New Shipping Policies

Due to the increases at the US Postal Service, we are working to changre our shipping to give customers a realistic price on shipping costs. We are keeping our flat rate shipping but we are going to do it in 3 tiers, The cheapest will be $5.95 for single item orders that weigh under 1 pound. These items MUST also be able to fit in a shipping bag. So it will be very limited to start. The second tier will be the flat rate of $10.95 which is the current price. And we are also going to introduct a $15.95 rate for orders over 3 pounds this will include all shoes and boots. The $15.95 price we will be instituting last.

The new shipping methods are called "Standard" and "FIrst Class" they are both the same. You must choose them when you are placing the order. Once an order is placed the shipping costs cannot be lowered. We hope to expand this to orders which weigh under a pound no matter how many items you order. As time goes along we hope to expand the lower shipping prices.

Our system is not set up to do shipping by weight so we have to go back and weigh every item. We are going to work on this category by category. We have chose where to start by the most common single item orders and the smallest items that can be shipped safely. We are going to start with the following categories.; Best Sellers, Nipple Clamps, Penis Jewelry, Cock and Ball Toys, Dilators (These weigh over 1 pound but can be shipped in a Priority Mail Legal Sized Envelope for the same price.). Collars, Hosiery which includes the following item number; WEM-14XX, WEM-15XX, WEM-16XX, WEM-17XX, and WEM-18XX. We will also be doing other products in other categories as we work on them.

There will be other items in other categories for this new lower shipping costs. If you have questions please call (617)455-4454 during business hours.

If you wish to place a single item order and the item weighs under 1 Pound and will fit in a small evelope and can be shipped without damaging, you may call us at (617)455-4454 between the hours of 8AM- 4PM EDT Monday through Friday, and we look innto the item and see if it qualifies. You MUST do this before you place the order and once the item is change, you will place the order online. We CANNOT change the shipping cost on an order once an order is place! Items we feel that cannot be shipped safely in an envelope will be disqualified from this price. Most items can be fixed while you are on the phone. The decision, of the customer service representitice is FINAL

This new pricing structure is only available inside the United States. International shipping will remain the same. All orders oer $250.00 is still free shipping inside the United States.

Shipping FAQ

Q. How much does it cost to ship?

A. At the current time, we charge a flat rate $10.95 to ship a package inside the United States (including Alaska and Hawii) and $35.00 to ship to Canada or Mexico and $50.00 to ship outside North America.
International Pricing will increase soon due to the EU green house gas tax and the UN global green house gas iinitiative. It is becoming very costly to ship a package because of fuel costs.

Q. How do you ship ?

A. We use the US Postal Service and ship priority mail. But, sometimes we drop ship items directly to our customers (All shoes are drop shipped) and they use either UPS or Fedex Home Delivery.

Q. What kind of packaging do you use?

A. We use Red, White and Blue boxes supplied by the postal service. If your is too big we will ship it in a plain brown box with no markings about the contents inside.
Please Note International Orders require a customs form with the contents listed inside. We try to keep it as generic as possible.

Q. What is your return address?

A. Our company name is "M Consulting". And this is the name we use on all correspondence besides email. Our domain is "" so all emails from us will come from that domain.

Q. How will I know when my package has shipped?

A. You will be sent an email with the details of your order and what has shipped. (Sometimes items are back ordered). At the bottom of the email is a link to track the package. That is the link to track the package. It is automatically generated when the shipping label is printed. We use 3rd party software to print our postage so it can take up to 24 hours to show up in the tracking system.

Q. How long does it take to ship a package.

A. In many cases, we ship between 24 and 72 hours once an order reaches accounting. We try to get all packages to our customers within 14 business days.

We do not stock clothing in our warehouse and it can take about 7 business days to get in, depending on the vendor.. But, your order will normally get to you within the 14 business day time period. We normally place our clothing orders on Mondays and Thursdays, if your order is not in by the time it is placed , it will get placed on the next ordering day. Due to holidays, our shipping and schedule will change slightly.

Q. What does "Processing" mean?

A. Processing -This is when you have placed the order and the order is still on the web site and has not been downloaded to our warehouse.

Q. What does "Accounting" mean?

A. Accounting - You order has been downloaded into the warehouse. This is where your order is checked and your credit card information is verified and any items not in stock are ordered and waiting for arrival. Your order can be in accounting for several days until everything comes in. See question 7.

Q. What does "Warehouse" mean?

A. Warehouse - Your order is in the warehouse to be picked. Your order should not be in the warehouse more than 2 days.

Q. Why is my order still in accounting?

A. There can be several reasons for your order to be in accounting:

  1. Your billing information did not match your credit card. This can delay your order until we determine it is not fraud.
  2. Your order confirmation email bounced back to us. We are re-check orders manually and it can take a couple days.
  3. We are waiting for an order from our vendor to come in with some of your items. We charge a flat rate of $10.95 so we wish to ship your order complete. Sometimes we run out of stock and it takes several days to get our restock. Also, we do not stock most of our clothing in our warehouse and it is purchased at the time of order and we are waiting for the clothing to arrive. If you want what is in stock to ship immediately, there will be an extra shipping charge. And you will have to call us at (617)455-4454. If you have an item which is back ordered from our vendor, we will ship the rest of the order immediately, and ship the back ordered item when it arrives.
  4. Some items have a delay in shipping. These items will delay your whole order unless it is a drop ship item.

Q. Why don't you offer express shipping.

A. We do but only on limited availability. You must call us at (617)455-4454 to get express shipping. We will only express ship items that are in stock. And we cannot guarantee it will go out the same day but will ship the next business day. Some express deliverys, take 2 days to receive check the US Postal Service Web site for details. We ship from zip code 02151.
Due to the nature of our store, many items run out of stock for a few days at a time. So if you pay for a service we want you to get it. Many of our vendors are willing to ship direct for an extra charge (Including Clothing). We must pass this service to you. Effective Immediately, due to the time involved, we have to charge a minimum of $40.00 to express ship an order. (Your original shipping cost will be subtracted from this charge.) We will also require an email from you giving us permission to chaarge your credit card the extra costs.

Q. What days do you ship?

A. We normally ship Monday Thru Friday. Our warehouse is closed on weekends. We are located in Boston, Massachusetts which is part of Suffolk County and do not ship on any Federal, State or local Holidays

Q. Where is your store located?

A. We are an internet store only. We do not have a physical location where customers may purchase products.