples but can also be used on many other sensitive areas of the body such as the labia, scrotum and penis. The adjustable clamps will help achieve the desired intensity. Sold individually.

Dark Passion Vibrating Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $16.46

Tease and tantalize your partner while inflicting on them a sensual pinch. These adjustable nipple clamps let you control how much pain or pleasure your subject receives with the turn of a screw. The rubber coated tips grip securely, while delivering a dose of sizzling vibration from the attached bullet. Just twist the bottom to turn on the powerful waves of stimulation, sure to drive your subject wild with pleasure.

Measurements:5 inches in total length, 0.75 inches in diameter, clamp opens to approximately 0.5 inches wide

Note: Requires (3) tab batteries, included

Perfect Fit Nipple Enlarger



On sale for: $18.71

The Perfect Fit Nipple Enlarger is a sexy way to give yourself fuller, erect nipples by use of a double bulb pump. This enlarger has an added unique feature: four graduated O-rings to place over the nipples to keep them standing at attention for extended sessions! Simply place the desired size ring over the open end of the pump prior to pumping, fit the pump over the nipple, then pump away to your desired size. Slide the best suited ring over your now erect nipple, down to the base of the nipple. Now stand back and admire those perfectly perky tips! Two differently sized pumps are included for a custom fit to any nipple.

Measurements: Pumps are 2.63 inches long, Large Pump opening has 0.53 inch inner diameter, Small Pump opening has 0.35 inch inner diameter, O-Rings range from 0.33 to 0.54 inches inner diameter

Material: Rubber, Glass

Color: Flesh

Note: Includes a total of 8 rings and 2 pumps

Maxtwist Nipple Suckers



On sale for: $23.96

This pair of nipple suckers are easy to use. Just place the base over your nipple and turn the dial clockwise to the desired level of suction. To release, simply turn the dial counter-clockwise. The plastic suckers will help to enhance your sensitivity while stimulating and enlarging the nipples.

Rough Toothed Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $14.96

These black hard plastic clamps are adjustable and can be used on your nipples, labia or testicles. For added S&M fun add you can attach weights to the small loop at the end of the clamp. Sold in pairs. Feel the bite.

Y Style Tweezer Clamps With Vibrating Bullet



On sale for: $34.46

Silver tweezer clamps connect to an 18 inch link chain attached to an easy-twist vibrating bullet for pleasure in all the right places. Suitable for all levels of expertise. Batteries are included.

Adjustable Clamp with 4 Oz Weight



On sale for: $10.46

Adjustable broad tip nipple clamps with weight. Weight play gets serious with the added intensity of Spartacus weight with clips. You can experiment with the weight and adjustable clip intensity that satisfies you.

Micro Plier Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $18.71

This extra large design is reminiscent of a pair of jumper cable ends. These spring-loaded metal clamps have vinyl coating on the ends and handles and are attached by a nice silver-colored chain. They don't have teeth, but they still have the potential to pack plenty of bite. Tension is easily controlled with a turn of the thumbscrews.

Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $18.71

Powerful, self-contained, waterproof, smooth and seamless Rubber-Cote vibrating nipple clamps. Fully adjustable for comfort and fit. Push button activation. Batteries included.

Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamp and Jewel Chain



On sale for: $14.96

Excellent for beginners and experienced alike, gorgeous Spartacus Tweezer clamps offer a look that is sensually attractive on both women and men. Tweezer Nipple Clamps adjust at the touch of a finger for a satisfying range of sensations, from delicate pinch to moderate pain. Enhance your BDSM sexual play with some adjustable nipple clamps.

Broad Tip Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $14.96

This basic silver nipple clamp is suitable for all levels of experience. The adjustable clamps are rubber tipped with an adjustment screw to control the severity of the pinch. The clamps are joined by a 12 inch link chain.

Mini Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $12.71

This set of extra small nipple clamps is spring loaded with vinyl-coated tips and connected by a 12" chain. The tension level is medium-heavy and non-adjustable.

Adjustable Alligator Clamp and Jewel Chain



On sale for: $14.96

Our gator nipple clamps deliver a tantalizing pinch that you'll definitely notice. In the adjustable style, the skinny tips deliver localized pressure as lightly or as tightly as you choose.

Spartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamp Set



On sale for: $41.21

Can't decide? Try out this Adjustable Nipple Clamp Set, featuring three of our most popular styles of clamps: Tweezer, Broad Tip, and Alligator Tip.

Colt Gear Vibrating Nipple Grips



On sale for: $19.46

Vibrating adjustable clamps designed for multi-purpose use. Push button control. ABS with Rubber-Cote (PU Cote). Batteries included (6 watch, 12 included). 2.5 inch x 1.5 inch /6 cm x 4 cm (overall); 1 inch x .75 inch /3 cm x 2 cm (clamp).

Non Piercing Nipple Rings



On sale for: $10.46

Adorn your body with these non-tarnishing, nickel-free, electro plated steel nipple rings. These silver and gold nipple rings will tantalize your lover while wearing a sheer piece of lingerie to make them fantasize what you are hiding.

Size:1.2 inch /3 cm (diameter). Available in colors silver or gold.

Nipple Clamps - Silver Beaded



On sale for: $11.96

Totally adjustable, comfortable, non-tarnishing, rubber-coated nipple clamps. Steel (chain) ABS (beads) PVC (tips). 16 inch /41 cm (chain). 2 inch /5 cm (length- clamp).

Men s Nipple Harness With Spikes Inside



On sale for: $51.71

High Quality, Soft, Durable Real Leather. Spikes inside. Underneath each smaller stud there are three 1/8 inch tall thumbtack like spikes. Adjustable with buckle.

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Nipple Stimulators



On sale for: $59.96

Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these incredible Spinning Nipple Stimulators! Hidden inside each suction cup is a powerful spinning teaser covered in hundreds of tiny ticklers. Once the powerful motor is activated, the round discs spin and massage your breast and nipples, delivering wall-banging orgasms that last and last. Choose from seven thrilling functions on the control unit and enjoy breast stimulation like never before!

The two soft TPR suction cups create a powerful vacuum suction, making your nipple perk and ready for stimulation. When the rotating motor is activated, each disc spins and rotates around your nipple, teasing and pleasing your bodys' most sensitive areas with hundreds of tiny love nodules.

The super-soft TPR material is body-safe and feels great against your skin. Try them in the shower or spa and turn bath time into pleasure time. For extra stimulation, apply a generous amount of Moist lube for an extra wet, extra wild encounter. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water.

Requires 4AAA batteries (not included).

Mask included