Canes and Caning Book



On sale for: $11.01

A workshop in a book on canes and caning - including:
- Cane styles and materials
- Caning techniques, pacing, warm-up and aftercare
- History and glamour of the cane
- Integrating the cane into your scenes
- First aid and safety issues
- Making and maintaining canes

Bamboo Cane with Leather Handle



On sale for: $21.21

40 inch Bamboo Cane with leather handle for the unforgettable emotions

Bamboo Cane



On sale for: $7.95

This beautifully handcrafted bamboo cane is anything but typical.This S&M device is thicker, heavier and more rigid than other canes of its type, making it closer to those used for official corporal punishment in countries like Singapore. This impact device is stiff enough to be used as a lightweight walking cane, making it multi-functional. 38" in length, min. 5/8" (1.6 cm) in diameter, with a metal tip on the end.

Rattan Cane (Crook-handle)



On sale for: $16.95

This thin, 28" long cane is expertly shaped and sanded from rattan, which is similar to bamboo but stronger. At approximately 3/8" average diameter, the cane is straight and flexible with a crook handle.

Heavy Red Fiberglass Cane



On sale for: $15.95

This sturdy cane has a 21" fiberglass rod with a handsome red nylon covering and a black tip. It has a black rubber-covered handle for an extra firm grip. This cane is probably best reserved for those looking for a thick, mean "whap".

Rattan Cane With Suede Handle



On sale for: $22.06

Rattan is similar to bamboo, only stronger and of better quality. This cane is expertly shaped straight, and sanded. The handle is covered in an appealing suede.

This cane is available in 2 sizes;
30 Inch cane is slightly thicker than our crook-handle counterpart
23 Inch Cane is thinner than the crook-handle counterpart.

Stainless Steel Whipping Rod



On sale for: $67.96

When you are ready to elevate your pain play to an extreme level, give them a bar of cold steel across their flesh. The entire length of this whipping rod is constructed out of shining stainless steel. Measuring just 0.09 inches wide, only 2.3mm, the thin metal is supple enough for a good spring, but thick enough for an exquisite sting. The ergonomic handle is ribbed for a secure grip, and comes with a leather wrist loop. Steel is non-porous and easily sterilized, in addition to being an exceptional material for leaving an intense mark on your sub.

Measurements: 25 inches in total length, rod 21 inches in length; Handle is 4.25 inches in length and 0.7 inches wide

Intense Impact Cane



On sale for: $15.95

Nothing says S&M like the Intense Impact Cane. The punishment cane is not for the weak, with a solid plastic rod, it will deliver your message loud and clear. Its rubber handle is molded to fit in your fingers perfectly and so no energy is wasted while using. It is sure to leave your mark on your slave. Each cane measures 24.25 inches in length and includes a leather loop for extra handling and easy storage. Comes in either black or red.

Natural Rattan Cane



On sale for: $11.95

A simple but necessary device to add to your BDSM Gear. Get to the basics with this 30 inch long rattan cane. The straight cane is naturally finished with a slight glaze. Give the one you love an attitude adjustment.

Fetish Fantasy Control Cane Wood



On sale for: $7.61

Take control of your lover with this hardcore Control Cane. One crack of the firm cane and your partner will know who's in charge in no time! It hurts so good!