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Yumi Anime Love Doll Quick View

Yumi Anime Love Doll



Meet Yumi from Japan, the life-size Asian fuck-doll that's the perfect anime playmate. Fuck her pussy, ass or mouth, or even her big round tits, and let all your far out, Far East fantasies come true. She's always ready, willing and able. She's Yumi but you'll call her yummy....the anywhere, anytime doll.

Belladonnas Love Doll 3 Hole Quick View

Belladonnas Love Doll 3 Hole



She's not often called a "doll", but we made one anyway. The kinkiest freak in porn is all here...from her open mouth to her hot little pussy to her tight little ass...three holes for your pounding pleasure. Enjoy her face that's actually printed on the doll, and feel like it's the real thing when you see her hot tattoo's printed on the body. The Belladonna doll... hit it hard and watch her beg for more.

Sasha Grey Love Doll All 3 Holes Inflatable Quick View

Sasha Grey Love Doll All 3 Holes Inflatable



This adult superstar defies tradition with her supermodel looks and mysterious persona. She is the fantasy of men and women everywhere, and now shes all yours! Sasha Grey offers you her three holes; her mouth, pussy, and ass to satisfy your every desire. Gaze into her big brown eyes as you fuck her pussy, make her take your entire length in her mouth, and show her who’s boss while you give it to her ass. Your ultimate fantasy has finally come true! Made of latex-free PVC for easy inflation, care, and storage.

Vicky Vette Love Doll 3 Hole Quick View

Vicky Vette Love Doll 3 Hole



Fulfill your MILF fantasies with The Vicky Vette Love Doll from Doc Johnson. Three inviting holes with a realistic silk-screened face. It's the love doll that keeps on giving. Join the Vette Army and pledge your allegiance to the ultimate MILF.

Briana Blow-Up Doll Quick View

Briana Blow-Up Doll



Go all the way tonight with Briana. She offers your her 3 pleasure holes for your sexual satisfaction.

Sunrise Blow-Up Doll Quick View

Sunrise Blow-Up Doll



You will never look at a sunrise the same way after spending a night with the Sunrise sex doll. Score big tonight with this 3 hole Sunrise blow-up sex doll!

Savanna Blow-Up Doll Quick View

Savanna Blow-Up Doll



Get some southern hospitality with the "Savanna" blow up love doll. Enjoy each of her 3 holes for hours of fun.

Jenna Doll Quick View

Jenna Doll



She's inflatable, expandable and definitely FUCKABLE! She is as popular as white bread & you to can spread your load on this hot FUCKABLE babe. Stare into her eyes as you slide your hard cock into her welcoming holes. Imagine the real Jenna Jameson underneath you as you take control! You never though you could make love to Porn Star, let alone JENNA JAMESON, the Number One Porn Star! This Jenna Jameson Blow up Doll is 100% bump & grind tested, you can Fuck it all night long! This Jenna Doll has a printed face so you can gaze into her eyes & do what you only have been dreaming of. Three holes for penetration, offering you the option of simulating vaginal, anal or oral sex. This Jenna blow up doll will give you her to hold on to, put underneath you so you can FUCK her over & over!

Latin Nights Noches Latinas Tetas Grandes Breast Stroker Quick View

Latin Nights Noches Latinas Tetas Grandes Breast Stroker



Fulfill your exotic fantasies with the Noches Latinas Tetas Grandes masturbator. There is nothing you cannot do to these massive supple breasts. These latin tits are always ready for you. This caramel-colored lifelike masturbator is made of UR3, for the most incredibly realistic experience. It also has a tight hole that is just made for sensational penetration. All you need to do is lube it up and slip it in because this sexy masturbator will take your full length.

Cleopatra Love Doll Flesh Quick View

Cleopatra Love Doll Flesh



She ruled the land, now rule her in bed. Do the ancient dance with the most beautiful of them all... Cleopatra! She was known to please her men and with 3-inviting love holes she will be able to please you all night long. She even vibrates for extra pleasure!

The Party Sheep Inflatable Quick View

The Party Sheep Inflatable



Blow up these barnyard buddies to add some sexy laughter to your next party.

Miss Dusky Diva Inflatable Doll 26 Inch Quick View

Miss Dusky Diva Inflatable Doll 26 Inch



Possibly the world's smallest love doll, Miss Dusky Diva easily fits in your coast pocket and sure loves to fuck! She stands 26 inch in height and loves sucking dick!

Backdoor Baby Doll Quick View

Backdoor Baby Doll



Extra large, life-sized doll with real flowing hair. Plump lips, open ass and pussy! Comes with vibrating egg for insertion. Includes wrist shackles with velcro closure.

Butch The Beginner Inflatable Love Doll Quick View

Butch The Beginner Inflatable Love Doll



Looking for the right male doll? Enjoy the companionship of this hunk of love. You'll never want to be alone again.

Gladiator Full Size Inflatable Doll With Dong Quick View

Gladiator Full Size Inflatable Doll With Dong



Ladies... finally a doll that will dominate your world! This Gladiator will conquer your heart and your pussy! He will penetrate you with his 7 inch cock and lick you senseless with his vibrating tongue. Succumb to a true champion of the arena, his life-size greatness will over power and please every desire and urge you can imagine.

J-Ho Famous Fanny Love Doll Quick View

J-Ho Famous Fanny Love Doll



She has got the most envied ass in the business and now it is all yours! She went from being Jenny from the block, to having been around the block and now you can enjoy every inch of this beautiful Bronx bombshell. Her thick, round ass is begging to be squeezed, spanked and pounded deep and hard. She likes it rough, rugged and raw. So give her everything you have got and do not disappoint! Pick a tender love hole and satisfy yourself anally, orally, or vaginally.

G I L F Inflatable Love Doll Quick View

G I L F Inflatable Love Doll



Who said beauty comes with age? Experience and wisdom is what you want. Let this experienced, well equipped, Grandma doll, please you in ways never dreamt of. Let her mouth please you orally, let her ass excite you and let her mouth make you tingle. This love doll will having your climaxing over and over again. Enjoy!

Pamela Love Dol Quick View

Pamela Love Dol



She is the world's sexiest lifeguard and she is here to rescue you! Meet Pamela, the busty blonde beach babe with the big tits and even bigger sex drive. This voluptuous vixen is always on duty and ready to please you. Pick a love hole and let her satisfy you orally, vaginally or anally. This naughty lifeguard saves orgasms, let her give you one tonight!

Jessica Love Doll Quick View

Jessica Love Doll



She is sexy, newly single, and ready for your cock! This teasing triple threat can act, sing and fuck all night long. The Jessica Love Doll might not know the difference between tuna and chicken but she sure knows the difference between a hard cock and the loser she dumped. This hot blonde bombshell has three thrilling holes to satisfy your every desire, and since she is dumb as an ox, she never says no! Jessica will suck you, fuck you, and sing your name while you slam her. What will her Daddy think? Awe who cares, Jessica is all yours to do as you please!

Lindsay Fully Loaded Love Doll Quick View

Lindsay Fully Loaded Love Doll



She is no love bug, she is a fiery red little slut with enough tits and ass to make any man blow his load! Meet Lindsay, the busty lil ball-sucking beauty who never says no and is always up for a good time. Everyone knows Lindsay loves to party, but she loves to suck cock even more! Put your dick in drive and take Lindsay for a spin. She will satisfy you orally, vaginally, and especially anally! Who cares if her tits are real or not, squeeze them and watch her nipples perk with pleasure! She is all yours, every lil' inch of her!

Meme the Midget Love Doll Quick View

Meme the Midget Love Doll



GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES and Meme is no exception!!! Her loving mouth and tight love openings are ready for a night of passion. She's small in size but big in pleasure! She's totally

Barack Blow Up Doll Quick View

Barack Blow Up Doll



Blow-Up Barack presidential love doll. He fucked the economy, now you can fuck him back! He'll batter your bush. Visit his oval orifice. He's got a presidential-sized power tool! He's the clear winner in this year's presidential erection. He's got the biggest presidential staff ever!

She Ain't That 70's HO! Love Doll Quick View

She Ain't That 70's HO! Love Doll



Bring back the 1970's with the "She ain't that 70's Ho Love Doll. If you thought disco sucks, wait until you meet this sexy lil seventies slut! Just add air and this smokin' mamma jamma will suck the chrome off a disco ball faster than you can say dy-no-mite! Her warm wet pussy is hotter than a fever on Saturday night! She's so far-out fine, she even makes polyester look good. She's feelin' groovy and wants to boogie down on your ball sack, so what are you waiting for? Pull down her bell bottoms, kick off her platforms, and take her in the back of your van! Just one glance at her mood ring and you know she's always ready for sex. Can you dig it man? This love doll is made for loving' you.

Just In Beaver Love Doll Inflatable Quick View

Just In Beaver Love Doll Inflatable



Meet Just-In Beaver, the barely legal boy-toy who's waited 18 long years to stick his lil' dicky in something sticky! When he's not busy beating up paparazzi or beating off, he's up to his high-tops in hot Hollywood tail! But the Beave-ster doesn't have this effect just on women, he turns straight men gay faster than you can peel his skinny jeans off! So what are you waiting for, inflate this lil' pricks's ego even more and have your very own Beaver bash!