Leather Locking Posture Collar


This 4-inch thick and tall curved bondage posture collar is handmade of durable leather which will hold up to the struggling of the the slave. This locking bondage collar forces your submissive to keep their neck perfectly straight with their chin out. This collar features a solid welded tri-ring on the front and a heavy locking roller buckle in back. The buckle can be used with or without a lock.

Small Fits neck sizes 12.5 - 14.5 inches.
Medium Fits neck sizes 15.5 - 19.5 inches
Large Fits neck sizes 17.5 - 21.5 inches

Long Neck Leather Corset


Behave! This soft long neck leather corset covers the mouth and flares out over the collar bone to restrict some movement in your submissive. Additionally, this leather corset is made with steel-bone lining and eyelets in the back for lacing to aid you in the support of keeping that naughty slave under your command at all times. The Long Neck Leather Corset is an excellent accessory for any of our underbust or overbust Corsets. Shop our Leather Corsets Online Today!

Tall Curved Leather Posture Collar


The Tall Curved Posture Collar is made of thick, rigid leather which won't ever crease. It has a D ring in the front for a leash. Collar is closed by means of one locking buckle at the back. Note: these collars are 4" tall, and will fit best on people with longer necks. Comes in either black or white. Also available: Ringless version

Small - Tall Curved Posture Collar - fits 12 - 14 " neck
Medium - Tall Curved Posture Collar - fits 15 - 17 " neck
Large - Tall Curved Posture Collar - fits 18 - 20" neck

Padded Locking Bondage Set


This matching set of padded restraints are animal-friendly and the perfect intro to exciting BDSM play. The collar and cuffs come with locks included, so you can immediately restrain your partner and set your scene. The connecting chain on the cuffs is removable with a snap hook closure, and the posture collar features a D-ring front, so you can attach a leash or other accessories to it if you desire. Each features a padded interior for comfort during use, with a classic look that is perfect for men and women!

Strict Leather Neck Corset



On sale for: $159.95

Most regular posture collars look a bit medical, but our Leather Neck Corset keeps your partner looking straight ahead with sexy bondage style! The high quality black leather wraps around their throat and the internal boning provides form-fitting looks and sturdy structure. The built-in shelf for the chin inhibits turning of the head, and it covers the mouth to act like a light muzzle as well. The laces on the back of the corset allow for a custom fit. One Size Fits Most.

Padded Leather Locking Posture Collar



On sale for: $46.95

This collar is made with thick leather padding that feels comfortable and secure around the neck without being too constrictive. It locks in place with a buckle that could have a lock attached. There's also a half ring in the front, so you can attach a leash and lead your sub around the room or even down the hallway and around the block.

This collar fits necks from 12" to 18"

Firecracker Patent Leather Posture Collar


The durable, beautiful collar is made of shiny black patent leather with black leather-covered edges. There is an accent strip of bright red leather that secures a D-ring in front, and a red lockable buckle in the back. They are 2 1/2" tall.

Small - fits 12.5 inches - 14.5 inches neck
Medium - fits 14 - 16.5 inches neck
Large - fits 16.5 - 19.5 inches neck

Ringless, Tall Curved Posture Collars


This hefty black Posture collar is made of thick, rigid leather which won't lose its integrity. It has beautiful lines, and no ring to attach a leash. Note: This collar is 4inches tall, and will fit best on people with longer necks. It is secured by means of one buckle on the back. We are confident that you won't find a better price on a comparable collar.

Small fits 12.5 inches - 14.5 inches
Medium fits 15 inches - 17.5 inches
Large fits 18 inches - 20 inches

Short Curved Posture Bondage Collar


This posture bondage collar is made of thick, rigid leather which won't ever crease. It has a D ring in the front for a leash. These collars are 2.5" tall. Collars are closed by means of one lockable buckle on the back.Available in either black or white leather.

Small - fits 12 - 14 inch neck

Medium - fits 14 - 16 inch neck

Large - fits 16 - 19 inch neck

Straight Edge Leather Posture Collar


The 3.5" width keeps the wearer's neck perfectly extended, thereby forcing them to hold their head up straight and tilted slightly upwards. It is handsewn in rigid black leather and has a D-ring for a point of attachment. The edges are rounded off with leather so as not to cut into the skin. The collar is secured by means of two lockable buckles at the back. (Locks not included.)

Small fits 11.5" - 13.5"
Medium fits 13.5" - 15"
Large fits 15" - 16.5"
Extra Large fits 16.5" - 18"

Elegant Maiden Posture Collar


Have your filly or colt hold their head up high in this black and white leather posture collar with hanging chains. 

The beautiful leather collar has punch out detailing to turn your bedroom into the wild west.  

One size fits most.

Leather Posture Collar



On sale for: $33.25

Hold your head high in the Leather BDSM Posure Colla from Elegant Moments. This fashionable slave collar has adjustable buckles on the side and laces up the back.

Padded Locking Posture Collar with Leash


Add some high protocol to your BDSM scenes with a posture collar and leash! Keep your partner upright so that all their best assets are on display. The height of the collar will ensure that their chin is lifted at all times. Padded and adjustable, the collar is comfortable and fits most submissives, slaves, or curious lovers. Furthermore, a locking buckle allows you to confine your lover within the posture collar for as long as you want. The chain-link leash attaches to the D-ring on the collar via a swivel hook, ending with a looped strap for you to hold as you lead your pet around, admiring their movement. This combination is perfect for taking your sexual endeavors to a more exciting atmosphere.

- Fits necks between 15 inches and 21 inches in circumference;
- Chain measures 30 inches in length, handle measures 7.5 inches in length.

Bondage Hood with Posture Collar and Zippers


Engage in the tantalizing taboo of sensory deprivation with your partner! This exceptional hood was designed to amplify your partner’s sexual experience by depriving them of their most critical senses! The lacing at the rear of the hood adjusts to easily fit over most heads. Tie the hood closed to confine your submissive to the darkness of the mask. Ear padding ensures that every sound will be muffled for them. They won’t be even able to speak clearly! Blind to your every move, you can please, tease, and torment without them knowing what’s coming! Every sensation will be intensified! If they play nice, zippers allow you to open the eyeholes and mouth hole so that they can see or speak. The neck of the hood features a posture collar for the additional training and bondage of your slave. They won’t be able to move their head downwards and will always be presented the way you like them. Three D-rings allow you to attach the hood to a leash or other bondage and BDSM accessories. Pursue your wildest fantasies when you take complete control of your lover!

Head circumference from 23 to 29 inches. Neck circumference from 18 to 24 inches.

Available for Purchase

Joanna Angel Posture Collar


Head back. Chin up. Even the slouchiest sub is sure to sit up straight in this pretty posture collar.

Like each piece in the Joanna Angel Line, this leather posture collar is designed and assembled in The Stockroom's Los Angeles workshop, and comes in a specially selected color palate that evokes Joanna Angel's black mane with her signature streak of vibrant punk-pink.

Our short locking posture collars are designed to be strict but still reasonably comfortable for wear, and features a locking buckle and D-ring in the front for easy attachment of a leash.

- Fits collar measurements 11-16.5 inch/28-42 cm
- Leather collar with nickel-plated hardware

Faux Leather Locking Posture Collar



On sale for: $27.95

The height of this posture collar will keep your slave in an attractive position during play. Whether you want their eyes lowered or meeting yours is up to you! Adjust the buckle to the perfect fit and insert the lock into the clasp to ensure that they have no hope for escape. The internal padding will keep them comfortable, even when you have them locked up for hours. Attach a leash or other BDSM accessory to the D-ring to bring a naughty fantasy to life.

Measurements: 23 inches in total length, 2.25 inches in width. Adjusts to fit necks between 15 and 21 inches in circumference.

Material: PU leather, metal.

Color: Black.

Note: Lock and key included. Leash sold separately.

Available for Purchase

Straight Up Padded Locking Posture Collar


This stern yet accessible bondage accessory will keep your partner locked in, upright, and at attention. Padded internally for comfort, the outside is adorned with a D-ring so you can add your own chains, ropes, leash, or accessories. The rear adjustable buckle comes with its own padlock, so you can control when they can escape. The soft, man-made material has a realistic looking top grain texture, with durability and flexibility.
Adjustable from 18 to 23 inches around, 2.25 inches in width.

Posture Collar w/ Silicone Ball Gag


Any submissive can hold their head high in dignified silence while when you adorn them with this beautiful leather posture collar. The black silicone ball gag attached to the collar provides the perfect finishing touch when you secure it firmly in their mouth, ensuring both poise and silence.

Handmade by Stockroom's own designers in our Los Angeles workshop, this collar elegantly brings together comfort and control. The curved neckline cradles the jawline without causing abrasions or chafing, while the rigid leather holds their neck in just the right position. Likewise, the silicone ball gag is kind to their teeth while keeping them perfectly silent as they await the chance to serve.

Product Details:

Small: Short Curved Posture Collar - fits 12½ - 14½" neck 
Medium: Short Curved Posture Collar - fits 14 - 16½" neck 
Large: Short Curved Posture Collar - fits 16½ - 19½" neck 
• 1 5/8" Black Silicone Ball, Matte Finish 

Red Laced Leather Posture Collar


Training a submissive is all about consistency and obedience— keep them sitting up straight and paying attention with the Red Laced Posture Collar. Your sub will look so pretty with this luxurious black leather collar propping up their neck as they stare into your eyes, awaiting commands. Gently tease and tug on the red, silk ribbon that’s laced up in the center, making your little plaything wait patiently as you decide what to do with them.