Premium Straightjacket

Premium Straightjacket
Premium Straightjacket BXR-ST984

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Strap down your partner and be in total control! The straight jacket keeps your partner restrained with belt style straps which are strategically located ( one at the neck, three that run across the back and two around the thighs.) Jacket also has three D-rings, one at the neck and one on each sleeve, for additional bondage positions. On top of all the great security, the elbows have the leather doubled-up to prevent wear and tear when folding your partners arms.

Large: Chest 43 inches to 46 inches; Waist 35 inches to 38 inches.
Extra Large: Chest 47 inches to 50 inches; Waist 38 inches to 42 inches.
Size: s,m,l,xl
Colors: black