Tantric Sex Positions Book


Guide to tantric yoga, an ancient system designed to elevate sexual energies and awareness. Written by Kay Parker. 64 pages, ALL COLOR.

Ebony Erotica Position Book


Guide to sexual exploration with a foreword by Sean Michaels. 68 pages, ALL COLOR.

Foreplay Book


Comprehensive guide to the art of foreplay. 74 pages, ALL COLOR.

How to Enlarge Your Penis Book All Color


Comprehensive guide to enlarging your penis. 46 FULL COLOR photos and diagrams.

Nick Hawk Gigolo Sex Positions Book


Nick Hawk. He's the star of the hit Showtime television series GIGOLOS, and a highly paid expert on what women want. Nick worked closely with us to create this complete line of pleasure products. His profession is satisfying women and nobody does it better! Comprehensive sex guide with over 60 sexual positions demonstrated Couples and threesome techniques
Nicks personal directions for beginners, intermediates, or advanced lovers
Richly photographed
Nick demonstrates his personal favorites plus his unique style
76 pages, full color

Lusty Lover's Book


The definitive guide to hot-blooded sexual positions. Over 160 full color photos.

A Pumper's Handbook:Enlarging Your Penis


A comprehensive guide to the methodology of pump use. Foreword by world renowned expert, Dr. Joel Kaplan. 65 pages. All Color.

Ties That Bind


The writings of Guy Baldwin, have been compiled in this book on the SM experience. Mr. Baldwin takes the approach that this style of erotic play can be part of a healthy expression of one's sexuality. Areas covered include The SM Community, Leather, Fetishes and Erotic Style.

The Master's Manual (Rinella)


The idea of erotically dominating a partner appeals to many people. Unfortunately, there have been few resources from which to learn how to do this in a safe, fun, and responsible way. The Master's Manual examines various aspects of erotic dominance including SM, safety, sex, erotic power, techniques, and more. Even if your primary interest is erotic submission rather than dominance, this book will give you insights that will help lead you to a more fulfilling sexuality.

A Daedalus Publishing title.

Non-fiction / 5.5 inch x 8.5 inch/ 200 pages

Beneath The Skins


Beneath the Skins, by Ivo Dominguez, Jr., examines such Kink and Fetish Community issues in a forum that, from the start, embraces the concept that people may define themselves and the community to which they belong by their erotic orientations and preferences. This special community is coming of age, and this book helps to pave the way for all who are part of it.

Non-fiction / 5 inch x 8 inch / 153 pages
ISBN 1-881943-06-2



Everyone wants a more interesting and fulfilling erotic life. With that in mind, this book was written to give guidance to one popular style of erotic play which the author calls "leathersex"-sexuality that may include S/M, bondage, dominance, submission, fantasy, role playing, sensual physical stimulation, and fetish, to name just a few. Written by Joseph Bean

Non-fiction / 5.5 inch x 8.5 inch / 217 pages

My Private Life


Within these pages the author allows the reader a brief glimpse into the true private life of an erotically dominant woman. Mistress Nan has beautifully recounted some of her more erotic and exciting encounters with the men and women in her life. If you wish to read for erotic stimulation or simply want to gain insight into the intimate life of a dominant woman, this book will not disappoint. Written by Mistress Nan.

The Loving Dominant


John Warren, known as "Mentor" to the tens of thousands who have read his books or hearkened to his advice at his workshops and gatherings, has brought his decades of BDSM experience to this comprehensive manual. From its advice on "Stalking the Wild Submissive" to its extensive Resource Guide, The Loving Dominant offers the greatest breadth of subject of any basic BDSM guise available today...including some basic toymaking patterns and a whole chapter on BDSM photography!

This fully updated third edition includes essential new information on Internet partner-seeking, on the latest high-tech kink toys, and much more!

Consensual SadoMasochism


Easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to understand, in this book the authors define and demystify the unique language of consensual sadomasochism, examine the psychological power of erotic dominance and submission, provide a carefully considered guide for safe SM play, and explain how SM can be an activity of intense intimacy and sophisticated erotic theater, as well as one of simple sexual pleasure. Combining their extensive professional credentials with deep personal experience, the result is an original introduction to a widely misunderstood realm of human sexuality.

Leathersex Q and A


Here, the author of Leathersex becomes the Ann Landers of Leather, answering scores of actual letters sent to him over several years of his career as a lecturer, columnist, and editor of a gay men's leather magazine. His answers and insights will be useful for anyone trying to negotiate the sometimes-tricky waters of living a real-world S/M lifestyle. Written by Joseph Bean.

Leather and Latex Care


Leather and latex clothing has become quite popular in recent years. Both the mainstream fashion industry and alternative sexual subcultures have propelled leather and latex wear to unprecedented popularity. But these materials require special care if they are to maintain their beauty.

This concise, easy-to-read book by Kelley J. Thibault gives the reader all they need to know to keep their leather and latex items in top shape. While clothing is the focus of this book, tips are also given to those using leather and latex items in their erotic play. This book is a must-have for anyone investing in leather or latex items.

Urban Aboriginals


A subculture of gay men participate in a radical form of sexuality and community known as leather. Through intimate forms of encounter, using such tools as pain-pleasure, bondage, and role-play, leather can bring a shift of conciousness and a new vision of the self. This innovative book pioneered in sensitively exploring and celebrating leathersexuality. As relevant today as when it was written 20 years ago, Urban Aboriginals is an intimate view of the gay male leather community. Within its pages, author Geoff Mains explores the spritual, sexual, emotional, cultural and physiological aspects that make this "scene" one of the most prominent yet misunderstood subcultures in our society.

The Ethical Slut


The Ethical Slut, A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities, is a wonderful book from Greenery Press, written by Dossie Easton and Catherine Liszt, the authors of The Bottoming Book and The Topping Book.

The Ethical Slut eloquently discusses the numerous alternatives to the often unrealistic ideal of lifetime monogamy.

Chapters include: Who Is An Ethical Slut?, Values and Ethics, Paradigms, Old and New, Boundaries, Jealousy, Health, Childrearing, and Finding Partners.

Between The Cracks


From the lascivious satire of Catullus to the obsessions of Michelangelo, the fetishes of Edna St. Vincent Millay to the faunal fantasies of DH Lawrence, the howling of Ginsberg and the beats to the sultry slammers of modern-day San Francisco, poet/photographer Gavin Geoffrey Dillard has collected the most exotic of the erotic of the poetic pantheon, lest any further clues be lost between the cracks.

A Hand in the Bush


This book thoroughly details all the ins-and-outs of giving and receiving vaginal orgasms with the fisted hand. Headings include: Troubleshooting, Self-Fisting, and Anatomy. This book will answer all of your questions and help you develop some simple yet mind-blowing possibilities.

The Compleat Spanker (Lady Green)


A valuable resource for new explorers, seasoned players, and open-minded non-participants alike." Headings such as "Anatomy of a Spankee, Positions, Communication and Mood, "Tips, Tricks, and Fun Things to Try." A few illustrative drawings. The section called "Why Do We Like Spanking?" is very interesting. The appendix has a resource guide with books about spanking, info on spanking clubs, and listings of videos and movies.

My Life and Loves


This is the autobiography of a very accomplished sexual adventurer who drops names shamelessly. As a very successful editor of some top literary journals of his day, Frank Harris (1855-1931) had influence among the likes of George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman, and hundreds of other high society folk. He lived a passionate, bawdy life despite the constraints of the Victorian era. His personality gained him fond admirers as well as bitter enemies.

Leather Contest Guide


This is truly the complete guide to the leather contest. Contest promoters, contestants, judges and winners will all benefit from the sound advice presented in this book. Written by Guy Baldwin, one of the most famous names in the leather community and a former titleholder, this book details the keys to a successful leather contest. Even those in the audience will enjoy the insights this book will give about the world of the leather contest.

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book


Whether you are lesbian, bisexual, butch, femme, androgynous, or transgendered - and even if you have just discovered that you want to have sex with a woman - this book is for you. Here's everything you need to know about creating a sex life that works for you:
- Where to find sex partners (and how to talk to your lovers about sex).
- How to have all the orgasms you desire
- G-spot orgasms, multiple orgasms, and extended orgasms
- Expert how-to info on cunnilingus, anal sex, vaginal fisting, and other favourite lesbian sex techniques.
- How to choose vibrators, dildos, and harnesses, and get the most out of your sex toys
- Tips and techniques for safe, fun bondage, dominance and submission, and S/M, for both the novice and the experienced player.
- Sexual health for lesbians and bisexual women, including the latest research on woman-to-woman transmission of STDs.

Plus a resource guide with hundreds of books, magazines, websites, retail and mail order outlets, email discussion lists, gender resources, and S/M organizations.

By Felice Newman