Bondage Nipple Torture Toys Sale 25% off till November 10th

Frisky Pinch Me Pins


Desire a bit of ecstasy sprinkled with a pleasured pinch? With the enclosed Pinch Me Pins from Frisky, you are in luck. These classically styled pins feature two twin sides attached by way of a metal spring that when applied, the pressure will heighten and your bedroom adventure will begin! Sexy black and ultra sleek, you can use them anywhere you desire a little pleasurable pressure! 5 pins are included in each pack

Measurements: 2.85 inches in length

Size Matters Breast Pump Cup Accessory



On sale for: $29.95

With the Size Matters Breast Pump Cylinder, you can increase your breast size and stimulate at the same time! Simply attach the cup to any Size Matters hand pump, fit the cup over the breast, and start pumping until you are satisfied. This pump cylinder contains a state of the art air valve that allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder. Use it to enlarge, enhance sensitivity, and stimulate!

Measurements: 4.65 inches inner diameter, 4.75 inches in depth

Note: Requires hand pump, sold separately

Round Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $19.95

Satisfy your dark desires. These light, black plastic nipple clamps can be adjusted precisely to the amount of pressure you want to exert. The spiked stationary bar ensures a tight hold along with some piercing sensation. Each clamp has a ring attached to it so you can add weights or chains. The round clamps open to .75 inches and are 1.5 inches in diameter.Recommended for the experienced nipple clamp enthusiast.

6 oz. Cock and Nipple Weights



On sale for: $11.95

Add some Heavy Metal to your Bondage Gear. These weights are great for BDSM play. Add them to a set of nipple clamps or a parachute or other ball stretcher and watch your submissive squirm. These 6 oz weights are standard metal fisherman's-style weights, coated with black vinyl, and with little metal clips added to connect to a bondage chain. These black metal should of course be used with caution, care, and common sense to avoid causing injury. Weight 6oz.

Duck Bill Adjustable Nipple



On sale for: $16.95

Adjustable metal clamps with flat, silver tips. Pressure is controlled by turning the screws. Silver-colored chain.

Snake Bite Kit



On sale for: $7.95

Used to extract poison out of the body from a snake bite. These also make great toys. Includes two powerful suction cups. The suction cups may be applied to nipples or to other parts of the body.

Charmed Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps


These easy to use clamps have a simple screw-down design, accented with heart shaped padlock detailing. The vinyl coated tips allow for a comfortable and secure grip while the black lacquered heart accent dangles enticingly from the end. The screws on the sides allow you to control just how much pressure your partner receives.

4 inches in total length, opens to 0.5 inches in width.

Magnus XL Ultra Powerful Magnetic Orbs


Now our popular Magnus Magnetic Orbs are even bigger and more powerful! This set of two ultra magnetized orbs may be small in size, but these intense balls pack some serious pressure. Once placed on sensitive flesh, these extremely powerful magnets begin to apply pressure. Make a game of seeing how long they can keep these pinching set of extra strong magnets in place. As your plaything relaxes, the pressure will continue to give them what they have been craving. These are even stronger than the standard Magnus Orbs, for those who want the most intense sensation available. 0.5 inches in diameter.

Reign Tweezer Nipple Vice


These sexy tweezer nipple clamps are designed to exert either light or strong pressure with a simple sliding clamp. Vinyl coated ends attached to a linked chain. Your plaything will love the variation between light and intense pressure, and the chain serves as a visual adornment for a sensual look.

18 inches in total length, each clamp measures 3 inches in length.

Nipple Clamps and Cock Ring Set


Get the best of both worlds with this nipple clamps and cock ring set. Two alligator style nipple clamps are attached to a 1.75 inch metal cock ring via a chain and leather snap adjusted strip. Imagine what this would feel like if you were wearing it and walking around. We recommend also getting the steel or rubber O-ring kit for more cock ring sizes.

Total length: Adjusts from 19.5 to 22.5 inches; Nipple chain: 16 inches in length; Belly chain: Adjusts from 9 to 12 inches in length; Cock ring: 1.75 inches in diameter.

Endurance Plastic Grabber Nipple Clamps With Link Chain Silver


Ultra light-weight plastic nipple clamps are inexpensive toys for casual play. The spring-tight clips get the job done. Link chain.

KI Rubber Nipple Suckers


If you like nipple play, you will love these Nipple Suckers! Made from soft rubber, they are easy to use/apply and feel great. Simply place over your nipple and press the bulb and you will feel a suction sensation. Once put on they will stay in place by themselves, leaving your hands free to wander your partners or your body.

Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit



On sale for: $29.95

The Universal Nipple Enlarger comes with four different ring sizes and two different pump applicators, allowing for a perfect fit for most and a full range of sensations. A larger ring will provide a light sensation and keep your nipples comfortably erect. Use a smaller size for more sensation and/or "bite," as well as a greater enlarging effect. Can be worn under clothes and for extended periods of time.

Slide the chosen ring onto the tip of the pump.
Squeeze the bulb and attach to the nipple, wait for the desired attainment of swelling.
Slide the ring onto the nipple and remove the pump.

Scissor Nipple Clamps


These plastic forcep-style clamps are lightweight. The clamp surface is slightly textured to prevent slipping, plus the clicking clasp applies plenty of pressure to ensure that they will stay put. The clasp provides two levels intensity - medium and high. Sold in pairs. Available in surgical-scrub green only

Nipple Play Vibrating Heated Nipple Teasers


- Non-piercing, petite, adjustable nipple clamps that warm as they vibrate;
- Fully adjustable multi-use clamps;
- High intensity motor with 2-speed push-button control;
- Warms to an incredible 104F/40C;
- Silky smooth satin finish;
- Requires 2 AA Bbatteries;
- 1.5 inch x 1 inch/3.75cm x 2.5cm.

Y-Style Broad Tip Clamp With Cock Ring



On sale for: $28.95

This Y-style set includes 2 rubber tipped nipple clamps attached to a detachable 1.75 inch metal cock ring to keep your love slave standing at attention. The black leather attachment piece is fully adjustable using snaps. The broad tip clamps can have the tension adjusted using the pressure screws. They can be used independently from the cock ring and have a bottom loop for attaching a weight or leash. Enhance your erection while perking your nipples up. One size fits most.

Slave Collar with Broad Tip Nipple Clamps


Now available in Purple


On sale for: $34.95

A leather collar combines with nipple clamps for a look that arouses your partner as well as yourself. The adjustable clamps have rubber coated tips and are suitable for beginner to advanced users. The collar has an adjustable buckle in the back. The clamps attach to the collar via D-ring. Your choice of black leather with silver clamps and chain or purple leather with black clamps and chain. One size fits most.

Tong Ultra Endurance Clamps



On sale for: $24.95

Ease that special someone into the realm of BDMS play. Although they are non-adjustable, tong-style nipple clamps are regarded as very gentle. Dip these all-metal clamps in warm or cold water for extra delicious sensation.

Broad Tip Clamp with Link Chain


Nipple clamps with wide alligator style clamps. These are great for large nipples that need a wider tip. The wide, rubber-tipped tips distribute the pressure from the clamp. Link chain.

Large Tit Clamps



On sale for: $13.95

These alligator tip nipple clamps are joined by a black rubber tether. Perfect for beginners and intermediates alike, they are fully adjustable so the pressure will be just right. The rubber tipped jaws make wearing the tit clamps more comfortable.

Adjustable Open Wide Blackline Clamp with Link Chain


All-black large adjustable nipple clamps with black link chain.

Advanced Nipple Suckers


The advanced nipple enhancers will increased your sensitivity in your nipples. The superior suction will elongate your nipples. These flanged nipple suckers are made from Phthalate free PVC and are Soft and pliable. The advanced nipple suckers come in black.

Nipple and Clitoral Non-Piercing Body Jewelry


Matching sets. Non-tarnishing, adjustable, nickel free. ABS (beads) Steel (clips). 4 inch /10 cm (length- clitoral clip). 1 inch /3 cm (diameter nipple ring).

Vibrating Nipple Clamps


Dual Latex dipped non-tarnishing vibrating clamps with adjustable tension. Multi-speed with incredible power. Steel with Latex (tips), ABS (stimulators). 2 AA batteries. 4.5 inch /11 cm (length-bullet and clamp); 1.75 inch /4 cm (length-clamp).