Sportsheet Bondage Bedsheet

Sportsheet Bondage Bedsheet
Sportsheet Bondage Bedsheet BSS-201-01

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Sport Sheets Sport Sheets are an innovative bondage product. It allows couples curious about bondage to explore endless possibilities of restraint. We classify this product as a "Light" bondage application because the restraints are clip on style and can be removed quickly. Again awesome for those a little wary of being completely helpless. Yet, by adding our padlocks below you can get the security for total key holder control.

We like the extreme versatility of this product. Some times bondage can make muscles sore and uncomfortable. For those partners that care this product utilizes a Velcro-system that allows you to pull the entire restraint pad and secure it in another location that is more comfortable. Think about the endless restraint possibilities by moving the four restraint anchor points around the bed.. hmmm fun. The Velcro is extremely strong and will hold even the strongest partners so security should not be a concern.

Another awesome feature of sport sheets is that it doubles as regular sheets. You do not have to change your sheets after playing, just remove the four anchor patches and hide in a drawer. Nobody would expect this is an adult toy.

The Sport Sheets system includes a soft, velvet-like fitted bed cover made with two adjustable, heavy-duty nylon straps and a drawstring to secure your Sport Sheets to your King or Queen sized mattress. Also included are four Sport cuffs with four Anchor Pads.

Queen size also fits full and double beds. Sport Sheets are machine washable and dryer safe. The soft Sport cuffs are made of a heavy-duty nylon strap with a Neoprene backing and Velcro closure. They are adjustable, easy to put on and remove. They can also be linked together end-to-end. Each cuff features a snap hook and an O-ring as points of attachment. They are designed for use as part of the Sport Sheets system, but can also be used separately.

Sizes: Queen and King.