Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag with Dildo



On sale for: $33.95

Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Ball Gag with Dong This top of the line Deluxe Ball Gang has a realistic black dong on one side of the leather mouthpiece and a ball on the other. Double your pleasure and double your fun and watch the sparks of anticipation begin when you put this on! The leather harness encircles your slave's head and even locks with the lock and key that's included! Is it hot in here or is it YOU?

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In and Out Penis Dildo Gag


This unconventional gag  is shaped like a penis on one end and a smooth dildo on the other. Keep your lover quiet with the 2 inch rubber penis end shoved in their mouth as they bring you pleasure with the 6 inch realistic dildo on the other end. The penis gag snaps into place in its adjustable black leather harness for a secure fit and unsnaps for easy clean-up. A double D-ring fastener at the back makes this gag adjustable to fit any size head. 

In and Out Penis Dildo Gag is 2 inches long with a 5.25 inch circumference. The dildo end is 6 inches long with a 5 inch circumference. Your choice of light or dark.

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Penis Gag



On sale for: $39.95

Spartacus leather is a feast for the senses. Hand-crafted from soft leather of the finest quality, and with a small opening for easy breathing, the Spartacus rubber penis gag is luxurious to wear. This quality gag is so effective, you won't hear them rave about the comfort. Adjustable D-ring closure.

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FemDom Orgasm Denial Chastity Kit


Deny them their pleasure while making sure you get yours! Why should he be able to enjoy your body while pleasuring you? This inclusive Fem Dom kit includes a gag with a dildo attached, so you can use his face as your own private sex toy while shutting him up. The leather cock straight jacket will bind his penis, while the cuffs keep his hands from exploring your body or his own. The crop is a classic and effective way to keep him in line as you take what you need and leave him wanting more.

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Ride Me Mouth Gag



On sale for: $39.95

The Ride Me Mouth Gag keeps you stuffed and your partner silent! There is plenty of penetration to go around with a glossy black dildo on the outside, and a cock-shaped mouth gag on the inside. This double dose of dick is supported by a heavy-duty adjustable leather strap that buckles behind the head, and a studded mouth-guard. Fill up their mouth and then climb on and ride!

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Beginners Penis Mouth Gag


"Made for beginners, this penis mouth gag is non-intimidating and sized just right. Once you have slid the penis gag to the perfect position, wrap the straps around their head and lock into place. The buckle will be secure but if you want to make sure they cannot remove the gag, simply add a pad lock to the buckle opening. Give them a mouth full of penis and keep them silent with this amazing gag!

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Suppressor Silicone Face Banger Gag


This erotically shaped gag features a penis mouth piece with semi realistic texture detailing. Made of premium silicone, the Suppressor is non-porous and hypo allergenic. The adjustable silicone straps are attached to the gag by two metal O-rings. Use the optional locking feature by adding your own padlock to secure your subject. The gag can be worn with the penis in to restrict their speech, or with it out to force them to pleasure you. Whether in or out, this devious piece will keep your plaything perfectly gagged and compliant. Measurements: 22 inches in total length. Ball measures 1.65 inches in diameter, penis measures 2.5 in length, 1 inch in diameter.

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Cock Head Silicone Mouth Gag


Plug up that pie hole with a silicone cock, strapping it to your playthings face. This comfortably padded gag will shut them up while you have your way with their body. Delight in the suppressed gasps and muffled whimpers of your lover, with their mouth full of dick! The adjustable strap allows you to fit this durable BDSM device to your partner perfectly, confining their face so that you can enjoy their helplessness. 

 Measurements: Strap adjusts from 18 to 24.5 inches in length. Gag measures 2.75 inches long and 1.75 inches in diameter. 

 Material: Silicone, PU Leather, Metal. 

 Color: Black.

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Leather Padded Silicone Penis Mouth Gag



Fill the mouth of your precious plaything with cock to keep them quiet! This unique leather gag adjusts around their head to tighten down and restrict speech! The comfortable padding along the interior will feel luscious against your slaves face. The silicone penis gag will muffle every gasp, whimper, and moan. This high-quality leather accessory will elevate your BDSM and bondage scenes with its alluring aesthetic and effectiveness.

Measurements: Strap adjusts from 18 to 24.5 inches in length. Gag measures 2.75 inches long and 1.75 inches in diameter.

Material: Leather, silicone, metal.

Color: Black."

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