Midnight Lace Blindfold


Remove the sense of sight and all the other senses are heightened. This sexy blindfold has soft, inviting fabric of fine lace, while the double straps provide security and comfort.

Midnight Wrist Lace Cuffs


Restraint can be a luxurious experience. Feel the gentle caress of the soft and inviting fabric of fine lace as it secures around your wrist. These sexy cuffs come with black metal buckles and a strong 12 inch (30.48cm) black metal chain with 2 claps.

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Sincerely Lace Collar And Leash Set



On sale for: $17.95

The comfortable padded collar, made of soft, inviting fabric of fine lace, fits perfectly around most any size neck. The 30 inch (76.2cm) metal linked leash serves as a constant reminder of who is running your fantasy.

- Minimum collar size 15.5 inch (39.37cm).
- Maximum collar size 22.5 inch (57.15cm).
- Size of collar with velcro in the normal position 19.5 inch (49.53cm).

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Midnight Lace Paddle


For another level of playful romance, this gorgeous lightweight 12 inch (30.48cm) paddle is wrapped with soft and inviting fabric of fine lace and lets you wrap your partner around your little finger.

Midnight Jeweled Chan Tickler


A gem-encrusted crown and gleaming handle with strands of delicate chain give this regal scepter a small, but mighty sting.

Midnight Lace Strap On Harness



On sale for: $19.95

The velvety, fine lace fabric of this strap-on is part of the pleasure process as it comfortably hugs your contours while keeping your toy securely in place.

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Midnight Teardrop Nipple Clips



On sale for: $11.21

The pair of sparkling teardrop crystals at the end of each 18 inch (45.72cm) bejeweled chain look inviting. The only tears that will be shed this night will be those of unbridled passion.

Midnight Pearl Chain Nipple Clips



On sale for: $10.46

The 20 inch (50.8cm) double strand of sparkling bling will give you a formal feeling while the rubber tipped nipple clips serve as a constant reminder that everyone is entitled to feeling a little pain with their pleasures.